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There are now a few HomeKit-enabled window mounted air conditioners on the market, but what about the millions of installed and working dumb air conditioners already in homes and apartments? Does it make sense to trash a perfectly good air conditioner just to get a smart one?

Perhaps! But an Israeli-based company called Sensibo has a quicker/easier/better solution. For most air conditioners with a remote, the Sensibo Sky is will add an app/web controlled and timer equipped thermostat to your air conditioner in minutes, and today it is $99 as part of Amazon’s Prime Day. 

Sensibo Sky Hardware

The Sensibo unit is a 5V/1A micro USB powered dongle that is placed near or on the legacy air conditioner. Inside, it has a Wi-Fi chip to connect it to the web and an infrared output to control your air conditioner. It also contains temperature and humidity sensors to guide its thermostat features. On the bottom is a double-sided tape-like surface that will affix it to your air conditioner or somewhere nearby.

Sensibo App

Sensibo is available for iOS or Android and even has a web app if you want to control it from your Mac/PC/Chromebook. That’s a nice touch for those of us that don’t want to leave the desktop to control our IoT devices. The app isn’t beautiful, but it is very easy to use and understand.

Sensibo Set Up

Set up was fairly easy and more importantly straightforward. I generally rate devices where I don’t need to look at an instruction booklet much higher than ones that require following pages and pages of reading. Here’s how it goes down.

Plug in the Sensibo to the Wall – a blue light will start blinking, install the app and open it, create an account.

The app will ask you to take a picture of the small 2D code on the back or enter a 10 digit code

You’ll then set it to use your local Wi-Fi connection

You’ll need to identify the remote control by pointing it at the Sensibo or identify the AC model number from a list. (I chose the list option which worked on my LG AC)

Set up preferences like geo location where the AC turns on automatically when you get home, high and low temperatures and voice support.

Sensibo Homekit/Alexa/Google Home support?

Official Sensibo Sky HomeKit support is coming around the holidays according to Sensibo or via third-party now. It supports Amazon Alexa or Google Home out of the box. I didn’t try the HomeKit hack since I have both Google Home and Alexa in my house, but if you want to use Siri to control your AC this summer, you’ll need to use HomeBridge. I’m definitely going to hook up HomeKit for next year.


I wasn’t really looking for smart support in my remote office/cottage. When it is hot I just turn my AC on and I try to turn it off when I leave.

With the thermostat feature I can put in my comfort range, even if it is just a few degrees, and don’t have to worry about adjusting the AC every few minutes.

I have now set it to turn on when I get close geographically so I don’t even need to really think about it.

When I want to get the place primed on a particularly hot day, I just bring up the app and turn it on.

Boy is this thing going to save me time and money. I imagine it will pay for itself in a season or two. How? By turning off when I’m not in the office, not overcooling and allowing me to remotely turn it on and off instead of just letting it run all day.

Some things that could use some improvement:

I wasn’t initially able to set up the AC by pointing a remote at it. That needs to be improved. It was easy however just to select my make from a list and have it work instantly.

HomeKit ASAP. “December 2023” is OK but I want HomeKit out of the box.

More integrated than a dongle. I’m not in love with how this looks in my place (below).

Sensibo Sky $99 at Amazon Prime Day only. Be sure to check out more Amazon Prime Day Specials.

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Suited Up Review: Target Your Jump To Hit Your Mark

One of the most popular types of games in the App Store is the physics-based aim-to-shoot kind. We can attribute the success of the genre to Angry Birds. It may not have been the first, but it was certainly the most popular. If you are a fan of physics-based games, but are getting tired of the same old slingshot style mechanics, there is a new bird in town.

Suited Up uses the idea of aiming to shoot, but players must select the point at which the jumper will arc. Instead of dragging to aim, just tap the screen to mark your target and see where you land…


The game features one tiny jumper, outfitted with a rocket-propelled suit. He takes off from one platform and lands on another, if you’ve aimed correctly. The background is usually based on some sort of industrial theme, either inside a factory, or outside, surrounded by space stations. However, there are four different worlds, each with a different theme.

The foreground is made up of boxes, girders, planks, and other items that must be hurdled by our vaulting hero. There is always one canister on each level, which is usually out of the way and difficult to reach, but will increase your score if you can get it.

There is also an exit portal that will suck the jumper in if he gets close enough. The goal is to get your jumper into the exit portal.

There is only one control; tap. Players tap the screen where they want the jump to arc. A target appears and then the little guy jumps. If you miss, you can try again and a ghost of your previous attempt will appear so you can remember what not to do the next time.

