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To say that SAP and Oracle are locked in an increasingly bitter competition is, at a minimum, the understatement of the year.

Of course, the fact that Oracle’s 11i has been out for more than five years, and was DOA, as in massively bug-ridden, for the first several revisions of its life are largely forgotten in the Oracle FUD campaign. Also forgotten is the fact that, once the software was basically bug-free and ready to be installed without risk, Oracle announced a two-year de-support window for its previous version, 10.7. Oracle customers, rightly so, pushed the panic button and started fast-tracking their upgrades.

Meanwhile, SAP is trying hard to stake out the high ground. At a recent two-day analyst summit in Las Vegas, SAP further described the business process-driven future it is pushing for the industry. It’s a near-term vision that SAP shares with Oracle, but with one important difference. SAP has been spending literally half its R&D dollars on ‘decomposing’ its software into business processes. These business processes will form the core of what, by 2007, will be a 30,000-strong business process platform that will fundamentally redefine how enterprise software serves the needs of business — for the better.

The difference between SAP and Oracle (and IBM, for that matter) is that SAP’s business process platform will be built from a solid understanding of how real businesses in real industries accomplish their day-to-day tasks. That understanding is currently embedded in SAP R/3 and MySAP, and comes from literally decades of deep vertical industry experience. Exposing those underlying processes and making them available as building blocks in a service-oriented architecture like NetWeaver is the gist of SAP’s game plan going forward. The fact that no other competitor has this wealth of existing industry knowledge already embedded in their software makes the business process platform a powerful competitive wedge.

Of course, Oracle’s acquisition strategy is very much targeted at acquiring this vertical knowledge, but so far most of that is a future capability based on future acquisitions, whereas the SAP processes are already in place, and only need to be converted to fully-formed services. Conversion is not a trivial task, but it’s not rocket science either. And it’s certainly better to be working on converting known assets than promising to deliver on assets that have yet to be acquired.

In the end, FUD is a short-term strategy, and one that Oracle will only be able to take so far. As long as the dialogue is about the wrong issues — like the apples to oranges comparison of when upgrades in two vastly different customer bases and under vastly different economic and technological conditions take place — FUD will work. But Oracle will have a problem combating the business process surge that SAP is planning for 2006.

And all the FUD in the world won’t count when SAP can demonstrate functional leadership in the software it sells today, while Oracle customers have to wait for Fusion. Oracle needs to counter SAP with its own business process strategy, or get out the way. The business process train is about the leave the station.

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Career In Oracle Database Administrator

Introduction to Career in Oracle Database Administrator

Start Your Free Data Science Course

Hadoop, Data Science, Statistics & others

Education required for Career In Oracle Database Administrator

Normally people who came from pure software development background are planning to move to this kind of administrative role. Very strong pre-learning is required for the same, as this kind of role is not at all very easy to crack, have to learn and full confidence with knowledge about SQL and PL/SQL, which is normal development coding available for Oracle database. Also, that candidate should need to know about how the table has been designed inside the database, what can be the tablespace define, how to reproduce and to resolve some very critical query tuning issue, know about proper indexing, to maintain require integrity for an entire database. Also, the candidate should need to upgrade themselves always with any new version of the database release by Oracle, as certification on database administrator normally given based on any version.

Career Path in Oracle Database Administrator

A career in Oracle database administrator normally involved in managing and require customization of the relational database system provided by Oracle, and also ensuring optimum performance of the database anytime for user experience. Normally the candidate, who has big experience in the Oracle database and have at least a bachelor degree in hand, are choosing this administrator role and going for the certification from the oracle. One database administrator has varieties of role need to be performed in their current responsibility. They have to involved and ensuring an updated version of the Oracle database system; they normally involved in installing or uninstalling the software, upgrading the same and ensuring no impact in the existing application, always come with some critical functionalities or facilities for ensuring the security of the Oracle database, understanding the load of the software or managing user accessibility in a proper manner, and doing one of the key tasks that are monitoring and optimizing software performance. Database Administrator also has some key responsibility on handling all the services issues raising by the customer, resolve the same urgently, also involving for designing one key data backup system for that client where transaction data is going to be huge, and also designing a proper system for recovery of data.

