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Introduction to Android Quick Launcher What is an Android Quick Launcher?

After reading the previous paragraph, you must think, what is an Android quick Launcher? Well, the Android quick launcher is one of the most powerful features of Android because it permits its user to customize the look and other most commonly used features of their phone such as the dialer, messenger, menu, home screen, etc. It comes with all possible designs and themes. It adds animations to the home screens, provides shortcuts, sorts out the most used application, manages app drawers, and provides multiple security options to secure your communications, such as emails, Whatsapp, Facebook messages, etc. In short, it gives you leverage to kick all uninteresting stuff, look out from your phone, re-design it, and create your perfect setup even when you are not technically trained.

Type of Android Quick Launchers: According to their work, android quick launchers can be segregated into ‘Design’ and’ Adaptive’ categories.

What are Design Launchers?

Design launchers, as the name suggests, are focused on design. What do they do? They allow users to change the complete layout of their home screen. Users can customize their home screens more artistically. They can make their home screen look like a collage of photos or make it a 3D and interactive screen. I also used this kind of launcher, which is quite impressive. These launchers act like a decorator.

You can build new icons, play with your widgets and wallpapers, remove or increase the screen scrolls and go solo with your most used apps, play with icon packs, and give an icon to every application of your phone, no matter how many applications you want on your home screen, you got it. Theme launchers are also a part of this, or one can find an entirely new theme launcher from a third party. Here you find multiple themes designed and built by Android enthusiasts; no matter what kind of theme you want, you can never get disappointed by a Theme launcher.

What are Adaptive Launchers?

On the other hand, Adaptive Android phone Launcher apps are less artistic but valuable. I would call these launchers smart because what they do is impressive. It seeks to put the most used information on your home screen, like missed calls, messages, notifications, meeting notifications, and whatever you consider essential. They set up a ‘To Do list’ on your home screen. And as your Do list changes, your home screen will also be changed, giving you the new experience of a few hours.

These launchers are self-guided and learn from every move made on the phone; based on that, it creates tools for users. One of the best qualities of these launchers is that it is constantly updated about the location and provides you the information based on that; like a personal secretary, it is not as good as a human, but most of the time, it helps. For example, when you wake up in the morning, work in your office, or out on a vacation, it learns your location and shows you the right app on time. However, you cannot modify the theme except for color (you can change the impression from dark to light and vice-versa).

Although plenty of third-party and Google Android quick Launchers are available in the market, you have learned their performance, and now you can choose some from the list. Here is a list of top performers from the Android quick launchers club.

Have a look at some of the best Android quick launchers and select yours:

1. Solo Launcher

2. Action Launcher 3

Are you in love with what a Windows phone looks like? Action Launcher 3 is one of the best Android phone launchers and my favorite. It allows you to convert your Android phone menu appearance into Windows. This launcher enables a bar, similar to Windows Start Menu, that pops up at the top left of the screen, which consists of all your favorite apps of yours without having them cluttering the at-home screen. Apart from this Action Launcher 3 comes with many unique features such as a Quick page like a hidden home screen, the Quick theme, which determines themes and pages, Covers, a unique take on folders, etc.

3. C Launcher

C Launcher is one of the elegant launchers that will let you reach almost every distant corner of your phone in a few steps. One of the best features of C Launcher is the inbuilt system cleaner. You have a slow phone, less RAM data, a slow CPU, or even if your phone is getting hot. It notifies you instantly of the solution. While giving the option to hibernate, the apps restarting on their own frequently save your phone’s battery. Other features like pre-set for everyday uses, such as checking the weather, traffic update, and daily news, keep this launcher in the top 10 best Android launchers list.

4. Dodol Launcher

Dodol Launcher is one of the best launchers for beginners. It keeps your phone neat and simple. Since it doesn’t fill up your phone with crazy animations and different effects, it’s less space consumption. It is comparatively faster and consumes less battery. Having an effective way of customizing one’s phone, it is a light, simple yet powerful launcher.

5. Smart Launcher

6. Next Launcher

Next Launcher is one of the best 3D Android quick launchers and is not available to download for free. Its unique 3D features, excellent appearance, and performance keep it in the top Android quick launchers list. It has interactive 3D graphics and transitions. Whenever you want a hi-tech and attention-grabbing launcher for your phone, try using its free version, I am sure the wow factor of the premium version is worth the cost.