Every level can be rotated for landscape or portrait gameplay. Some levels are designed different when in one viewing mode or another, so rotate your screen often to see if there is an easier way to reach the exit.


The goal is to get to the exit portal as fast as possible and in as few jumps as possible. Each level has a par time and par jump. Make it within the limit to move up in ranks.

When you first start a level, rotate the screen to see if the obstacles are repositioned more optimally at a different angle. Then tap the screen above the jumper to select the target. After the target is set, the jumper will rocket upward and reach the peak of his arc where you selected. Then, he will drop downward at the given trajectory to his landing spot. If you aimed properly, he will land on a crate or platform. If not, he will plummet to his death and you must try again.

Estimating the trajectory is very difficult, and gets harder as levels progress. One slight misplacement and your jumper may be shredded by blades, smashed by a cannonball, or stuck on a platform that is out of the way.

When you get a second try (or third, or fourth), you will see a ghost image of your previous turn. Try to adjust your target based on what you did wrong last time. If the jump came up short, tap the screen a bit further away. If you overshot, back the arc up.

Remember, each level has a time and jump par. So, to get the highest score, don’t hesitate, and don’t miss. The best way to finish the level under par is to find the right target arc for each jump by making mistakes over and over again, and then repeat the level one last time the right way.

In addition to the premade levels, of which I believe there are 40, players can build their own obstacle courses with the level editor. You can make your level look however you want and then upload it for others to play.

Challenge friends to beat your score and give them a shot at attempting to finish your complex levels. You can also play the game with the global ghost to see how other players aimed their target arc.

Players unlock new suits for earning achievements. For example, if you complete the Hanger world with a score of A+, you will unlock the Rusted jumper suit. Replay levels to get a higher score and unlock all 30 suits.

The Good

This game is very challenging, but keeps you coming back for more. Even though you may complete a level within the jump par, you will find it very difficult to make it within the time par, which will drive you crazy and make you want to replay until you make it.

The Bad

Currently, you can’t zoom in or out. Sometimes, the exit portal is off-screen and difficult to find. Luckily, the game’s developer is working on a zoom feature that will be added in the next update.


Suited Up costs $1.99, which is a decent price for a game like this. It may seem a bit higher than most in the genre, but there are no in-app purchases at all. The replay value is through the roof since you will want to keep trying to get the highest score possible on each level. Plus, the level editor makes it possible to play an uncountable number of different courses.


Fans of physics-based games will love this. It has all of the traditional mechanics, like precision aim, but offers it in a completely different way. If you are looking for something new in the genre, you won’t be disappointed. This game is available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Download it in the App Store today.

Related Apps

Obviously, the Angry Bird franchise is the most popular on iOS, but Cut the Rope 2 is another well-liked physics-based game.

5 Best Browsers To Watch Sky Go On All Your Devices In 2023

5 Best Browsers To Watch Sky Go On All Your Devices In 2023 Note that Sky Go won’t work if you have the latest version of Chrome




Watching Sky Go shows using a fast and lightweight browser has never been easier in this era of online streaming.

With plenty of security features, Opera is a great choice if you want to use Sky Go online but not with the app.

The best browser to watch Sky Go shows on your PC should include Adblocker and VPN features.

Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

Here’s what Opera One can do:

Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Brave

AI and User Friendly: New feature directly accessible from the sidebar

Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

⇒ Get Opera One

Watching online TV has never been easier in this streaming era, including the Sky Go service from Sky TV. Getting access to your favorite shows at the time that is most convenient for you is a remarkable feat.

If you have a Sky TV subscription and want to use the Sky Go service on your Windows PC to watch your favorite TV channels, you will find that Chrome doesn’t support the website anymore.

This happened because Sky Go requires a plugin called Microsoft Silverlight to work, and Google stopped supporting this app recently.

For these reasons, in this article, we will explore some of the best browsers available on the market that allow you to easily access Sky Go.

Can I watch Sky Go on a browser?

Yes, you can watch Sky Go on all modern browsers. However, as mentioned above, the browser must support the Microsoft Silverlight plugin.

These include Opera One, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. As you can see, there are some issues with Chrome.

There is a workaround to fix the problem on Chrome 42 to 44 versions, but from version 45, there is no solution other than using a different browser.

Does Sky Go work on all browsers?

As we highlighted above, Sky Go won’t work if you have the latest version of Google Chrome because it doesn’t support the Microsoft Silverlight plugin anymore.

That’s bad news because Chrome is the most popular browser out there, but you will find below a great selection of software you can watch Sky Go online without an app.

The customization options of Opera One are extensive. The interface and menus are intuitive and easy to use even for new users.

