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Any Internet user worth their salt already know that the virtual space is essentially a minefield. With our data at risk almost all of the time, it’s natural people turn to Virtual Private Networks to gain anonymity. ProtonVPN (visit) is a player that joined the race recently. While relatively new to the market, the company has gained love from users because of its staunch support for privacy and free rights. Users have enjoyed Proton’s services for some time now and the company has always had a habit of introducing new security services. This time is no different either. ProtonVPN has now adopted the WireGuard Protocol in an attempt to make users’ VPN journey even faster and more importantly, safer. But what does it mean for you? Well, let’s find out.

WireGuard Brings Safety and Speed at Once

Before we dive into Proton adopting this protocol, let’s quickly discuss what WireGuard itself is. Aimed at making the Internet a safer place, the WireGuard VPN protocol is a fresh addition to the industry. This open-source protocol prioritizes security and performance and has a wide range of compatibility. Ever since it was launched in 2023, WireGuard has been lauded by VPN users the world over and has been adopted by many VPN companies.

ProtonVPN in a constant effort to maximize protection has now made WireGuard the default protocol for its service. While that may come as something new to you, the company has actually supported the protocol ever since its early days. Available to Proton users across all major platforms, the WireGuard protocol will offer insanely high speeds coupled with extensive security. When combined with ProtonVPN’s accelerator feature, the protocol will offer up to 400% increased speeds. Yes, you read that correctly.

What About Safety?

Speed isn’t the only thing getting a bump. ProtonVPN coupled with the WireGuard release brings with it enhanced security too. If the company’s no-logs policy and audits weren’t enough for you, WireGuard will certainly tide you over. Built to be a no-nonsense complement to speed, the new protocol automatically enhances the security level of the user from the get-go. This ensures your privacy isn’t ever compromised as you browse through your virtual tunnel from another country.

Founded by scientists who met at CERN, we have always been defined by a strong culture of research and development, and a focus on peer-reviewed transparency.Douglas Crawford, ProtonVPN

Variety enters the conversation through the company’s server locations. With the VPN provider’s servers situated in over 61 countries for the Plus Plan users, there is more than enough to go around. Some new additions to this list include the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Egypt. And while the location count may be less than ideal for some, there is enough smart tech here to help. Using a technique called ‘Smart Routing‘, the company runs the user’s Internet connection through hardware that isn’t even present in the chosen country. This ensures you get access to geo-blocked content while not even touching the air around there.

All this is in addition to ProtonVPN’s existing rollouts of previous protocols and suite of safety features including Secure Core, Kill Switch, DNS leak protection, and much more. Users looking for safety can rely on this player.

Support Has Arrived No Time like Now with ProtonVPN’s End of the Year Sale

We believe you have learned by now that no good VPN service ever comes free. The ones that do, gain back their cost from you in more ways than one. However, we also agree that VPN services themselves are not exactly very pocket-friendly all the time. However, call it good timing or post Halloween luck, there’s a way to get a VPN without paying a lot.

Proton, fortunately, is hosting an end-of-year sale for its select VPN Plus plan. With the amazing tier offering a plethora of benefits including seamless streaming support, there is no better time to pick up a subscription for yourself. With the offer prices of the Plus Plan dropping to an all-time low of just 5.99 per month for the yearly plan, you can save a lot. However, if you’re anything like us, you’re in it for the long haul. In that case, the two-year VPN Plus plan comes to mind which comes with a 50% discount and starts at 4.99 per month. Still not sure about paying for it? Try it and use the 30-day money-back guarantee for your peace of mind.

Don’t wait too long though since a good deal never lasts forever. With ProtonVPN starting its end of the year sale from 1st November, you have until 1st Jan 2023 to snatch a subscription before it is all gone. If you’ve been looking for a fast, reliable, and affordable VPN with WireGuard, ProtonVPN is it.

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Protonvpn Review: Fast, Private, And Secure Network

The Internet is an open space for all – the good, bad, and ugly. Unfortunately, we have to consider all those baddies who are snooping on our online activities. While you are casually exploring websites, downloading contents, and making payments, your digital footprints are traced by some. They have their own evil intentions to dupe the innocent dwellers of WWW. Your virtual treading needs protection from such con men. To protect your online presence, a VPN is a must. But which VPN service one should subscribe to?