7. Apex Launcher 8. Google Now Launcher 9. Nova Launcher 10. EverythingMe Launcher

EverythingMe is one of the best Android launcher applications. This launcher organizes and sorts applications in folders according to their nature, such as social or productivity apps. It also recommends other valuable apps to you based on these folders. Installing and running this launcher establishes a widget that changes your home screen throughout the day and highlights the most useful apps. Even if you don’t want to go into the menu, the EverythingMe launcher saves you from struggling to find an app on your phone. It provides a search bar on your home screen for whatever you want. Be it a web result, app, setting, contacts, image, or whatever, you search for it and get it immediately.

Is it Safe to Use an Android Quick Launcher?

We are talking a lot about how Android launcher applications monitor your uses, habits, nature of your activities on an Android phone, etc.; you must consider whether it is safe to let all these things to an Android developer. Whenever you install an Android launcher application, it asks for permission; you need to be attentive before giving these permissions, whether the app legitimately needs them. If you have already installed the launcher, you can go to the settings, find the app-scroll down to the page and check all the access you have given to the launcher. You must note that a launcher application will know about other apps you launch, which is not a problem. An essential thing to notice is that a custom Android launcher application never overrides the Operating system you have on your phone.

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10 Best Free Video Calling Apps For Android

10 Best Free Video Calling Apps for Android & iOS

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These video callings apps are fast, cost-effective and do not require you to learn new skills. Using them you can see and talk to your friends, family members. Not only this they can also be used for video conferencing.  To make a video call, you just need a good internet connection, a video calling app and your smartphone should have a front camera. Some of these apps can even be used on a laptop.

Specifications Skype Zoom Google Duo WhatsApp Viber FaceTime Jitsi Meet Facebook Messenger Snapchat Line

Available on Android Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes

Available on iOS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

File Sharing Yes Yes No Yes No No No No No No

Screen Sharing Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes No No No

Full functionality available in the free version or monthly subscription Yes, however, to make an international phone call you need to pay for the subscription No, there is a time restriction of 40 minutes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Can make a call to more than 4 people Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Third-party app integration Yes Yes No No No No No No No No

Unlimited calling in free version Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Video and audio calling Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

End to end encryption Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Best Video Calling/Chat Apps For Android & iOS in 2023 1. Skype – popular video calling app

Integrated with Facebook and Microsoft

Free video calling app

Up to the mark video and call quality

Screen sharing

Instant messaging, SMS text messaging

2. Google Duo – easy video calling app

Another best video calling app available for both Android and iOS users is Google Duo. This app comes with a simple interface. To use it you just need to login and verify your number and you are good to go. Along with making video calls you can use it to make standard phone calls.


Live preview of the caller

Cross-platform app

Great video calling app

Simple to use

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3. Zoom – best large group video calling app

This one is a cloud-based video conferencing app that helps meet people virtually mostly for business purposes. You can use it both as a video or audio calling app.

Zoom meeting is a video conference hosted using Zoom while in a Zoom Room. Tile view is its biggest feature.


End to end encryption

Screen sharing

Connect with more than 100 people

Easy to use

4. Jitsi Meet:

New to the game this messaging app is gaining popularity. Jitsi Meet is fully secure and it offers encrypted messaging. This app lets you make video calls with multiple people. Unlike other video calling apps, to use it you don’t need to install the app.


Best voice calling app

Fully secure

No need to install the app

5. SnapChat:

A social networking and messaging app that helps communicate and connect with people. Using this chat app, you can share photos and this expires within 10 sec. It has also added several features recently. All this makes this video calling app worthy.


Social networking app

Easy and quick to use

Share photos

6. Viber:

Popular among teens this video calling app offers secure connections between users. It allows you to make both video and voice calls. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily use this video calling app. To change your voice call into a video simply tap the Camera icon next to the user’s name and you are good to go. That’s not all, you can even play Viber games with friends, share contact files etc.


