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Not enough memory resources to process this command [FIX]




The main components that an operating system and programs rely on are CPU, HDD, RAM. HDD and RAM are 2 different types of storage spaces for different functions.

When the available RAM is low or the program is not able to access enough memory, errors occur. They can be fixed by a software update, system cleanup, or registry editing.

Difficult problems such as system issues are very annoying. Check out the System Errors Troubleshooting Hub for more information and related articles.

Our Windows 10 Errors Troubleshooting section deals with other types of issues that a normal user can encounter while using the computer.

If you’re getting the ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY message with the Not enough storage is available to process this command description, follow the troubleshooting steps listed in this article to fix it.

This error codes affects Windows servers, causing systems to crash with the message Not enough storage is available to process this command in the error log.

How do I fix not enough memory resources are available to process this command

The following solutions involve modifying the registry. However, severe issues might occur if the registry values are changed incorrectly. Don’t forget to back up the registry before you modify it. In this manner, you can always restore it in case anything goes wrong.

1. Modify the IRPStackSize value

If the problem persists after you’ve modified the value, repeat the same steps and increase the value of IRPStackSize again.

2. Modify the SharedSection values HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerSubSystems 3. Block UI app forks

A Windows user recently described an interesting troubleshooting method to fix the “Not enough storage is available to process this command” error code.

If an important app runs out of storage, you can restart it. The error will temporarily disappear. However, the desktop heap for the window station service will encounter memory issues again.

To permanently fix this issue, configure the chúng tôi that runs out of memory to avoid UI application forks in session 0. Here’s how user BlueCode described the resolution adopted for this particular situation:

After talked with customer, I figured out that the whole story here is that, customer ran chúng tôi with domain account DOMAINxyzServiceAccount in session 0, and chúng tôi forks child processes chúng tôi somehow periodically. Unfortunately the UI application did not exit as usually. This operation leaked the desktop heap in this specific window station Service-0x6-453186fc$ gradually until the depletion was detected by chúng tôi while running queries.

To solve this issue, we simple configured the chúng tôi and made it not forks UI application in session 0.

4. Upgrade the Microsoft SQL Server

Expert tip:

5. Delete the Temporary Folder

The Temporary Folder is hidden by default because it contains a lot of configuration files used by Windows occasionally.

It’s not intended to be messed around with, so the safer option is to back up the Temp folder, just to be sure.

You will find this folder in your Windows partition, and under the View tab you’ll have to check Hidden items to see it. Or you can try this way:

After you restart your computer, the problem should disappear.

Subtract the first from the second and you will know how much memory is utilized.

What Does Not enough memory mean?

It is usually an error shown by a program that isn’t able to continue or doesn’t have any more memory available to store data and perform operations. See our complete guide on getting rid of the error.

Why does my computer say not enough memory?

Usually, it means that the operating system + the applications require more RAM memory than your computer has. Closing some of the applications that run in the background might help.

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Not Enough Devices? Here’S Why You Need More

Not Enough Devices? Here’s Why You Need More

I love a good smartphone. I work for Samsung, and I carry a Galaxy S II that I’ve been “testing” for an extended period of time. I use just about every feature on it. I listen to music. I navigate. I talk and text. I take pictures and video. I’ve even read books on it. I’m not pushing my product, I can hardly name a smartphone on the market that cannot do these things. But I just read Jon Pilon’s column on chúng tôi about consolidating all of your gadgets. You know, because most people want to carry around only one gadget, instead of a half dozen. Right?

Well, I’m not so sure. Pilon makes some interesting suggestions about why you should ditch your laptop, your MP3 player, your GPS device, your home phone, digital camera, and eBook reader. I can’t say I completely disagree. A good tablet can take the place of all of these things. However, there still might be a reason to stick with the multiple gadget plan.