In a cluttered market, it is difficult to spot the right thing. VPN services are available dime a dozen. There are a few providers who charge you, but they do not guarantee full security. To defend your Internet use, you can trust ProtonVPN, which is a Switzerland-based service provider. With its extraordinary features, ProtonVPN has gained a reputation worldwide. It requires some more space on my blog and your mind as well.

ProtonVPN Review – Protect Your Online Presence Against Snooping Eyes

Young users, who have just begun to use smart devices would like to understand the value of a VPN. It is a virtual private network that prevents any malicious invasion from outside. Once you activate a VPN service on your device, it creates a secure tunnel between your device and a server operated by the VPN provider.

So your online activities are exclusive to you, and others don’t have access to your activities. A VPN can protect your device against sudden attacks from insecure Wi-fi networks at public libraries, cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, and others.

The Security: How Does ProtonVPN Work?

ProtonVPN is one of the best VPN for your Mac and iOS devices. Once you download the app, you can sign up for a free account or go for the premium services of this VPN.

The secure Core architecture of ProtonVPN empowers this VPN service to protect you against network-based attacks. Basically, this architecture routes your traffic through multiple servers before leaving your network. The menacing powers of culprits can never track the real IP address of ProtonVPN users. Secure Core servers are based in Switzerland, Iceland, and Sweden; the three countries follow strong privacy laws.


“Our company’s overriding policy is to collect as little user information as possible to ensure a private and anonymous user experience when using the [VPN]. We need to build an Internet where privacy is no longer just an option, but the default.” – Dr. Andy Yen, Proton Technologies AG

Nearly all VPN service providers claim not to store your logs, but they may not live up to their claims always. After analyzing 118 VPN logging policies, ProtonVPN has drafted its no-logs policy. The service provider is so keen about their no-log policy that their own company website does not log IP addresses.


However, if you subscribe to its paid services, you get more features, and faster speed is one of the notable features of ProtonVPN. Since the company deploys high-end servers with high bandwidth links, you can browse the web, stream music, and watch videos like always.

Yes, it Unblocks Dear Netflix…

Netflix serves local contents, and therefore, users face challenges when they use VPN services in different regions and log into Netflix. This is why many VPN services block Netflix in all areas. But ProtonVPN charts a different path; fighting back Netflix’s robust system of blocking multiple VPNs, ProtonVPN has managed to connect with Netflix.

One out of five ProtonVPN servers can connect you with Netflix. If you are using ProtonVPN Plus and other higher-end services, you can stream Netflix content on your devices. In its Support document, you may find the servers available and how you can watch Netflix content on your devices using ProtonVPN.

Other Facts and Figures…

As per the latest information, 509 ProtonVPN servers are spread across 41 countries. You can subscribe to any of the four plans given by the VPN service: Free, Basic, Plus, and Visionary. Among the four, Plus is the most popular plan.

Pro users must be familiar with the ProtonMail, which gives you an encrypted email account. Both the services – Mail and VPN – are developed by Proton Technologies AG.


Free: $0/month

Basic: $4/month

Plus: $8/month

Visionary: $24/month

Buy now

That’s all, folks!

Signing off…

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Divide In Excel (Formula, Examples)

Introduction to Divide in Excel

In Excel, division is an arithmetic operation commonly used to divide numbers or values of the cell. It is one of the basic mathematical functions essential for solving complex numeric problems.

Unlike addition, which has built-in functions such as the SUM function, no such function is available for division in Excel. To divide numbers or values of a cell in Excel, you need to start with an equal sign (=), followed by the numbers you want to divide, and put a forward slash (/) between the numbers. Businesses often use the divide formula in Excel to calculate and perform various financial and work management tasks. For instance, they might calculate profit margins, monthly budgets, employee wages, expenditure reports, and other important metrics.

Let’s start by understanding how you can perform division in Excel.

The arithmetic operation or formula for division in Excel starts with an equal sign (=) followed by entering the values or cell references you want to divide and a forward slash (/) between them.