Secure communication

User-friendly interface

Offers games

Share contact files

7. WhatsApp-best video calling app for small groups

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is a popular messaging app around the world. With over two billion users worldwide the app even offers a premium version. You can use it separately for business purposes. This video calling app allows making both voice and video calls. You can even search for messages in the past.


Available as messaging app and web version

Voice messages

Chat and video calling app

Share photos & videos

Notifies about the delivery of messages

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8. FaceTime – best apple to apple video calling app

This is the best Apple to Apple video calling app. It helps make Group FaceTime. With 2 billion messages exchanged every day it is one of the most used video calling apps by iOS users. FaceTime allows one on one video calling.


One on one video calling app

Group FaceTime

Sends messages and multimedia files

9. Facebook Messenger:

A trendy and trusted video calling app backed by Facebook. A cross-platform app using which you can send text messages, or start a video chat. This app helps do more than just making a video call. You can send emojis, stickers, capture photos and videos. Facebook Messenger also let you keep chats with other users, and you can even make reservations


Capture photos and videos

Make group calls

Keep track of chats and other users

Can be used for both business and personal use

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10. Line – well-known video calling platform:


Group video chat up to 200 friends

Cross-platform app

Video and messaging app

Quality calls

This is all. These are the best video calling apps that you can use and connect with people easily. More or less these apps are alike yet they are different. It completely depends on you which app you prefer using.

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10 Best Phone Number Apps For Android In 2023

10 Best Phone Number Apps For Android In 2023 Top 10 Second Phone Number Apps for Android

Nothing beats making a free phone call to a friend, relative, or significant other. Android users may choose from a wide variety of top-notch phone number apps that are both free and premium. These applications may be used to remain in touch without accruing debt and are secure and straightforward to use. What exactly is needed? An Android phone or tablet with a WiFi connection.

We’ve compiled a list of the finest second phone number apps available. All of them are accessible on Android. However, some are free, and others are not.

1. Text Now

Technical Specifications:

Latest Version: Varies with the device.


Wi-Fi-based free calling and messaging service.

The tech help is excellent.

A quick-use widget for the home screen.

Passcode to protect the privacy of messages

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2. Text Plus

Without phone service, textPlus enables you to call and message your pals using a genuine phone number. With this app, you can practically contact any phone number worldwide. With this app, calls made within or between apps are always free. Outbound calls are not free. If you’d like, you may view videos to earn free credits instead of paying $0.02 per minute for outgoing calls within the US.

Technical Specifications:

Latest Version: 7.8.6


Call anywhere in the globe for free.

Full-screen messaging (MMS texting)

Utilize free cloud hosting to access your call and chat history on all of your devices.

Free and unlimited SMS and MMS sending

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3. Text Free

Text Free is another free phone number app for android. However, there is a catch. The catch is that you must use the mobile number consistently, or it can be taken back. It is a free phone app for Android that supports free messaging and free calling. You may obtain a genuine US phone number that allows you to send unlimited SMS messages to any phone number nationwide.

Technical Specifications:

Latest Version: Varies with the device.


Private texting: protect messages from contacts and telemarketers

Encrypted calls and messages for better security.

SMS and calling limitations are unlimited.

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4. Google Voice

Google Voice provides a mobile number for calling, texting, and voicemail. You may use the app at work, at home, or while on the go because it functions on both desktops and smartphones and syncs across them. The nicest thing about this app is that it is entirely free. The spam filter on Google Voice is another impressive feature. Google Voice is only free for individual Google Accounts in the United States.

Technical Specifications:

Latest Version: 2023.06.13.455198835


This application is quite simple to use.

Can be connected to further Google products, such as Google Calendar.

Make affordable international calls.

Customer support is excellent.

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5. Free Tone Calls & Texting

Technical Specifications:

Latest Version: 3.33.11


Send SMS messages for free to 200 countries worldwide.

Can make free HD Video Chats and Calls.

Easy registration process by using your Facebook, Google, or email account.

6. Hushed

Technical Specifications:

Latest Version: 5.7.1


Works with local numbers in more than 40 countries.

Connects to more applications like Slack and DropBox.

Pay-as-you-go and customizable prepaid (7/30/90/365 day) options.

Permits you to use a Wi-Fi connection to access your number.