Okay, Pilon’s suggestion here is something of a cop-out. If you have a laptop, he suggests ditching it for a desktop and a tablet. I can definitely see his logic, but that’s the exact opposite of what he’s claiming to suggest. That’s more gadgets, not less. Personally, I have both. Frankly, I have quite a few tablets, but that’s part of my job. I’ve traveled on business with just tablets, no laptop, and it didn’t work out. For short, fun trips, the tablet can suffice, but I still need the professional power and variety of input methods available on a laptop.

Pilon makes a good point about a desktop acting as a media server. My next PC will probably be an HTPC or mini computer with a ton of storage and a dearth of processing power. But I’ll still need my laptop. I’ll just keep it for an extra few years.

MP3 Player

[aquote]Sure, you’ll lose the ability to be interrupted by phone calls, but, um, that might not be such a bad thing.[/aquote]

This seems like the most controversial suggestion, right? Keep your old MP3 player? Well, yes, actually. I use my phone for music all the time. For streaming services like Spotify and Rdio, you need a connected device. But sometimes I want something smaller. Much, much smaller. Something tiny, with a clip or a necklace, that I can wear and forget. It won’t fall out of my pocket. I won’t snag the cord on the arms of the elliptical machine. If I drop it, I won’t worry too much. For working out or walking around, an MP3 player might be best. Sure, you’ll lose the ability to be interrupted by phone calls, but, um, that might not be such a bad thing.

Sometimes, I also want something bigger. I have a moderately-sized music collection; just under 90GB worth of tunes. A device like an iPod classic, with its 120GB hard drive, is a perfect solution for me when I’m on long haul trips. Like, a month away. It also makes a handy backup device for my media. Oh, and I can use that extra 30GB of storage as a spare hard drive for transferring files. I don’t usually need every song I own with me at all times, but if the urge strikes to be extra prepared with just the right tune, a larger device with a small, spinning hard drive still offers the best storage to cost ratio.


Location-based services on cell phones and connected devices are the next big thing. But I could still see a good argument for keeping a dedicated GPS device in your car. For one thing, there is room for a much larger, more powerful antenna. An antenna that is always exposed to the sky, instead of stuffed in your pocket or your bag.

Most good mapping apps today let you download and cache your maps so that navigation works even when you’re offline. But with a standalone GPS, at least you know you’ll never need a connection. Plus, a built-in GPS device doesn’t hog the power socket in your car, so you can charge your phone and use GPS.

Home Phone

I gave up my home phone for a long time, and I lived just fine without it. But there are benefits to a home phone that you cannot match with a cell phone. For one thing, you always know where to find a home phone. In fact, you always know where to find a few home phones, if you put one in every room. Sure, you can lose the cordless, but they all come with beeping homing devices these days, so they are easier to find. If you lose your cell phone, you can call it to hear it ring, but only if you have another phone on you.

[aquote]I miss being able to call an apartment where a few friends live, and talking to whoever picks up the phone first.[/aquote]

Your home phone will not run out of battery, at least if you have a wired backup. I always do. In case of blackouts, the phone service still usually works (unless, of course, you have a VoIP line). But even when the power is on, I’ve still made the mistake of forgetting to charge my phone for a couple days, and it’s dead when I need it most. If somebody were trying to call, I would have missed them if I did not have a home number.

I also like the idea that a home phone number is a way to call a place, and not a person. When you call a cell phone, you are calling wherever that phone, and hopefully its owner, happen to be at the time. This just feels limiting. I miss being able to call an apartment where a few friends live, and talking to whoever picks up the phone first. I miss talking to my friends’ parents for a few minutes, just some catching up and small talk, before getting through. There is no device more personal than a cell phone, and yet, skipping the home phone may remove some significant interpersonal relationships.

Digital Camera

Cameras on cell phones today are amazing. You can truly leave the point and shoot camera at home for most applications. However, there are still limitations in the technology. For 90% of your shooting, these may not matter, but if you are serious about image quality and you want shots that are future-proof, there are a few things to consider.

There is no zoom on your phone. I’ve seen a couple phones with optical zoom, but most rely on digital. Digital zoom is the same as cropping. You don’t actually get closer to your subject, you just see less of your photo. Optical zoom actually magnifies light to get a closer image.

