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Thanks to more powerful processors and accessories like keyboards that make tablets more of a hybrid device, tablets are currently stepping more and more on the toes of ultrabook computers. More and more features that were formerly exclusive to desktop operating systems are being included in their operating systems. It is now possible to switch from an ultrabook to a tablet, particularly on Apple models that get special attention from software providers like Adobe or Microsoft.

Tablets make great portable entertainment systems or family computing devices. They can be useful for students as well, particularly those studying the arts who might use a stylus with them.

What tablets are the best in terms of both your needs and your budget? Check out our guide to make the best choice.

How to choose the best tablet for you?

The number of brands remaining actively competing in the market has drastically decreased as a result of the tablet market’s decline. Apple and Samsung are the two giants that control the majority of the market. Other manufacturers have recently returned to the market or entered it. This is the case with Xiaomi, which provides an affordable high-quality Android tablet, as well as Realme and Huawei.

The Top 5 tablets available in the market in 2023 Apple iPad Air M1 (2024): The best iPad

The iPad Air’s comparison to the iPad Pro is even more pertinent for its 2023 model. The Bionic chip has been replaced in the latest tablet version by the Apple M1 CPU. The guarantee is to provide you with power similar to that found on MacBooks or even iPad Pros.

Do you find the iPad Air to be a little too bulky? You now have access to the updated iPad mini, which features an 8.3-inch screen, an Apple A15 processor, and a more contemporary design. Although the cost increases a little, this is a great small alternative to the iPad Air.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: The best Android tablet

Samsung is the only company that can challenge Apple’s dominance in the tablet market. The Korean manufacturer is attempting to test the limits of its capability with the new Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. The outcome is undoubtedly insufficient to match the iPad Pro M1, but Android users will still be able to access their accounts.

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First, be aware of how large the tablet is. It offers a stunning 14.6-inch screen that has a notch at the top. The Samsung touchscreen is of the highest caliber as usual. You have a right to a 120 Hz refresh rate as well as a good contrast. To experience the best possible performances, keep the mode on Vivid.

Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra has strong internal power. In fact, the tablet has a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor. It is among the best devices you can use with Android because it enables you to run any software at its full potential. The Apple M1 chip is the only one that outperforms the Snapdragon CPU. Finally, the tablet offers a full-day of battery life.

It is not the most affordable option on our list, coming in at $1,099. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is, however, a very high-quality product, as its test suggests.

Our recommendation is to look at tablets from the previous generation if you want to spend a little less money and still get a tablet that performs well. The Galaxy Tab S7+ is still great in this situation, but it has a less powerful processor and touchscreen.

Apple iPad 10 (2024): The best cheap iPad available

Above all, the iPad 10’s iPadOS software provides a full user experience. This one is jam-packed with widgets and apps. Daily use is truly enjoyable. The Apple A14 Bionic chip, on the other hand, supplies the internal power. Depending on the version picked, it comes with 64 or 256 GB of storage. The performance offered is adequate for most use cases, but if you want to go further, you must use an M1.

The iPad 10 has a two-day battery life without experiencing any major issues. The tablet charges to 100% in one and a half hours using the 120W charger included in the box. One more thing about the screen. The 10.9-inch LCD panel has a respectable brightness, which in our test was measured at 501 cd/m2. It is accurately calibrated for daily use.

The iPad 10’s price increase is its only real flaw compared to the previous generation. If you want a product that will last over time, in our opinion, you must make this investment.

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 M1: The most powerful iPad

By incorporating the same Apple M1 processor as the MacBook Pro M1, performance rises as a result, and as an added bonus, application development is much simpler. This is the case of the iPad Pro 12.9 with the M1 chip. It’s the most powerful iPad in the lineup.

There are still more changes coming because Apple is adding a mini-LED panel to its most expensive tablet. Mini-LED technology, which is already used in some televisions, offers increased brightness and, more importantly, a higher contrast ratio. Please be aware that the 11-inch model does not have the latest screen technology; only the 12.9-inch model does.

Since it got a 12 MP ultra wide-angle sensor, the front camera is also getting a nice improvement. The latter keeps you in the picture at all times during video conversations by using the M1’s power to provide an excellent tracking function.

A brand-new (and incredibly pricey) keyboard called Magic Keyboard is included with this new iPad Pro. When used with this accessory, the iPad Pro further blurs the line between a tablet and a regular computer. It clearly stands out as the greatest tablet for working in general. Its price is also comparable to a high-end computer.