7. Cover Me

CoverMe is among the best second phone number apps available for Android. With your new number, you may send texts and make safe, secure calls thanks to CoverMe’s end-to-end encryption. With CoverMe, you can make cheap international calls from anywhere. With a shake-to-lock function, you may conceal text messages, secret call records, and private contacts.

Technical Specifications:

Latest Version: 2.8.69


With a free second phone number, send as many hidden SMS messages and anonymous texts as possible.

All SMS & messages are protected by End-to-End encryption.

You can make your sent message vanish once it has been read.

With cloud backup, media files exchanged through a phone number are secure.

8. Cloud SIM

With the Cloud SIM app, you may immediately create and add several phone numbers to your phone/tablet. Your mobile phone can store up to four other numbers, including ones from the UK, Poland, Canada, France, and the United States. Every Cloud SIM profile has a remarkably cheap cost for calls and texts sent. The app’s UI is entertaining, including a circle of buttons to access different functions.

Technical Specifications:

Latest Version: 1.6.4


Simple and intuitive user interface.

Caller-ID feature.

Minimal SMS and International Calls

Each mobile number has a dedicated voicemail.

9. Dingtone

Dingtone is another cost-free communication and sharing platform. You can use Dingtone to send free messages and make free phone calls using a genuine phone number. User-to-user contact on Dingtone is entirely free. If your account has credit, you may make inexpensive calls to more than 200 countries and regions. You may buy credits by playing a game or logging onto the app daily.

Technical Specifications:

Latest Version: 5.8.0


International Calls at Low or No Cost.

Excellent call quality, HD calls over WiFi, and cellular data

Instead of using a second SIM card, get a legitimate US phone number.

Up to 8 persons can participate in group calls.

10. Burner: 2nd Phone Number Line

Burner is a free second phone number app that offers numerous phone numbers with settings for business, life, play, and other things, giving you complete control over your communication limits. Burner provides an extra line for texting and calling without charging your operator for a second line. Burner is a fantastic Android app for virtual phone numbers that you can use right now.

Technical Specifications:

Latest Version: 4.6.1


It has a custom voicemail welcome.

There is functionality for text and call forwarding.

Seamlessly connects with applications like Slack and SoundCloud.

Contacts can be quickly muted and blocked.

Final Words on Best Free Phone Number Apps For Android

So, these are the 10 best second phone number apps for Android smartphones that you can download. We hope you found this blog useful and learned more about the applications for second phone numbers. These apps allow you to create unlimited virtual phone lines that you can use for SMS and making calls.

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Aviate Android Launcher: The Yahoo Experience

Aviate Android launcher: the Yahoo experience

This week we’ve had a chat with Mark Daiss, Product Manager for Yahoo Aviate & Aviate Co-founder on the successful launch and continued updates to the Aviate Android launcher app. With the addition of Yahoo search to the app this week, the full replacement of your standard smartphone user interface is primed for action. Just in time for Christmas, just in time to change the way your brand new Android smartphone looks from the inside out. Supposing you want the Yahoo experience, that is to say.

Aviate isn’t brand new. In fact, it’s been in production for several years. The Beta of this app was only just released a bit over a year ago, and they joined the Yahoo team not long after that.

“We had a strong Aviate Beta release in October 2013,” said Daiss, “joined Yahoo in January 2014, and our daily active user base has doubled by 2.5x since we announced the general availability of Aviate in June 2014. Our users interact with Aviate about 100 times per day. Additionally, 75 percent of our users engage with Spaces, our auto- categorization and contextual feature that surfaces information to your homescreen the moment it’s useful, more than 10 times per day.”

Below you’ll see several screens from the Aviate app update that’s been released this week – for free, as Aviate always has been.

“Aviate makes the phone experience simpler to use while also bringing intelligence to the homescreen,” continued Daiss. “On the simplicity side, Aviate auto-categorizes apps in folders called Collections so that users don’t have to manage apps themselves. Upon install, Aviate immediately categorizes apps and continues to do so with every new app that is installed.”

“On the intelligent side, Aviate surfaces information at the moment it’s useful. The concept behind Aviate is to use contextual signals — be it time of day, location, or calendar data — to bring the user experiences forward and make phones more intelligent.”

