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Collaborating with a medical expert is crucial to create a treatment strategy customized to your unique requirements and tastes. To successfully manage their psoriasis, some people might need a combination of various therapies. First of all, you must know what is Psoriasis. In this article we will discuss on the same.

What is Psoriasis? Cause of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is believed to be brought on by genetic and environmental factors, though its precise cause is unknown. In addition to triggers like stress, infections, and specific medications, people living with psoriasis may have a genetic predisposition to the disease. Obesity, diabetes, and heart disease are other psoriasis-related medical problems.

Classification of Psoriasis

There are several kinds of psoriasis, including −

Plaque Psoriasis − the most typical kind of psoriasis, which manifests as rough, raised, and scaly skin areas.

Guttate Psoriasis − a form of psoriasis that frequently affects kids and teenagers and manifests as tiny, teardrop-shaped sores on the skin.

An inverse psoriasis is a form of psoriasis affecting skin folds like the groin, breasts, and armpits.

Pustular Psoriasis − an uncommon variety of psoriasis that results in skin blisters that are white and filled with pus.

A severe type of psoriasis that causes pain, itching, and redness all over the body is called erythrodermic psoriasis.

Psoriatic arthritis, a disease caused by psoriasis that also affects the skin, can cause joint pain and stiffness. Up to 30% of those who have psoriasis also have psoriatic arthritis, which, if untreated, can cause joint damage and impairment.

Cure of Psoriasis

Psoriasis does not presently have a cure, but there are treatment options to help manage symptoms and enhance the quality of life. Topical medicines, such as corticosteroids and vitamin D analogs, applied directly to the affected skin, are one choice for treating psoriasis. Psoriasis may also benefit from phototherapy, which exposes the skin to ultraviolet light. Systemic drugs, such as biological agents, may be given for severe cases to treat the underlying immune system dysfunction that underlies psoriasis.

In addition to medical treatments, psoriasis symptoms can be controlled by making lifestyle adjustments like reducing stress, exercising frequently, and eating a healthy diet. Psoriasis patients should collaborate closely with their healthcare practitioner to create a thorough treatment strategy that addresses their unique needs and enhances their quality of life.

What does psoriasis look like?

Psoriasis is a persistent autoimmune condition affecting the skin, nails, and joints. Plaques are thick, red, scaly areas brought on by the skin cells growing more quickly than usual. These plaques can be painful and itchy anywhere, including the head, elbows, knees, and lower back.

Psoriasis can manifest in various ways, depending on the sort and severity of the illness. However, psoriasis sores share a few traits that are frequently observed.

The most prevalent form of psoriasis, plaque psoriasis, manifests as raised, red, scaly patches on the skin. These patches are usually covered with a silvery-white scale and can vary in size from tiny spots to large areas of skin. The scales may be readily removed if scratched because they are thick and rough. Lesions from plaque psoriasis can be excruciating, itchy, and occasionally bleed.

On the epidermis, guttate psoriasis causes tiny, teardrop-shaped lesions. These lesions, frequently found on the trunk, arms, and legs, are usually smaller than those in plaque psoriasis. Lesions from guttate psoriasis are occasionally accompanied by tiny scaling patches and are typically less scaly than those from plaque psoriasis.

Skin creases like the armpits, groin, and area under the breasts are all affected by inverse psoriasis. Lesions Because the skin folds are prone to sweating and rubbing, inverse psoriasis can be especially uncomfortable. From the inverse, psoriasis is typically smooth and red instead of scaly and could also have a glossy or glazed appearance.

The epidermis develops white, pus-filled blisters as a result of pustular psoriasis. A red, swollen epidermis typically surrounds these painful blisters. Fever, chills, and other flu-like symptoms may accompany pustular psoriasis patches.

A severe form of psoriasis that affects the complete body is erythrodermic psoriasis. Red, painful, and itchy skin may slash off in sheets. Erythrodermic psoriasis can occasionally be deadly because it impairs the body’s capacity to regulate temperature and fluid equilibrium.

Psoriatic arthritis, a disease caused by psoriasis that also affects the skin, can cause joint pain and stiffness. Up to 30% of those who have psoriasis also have psoriatic arthritis, which, if untreated, can cause joint damage and impairment.