How to Divide Numbers in a Cell in Excel?

To divide numbers in a cell, directly type the numbers within the cell and apply the divide formula. For example, if you want to divide 10 by 5, enter “=10/5″ in a cell and press “Enter“. The division formula “=10/5” will give a result of 2.

Note: Please start the formula with an equal sign (=) and use the (/) operator between two values in each cell to get the output. For instance, If you only type 10/5 in a cell, Excel will display 05-Oct. Or else Excel will consider the equation as a date.

Example #1

You can download this Divide Formula Excel Template here – Divide Formula Excel Template

How to Divide Numbers Using Cell References?

For example, we want to divide the Cell A1 value by the Cell B1 value and display the result in Cell C1.

Enter the formula “=A1/B1” in Cell C1 and press “Enter“, where the Cell A1 value is the dividend and Cell B2 value is the divisor. The result will be displayed in Cell C1.

Example #2

Suppose you want to divide the value of each cell of a column by a certain number obtained in another cell. You can easily do this task. In the below example, you will learn how to divide the values of column A by the value of Cell B1.

Step 2: Enter the formula =” A1/$B$1” and press “Enter“.

Note: The symbol $ in Excel is used for absolute cell references. In the formula =” A1/$B$1″, the value of the divisor is constant as the value of Cell B1. If you place a dollar sign ($) in front of a row, that row is fixed, and if you place a dollar sign ($) in front of a column, that column is fixed.

Result 2 is displayed in cell C1.

Step 3: Drag the cell with the formula to get the desired output.

Congratulations, you have successfully done this task.

Example #3

You can divide column 1 with column 2 by using the division formula. Consider the below table with numbers in columns A and B. Follow the below steps to learn how to divide two columns in Excel.

Step 2: Enter the formula “=B3/C3” in Cell D3, as shown below.

Result 5 is displayed in Cell D3.

Step 3: Drag the formula on the corresponding cell to get the following output.

Example #4

Under this method, you will learn to use division operators with other arithmetic operators like subtraction to solve complex division problems.

For example, you have the below data of salespersons and their actual sales in 2023 and 2023. You must calculate the sales growth percentage for the respective salesperson in 2023. Here, you must use the division formula, subtraction, and percentage operator.

Step 2: Enter the formula “=(C3-B3)/B3” in Cell D3

Note: Using this formula, “=(C3-B3)/B3″, you can calculate the sales growth percentage for the respective salesperson.

The output is 9%.

Step 3: Drag the cell with the formula downwards to get the desired output

The above result shows the sales growth percentage for the individual salesperson.

Example # 5

We have the sales data for five famous companies (Apple, Tesla, Netflix, Starbucks, and McDonald’s) for 2023 and 2023 and the estimated figures for 2023. We need to calculate the percentage growth rate for each company for 2023 using basic mathematical operators such as division, subtraction, and the percentage operator.

Step 1: Add the title “% Growth in 2023” to column E, as shown below.

According to this formula, we will subtract the sales value of 2023 from 2023 and then divide the result by the sales value 2023. The output is the percentage increase in sales from 2023 to 2023.

Note: In this example, we used the formula’s opening and closing parenthesis, “( )”.

The output is 8%, as shown below.

Note: The formula “=(B2+C2)/D2″ will give a decimal value. Thus, convert this decimal value into %.

Step 4: Drag the cell with the formula to get the result, as shown below.

The future sales growth in percentage for all five companies in 2023 is now ready.

How to Use the Division Operator (/) with Addition (+)?

Under this method, you will learn to use the division operator with the addition operator (+) with the help of the following examples.

Example #6

In this example, we will calculate the average of the student’s marks in maths and science by using the division and addition operator.

Step 1: Add a new column, “Average“, as shown below.

The formula states to add the marks of Maths and Science subjects and then divide by the total subject, i.e., 2.

Result 84 is displayed, as shown in the below image.

Step 3: Now, drag the cell with the formula to the rest of the cells.

The average score of the students in Maths and Science subjects is displayed.

How to Handle #DIV/0! Error Using IF Function?