Oracle Certified Junior Associate (OCJA): This is one of the certifications for a very junior level where the candidate can come from schools, college or any institute where they have started their study recently. It also entertains for the teacher or faculty staff who is just involving in given teaching in computer science or java oracle.

Oracle Certified Associate (OCA): This is one of the first steps for achieving professional certification from the oracle. It is given a basic understanding of Oracle fundamentals.

Oracle Certified Master (OCM): This certification has given information on the highest level of knowledge.

Job Positions or Application Areas For Career In Oracle Database Administrator

Database administrator, specifically in Oracle database, always is a very high priority and key area on the job position. As per hype in the current market, the administrative job in the database, specifically in Oracle is already increased 11%, which is very higher than other available jobs. The expert candidate is never able to think about their career as it is very keen to say they can easily demand their market value to Varieties Company. Almost all the IT companies are given very high importance on those guys to maintaining their own system without any big impact. Now considering job opportunity, there has two option:

Job directly in Oracle: getting a job directly in Oracle, certification is one of the mandatory parts which candidate cannot be avoided. In Oracle, those people can involve resolving all kind of challenging service request and as well as some new implementation in the software.

Job in other IT companies: It is also very much attractive. Here mainly need to give support on available set-up on that specific organization, ensuring performance and deployment activity.

Salary Career Outlook in Oracle Database Administrator

In a current market situation, the Oracle database administrator job is really going very high availability day by day. A career on the same always is a very key role for any candidate who is really expert in Oracle database management system. Also, looking for some challenging role and job satisfaction them it will be a good career to choose.


Oracle database is one of the popular database management systems in the world. Of all the key databases which are using by a maximum organization in the market, Oracle is one of the best on that. So making yourself one of the administrators in that Oracle database is always a much-highlighted career for that candidate. There have no doubt and can provide a full guaranty that a candidate with oracle certification will never be jobless in a current market situation.

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Indian Enterprises Accelerate Their Pace To Become Future Ready With ‘Rise With Sap

With the aim to drive holistic transformation with stronger resilience, agility and efficiency

India – June 22, 2023: As Indian enterprises march towards becoming future-ready, they choose SAP’s cloud ERP solution ‘RISE with SAP’ a holistic business transformation as a service offering. It’s a bundle of products, tools, and services that addresses the needs of our customers as they embark on their journey on to the CLOUD. Offered on a subscription basis, RISE with SAP extends organizations a completely new way to redesign processes for better business outcomes.

Recently, Indian enterprises who have adopted RISE with SAP in this fast-changing market conditions are  Ola Electric – a leading player in electric mobility sector, Wakefit Innovations Pvt Ltd – the leaders in innovative sleep solutions and Neogen Chemicals Ltd – one of the largest Manufacturers of Bromine Derivatives, Lithium Salts and Grignard Compounds. Additionally, those that have also joined this trend include KLT Automotive and Tubular Products Ltd – the leaders in Automotive mobility and engineering solutions and Pacific Development Corporation Ltd, one of India’s leading real-estate developers are  leveraging RISE with SAP to gain greater flexibility and scalability.

Nakul Markhedkar, Director, Vikran Engineering & Exim Pvt Ltd, shared his experience and benefits gained with the deployment of RISE with SAP: “In our endeavour to become a leader in EPC industries, it was important for us to streamline and set up our business processes in a way that helped us access all our projects anytime, anywhere. SAP’s cloud ERP solution provides us with that flexibility and enables us to seamlessly access all our business functions and data on a single platform in real-time.”

“By adopting RISE with SAP, we have taken a significant step towards our digital transformation journey. This will enable us to build a strong foundation in India’s pharmaceutical industry and support our vision of providing quality, affordable and innovative solutions in medicine and treatment.” said Venkat Srinivas, CIO, RA Chem Pharma Ltd, another early adopter of this business transformation as a service from SAP.

Indian enterprises are increasingly adopting the cloud, and RISE with SAP is at the forefront leading them to experience the tangible benefits of cloud-enabled digital transformation. SAP and its ecosystem are committed to help our customers become more resilient, more efficient, and more agile – making it possible for them to innovate easier and faster.