Consult a healthcare provider if you have psoriasis or worry about your skin. They can identify your condition and administer the proper therapy to help manage your symptoms and enhance your quality of life.

How to Treat Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a persistent autoimmune condition affecting the skin, nails, and joints. Psoriasis cannot be cured, but numerous treatments can help control symptoms and enhance the quality of life. The type and severity of the condition and individual aspects like age, general health, and personal preferences all affect the treatment choices for psoriasis.

Here are some common treatment options for psoriasis −

Topical Treatments − To lessen swelling, scaling, and itchiness, these creams, ointments, and lotions are applied directly to the afflicted skin. Corticosteroids, vitamin D analogs, coal tar, and salicylic acid are a few examples. Topical treatments are frequently the first line of therapy for mild to moderate psoriasis.

Phototherapy − This procedure includes exposing the skin to particular ultraviolet light wavelengths alone or in conjunction with other drugs like psoralen. Phototherapy can be helpful for moderate to severe psoriasis, but it takes several sessions spread out over a few weeks.

Systemic Medications − These are prescribed drugs that can be administered intravenously or orally and suppress the immune system while reducing inflammation all over the body. Examples include cyclosporine, methotrexate, and biologics like interleukin and TNF-alpha antagonists. Systemic drugs are usually only used in cases of severe psoriasis or those that do not improve with other therapies.

Topical Calcineurin Inhibitors − They focus on a particular immune system pathway to decrease inflammation and itching. Tacrolimus and pimecrolimus are two examples. Topical calcineurin inhibitors are occasionally combined with other psoriasis therapies.

Lifestyle Changes − Maintaining a healthy weight, quitting smoking, lowering stress, and avoiding triggers like alcohol and particular foods are just a few changes in lifestyle that can help control the symptoms of psoriasis.


Some self-care techniques can help control psoriasis symptoms in addition to medical treatments. These consist of the following −

Regularly moisturizing the face to avoid dryness and scaling

Refrain from picking or scratching psoriasis sores, which can exacerbate inflammation and cause infection.

Use non-irritating soaps and shampoos, and take warm (not hot) baths to calm the skin and remove scales.

Dressing comfortably and loosely to prevent friction and skin irritation.

Making use of a humidifier to avoid dry skin in dry environments.


To track your success and modify your treatment as necessary, it’s also crucial to adhere to your treatment plan religiously and show up for scheduled follow-up appointments.

Even though there is no known therapy for psoriasis, several effective treatments and self-care methods can help manage symptoms and improve quality of life. Most people with psoriasis can live busy, fulfilling lives with the right care and treatment.

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It Looks Like You Started An Upgrade And Booted From Installation Media

If your Windows PC won’t boot, and you boot your Windows system using a flash drive to repair the Windows installation, but receive an error prompt with the message It looks like you started an upgrade and booted from installation media, then this post is intended to help you with suggestions you can try to get past this block and successfully repair your Windows 11 or Windows 10 computer.

When you encounter this issue, you’ll receive the following full error message;

How do I fix The upgrade option isn’t available?

You’ll notice that the upgrade option isn’t available if you start your computer using installation media. So, if a copy of Windows is already installed on your Windows 11/10 computer and you want to upgrade that machine, you need to remove the installation media and restart your computer. After Windows has started normally, you can then insert the installation media and run Windows Setup.

It looks like you started an upgrade and booted from installation media

If you’re faced with this issue on your Windows 11/10 computer, you can try our recommended solutions below, in the order presented to resolve the issue.

Perform System Restore

Perform the repair using Windows 11/10 ISO file

Clean install Windows 11/10

Let’s take a look at the description of the process involved concerning each of the listed solutions.

Before you try any of the solutions below, you can just hit the Esc key on your keyboard at the error prompt; it will let you proceed to other options and you can now continue with the repair operation. Some affected users reported this worked for them!

If you cannot boot Windows normally, you may have to try and boot in Safe Mode or into the Advanced Startup options screen to be able to carry out the fixes. You will need to make use of the Command Prompt. For some strange reason if you can boot in Safe Mode but cannot access the Advanced Startup Options screen, when in Safe Mode, you may use the Command Prompt to boot Windows directly to the Advanced Startup Settings screen.