While executing the division operation on a data set, Excel will display the error of #DIV/0! When the formula tries to divide a number by an empty cell or 0. In the following example, you will learn how to use the IF function, such as the “IFERROR” condition, to prevent and resolve the #DIV/0! Error.

Suppose you have the below table of dividends and divisors. You have applied the division formula to this data, and Excel has shown error #DIV/0! in Cell C3 and Cell C5 because Cell B3 and Cell B5 have no value. Now, you want to overcome this problem.

Step 2: Enter the IFERROR formula “=IFERROR(E2/F2,”)” as shown below and press “Enter“.

Note: The Formula “=IFERROR(E2/F2,”)” indicates that divide the value of Cell E2 by Cell F2, and if there is an empty cell or 0 value, then leave the cell blank in the result column to avoid displaying of the #DIV/0! Error.

Output 4 is displayed.

Step 3: Drag the cell with the formula as shown below.

The result is displayed above, and Cell G3 and Cell G5 are blank instead of #DIV/0! Error.

Things to Remember while Using the Divide Function in Excel

Put an equal sign (=) in the cell before using the divide formula.

While selecting the data for calculation, do not select the row or column headers.

If there is an empty cell or 0 value in the Cell, then Excel will throw an #DIV/0!

You should properly use the opening and closing parenthesis in the division formula. For example, formulas like “=10/4-2” will give 0.5 output, and “=10/(4-2)” will give 5 output. Always remember, the “PEDMAS” is the order of calculations in Excel.

If you want to display only the integer value of a division operation, use the QUOTIENT function of Excel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Answer: The symbol or arithmetic operator used to represent divide or division in Microsoft Excel is “/“, a forward slash. The Excel division formula is “=x/y,” where x is the dividend and y is the divisor.

Answer: There are various methods to divide in Excel. You can directly type the numbers in a cell or divide two (or more) numbers by referring to a cell or constant number. As seen in the image below, you must use an equal sign (=) before the division formula and a forward slash (/) between the numbers or cells you want to divide.

Answer: The alternate method for dividing numbers is using the “QUOTIENT” formula. When you want to display only the integer part of a division, use the formula “QUOTIENT(numerator, denominator)”. If a division equation has a remainder value, the QUOTIENT function will only return the integer value as an output. For example,” =3/2” returns 1.5 whereas “=QUOTIENT(3,2)” returns 1, where 1.5 is the remainder, and 1 is the integer/quotient.

Recommended Articles

This article has been a guide to Dividing in Excel. Here we discuss the Divide Formula in Excel and How to use Divide Formula in various scenarios using practical examples. Furthermore, you can read our other suggested articles. You also get a downloadable Excel template for your reference.

A Conversation With The New Dean Of Marsh Chapel

A conversation with the new dean of Marsh Chapel Robert Hill talks about religious life on campus

Robert A. Hill, the new dean of Marsh Chapel. Photo By Kalman Zabarsky

Reverend Dr. Robert A. Hill, the new dean of Marsh Chapel, comes to BU from Rochester, N.Y., where for 11 years he was minister at Asbury First United Methodist Church. With a congregation of about 2,000 and a worship attendance of 800, Asbury is one of the two largest Methodist churches in the Northeast. “My passion is preaching,” says Hill. “At Marsh Chapel I will have the opportunity to give a national voice to the Methodist ethos.”

The new dean, who will also be a professor of New Testament and pastoral theology at the School of Theology, is deeply committed to the ecumenical space Marsh Chapel offers to the University. “The Dean of Marsh Chapel guides and orders the full expression of religious life, which is so varied and wonderful here,” he says.

Hill received his bachelor’s degree from Ohio Wesleyan University, a school with Methodist roots as deep as BU’s, attended Union Theological Seminary in New York, and went on to earn a Ph.D. in New Testament studies at McGill University. He has served in seven churches, five times as minister, has extensive college level teaching experience, and has published books and articles in both Biblical studies and practical ministry.

With his wife, Jan, a pianist, Hill will live on Bay State Road. One of his three grown children is currently studying at the School of Education. He reports that he has already discovered the pleasures of jogging along the Charles River, and he looks forward to getting to know Boston. Hill spoke with BU Today about religious life on the University campus.