Standalone cameras have larger sensors. While the high-megapixel sensors on camera phones means you’ll see an undeniably larger and perhaps sharper image, the true measure of image quality is sensor ratio. That is, the number of pixels per inch of sensor real estate. Larger pixels are better. Standalone pictures also have more features than most camera phones. Don’t get me wrong, my phone can handle face detection, panorama stitching, and even some macro work with aplomb. But you’ll find more nuanced controls, like aperture control and better shutter speed selection, on a dedicated camera.

Besides, the same battery argument applies to both GPS devices and camera. While your phone may make a great camera for most shots, if you’re spending a day taking constant pictures, you will drain your battery much faster. Better to use a point and shoot, and keep your phone charged longer. Or even better, use a DSLR, which sips battery power and can last for hundreds of shots on a single charge.

eBook Reader

I don’t currently own an eBook reader, but it is high on my list. I’m currently using my tablet for eBooks. Happily, books I buy for my tablet are compatible with the eBook reader I’ll be buying. And, I don’t see myself giving up reading on my tablet or, occasionally, my smartphone. I have a digital version of a field guide for my Nikon DSLR, and it’s great to have the complete manual with pictures available on all my portable, connected devices.

[aquote]For reading, E-Ink is better. It’s sharper.[/aquote]

So why am I getting an eBook reader? Easy. E-Ink. For reading, E-Ink is better. It’s sharper. It has better contrast than even the best sAMOLED+ screens on the market, at least for pure black and white. Even more important, though, I can read it on the beach. I would not take my tablet to the beach. Between the sun and the sand, a tablet is not a good match for beach use. But a smaller e-reader, with its e-ink screen, is a fine option, if you’re careful around the natural elements.

Plus, there is again the battery issue. EBook reading probably drains less battery than any other task you’ll perform on a smartphone or tablet, aside from music listening, perhaps. But even so, a dedicated eBook reader can last a month on a single charge, if not longer. I will keep using my tablet to read, in the dark and out in the field. But when I’m reading for the long haul, I can’t wait to get my hands on a real e-ink device.

So, there you have it. Buy more gadgets. Keep your cell phone, and use if for all of these tasks. Your phone does a fine job at any of these, and technology is improving quickly, so it will keep getting better. But there are plenty of benefits to finding the right device for the job, and carrying around so many devices that you’re sure to have enough technology on hand.

Process To Start A Collection Agency

What is a Collection Agency?

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How does Collection Agency work?

When a debtor defaults on its debt or misses scheduled loan payments, the lender reports the delinquency to a credit bureau. Then within 3 to 6 months of the default, the debt is turned over to a collection agency.

a) If the borrower pays

Suppose the collection agency can recover the debt successfully. In that case, the lender who hired it pays a certain percentage of the recovered fund in exchange for its collection effort.

b) If the borrower doesn’t pay

Suppose the collection agency cannot recover the debt. In that case, it usually updates the debtor’s credit report with a “collection” status that deteriorates the debtor’s credit score, which can potentially affect the debtor’s chances of getting a loan in the future.


Several federal laws bind third-party collection agencies; some of their rules and regulations are as follows.

Calls: Collection agencies are allowed to call the borrowers only between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. Further, the agencies can’t call the borrowers if their employer doesn’t permit outside calls during office hours.

Mail: Collection agencies can send emails, but not postcards, as their content would be visible to others. In the case of letters, the envelopes shouldn’t include any language or logo identifying them as being from collection agencies.

Contacting friends and family: If a collection agency doesn’t have the borrower’s contact details, it allows one to contact the borrower’s friends and family. However, the agency is forbidden from revealing its identity to the relatives or discussing any aspect of the indebtedness with them.

Disclosure: Collection agencies must disclose their identity to the intended borrowers – who they are and what they should do to collect the debt.

Threats and obscenity: Collection agencies are not supposed to threaten or use profanity against borrowers. They are also prohibited from publicizing the borrowers’ situation.