So, if you’re thinking about switching to a new browser but you’re afraid of the learning curve, rest assured, you will get the hang of Opera One in just a few minutes.

The capabilities of this browser are firm and can be compared to other browsers without any problem. The privacy strength of Opera One is excellent thanks to its built-in VPN and adblocker.

Using built-in privacy tools, Opera One prevents many cyber-attacks by blocking virtually all access points, making it impossible for hackers to steal your private information while browsing the Internet.

Here are some of the main features:

Incorporated VPNs for geo-restricted regions

Intuitive and sleek interface

Fast web-page loading times

Lightweight and efficient

Completely free

Opera One

Enjoy the best and fastest streaming of content on Sky GO with the help of this lightweight browser.

Free Visit Website

UR Browser is a very versatile and fast browser that gives you the ability to use the Sky Go web player on your PC without any issues.

The speeds clocked by this browser will save you from lags while video streaming, provide crisp audio reproduction, and without any compatibility issues whatsoever.

This software is our top pick when it comes to watching online TV with Sky Go because of the combination of two of its greatest strengths.

UR Browser also contains a built-in VPN service that can be used to get access to video content from restricted countries and also keeps your information safe from prying eyes online.

There have been issues with Sky Go browser blocking cookies so make sure that you enable them before starting to watch.

UR Browser

The ultimate browser for private and secure streaming of content, even from geo-blocked regions.

Free Visit Website

Firefox is another great option to use to watch Sky Go on your Windows 10 PC. It gives you the power to customize the way your browser looks and works by being able to add extensions and add-ons.

In the past years, the number of extensions available for Firefox was reduced considerably, and even though this browser is still one of the best options, some users were disappointed with the change.

Since it was revamped as Quantum, Firefox offers rather decent loading speeds and streaming speeds. Still, hardly comparable with the speeds of UR Browser.

The extensions from Mozilla App Store can help to protect your privacy but are not as efficient. They are created by third-party companies, and the risk of getting your information stolen is still very high.

Another reason for Firefox being placed at this top in the third place is the fact that users have reported streaming issues with Sky Go.

It is still unclear if the problem was caused by an internal server issue from Sky, but that causes a lot of users to migrate to other software options.

⇒ Get Mozilla Firefox

If you’re a Mac user, the best chance of watching Sky Go on a browser is Safari which still supports Silverlight.

As you know, it’s a decent navigator, with plenty of features and it’s very well blended into the macOS environment.

And although you can still use Safari for Windows, Apple doesn’t recommend it because it doesn’t support the OS anymore.

Safari comes with some nice privacy protection features like a machine learning-powered Tracking Prevention, Password, and anti-phishing protection, and Apple Pay-ready for secure online payments.

Overall, if you want to enjoy Sky Go on your Mac, Safari may be one of the best choices.

⇒ Get Safari

As we all know, Internet Explorer is one of the slowest and most buggy browsers you could use, but it can be useful in specific situations. In this case, IE works well with Sky Go.

Its successor, Microsoft Edge, doesn’t work with Sky Go even though the Silverlight app is created by Microsoft.

However, it will work if you open the page in Internet Explorer mode from Edge but that is not guaranteed either.

The processing and streaming speeds of Internet Explorer are slower than any of the browsers we mentioned in this article. When it comes to the online security this browser offers, the offer is close to none.

What devices are compatible with Sky Go?

All devices that can open a browser can stream Sky Go content as long as the software supports Microsoft Silverlight.

As you’ve read above, there is a Sky Go browser compatibility problem because Silverlight is out of support from October 2023.

However, if you have a mobile device, we recommend using the dedicated app available on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

In this article, we explored some of the best browsers available on the market that allow you to watch your favorite TV shows online with the Sky Go service.

By far, the best option for this task comes with Opera One followed by UR. The speed for both streaming and loading pages of this browser is amazing. Alternatively, you can use the Sky Go Windows 10 application.

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Lenovo P780 Quick Review, Price And Comparison

Lenovo P780, as the name suggest seems to be the successor of Lenovo P770 and have few features upgraded in this device as compared to P780. It has a 5-inch display with, powered by a 1.2 GHz quad-core MediaTek 6589 processor and runs on Android 4.2.1 (Jelly Bean) with Lenovo’s custom UI on top. So again we can see the Quad core device in the market and this time with the latest Android Version.

Camera and Internal Storage

The Lenovo P780 is featured with 8.0 MP rear camera at the back with the Auto Focus support and got the front facing 0.3 mega pixel secondary camera for the video calling. The rear camera can support you to shoot 1080P with sound which is pretty good.