About SAP


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Oracle Training In Bangalore (17 Courses Bundle, Online Certification)

About Oracle Training in Bangalore

Further details are provided below.

Course Name Oracle Training in Bangalore

Deal You get access to all videos for the lifetime

Hours 141+ Video Hours

Core Coverage Oracle Database, RMAN, Oracle APEX, Toad 12.6 for Oracle, Oracle SOA Suite, PLSQL

Course Validity Lifetime Access

Eligibility Anyone serious about learning Oracle

Pre-Requisites Basic Knowledge in SQL and UNIX/LINUX commands

What do you get? Certificate of Completion for the course

Certification Type Course Completion Certificates

Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each20 course, Projects with a unique link. These link can be included in your resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced skills

Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning

Software Required None

System Requirement 1 GB RAM or higher

Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

Oracle Training in Bangalore Curriculum

The main objective of this course is to make the students or candidates employable in oracle. As we know Oracle has various job roles such as oracle administrator, developer, database administrator, finance analyst so the objective of this training is to prepare a student in such a way students can go for any field comfortably.

Oracle training learners will get to know how to install particular software, how to design the software’s system, how to configure and troubleshoot the problem statements. Training also covered the deployment of architecture. The main part of this Oracle Training in Bangalore is the oracle database. It includes administration where a candidate will get to what exactly happens in the administration domain. Along with these various features of oracle are also covered in the curriculum. Oracle is one of the most secure platforms so how it is secure is also part of the training.

It also includes data warehouse and availability of data systems. This training has different modules such as Oracle PLSQL, Oracle SQL, Oracle database admin DBA 1 course, Oracle Apex, Oracle Ramen, Toad 12.6 for oracle, oracle concepts and commands, oracle flashback, oracle cloning, oracle SOA, oracle administrations, oracle database 11g, oracle database 12c and many more. After the course curriculum, there are case studies on sessions. A case study will help the learner to analyze the problem statements, then to find what is objective of a particular problem, how to design a particular problem, and how to inherit the same in oracle.

Oracle Training – Certificate of Completion

What is Oracle?

Which Skills will you learn in this Training


In this oracle training, you will learn initially basic concepts of SQL, then directly students will start to learn on projects of Oracle chúng tôi projects will help the student to access and understand the database in form of tables, along with these projects includes Displaying and Aggregating Data, Isql output, a workshop on SQL, Dmsql operations, basic of plsql, procedures, and functions in plsql, subprograms in plsql, database triggers, Database Dba, Oracle cloning, Oracle SOA, Oracle flashback, Oracle Apex, oracle toad 12.6, Oracle development( creating database and tables, case studies, functions, case studies on functions), development in plsql.


The prerequisite for this Oracle Training in Bangalore is the basics of SQL (structured query language). There is no need for any extra knowledge for this course if students are aware of only basic concepts of SQL that are also sufficient to go for this training. In the course curriculum, every small and basic thing will be covered so anyone willing to learn oracle can opt for this course.

Target Audience

Students who are pursuing their education in Engineering, Diploma, Science, statistics, commerce and want to build their career in the computer domain and looking for a great opportunity to start their career in the database domain. Experienced employees from Non-IT background those who want to change their work profile. Especially for teachers who want to switch into the industry with existing experience. This Oracle Training in Bangalore is the best match for those who are fresher they can start their

career in oracle

this field will give them a very bright future. Those who are already in the industry but different job roles, it is very easy for them to learn Data science terminologies because they might be already aware of implementation skills and programming.

Oracle Training in Bangalore – FAQ’s Which is the oracle products domain?

Oracle has various products in various domains such as development tools, cloud-based products,mobile-based products, servers, and many more.

Is Linux knowledge is necessary to complete this Oracle Training in Bangalore?

Yes, you must know at list basic commands of Linux, otherwise, this will also be covered in the curriculum.

SQL Server and Oracle are the same or different?

Oracle includes SQL and plsql language in designing and SQL servers include transact SQL.

In which field is more useful or popular?

Oracle is trending in finance, banking sector, insurance companies.

Is Computer degree compulsory for the oracle Course?