How to Start a Collection Agency? 1. Understand the prerequisites of opening a collection agency

The legal requirements vary significantly based on the state where one intends to operate – each state has unique needs. Firstly, they should register within their state. Later it can register and possibly get licenses in other states too.

2. Learn about the various debt collection laws

Plenty of laws govern the actions of It, and each state has different rules and regulations. So, one must research to learn about the various debt collection laws. Some of the major federal laws that a collection agency must comply with include Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

3. Plan out capital and operating expenses

The prospective collection agency must plan and arrange the capital required to complete the initial phase. After that, it needs to plan the operating expenses for the first 2-3 years – basic office supplies, salaries, and other operating expenses. Further, registration costs, obtaining necessary licenses & bonds, marketing, and securing clients should also be factored into the expenses. The costs would vary based on the number of states one intends to operate in.

4. Acquire collection agency bonds and debt collection licenses

Assign a registered agent in every state for which one has a Certificate of Authority. A Certificate of Authority can be acquired from the State level Secretary, and it contains important information about the business, such as its official name, name of the owners, legal status, etc.

Some states mandate Collection Agency Bonds as part of the licensing process. A Collection Agency Bond is usually involved if the agency recovers the creditor’s money but fails to remit the funds.

After acquiring the Certificate of Authority and Collection Agency Bond (if required), one can apply for the debt collection license.

Tips for Dealing

It is difficult to deal with collection agencies, but it can be managed with some strategy. Here are some tips that can help deal with collection agencies:

The borrowers must learn about their rights per the relevant debt collection laws. They should immediately contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau if the rules are violated.

The borrower should try to take control of the conversation, and he/ she shouldn’t agree to anything in the initial contact. Then, the borrower should collect the relevant information and set up a follow-up call with the collection agency.

If the borrower can pay the debt and it is the best option. Otherwise, the borrower can negotiate a payment plan with the collection agency that suits both parties.

Key Takeaways

Some of the key takeaways of the article are:

It is a third-party entity that creditors and lenders hire to recover their funds either in default or past due.

Several debt collection laws regulate the actions of collection agencies. These laws govern what they can do and what they can’t do.

To start, one needs to understand the prerequisites of opening the business, learn about the various debt collection laws, plan out capital and operating expenses, and acquire collection agency bonds & debt collection licenses.


So, it can be seen that collection agencies are an important part of any banking system as it aids in the recovery of bad loans. These agencies have their own set of rules and regulations that govern their actions. Several collection agencies are available, and lenders or creditors should choose any collection agency based on their specific requirements.

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This is a guide to Collection Agency. Here we discuss the definition, working, and how to start a Collection Agency along with regulations and tips. You may also have a look at the following articles to learn more –

How To Fix Memory Error 13

Many players seem to be affected by what is called Memory Error 13-71 when playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare and WarZone on their Windows PC or Xbox. It is a strange error, one you may have never seen before, but we’ve managed to gain a deeper understanding of it after a short period of time.

What is a Memory error in WarZone?

Not long ago, several Call of Duty: WarZone players complained about seeing Memory Error 13-71 whenever they make moves to load the game or when they are being added to a Regiment. We understand this issue affects players on the Xbox and Windows 10 computers.

A while back, the folks at Activision claimed a recently released patch fixed the problem. However, many players are still being forced to deal with it nonetheless. So, as it stands, we cannot rely on the creators of the game; therefore, we will have to find ways to solve the issue ourselves.

Now, there are several reasons why Memory Error 13-71 might appear, and we are going to discuss them all in this article, so keep reading if you want to learn as much as possible.

Fix Memory Error 13-71 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare and WarZone

Players of Call of Duty: WarZone who are affected by the ‘Memory Error 13-71’ should try the following fixes:

Delete the Regiment tag right away

Remove yourself from any active regiments

Disable the crossplay when in offline mode (Only for Xbox One/Series)

Contact Activision support for further help

1] Delete the Regiment tag right away

Chances are that the issue has only appeared after you’ve joined a Regiment or manually added the Regiment tag to your profile. If this is the case, then your best is to remove it. Yes, you may not want to, but right now, your options are limited.