BU Today: What brought you to BU?

Hill: The pulpit. Its history, its predecessors — Howard Thurman, Franklin Littell, Robert Hamill, Robert Thornburg, Robert Neville. Its influence as a defining point nationally in Methodist preaching. Its potential for formative influence, especially on the next generation of ministers. Its connection to the University and School of Theology. It also has the potential to attract people to consider the ministry.

What were your first impressions of religious life at BU?

I was impressed by something President Brown said at the inauguration — the phrase that BU is at “the heart of the city, in the service of the city.” I believe Marsh Chapel can provide a heart for the heart of the city and a service for the service of the city. A loving heart for the heart, and a worship service for the service.

What would you like to see happen in the University’s religious life?

There are three things most present on my mind. First, to continue the years of excellence in preaching at a national level and to invigorate and expand the influence of the pulpit regionally and nationally. Radio will be an important part of that.

Second, to illumine the Methodist spirit that still inhabits this space. It’s a very ecumenical space, and the Methodist contribution is a combination of head and heart, of learning and vital piety. Religion is a combination of deep personal faith and an active social involvement.

Third, to provide excellent hospitality. So that this is a space in which we’re not just doing, but being. So that we are human beings, not human doings.

Also, I’m always thinking about the next generation. I’m used to preaching in a full church, and I carry a metaphorical fishing license, looking for the next generation of clergy.

What do you see as the role of the dean of Marsh Chapel on campus?

The dean of Marsh Chapel guides and orders the full expression of religious life, which is so varied and wonderful here and in Boston generally. My aim is to do so in a way that across differences we can find common ground. I want to help us learn that when we need to disagree, we can agree to disagree agreeably.

What do you see as the role of your sermons?

My passion is preaching. I love to hear and work with preaching. I love to listen to good preaching as much as I love the challenge of working on my own. The Boston preacher Phillips Brooks said that preaching is the communication of truth through personality. Each part of that needs to be emphasized, not just the communication. You need to trust that truth will come through. I believe there is a self-correcting spirit of truth loose in the universe.

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Inflation: Meaning, Types, Formula, Examples, Causes

What is Inflation?

Inflation is an economic concept that represents an increase in the prices of goods over time, reducing purchasing power and affecting individuals, businesses, and governments.

For instance, a cup of coffee costs $2.00 in 2023, but in 2023, it costs $2.50. This increase in the price of coffee is an example of inflation because the same amount of money ($2.00) can now buy less coffee than before.

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Factors such as increased demand, reduced supply, or government policies cause inflation. Inflations can have significant economic impacts, such as reducing the purchasing power of consumers, increasing the cost of borrowing, and affecting business investment decisions.

Key Highlights

Inflation is an economic concept that affects everyone, from individual consumers to businesses and governments.

Economists use metrics like the Consumer Price Index (CPI) or the Producer Price Index (PPI), which track the prices of goods and services at different production levels to measure it.

Strategies for managing it include monetary policy tools like adjusting interest rates and government policies to increase the supply of goods and services.

Over time, it can erode the value of savings and investments, emphasizing the importance of managing inflation to ensure long-term economic stability.

How Does Inflation Work?

Step #1 Increase in the supply of money:

When the central bank increases the supply of money in an economy by printing more money or lowering interest rates, it increases the amount of money circulating in the economy.

Example: Let’s say a country’s central bank decides to print more money, and the total money supply increases from $1 trillion to $1.5 trillion.

With more money in circulation, consumers have more money to spend, leading to increased demand for goods and services.

Example: With more money in circulation, people may start buying more cars, electronics, and other goods, leading to increased demand for these products.

Step #3 Reduced supply of goods and services:

Example: Car manufacturing companies may not be able to produce enough cars to meet the increased demand, leading to a shortage of cars.

Step #4 Price increase:

With the demand for goods and services increasing and the supply decreasing, the prices of these goods and services begin to rise.

Example: The shortage of cars may lead to an increase in car prices, making it more expensive for people to buy cars.

Step #5 Reduced purchasing power:

As the prices of goods and services increase, the value of money decreases, leading to reduced purchasing power.