“With Aviate, users can expect to see the information they need right at the moment it’s useful.”

This experience uses Android as its base – Google’s standard Android experience is found in their Google Now Launcher – available for many smartphones and tablets as well, also out and free right this minute. The crew responsible for creating Aviate wanted to take the experience in a new direction.

“Aviate’s vision is to connect you to the world’s information the moment it’s useful.”

“In thinking through how to accomplish this vision, we looked to mobile search and thought about how much your phone understands about you — your location, your contacts, your calendar, your emails. And we imagined context becoming a part of that mobile experience.”

The newest update to Aviate adds several bug-fixes and odd features, but the biggest bump is with the Yahoo search bar. This isn’t the only way Yahoo is expanding its reach in the search space. You’ll also find it popping up as the default search engine for Firefox.

“Yahoo is continuing to invest in context and improving search, because that’s where the future of mobile is heading. And, it’s evident that users are interested in more intelligent devices, illustrated by the way Aviate’s daily active user base more than doubled since launching in June.”

You can download the Yahoo Aviate launcher from Google Play right now. All you’ll need is a smartphone or tablet with Android version 2.3.3 and up. If your smartphone was released in the past several years, there’s a very GOOD chance you’ll have a version of Android that’s good to go.

As Yahoo Aviate is a launcher experience that competes with Google’s Now Launcher and Yahoo is an ever-growing entity in the smart device space, it seemed only right to ask Daiss whether or not this launcher was a sign of the times – whether or not Yahoo would eventually release their own smartphone.

“Right now,” said Daiss, “we’re focused on building the best possible experience for Android smartphone users.”

Top 5 Free Antivirus Apps For Android

Top 5 Free Antivirus Apps For Android (2023 Edition)

One device which has the major concern of being hacked is certainly your trusted smartphone. We use smartphones for almost every task. You can check emails, access your bank accounts, and do all kinds of stuff on your smartphones. Securing the devices using password protection is not enough, we need extra security for our smartphones.

By extra security, we mean antivirus for Android smartphones. We have listed some of the best Android antivirus apps you can get.

Best Antivirus & Mobile Security Apps for Android: 1. Smart Phone Cleaner (Recommended Solution)

Now you must be wondering why an Android cleaning application is listed here. Well, Smart Phone Cleaner is a multi-purpose utility that comes packed with a wide range of features, ranging from cleaning, optimization, and protection. The app efficiently finds and removes potential threats present on your device. The app safeguards users from malicious infections in real-time. Using this mobile security app, one can easily set an automatic scheduler to prevent existing and new threats.

Real-time Protection.

List all money costing apps.

Whitelist Security vulnerability checking.

List the apps that access your location, personal information, call details, etc.

Smart Phone Cleaner is a great Android cleaning and security application for Android phones. It is capable of dealing with all types of infections you want to get rid of!

Download Smart Phone Cleaner On Google Play

It will also protect you from phishing attacks, infected websites, and messages. This application comes with different features like app-locker, call blocker, vault for photos, power saver, RAM booster, WiFi scanner, etc.

Download on Google Play

3. AVG AntiVirus for Android Security FREE

AVG AntiVirus for Android Security will help you to protect your Android devices from viruses, malware, spyware and other types of infections. It will scan your games, files, applications, and settings for any infections. It will also protect your device in real time, which means before any infection takes any action and will protect you from it.

AVG AntiVirus comes with other features like phone locator, app locker, call blocker, Wi-Fi scanner, and picture vault to protect you from all kinds of threats. This application will also make your device safe from harmful websites.

Download On Google Play

4. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus: AppLock & Web Security

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus: AppLock & Web Security is a free antivirus for android phone. When it comes to fighting the infections, Kaspersky is one of the most trusted antiviruses brands. This application will scan your device for viruses, spyware, and trojans and deal with them in real time.

This antivirus comes with different features like application locking, find the device, call and SMS blocker, malicious websites protection, etc. With all these features Kaspersky is fully capable of securing your smartphones from almost all kinds of threats.