Save the changes made to the game, and that should do it for getting rid of Memory Error 13-71.

2] Remove yourself from any active regiments

For those experiencing this problem while trying to play a custom Call of Duty: Warzone match, then there is a chance it is related to the Regiment bug. Furthermore, if you are playing split-screen, then the other person must also be rid of it.

Additionally, try and make sure there are no active regiment invitations linked to both accounts. So, let us look at how to get this done.

After doing all of that, navigate to the Regiment category, then go to Regiment Invitations. Delete all invites located there.

Perform the same actions with the second account, then check to see if Memory Error 13-71 is still a thing.

3] Disable the crossplay when in offline mode (Only for Xbox One/Series)

OK, so from what we have gathered, the Memory Error 13-71 problem sometimes appears due to crossplay being enabled while in offline mode. We can solve this particular problem quite easily on the Xbox One/Series line of consoles.

4] Contact Activision support for further help

If all else fails, then your only option at this time is to contact Activision for further support. You see, there are times the company might shadowban users without acknowledging they’ve done this. It is not good practice, but that’s just the way things are sometimes.

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Currently, This Hardware Device Is Not Connected To The Computer (Code 45)

Error Code 45 is quite a common issue with device manager encountered by many Windows users. This error occurs when Windows fails to recognize the hardware device connected to the system, throwing up the following message on your screen:

This hardware device is not connected to the computer Code 45

This error occurs if a device that was previously connected to the computer is no longer connected. To resolve this problem, reconnect this hardware device to the computer. No resolution is necessary. This error code is only used to indicate the disconnected status of the device and does not require you to resolve it. The error code resolves automatically when you connect the associated device to the computer, says Microsoft.

But at times this Device Manager Error Code may continue to plague you. Your system may crash when you attempt to use the hardware device for which this error had previously appeared. Moreover, your Windows may run slowly or hang up frequently.

This error occurs if a device that was previously connected to the computer is no longer connected. To resolve this problem, reconnect this hardware device to the computer. No resolution is necessary. This error code is only used to indicate the disconnected status of the device and does not require you to resolve it. The error code resolves automatically when you connect the associated device to the computer.

Error code 45 can appear anytime but knowing when and where it occurred is very useful when trying to fix the issue. This error can be attributed to a number of reasons. You might have incorrectly configured or corrupted device drivers or you may be dealing with faulty hardware. Further, the error can also occur due to a corrupted or faulty Windows registry, probably because of some recent changes made.

Sometimes the resolution of this issue is as straightforward and easy as unplugging and plugging the hardware to the computer.  If you are facing this issue because of faulty hardware, going to a technician and getting it repaired or replaced is recommended. You will get to know of that if none if of the solution given below are able to help you sort out the problem.

1] Running the Hardware Troubleshooter 2] Scanning and Repairing Hard Disk Corruption

1] In the search box, type Command and then press CTRL+Shift+Enter. Type “chkdsk /f” in the CMD box and hit ENTER.

Check Disk will begin scanning for possible hard disk corruption that could be the reason behind Error code 45. If found, it will repair the same.

3] Update, rollback or reinstall the Driver

You may want to check if your device drivers are up-to-date. This post will show you how to update or reinstall Device Drivers.

Hopefully, one of the above three fixes should be able to help you resolve the error. If not, it could be safely assumed that the problem is with the hardware. If you have ensured that all the physical connections have been made properly, it could mean that the hardware has gone bad and that you may need to replace it. As discussed earlier, in such a case, the system might need to be checked by a hardware technician.

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How Does Linux Uniq Command Work?

Introduction to Linux uniq

Linux uniq command-line utility is helpful to filter out the repeated or duplicate records in the file. In other words, it will detect the adjacent duplicate lines and omit/delete the duplicate lines from the inputs data or file.