1] Perform System Restore

This method of system restore isn’t the usual run-of-the-mill procedure, since your Windows 11/10 computer was unable to boot before you decided to create a bootable installation media to repair your computer. So, if you have made some changes prior to the PC not booting successfully to the desktop, you can perform System Restore when Windows won’t boot to the desktop.

This procedure should get your system up and running; if not, proceed with the next solution.

2] Perform the repair using Windows 11/10 ISO file 3] Clean install Windows 11/10

If at this point you’re still stymied by the It looks like you started an upgrade and booted from installation media issue from repairing Windows, you can back up your data (since you’re unable to boot to the desktop, you can recover files when Windows won’t boot or use Linux Live USB to retrieve your files), then create a fresh installation media with the latest version of Windows 11/10 and then perform a clean install on your device.

In the event you do not have a USB flash drive handy, you can install Windows from your Android smartphone using DriveDroid.

Hope something helps!

Will reinstalling Windows 10 delete files?

Reinstalling Windows 11/10 won’t delete files per se. All of your files and software will be retained, but the reinstallation will delete certain items such as custom fonts, system icons, network credentials et al. However, as part of the process, the setup will also create a chúng tôi folder which should contain everything from your previous installation – so, you can access this folder and restore items that you might need.

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Yourphone.exe – What Is It And How To Disable It Safely

YourPhone.exe – What is It and How to Disable It Safely Everything you need to know about this built-in feature




Yourphone.exe is a system feature that helps you to link your PC with mobile devices.

You can disable this app via the Settings app or Task Manager.

If you want to remove the app, you can do it by running a command on PowerShell.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Some users have wondered what the chúng tôi process is in Windows 10. That is, as some might now guess, a Your Phone process that sends notifications from mobiles to Windows desktops.

Your Phone is a UWP app included with Windows 10 1903. That is a Microsoft app that synchronizes Windows 10 with Android and iOS phones.

It lets users sync photos across Windows 10, Android, and Apple devices. In addition, users can utilize Your Phone to send SMS texts from desktop or laptop.

Is Your Phone exe a virus?

As mentioned earlier, Your Phone is a background app that integrates Windows with mobile devices. Hence, it is not a virus, and you have nothing to worry about.

But, if you are still looking to disable the app, we will show you the best ways to do it in this guide.

How do I disable chúng tôi in Windows 10? 1. Use the Settings app

The first method to disable Microsoft chúng tôi is to turn it off under background apps. With this, the app will stop using your resources, and it will not be visible in Task Manager.

2. End the process in Task Manager

If chúng tôi is running, you can disable it for good in Task Manager by following the steps above.

3. Reset the app

Sometimes, you might want to disable chúng tôi because it is consuming too much resources or because it encountered a problem. The best thing to do is to reset the app and it should be back to normal.

4. Remove the app completely

If you want to remove chúng tôi on Windows 10 and 11 for some reason, you only need to run the commands above. Thankfully, you can download it in Microsoft Store if the need arises.

Can I delete Your Phone exe?

Your Phone is not an essential Windows process, so you can disable or remove it. We have shown how to uninstall the app in solution 4 above.

So, you can always follow the step if you need to.

So, that’s how users can disable the chúng tôi process in Windows 10. You will find this guide useful if you are also looking to remove the app completely.

If you want to keep the Your Phone app but it won’t connect to your mobile device, check our detailed guide to solve the problem.

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The Beginner’s Guide To Tiktok: What It Is, How To Get Started On It

You might know TikTok as “that lip-syncing app for kids”, or “whatever another lip-syncing app for kids chúng tôi turned into”. The truth is, until today TikTok has been downloaded over 1 billion times worldwide, which makes it ridiculously popular. 

If you don’t belong to the younger generation, you might find TikTok confusing. Is it a social network, a video editing app, or an artsy tool for creators? There are many things mixed into this app, but that’s what makes it such an interesting phenomenon. 

Table of Contents

This beginner’s guide to TikTok will explain what it’s all about and whether you should start using it. 

What Is TikTok?

TikTok originated in China, owned by a Chinese company called Bytedance (considered one of the most successful startups in the world). It first became popular under the name chúng tôi before they did a rebranding. That’s why some people still confuse the two. 