This Dual SIM device will be having 4GB of internal storage and will be enabled with the MicroSD slot which can supports maximum of 64GB, Class10 Micro SD Memory Card (TF-Card). It will also has 1GB of RAM to provide the smooth performance experience.

Processor and Battery

The battery of the device is really an impressive factor here as it has 4000 mAh of Li-Pol battery. This battery could run a marathon of up to 25 hours of active standby and hence you can rely easily on the this battery when you are out for a day with no power facility to charge the battery.

Display Size and Type

The P780 has a 5-inch capacitive touch screen IPS display with 178 degrees viewing angle which is one more interesting feature of the device. The device also got a very good display resolution with 1280 x 720 pixels. The 5 inch screen phone also carries features gloves and non-capacitive stylus and will be using the “super sensitive touch” technology as featured on Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820. That means you can access the device with gloves on.


This device seems to be a good competitor for Samsung Quattro launched few days back as both are the mid range device and share the quad core processor. The new Galaxy Grand Quattro sports a 4.7-inch which is smaller than Lenovo 5 Inches of screen and the display resolution of Lenovo is better than 480x800p resolution of Samsung’s device. The processor of both the devices have the same frequency power of 1.2GHz with quad core processing but there is a difference in the chipset. The Lenovo will be having MediaTek MT6589 where as the Samsung will use its Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor.

Model Lenovo P780

Display Resolution: 1280 x 720

OS Android OS, v4.2

Processor 1.2GHz Quad Core, MTK6589 with Cortex-A7, Architecture.

RAM, ROM 1GB RAM, 4GB ROM expandable up to 64GB

Cameras 8MP rear, 0.3MP

Battery 4000 mAh

Price 22,529 INR

Conclusion and Price

The Lenovo P780 is priced at Rs. 22529 which, to me looks bit expensive but the overall specs of the device is decent specially with the latest android version and powerful battery. There are few more device specially the Samsung Mega series which can challenge the device but in the quad core market of India the company can expect to perform well with this device. The device is not ready to sell into the market so if you want to buy Lenovo P780 then you have to wait for some time .

Xolo A500S Quick Review, Price And Comparison

Camera And Internal Storage

This sleek phone packs a 5MP main shooter which you find sitting at the rear of the device. At the price point of 7000 INR, we do think this is a pretty good bargain, at least in terms of camera. The time is long gone when a 5MP camera device cost upwards of 20k INR! However, you can expect the 5MP unit to be as good as a 3.15MP unit from an international manufacturer like Sony or Samsung.

The front on the A500S features a VGA unit, which again, is about the standard in the range we’re dealing in. You can expect the unit to function quite OK with no exceptional performance.

The storage on the device, yes you guessed right (no points though), is a paltry 4GB. This means that the final user-available memory would be about 2GB, and the need to expand storage would be inevitable. The phone does have a microSD slot which will allow you to expand storage by up to 32GB, and we would expect this slot to be occupied in most phones since 2GB is definitely not enough on a smartphone today.

Processor And Battery

The phone packs a 1.2 GHz dual core processor which does sound interesting. Domestic manufacturers have indeed taken it up a level by going for dual core processors instead of single core ones, and this has been possible only due to the low-cost revolution brought about by MediaTek. About a year back, you couldn’t dream of a dual core device for anything lesser than 15k INR.

The dual core processor will suffice for most daily tasks such as email and casual gaming, however do not expect miracles.

Display And Features

The phone comes with a 4 inch TFT screen, which packs a WVGA resolution of 800×480 pixels. This is a feature we’ve seen on many smartphones in the country that sell for under 10k INR, and the XOLO A500S is no exception. You can expect a certain degree of pixelization on the screen of the device since the pixel density isn’t as high as other phones in the market. We calculated the density to be 233 PPI.

Among other features, the phone packs Android 4.2 as the OS which is impressive since even prominent manufacturers have not yet updated all their devices to v4.2. With v4.2, users can expect better battery management from the part of the OS. Apart from that, the phone comes with a few tools and services pre installed, among which one lets you track the phone’s location, thus acting as an anti-theft tool.


The A500S is just another addition to an already overpopulated list of budget dual core devices in India. These devices come from various manufacturers like Micromax, LAVA, Karbonn, etc.

Key Specs

Model XOLO A500S

Display 4 inch 800×480

Processor 1.2GHz dual core

RAM, ROM 512MB RAM, 4GB ROM, expandable by up to 32GB

OS Android v4.2

Cameras 5MP rear, VGA front

Battery 1400mAh

Price 6,999 INR


We have seen quite a few dual core phones in the past. However, the XOLO A500S boasts of a fresh and sleek design which we hadn’t yet seen in the segment. Apart from that, XOLO phones are known to have a better build quality than most other domestic and Chinese brands. If this is what you’re looking for, the XOLO A500S will definitely make a good phone for you. Otherwise, there are options plenty in the market, with more to come!