Example: With the increase in car prices, people may have to spend more money to buy the same car they could have bought at a lower price before. This means that the same amount of money can now buy fewer goods and services than before.

Types of Inflation Demand-pull Inflation

It occurs when consumers want to buy more than businesses can produce and supply, increasing the product prices. For instance, if the tomato harvest falls by 50% over a given period, the demand will be more than the supply, which increases the crop price.

Cost-push Inflation

It results from an increase in daily wages and production costs. For instance, if the production cost of cooking oil increases, food prices in restaurants will automatically rise.

Built-in Inflation

It is when employees and laborers expect an increase in wages as a result of the increasing cost of living.

What Causes Inflation?

Decrease in Supply: With the rise in prices of raw materials, the production volume declines, decreasing the supply altogether. When supply becomes less than the demand, the prices automatically increase.

International Factors: A significant part of a country’s economy depends on its import and export relations. When the import rate increases, the price of all imported goods increases in the domestic market.

Effects on the Economy

Reduced Purchasing Power: Inflation makes money worth less, so people can buy fewer things with the same amount of money.

Hardship for the Poor: It hurts poor people the most because they spend most of their income on things like food and energy. The cost of essential goods has risen more than wages over the last seven years.

Increased Interest Rates: When inflation gets too high, central banks often raise interest rates. It makes borrowing money expensive, and people tend to spend less.

Boost in Employment and Growth: In the short term, it can actually help the economy grow faster. It can lower labor costs and encourage job growth.

Risk of Recession: If inflation keeps rising, people may expect higher wages, leading to even higher prices. It could create a cycle of inflation that eventually causes a recession.

How to Measure Inflation?

There are several ways to measure inflation, including:

Consumer Price Index (CPI):

It tracks the changes in the prices of goods and services that households usually buy.

It includes things like food, housing, clothing, transportation, and healthcare.

CPI is published regularly by government agencies and is often used to adjust wages, benefits, and taxes.

Producer Price Index (PPI):

It measures the average price change that producers receive for their goods and services.

It tracks changes in wholesale prices and can indicate changes in consumer prices at an early stage.

GDP Deflator:

It compares the nominal GDP (total value of all goods and services produced in an economy at current prices) to the real GDP (adjusted for inflations).

It takes into account changes in both consumer and producer prices and is frequently used to compare inflations across countries.

Inflation Rate Formula

The formula is,

Inflation Rate = (CPI (x+1) – CPIx) / CPI x,


CPI x is the CPI rate value for the first year.

CPI x + 1 is the CPI value for the second/next year.

You can download this Inflation Rate Example Template here – Inflation Rate Example Template

#1 US

The CPI Index for the US in 2023 was 278.802. It rose to 296.797 in 2023. Calculate the inflation rate.



The inflation rate for the US is 6.45%. It indicates that the prices of goods/services in the US economy increased by 6.45% in a year.

#2 UK

The consumer price index was 123.8 as of 2023. The recent value in December 2023 was 127.164. Calculate the inflation rate.



The UK’s inflation rate is at 2.72%. It signifies that the increase in prices of products over a year has been over 2.72%.

Inflation vs. Deflation

Inflation Deflation

Definition It is a continuous increase in products (goods and services) over time. It is a constant decrease in the prices of goods and services over a period.

Causes Increase in money supply, increased demand, decrease in supply, or government policies Decrease in money supply, decreased demand, or economic recession

Examples Hyperinflation in Germany during the 1920s, inflation in the US during the 1970s The Great Depression in the US during the 1930s, the deflationary spiral in Japan during the 1990s

Impact on prices It increases the prices of goods and services It decreases the prices of goods and services

Impact on investments It tends to increase the value of assets such as stocks, real estate, and commodities It tends to decrease the value of assets such as stocks, real estate, and commodities

Impact on borrowing It increases the cost of borrowing money due to higher interest rates It decreases the cost of borrowing money due to lower interest rates

Impact on employment It can lead to job creation in the short run but may also cause a wage-price spiral and lead to unemployment in the long run It can lead to job losses due to decreased demand and economic slowdown

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the government control inflation?