In a nutshell, TikTok is about creating short 15-second videos that are soundtracked by music (anything from songs from popular artists to little clips from movies and TV shows). 

Surprisingly, that’s it. People create those videos and share them on TikTok. Of course, you can also add various filters, do some fancy editing, and get really creative with it. But really it all boils down to how simple it is to start using TikTok. 

At the same time, with all its simplicity, the app can seem rather confusing. It’s a giant mix of elements of other services like Vine, Snapchat, and Spotify – all crammed together in a single app. 

Who Is a Typical TikTok User?

Aside from its fascinating background story, TikTok also has some interesting demographics. According to statistics, the majority of the users are female. But only 66% of all users are younger than 30. 

This straight away makes TikTok an app every parent should know about. If you believe that your kid is too young for TikTok’s content, you might want to look into ways to kid-proof your smartphone.

At the moment, TikTok is attracting more and more audience outside its expected “lip-syncing 13-year-old” profile. It’s been getting the attention of social media influencers, popular starts, comedians, and big brands too. 

TikTok is also extremely popular among millenials, due to its being the starting point of many popular memes and challenges. 

How To Get Started On TikTok

The beauty of this network is that if you wanted to become a part of it, it’s extremely easy to join in. You don’t even have to want to create videos. You can just use TikTok for your own amusement, killing time while browsing through funny (and sometimes cringey) clips. 

If you just want to give TikTok a try and see what kind of stuff you can find on the network, this is what you need to do:

Download TikTok app for iOS or Android. 

Open the app. 

Start browsing the videos following a quick tutorial. 

If you’re feeling more creative than that or get inspired by the videos you find on the app, you can set up an account and start sharing your own videos. 

How To Create Your Own TikTok Video 

Before you get to share your videos, you’ll need to set up your TikTok account. There are multiple ways to do that. You can use your phone number, email, Facebook, or Instagram. 

Creating your first TikTok clip is much easier than for example making your first YouTube video. So even if you’ve never dealt with that kind of content before, you should do just fine following these steps:

In the bottom part of the screen you can choose the length of your clip (15 or 60 seconds). 

If you want to make a classic TikTok video, try adding music to it. In the top of your screen, find the Sounds button. There you can access a vast collection of different clips to choose from. For a lip-syncing video, add sound before you start recording. Otherwise, just do this step after.

Other add-ons you can use include filters, beauty effects, changing the speed of your video, or flipping your picture.

Hold the record button to start recording. You can shoot your clip in one or several takes. To get different angles or points of view, press the record button several times. Just make sure you stay within the time limit you have chosen (that’s 15 or 60 seconds). 

When you’re finished recording, you can edit your clip before publishing. Some of the TikTok’s post production tools include video trimming, adding (and editing) sound, effects, stickers, and cover images. 

Remember that this is a very basic TikTok video tutorial. There are actually many ways that you can have fun on the app creating truly interesting, funny, and engaging content. 

Spend some time exploring TikTok, learn about the tools, and see what other users are sharing to get a feel of the app’s full potential.

Should You Use TikTok?

The big question is, should you start using TikTok or sit this one out instead? Well, that really is down to your goals with the app and how much free time you have. 

Even though creating and sharing TikTok videos doesn’t seem time-consuming, you will soon find yourself mindlessly browsing other users’ videos whether you intended to do it or not. 

In the end, TikTok for you will be whatever you want to make it. Most importantly, remember the app’s original purpose and just have fun with it. 

Megapixels: What A Sonic Boom Looks Like

You’ve likely heard of a sonic boom—the loud noise that would reach your ears if a supersonic aircraft flew overhead. But it turns out that images of shockwaves caused by flying faster than the speed of sound are awesome to see even without the sound. In the image above, NASA photographed two T-38 aircraft flying at just faster than the speed of sound over California.

To get the image, NASA used a Super King Air turboprop aircraft flying at an indicated airspeed of about 160 mph at 30,000 feet. The two supersonic jets, separated by about 30 feet front to back and 10 feet vertically, were below the King Air by about 2,000 feet when it shot the images.