Download On Google Play

5. Norton Security and Antivirus with Call Blocking

Norton Security and Antivirus is an application which gives your smartphone overall security. After installing Norton Security and Antivirus you can be sure that your device is secured, and you do not need to worry about any security related issues on your android smartphone.

It will efficiently scan and removes malware, virus, and spyware from Android smartphone. Norton Security and Antivirus come with many security features that help you to properly secure your device from almost all kinds of threats.

Other features of Norton Security and Antivirus includes remote locking of the device in case of theft, lost device detection, lock phone is SIM card is removed, etc.

Download on Google Play

So, these are the best antivirus app that you can get on your Android smartphone. We hope these will help make your smartphone more secure. Having these antiviruses on your android smartphone will ensure that your device is not compromised in any situation.

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10 Best Nft Apps For Android To Browse, Buy, And More

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are all the rage right now. It’s kind of like a spin on the modern art scene. You buy and collect original pieces of digital artwork. You can then sell them later if you want to. It’s a bit like collecting baseball cards. Some are very expensive and others really aren’t. However, there is always the thrill of owning an original piece of work. There are definitely pros and cons to it, but people seem to enjoy it. Here are the best NFT apps for Android.

The best NFT apps for Android

NFTs are non-fungible tokens. The part people have problems with is the fungible part. Fungible is an adjective that essentially means interchangeable or replaceable. All massed produced items have this fungible quality. If you and I both bought a Pixel 6 Pro, you wouldn’t know the difference between them if they were both sitting on a desk. Almost everything we buy is fungible because if it breaks, we can just buy an identical one at the store to replace it and it would be no different from the one we lost or broke.

Non-fungible means the opposite. A non-fungible item is one-of-a-kind, unlike no other, and visually distinguishable from all other items like it. Some examples include the original Mona Lisa, virtually anything that was custom made, diamonds, land, and literal, real-life snowflakes. In short, it’s unique, irreplaceable, and non-interchangeable.

Okay cool, so how do NFTs work?



Price: Free

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Curate is a gasless NFT and P2P marketplace app. Its claim to fame is being the first NFT app on the Apple App Store. The app lets you do a variety of things with NFTs. The features include the ability to browse existing NFTs, support for ERC721 and ERC1155, and the ability to buy and sell goods. It even lets you mint NFTs if you want to. It’s relatively small for now, but it has the potential to grow over time.


Price: Free

Enjin is an up-and-coming non-custodial crypto wallet on mobile. It works for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many, many other cryptocurrencies. The app also has access to major NFT marketplaces through its inclusion of DApps like the other crypto wallets on this list. It also features gasless NFT purchases (via JumpNet) and you can manage your assets pretty easily. The UI is simple enough to use once you get used to it. It does everything it needs to do and it’s free to use.

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Price: Free

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

MathWallet does the same thing as Enjin and AlphaWallet. It lets you manage your cryptocurrency assets all in one place. It supports a number of cryptocurrencies, far more than we can list here. The app also boasts over 1,500 DApps for various transfers. Of course, that means you can access NFT marketplaces where you can buy and sell. Of course, with such a large selection, the DApps section can feel clunky at times. This one has both cloud and non-custodial capabilities in case you want both.


Price: Free

MetaMask is a hit-or-miss kind of app. When it works, it’s easily one of the best NFT apps around. However, it seems some people have some issues with this one. It’s a crypto wallet at heart with the ability to do a lot of other things. You can buy, sell, and surf for NFTs with it. There is also a desktop app if you want cross-platform support. The developers still seem to be working out some kinks, though, so make sure to read the Play Store reviews to make sure things are running smoothly. When they run smoothly, this app is quite nice.




Price: Free / $0.99

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Talken is a multi-chain cryto wallet and one of the better NFT apps. It mostly works for Ethereum with support for a few others. This one is special because it focuses heavily on NFT features. The app itself has an NFT minting tool. You can mint an NFT from various chains and then sell it. You can, of course, buy NFTs as well if you want to go that route. Most crypto wallets focus more on the crypto part of the equation with NFT kind of tacked on. Talken is the opposite where it focuses more on NFTs and less on the day-to-day crypto stuff. It’s definitely worth a try for NFT enthusiasts.

Trust Wallet

Any web browser

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