Governments can control inflation by using monetary policy tools such as increasing interest rates, reducing the money supply, and selling government securities. It can also use fiscal policy tools such as reducing government spending and increasing taxes.

Is inflation good or bad for the economy?

Inflation affects the economy in both good and bad ways. A certain level of inflation is beneficial as it encourages spending and investment. But high or unpredictable inflation can reduce consumer purchasing power, lower economic growth, and cause financial instability. So, the government and central banks must manage inflation carefully to promote stable and sustainable economic growth.

Q3. What is an example of inflation?

Suppose the inflation rate in a country was 6% per year. Here’s how much a loaf of bread would cost:

First year: $1.00

Second year: $1.06 (an increase of 6%)

Third year: $1.12 (another increase of 6%)

Real example: In 2023, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a surge in demand for homes in suburban areas, which led to an increase in the prices of houses and rental properties. This is an example of demand-pull inflation.

How to reduce inflation?

The most important measures to reduce inflation are:

Monetary measures: credit control, demonetization, and issuance of new currency

Fiscal measures: reducing expenses, increasing taxes, promoting savings, and managing public debt.

Other measures: increasing production, implementing wage policy reforms and establishing price control mechanisms.

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Box Joins The Windows 8 Party With Launch Of New App

The dust is settling on Microsoft’s big Windows 8 launch event, but Microsoft isn’t the only company with news today. Box also had some details to share about its new Windows 8 app.

While Windows 8 is a bold shift for the venerable desktop operating system, the big unveiling was less than impressive. The Microsoft presenters often seemed more nervous and flustered than excited and confident, and the whole thing came off like Microsoft was hosting a QVC infomercial for a plethora of third-party OEM hardware options.

Overall, there wasn’t really anything new unveiled by Microsoft today, especially not in the area that most people seem to be most concerned about—apps. The significance and success of the Windows 8 Start screen—the Modern UI—seems to hinge largely on the apps that are available to provide value.

The Box app integrates smoothly with Windows 8 to give you access to your cloud data.

That’s where Box comes in. Obscured by the Microsoft Windows 8 launch event, Box today officially launched its new Windows 8 app. The Box app is precisely the sort of thing that Windows 8 needs, and arguably should have been spotlighted by Microsoft at the event, along with Skype, Evernote, Netflix, Kindle, and other key apps from major players that have invested the time and effort to embrace the new Windows 8.

Why is the Box app important? Well, it’s important for Microsoft and Windows 8 because many businesses rely on Box for storing and sharing data. The SkyDrive integration in Windows 8 is nice, but companies aren’t going to just abandon Box and migrate their data over to SkyDrive, so it’s important from a productivity standpoint that users are able to access data from Box from within Windows 8 as well.

It’s important to Box, because embracing Windows 8—which is both a desktop OS and a mobile platform depending on your perspective—is a final piece in the puzzle that delivers on the vision of Box. According to the chúng tôi website, “Box was founded on a simple, powerful idea: people should be able to access and share their content from anywhere.”

As with Facebook and Twitter—two services I recently noted are glaringly absent from Windows 8 so far—you could simply log in to chúng tôi using the Web browser. The lack of a native app doesn’t completely preclude someone from using a Web-based service like Box. But, for a touchscreen environment like a Surface RT tablet, a native app designed with touching and swiping in mind makes a huge difference.

The Box app gives seamless access to content stored on Box in a way that’s simple and intuitive from Windows 8—especially using a touchscreen interface like a tablet. For example, when viewing a folder with tons of files and folders, you can pinch-to-zoom and Box transforms to show information in a more organized fashion that helps you more easily find what you’re looking for.

The Box app can be added to the Windows 8 Start screen as a live tile that keeps you updated on activity related to the Box account. You can also pin individual files or folders to the Start screen.

If you’re considering Windows 8, you should check out the Box app. If you plan to use a Windows 8 tablet, you should definitely look more closely at the Box app. Even if you don’t currently use Box, the Box app is a great example of what you should expect from Windows 8 apps, and how a Windows 8 app can provide more functionality and a better experience than using the same service through the Web.

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