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This utility was written by Richard M. Stallman and David MacKenzie.


uniq [ OPTION ] ... [ INPUT [ OUTPUT ] ] How does Linux uniq Command work?

The Linux uniq command is like a filter program, and it will use after the sort. The uniq command will get the repeated or duplicate input data or input file. With the help of different filter actions or keywords available in the uniq. We will filter out the adjacent data or duplicate data from the input file and process the end result to the output file.

Note: It will filter out the adjacent duplicate data only. If the number of duplicate records comes in serially, then only it will filter out and remove the duplicate records. Consider it as a single record. If the same record will come in the input file (without duplicate) but in a different location (except the previous adjacent location), then it will print in the output file. The duplicate data exactly match with each other, i.e. it is case sensitive.

Examples to Implement Linux uniq Command

Examples to implement the Linux uniq command are given below:

1. Uniq Command

The uniq command will help to remove the duplicate data or records from the input file.

uniq contents.txt

Explanation: We have the sample text file “contents.txt”. It has some data in the same file (refer to screenshot 1 . Now we are using the uniq command to filter out the duplicate data (refer to screenshot 1 ).


2. Uniq Count Command

In the uniq count command, we will identify how many times the line was repeated in the input file or data with prefix value. To count the number of duplicate records in the input file, we can use the “-c” option with the uniq command.

uniq -c contents.txt

Explanation: In the chúng tôi file, there are a total of 8 records in it. The non-duplicate records are three. With the help of the “-c” option, we will get the number of duplicate count record information.


3. Uniq Repeated Command

It will display or print the unique records from the input file. No repeated or duplicate records will display. For repeated records, we can use the “-d” option with the uniq command.

uniq -d contents.txt

Explanation: From the input file (contents.txt), we will only identify the repeated unique records.


4. Uniq all-repeated

With the help of all-repeated commands, we will be able to get all the records from the input file. For all-repeated records, we can use the “-D” option with the uniq command.

uniq -D contents.txt


5. Uniq Unique Command

The unique command will help to identify the unique records or data from the input file. For unique records, we can use the “-u” option with the uniq command.

uniq -u cont.txt

Explanation: In the input file “cont.txt”, we have only one unique word in the file, i.e. “thanks”. With the help of the “-u” unique option, we are able to identify from the input data or file.


6. Uniq Using –f N Command

This uniq command, it will allow the “N” fields to be skipped while comparing the uniqueness of the lines.

Note: In the input file, it is not mandatory the number of records or input data should start with the numbered sequence.

uniq -f 3 cont.txt

Explanation: In chúng tôi input file having the number of input records (refer the screenshot 3 (a)). We are able to print the unique records with the interval of “1” (“N”) [the “N” value is depending on the client requirement]


7. Uniq Using –s N Command

The uniq –s N command is similar to the -f N option. But it will skip the “N” characters but not skip the “N” fields.

uniq -s 3 cont.txt

Explanation: In the chúng tôi input file, we are having multiple lines with special characters and numbers in it (refer to screenshot 1). With the help of the “-s” option, you will skip the special characters or numbers from the input file. The “N” denotes the number value. The same number of values will help to skip the special character from the input file.

Note: As per the “N” value, the number of characters will skip. Then after the uniq command will omit the duplicate data or records from the input file (refer to screenshot 2).


8. Uniq Using –w N Command

The uniq –w N command is similar to skipping the characters. With the help of the uniq command, we can limit the comparison to the set number of characters (“N” value).

uniq -w 3 input.txt

Explanation: In the chúng tôi file, we are having 3 records starting to form 3 letter words, i.e. “How” (refer to Screenshot 1). With the help of the “-w” option and “N” value (3), we will skip the initial 3 characters of the input file and having a character sequence (refer to Screenshot 2).



We have seen the uncut concept of “Linux uniq” with the proper example, explanation, and command with different outputs. The uniq command is like a filter program. It will filter out the data as per user requirements. The filter data or output data will further use of shell jobs and other application development tasks.

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