Sony Xperia Zr Quick Review, Price And Comparison

Camera and Internal Storage

The Sony Xperia ZR sports a 13MP camera, to be more precise, 13.1 MP rear camera. This camera seems really powerful as it is a fast-capture camera with Exmor RS featuring 16x digital zoom. The camera is also featured with Geo-tagging, Touch focus, Face detection, Image stabilization, HDR and sweep panorama mode. The Camera is capable of capturing a video at 4128×3096 pixels and it is accompanied with the LED flash.

Coming toward the front side, the device got a VGA front facing camera. This is mostly used for video calling and hence doesn’t matter a much. The device has a dedicated hardware button for the camera which you don’t find in Apple’s devices but allows using it even when the screen is locked which is similar in the iPhones.

Processor and Battery

The device is powered with an excellent Quad core processor running up to 1.5GHz . The Chipset used in the device is Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8064 (Snapdragon S4 Pro) . This sanapdragon S4 Pro is said as a monster of a chip as it easily beats the Nvidia Tegra 3 on phones like the international HTC One X and the Samsung Exynos 4412 on the Galaxy S III. To give you a better idea of how much faster the quad-core S4 Pro is than the current crop of chips, let’s just mention that out of the box, Qualcomm’s mobile development platform for it scored around 7,700 on Quadrant, more than twice better than the Tegra 3-based Nexus 7.

The processor comes with a GPU of Adreno 320 for graphical processing. So by integrating this new GPU, the MDP/T provides over 2 times faster graphics processing capabilities than the Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 MDP/smartphone which includes the Adreno 225 GPU.  It has also been confirmed that along with the Qualcomm APQ8064 quad-core processor, the phone will come with Qualcomm’s multi-mode LTE-enabled MDM9615 baseband.

With this powerful processor the device has got a Li-ion 2300 mAh battery which should easily run for stand- by-time of Up to 470 h on 2G and Up to 520 h on 3G. The expected talk time with this battery is up to 11 h on 2G and up to 13 h on 3G.

Display Size and Type Comparison

The device can be a good competition to the company’s own Sony Xperia Z which was one of the most selling devices in the company’s portfolio. Both share some come looks but Z was one of the slimmest device we had in this segment and ZR is fatter, at 10.4mm thick compared to the 7.9mm of the Z. The other body dimension are same including the weights that is even 6gms light in case of ZR.

The Xperia ZR is protected against total immersion in water as it comes with IP55 and IP58 compliance, making it dustproof and is water proof against water ingress at 1.5m for duration of 30 mins. The Sony Xperia Z, on the other hand has IPX5/7 grading, meaning it is only resistant to water.  Sony even suggests that you can use the ZR to shoot underwater images and video. Try that with a Z and all you’ll get is a broken device.

The display is something where the buyers of Xperia ZR can get confused. The display is bit smaller and has a 4.55-inch display, whereas the Xperia Z gives you 5 inches. The ZR has 1280 x 720pixels of display resolution where as the Z has sharp 1920 x 1080pixels of display resolution. The front camera is also weaker in ZR as it offers only a VGA front-facing camera whereas the Sony Xperia Z boasts a 2-megapixel front camera. The Sony Xperia ZR is listed as offering only 8GB of internal memory, whereas the Xperia Z will give you 16GB. That’s not a huge deal, as both offer expansion via microSD.

Model Sony Xperia ZR

Display Resolution: 720 x 1280 pixels  (pixel density:323 ppi)

OS Android v4.1Jelly Bean OS

Processor 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro Quad Core Processor.

RAM, ROM 2GB, 8GB, expandable up to 32GB

Camera 13.1MP, 0.3 MP

Battery 2300 mAh

Price 29,990 INR


The technical and hardware specs of the device looks really great with ports are all firmly secured, device being dustproof and shatterproof with a scratch-resistant glass.”Battery Stamina” technology gives it a boast by saving 4x of battery conservation with the automatic shutdown of battery-consuming applications. The display and the Android Version 4.1 can be something that can force the buyer to think twice before purchasing the device but as rightly said by the director of the company the Xperia ZR pushes the boundaries on where and how consumers can use the full potential of their smart phone. The device will come packed with Handset, Battery, Charger, User Manual, Warranty Card and can book your pre-order at chúng tôi and chúng tôi for 29,990 INR.

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