The King Air has ports on its belly that can be opened or closed, and the photography gear was positioned in one of those ports so it could shoot downwards.

“We have high-resolution, high-speed cameras, and we are photographing the desert floor,” says Dan Banks, a senior research engineer at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center in Edwards, California. “And then the target aircraft—in this case, the T-38s—fly underneath.”

In one of the images below, you can see a T-38 on its side breaking the sound barrier. In that case, the turboprop doing the shooting was still above the supersonic jet, but the T-38 had rolled sideways.

The shockwaves form as supersonic aircraft travel through the air, almost like a bow wave in front of a fast boat, Banks explains. “The air basically can’t get out of its own way,” he says. “The way nature deals with that is, it develops a shockwave.” In the image above, the T-38s were going at Mach 1.01, which is just over the speed of sound. (Mach 1 is the speed of sound, which actually changes depending on an aircraft’s altitude.)

The shockwaves were photographable because of the change in air density. “The density change causes a change in the index of refraction,” Banks says, comparing it to the way a spoon will look distorted when you see it submerged in a glass of water. “As the shockwave goes over the desert floor, you’ll see the features—in this case, the scrub brush—will appear to move slightly.” In other words, the shock waves are visible because of the way they distort the background, like the way heat comes off a hot parking lot in the summer and changes your view of what’s behind it.

NASA had to do some work to make the image come together—the layer of the image that’s been processed to show the shockwaves doesn’t clearly show the aircraft. “It looks almost like a ghost aircraft,” Banks says. By combining that layer with another layer that sharply shows the planes, and then colorizing it, they were able to produce the shot above.

So why do all this? NASA is working on an aircraft called the X-59 QueSST—the agency’s goal for that craft is for it to be supersonic, but not as loud. It should just produce “a quiet rumble,” NASA said in a statement. Research like this will help the agency with that goal, Banks said, because it helps them visualize what’s happening with supersonic shockwaves.

This T-38 is flying sideways and breaking the sound barrier at the same time. NASA Photo

Another image of T-38s flying faster than the speed of sound. NASA Photo

Roblox Error Code 503: What Is It And How To Fix It

Roblox offers a great collection of user-made mini-games. It is a great way to have some fun, socialize, and get sucked into a pixelated world like no other. That is until it stops working. Are you getting a Roblox error code 503? Today we’ll go over why this is happening, as well as how to fix error code 503 on Roblox.

Editor’s note: We used a Google Pixel 7 Pro running Android 13, an Apple iPhone 12 Mini running iOS 16.3.1, and a custom Windows PC running Windows 11, to come up with all these instructions. Keep in mind menus may look slightly different depending on your hardware and software version.

Is Roblox down?

First things first, it is highly likely you’re getting the Roblox error code 503 to server problems. Thankfully, Roblox has a status page where you can check if systems are operational, or if Roblox is having some current issues. Go ahead and look into it.

Alternatively, you can use third-party options like Down Detector. This is a crowd-sourced website where user reports will inform us if there is a widespread problem with popular websites or services. Roblox is one of them. And there’s even a live map where you can check if the issue is local.

If Roblox is, in fact, down, there is really nothing you can do but wait. We know it’s not easy, but there is sadly nothing else you can do.

Keep refreshing

If you can’t access Roblox from one of the apps or a browser, try restarting it. This is a simple troubleshooting tip that should take very little time, and many claim it has helped. All you have to do is close the app or browser, then relaunch the game.

How to close an Android app:

Launch the Settings app.

Go into Apps.

Select See all apps.

Find and select Roblox.

Tap on Force stop.

Confirm by hitting OK.

Close an iOS app:

From the home screen, drag your finger up from the bottom edge and hold.

Find Roblox and slide it up.

How to close a Windows app:

Make sure Roblox is open and the window is active.

Simultaneously press Alt and F4.

Clear the browser cache and cookies

Still can’t get Roblox to work? If you’re using a desktop browser, there is a chance the cache or cookies are creating a conflict connecting with Roblox’s servers. Cache memory and cookies usually improve the experience, as they store web data locally for faster loading. Cached data can get corrupted, though. This is why it’s a good habit to clear it now and then, especially if you start seeing errors like the Roblox error code 503.