Xiaomi Pad 5: The best affordable Android tablet

While extremely active in the smartphone business, Xiaomi is now playing it cool in the tablet market. With this Pad 5, which directly combats the Apple iPad 10, the situation has changed.

It uses a 16:10 format and has an attractive design and aluminum construction. The 11-inch screen itself provides a generally acceptable image. We greatly value its compatibility with 120 Hz, which is really uncommon at this price point. The inclusion of a Snapdragon 860 is also a welcome surprise. The chip is strong and excels at gaming in particular. There is nothing wrong with autonomy. Depending on the needs, we will typically get about 10 hours.

As is customary with Xiaomi MIUI, which is included in version 12.5, provides the software component. Overall, the user experience is thus positive, despite the fact that Android’s tablet application issues cannot be fixed by the user interface alone.

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The Best Laptops You Can Buy In 2023

Adam Birney / Android Authority

If you’re searching for a new laptop, you might be overwhelmed by the number of options. There’s nothing wrong with that — there are more macOS and Windows laptops than ever before. But how do you figure out which one is worth your money? Here’s our list of the best laptops on the market to help you narrow it all down!

We’ll list a few choices at different price levels and then move on to specialty machines. Ready? Let’s dig in.






Editor’s note: We’ll refresh this list of the best laptops as new options launch.

Asus Zenbook 14: Our best Windows laptop pick

Asus was once only best known for making high-performance PC parts, but it’s starting to build a name for itself in the laptop space too. The Zenbook 14 delivers great everyday computing in a slim and lightweight package. Better yet, it doesn’t even break the bank.

The base model Zenbook 14 packs Intel’s 12th-gen i5 processor and 8GB of RAM. But it’s the 90Hz OLED display that’s the star of the show. It goes up against the likes of the Macbook Pro’s mini-LED display, which costs twice as much as the humble Zenbook 14.

The Asus Zenbook 14 is a great pick if you want a premium-feeling laptop with high-end specs and an all-day battery.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5

Calvin Wankhede / Android Authority

It’s impossible to make a list of the best laptops without mentioning Microsoft’s beautifully designed laptops. The Surface Laptop 5 is the latest iteration of the company’s flagship.  

The sleek metal design houses a minimum of a 12th-gen Intel Core i5 processor, a 13.5 or 15-inch touchscreen PixelSense display, and 8GB of memory. Of course, you can opt for the more powerful Intel Core i7 chip if you want to truly put the Surface through its paces. It’s also available in two finishes: Alcantara and metal. The former is unique in that it offers a soft and padded palm rest, which you won’t find on any other laptop.

The Surface Laptop delivers up to 18 hours of battery life and charges quite quickly as well. All in all, the Surface Laptop 5 mates Microsoft’s vision for hardware with its own Windows 11 operating system.

MacBook Air (M2 Chip)

Oliver Cragg / Android Authority

While many affordable laptops opt for the Windows operating system, the M2-powered MacBook Air is a great way to test macOS without breaking the bank. It’s a lighter, wedge-shaped alternative to the MacBook Pro, and it still packs plenty of power for just about everyone.

Backing up the laptop is the in-house Apple M2 processor. You won’t have to choose different versions of the M2 chip, so it’s not too confusing. The new MacBook Air comes with 8GB of RAM and 256GB or 512GB of storage. We’d recommend the 16GB RAM variant, however, as it delivers plenty of future-proofing.

The MacBook Air is available in Midnight, Space Gray, Silver, and Starlight, so you can match it to the rest of your Apple products. No matter which color you select, the brilliant Retina display just might make you forget about the rest of the laptop.

Best high-end laptops

If you’re able to drop a bit more money on the latest and greatest, these picks are for you. Here you’ll find the most powerful options for the everyday user. From powerful processors to premium build quality, these laptops show off just what portable computing has become.

The picks:

Dell XPS 13


It’s getting challenging for Dell to find flaws to fix on the newest XPS 13, yet somehow they’ve managed to make it even better. The bezel is even smaller, the processor is even more powerful, the ports are even fewer — well, that’s not a perk, but it’s what happens when you want to pack the most power around.