No, a Computer degree is not compulsory for the oracle course. Anyone can apply for the course.

Who is the instructor for this Oracle Training in Bangalore?

The instructors for this course are industry professionals, have wide experience in the field of Application development. Depending on the domain in curriculum expert trainers will be different.

Is SQL or database management part of the syllabus?

Yes, SQL is part of the curriculum, whatever database knowledge required for oracle will be covered in the syllabus.

Why should you take up Oracle Training in Bangalore?

As everyone knows Bangalore is the hub for all job oriented training. Every training course is available in Bangalore with the best and multiple options in various ways. Along with training programs Hyderabad has a big IT industry network, where all MNC industry situated and they offer various job opportunities in different -different domains .there are wide chances to get placed in Bangalore only once you finished this training as this city has the number of opening for oracle professionals.

What is the Oracle market trend in Bangalore?

Sample Preview

Career Benefits

Oracle has 137 k employees all over the world. In this distribution in America 60000 employees associated with oracle, after America’s largest distribution is in India. In India total, approximately 40 k employees are associated with oracle.182 billion euros is the market of the oracle. There are various job roles for which you can apply once you finished this Oracle Training in Bangalore like general administration finance, developer, support and service, legal, finance, product development, production and training, and many more. The big companies Dell, JP Morgan, Google, and net tracker mainly working on oracle SQL, therefore this is one of the highest-paid jobs in India.


Oracle SQL Training review.

The training for Oracle SQL was full of detailed training. It helped me to learn everything from basic syntax to more complex syntax. It is best for new students that want to learn Oracle SQL. All the videos were very helpful since they contain also the practical examples. The lectures have all the theory part and the practical parts. The trainer tries to explain everything in detail. I learned a lot. English was understandable.

Sadik Kalia

Oracle Course Experience

It is a Comprehensive Oracle Training course designed by industry experts considering current market trends to help you learn. This Oracle training prepares you for an in-depth understanding of the Oracle database server administration.  The main benefits are it has high-quality content with complete student support throughout the course. Students will go through real-time technical challenges and will learn how to face it; they also learn the design of a system of all sizes.


Great Oracle Course

I recommend this Oracle training to anyone in my circle who is moving up in their career to gain knowledge and look out the profits. This is the best Online Oracle training at a reasonable rate. This course is a useful software that enables an organization to work with data warehouse and also to do online transactions. We use Oracle as a  back – end for enterprise applications. The training is delivered through secure, privacy so you can jump into any course. Through this course certification, you will be powerful working with SQL  programming language with the concepts of a relational database.


SQL Course Experience.

Oracle certification allows you to deliver fast performance for databases and applications in the critical workplace. Through this Oracle training, you will be able to manage, design secure leading open source and commercial database.

Neelam Shah

Oracle Cio: Linux Is Fundamental

SAN DIEGO. Oracle CIO Mark Sunday has a lot of users he needs to support and he’s using Linux to do it. The tech leader took the stage at the LinuxCon conference this morning to discuss how Oracle uses and develops Linux.

“Linux is our platform of choice across a wide variety of services,” Sunday said. “It is how we build products and how we provide services to our customers.”

Oracle is a massive organization of over 125,000 employees spread across 49 countries and according to Sunday, they all depend on Linux. Linux is the core technology that powers Oracle’s core collaboration, including email and its primary systems.

Sunday explained that Oracle’s use of Linux is also core to how it supports its end user customers.

“Linux is what we do to support over 6 million end users,” Sunday said.

Oracle Linux’s Biggest Customer

Oracle has been building its own Linux distribution since 2006. Sunday revealed that while Oracle has lots of customers for Oracle Linux, perhaps the biggest customer of them all is Oracle itself.

Sunday was joined onstage by his primary supplier for Oracle Linux, Wim Coekaerts, the senior VP of Linux and Virtualization Engineering at Oracle. Coekaerts joked that while Oracle is his number one customer for Oracle Linux, Oracle is also his biggest headache.

Oracle Linux is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, though Coekaerts stressed that his Linux distribution isn’t about competing with anyone.

“We live in a world that is mission critical, so we figured that if we can provide support for the stack it’ll be much easier for our customers,” Coekaerts said. “So that’s why we got into the support business and we learned a lot doing that.”