We can’t tell you how to clear the cache on all browsers, because there are way too many of them. Additionally, Roblox only officially supports Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. We can give you step-by-step instructions on clearing the cache and cookies on those, as they should be the only relevant ones for this guide. If you use another less popular browser, Google is always a friendly resource.

How to clear cache and cookies on Chrome:

Launch the Chrome browser.

Highlight the More tools option.

Select Clear browsing data.

Make sure to check the options Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files. Also, pick the Time Range.

Hit Clear data.

Clear cache and cookies on Edge:

Launch the Edge browser.

Pick Settings.

Select Privacy, search, and services.

Under Clear browsing data, you will see the Clear browsing data now option. Next to it, select Choose what to clear.

Make sure to check the options Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files. Also, pick the Time Range.

Hit Clear now.

How to clear cache and cookies on Firefox:

Launch the Firefox browser.

Go into the Privacy & Security tab.

Scroll to the Cookies and Site Data section.

Pick Clear Data.

Make sure to check the options Cookies and Site Data and Cached Web Content.

Hit Clear.

Try another browser

Talking about browsers, there is a chance using a different one will get rid of the Roblox error code 503. Roblox mentions it supports Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. You should try them all and see if the game works with any of the three.

Download a Roblox-supported browser:




Check your internet connection How to turn on mobile data on Android:

Launch the Settings app.

Select Network & internet.

Tap on SIMs. Pick the main one, if you have multiple.

Ensure the Mobile data toggle is on.

You can also toggle on Roaming, if you are outside your coverage area. Just be aware this may incur extra charges, depending on your cellphone plan.

How to turn on mobile data on iOS:

Launch the Settings app.

Select Cellular.

Ensure Cellular Data is toggled on.

If you want to turn on roaming, go into your primary network in the SIMs.

Turn on Data Roaming. Just be aware this may incur extra charges, depending on your cellphone plan.

Whether you’re using Wi-Fi or mobile data, Roblox is clear about its bandwidth recommendations. It claims you should have at least 4-8Mbps internet speeds to have a pleasant gaming experience. Try running an internet speed test to see if your issue is a slow internet connection. Speedtest by Ookla is a very popular one.

Try disabling extensions and add-ons

Faulty or corrupted browser extensions and plug-ins are known to cause issues when connecting to websites or online services through a browser. If you’ve tried everything and still can’t get rid of that pesky Roblox error code 503, temporarily disabling your browser extensions or add-ons might be worth a shot.

How to disable Chrome extensions:

Launch the Chrome browser.

Highlight the More tools option.

Select Extensions.

Each extension will have a toggle next to it. Turn them all off.

Disable Edge extensions:

Launch the Edge browser.

Select Extensions.

Pick Manage extensions.

There will be a toggle next to each extension. Toggle them all off.

How to disable Firefox add-ons:

Launch Firefox.

Hit Settings.

Select Extensions & Themes.

There will be a toggle next to each extension. Toggle them all off.

Check with Roblox support

So, you’ve tried all the tips and tricks in this guide, and you are still getting the Roblox error code 503. Now what? Well, it seems we have come to a roadblock. Maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and get in touch with Roblox support. Here’s a link to its support ticket page. Send them a message explaining your situation, and the team should contact you soon.


The Roblox error code 503 usually signals an issue with the company’s servers. There are a few things on your end that may be causing it, too, though.

Roblox works on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Fire OS, and Xbox One. It can also be played on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox for desktop.

Roblox recommends data speeds of at least 4-8Mbps. Anything under that may cause lag and other connection issues.

Yes, but these minimum requirements are pretty easy to meet these days. Here they are:

iOS: iPad Air or higher, iPad Mini 2 or higher, iPhone 5s or higher, and iPod touch 6th Generation. 64-bit iOS 11 or greater.

Android: Android 5.0 or higher.

Amazon Fire OS: Kindle Fire HDX 7 (3rd Gen), Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (3rd Gen), Fire HDX 8.9 (4th Gen), Fire HD 6 and 7 (4th Gen), Fire HD 8 and 10 (5th Gen), and Fire (5th Gen), except Amazon Fire HD 2013.

Roblox is free to play, but you can purchase in-game currency to improve your experience. This currency is known as Robux.

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