Coekaerts’ team is also able to leverage the large testing farms that Sunday’s organization has, which also helps to improve the overall quality of Linux.

Another key differentiating point for Coekaerts is the fact that Oracle also has its own kernel, the Oracle Unbreakable Kernel, that sticks closer to the mainline of Linux kernel releases.

“Why we provide our own kernel is to make sure we can get new technology into the hands of our customers much sooner,” Coekaerts said.

Coekaerts argues that since the Oracle kernel is only some six to nine months behind the mainline of Linux, the features can be more current than a distribution using an older kernel.

“We don’t want code that only one distro runs,” Coekaerts said. “So if we’re closer to what Linus maintains than we can have a more rapid development and can be more competitive to other operating systems.”

As the supplier of Linux to Oracle, Coekaerts asked Sunday what more he wants from Linux. Sunday said that he wants the usual: faster, better, cheaper and even more reliable computing.

“We’re using Linux for a wide variety of uses at tremendous scale, so make it so we can use it as best as we can,” Sunday said. “Once again it’s the fundamental core that runs our business and we need it to be there for us.”

On the right: Wim Coekaerts, senior VP of Linux and Virtualization Engineering at Oracle

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at chúng tôi the news service of the IT Business Edge Network, the network for technology professionals Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.

In Japan, Uber Dons White Gloves To Battle An Elegant Rival

Get in a taxi in Tokyo, and you’ll get a ride with a little old-world charm.

They concentrate on driving instead of chatting on mobile phones. While some newbie drivers don’t know Tokyo like the back of their hand, GPS ensures they won’t get lost, and they’ll get you to your destination as quickly as possible. And while they can be expensive compared to taxis in major U.S. cities, they don’t take tips.

Yet as Uber tries to extend its dominance to another new market, it’s finding the local competition hard to beat.

One reason Uber flourished so quickly in the U.S. is that, at least in some cities, taxi services were abysmal. Many fleets still have cars that are shabby and run down, and drivers are as likely to be talking on a cell phone as paying attention to passengers. Combined with the convenience of hailing a cab instantly with an app, Uber was a breath of fresh air.

Japan is a different story, and in some ways reflects the challenges Uber faces as it tries to expand in other new countries. Along with well documented regulatory problems, it’s competing against local services that are often highly regarded, if not quite as efficient.

Longtime cab users in Japan would seem to agree. Kamal Vijayvargiya, a businessman who has been dividing his time between Japan and India since the 1980s, said he trusts taxis here implicitly and has never been taken for a ride, so to speak, or refused when requesting a destination.

As in other countries, like India and China, Uber is working to adapt its service to compete in the local market. It began full-scale operations in Tokyo last year, and its luxury Uber Black service features drivers with white gloves and Toyota Crown Royal hybrids and other luxury cars. It’s partnered here with local car hire companies, in a departure from its model back home.

Uber’s Tokyo fleet is small for one of the largest cities in the world, and the app often indicates that no cars are available, even around hubs like Tokyo Station. Uber did not respond to a request for more information about its operations in Japan.

Uber isn’t the only ride hailing app trying to break into Japan. In January, Japan’s dominant messaging app Line launched a ride-hailing service that works with Tokyo cab company Nihon Kotsu and other partners. It’s being pitched as a way to get a cab when they’re hard to find, and it works with cashless payment using Line’s mobile payment function.

Founded in London, taxi app Hailo has grown far slower than Uber—even in Japan, where it’s able to hook up users with about 600 of the roughly 8,000 cabs in Osaka. It’s currently running a pilot project in that city but wants to expand to Tokyo based on the fact that its app can work with various taxi companies instead of just one fleet, and it has an international app. Like Uber, it has a rating system.

“Drivers and users can rate each other, so you’ll always get a nice driver,” said Ryo Umezawa, CEO of Hailo Japan, adding that this can address security concerns that women have felt when using cabs flagged in the traditional way. “Drivers, meanwhile, know right away that their sales are going up.”

A number of taxi companies in Japan have launched their own ride-hailing apps. These programs may be extending the taxi market in Japan to new types of riders.

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