Dell’s crisp 13.4-inch InfinityEdge display runs on the latest 12th-gen Intel Core i7 processor with up to 32GB of RAM and a 2TB SSD. Better yet, the display is made of durable Corning Gorilla Glass 6 and tuned with Dolby Vision for brighter colors and deeper shades of black, backed up by Intel’s new Iris Xe graphics. You can grab the Dell XPS 13 in Platinum Silver or Frost White, each with a backlit keyboard.

Dell XPS 15


If you love the Dell XPS family, but a 13.4-inch screen just isn’t big enough for you, Dell has recently refreshed the bigger and badder XPS 15 as well. The overall design looks familiar to the smaller version, but Dell has cranked everything to 11.

The screen is stretched out to 15.6-inches, and a UHD Plus touchscreen is available if you have the funds. Beneath that screen, you’ll find a 12th-gen Intel Core i7 or i9 chip, up to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 3050 Ti graphics, up to 64GB of DDR5 RAM, and up to 2TB of SSD space. Dell adds a third USB-C port to complement the two Thunderbolt 3 options.

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

Samsung creates displays better than just about anyone else in the business. So what happens when you bring one of those displays to a laptop form factor? You get the powerful Galaxy Book 3 Ultra.

The Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra doesn’t hold back when it comes to internals either — it boasts a 16-inch AMOLED display along with an Intel Core i7 or i9 processor. You also get 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage.

However, Samsung’s Ultra model differs from its smartphone counterpart in that it doesn’t support the S Pen. If you need stylus functionality, you’ll be better served with the Galaxy Book 2 Pro instead.

Best Chromebooks

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

If you’re looking for a lightweight operating system that boots up quickly, a Chromebook might be your best bet. Chromebooks rely on Chrome OS — and Google apps — to get the job done. This means that some heavy-duty tasks won’t be possible on Chromebooks, though they excel in average jobs like browsing and streaming.

Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5 Chromebook

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Lenovo’s IdeaPad Duet 5 Chromebook is a follow-up to the excellent Chromebook Duet. The clever 13.3-inch OLED Chromebook tablet is an upgrade from the older 10.1-inch one. Not only is the display new and better, but you’re also getting some high-quality hardware under the hood.

The IdeaPad Duet 5 Chromebook is also one of the more value-for-money options on this list. It’s available with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 SoC onboard. You can snag 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage or 8GB of RAM with 128GB of storage, solid options for this device. The Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5 Chromebook is a perfect portability option as it weighs in at 1.5 pounds, with an extra 0.7 pounds for the Folio keyboard.

Lenovo’s Chromebook Duet tablet comes in a Storm Gray finish that is understated, but still rather attractive.

A gaming option: Acer Chromebook 516 GE

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

The third Chromebook on our list is the Acer 516 GE, one of the first gaming Chromebooks on the market. Whether you’re interested in gaming or not, this is a powerful laptop that’s capable of just about anything you could do in a web browser. Of course, it can run many games through Steam for ChromeOS but it’s also got Android app support.

Chromebooks have traditionally been criticized for their low performance, but you get a remarkable improvement for just a few hundred dollars more. The Acer Chromebook 516 GE also sports a sleek metallic design and RGB backlit keyboard that’s sure to look impressive in just about any setting, business or casual.

Best gaming laptops

C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

If you’ve ever tried to game on a standard laptop, you’ve probably realized just how difficult it can be. Your average machine isn’t tuned for intense gaming situations, but these choices are. With beefed-up GPUs and CPUs — and a healthy dose of RGB lighting — these are the best laptops available if you want to get your head in the game.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14


The ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 is one of the most well-balanced gaming laptops on the market, packing plenty of power in a package that’s not too heavy or thick. Equipped with up to a Ryzen 9 processor, the Zephyrus G14 is a powerful all-around gaming machine with plenty of storage and speed.

The ROG Zephyrus G14 comes in black and white finishes, along with an optional Anime matrix display on the lid. It’s certainly an eye-catching design.

Overall, this is a great laptop for gaming on the go. What it loses in terms of power and cooling setup, you gain in portability.

Alienware x17

Alienware has found itself right at the top of the list for as long as there have been gaming laptops. Although the company doesn’t offer too many models, each has been refined to maximize power and style over the years. The Alienware x17 is no exception, and the brand-new model offers plenty of punch in a 17.3-inch design.

It’s upgraded to the 12th-gen Intel chipset, and the x17 is rocking up to a Core i9 and up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti graphics. Alienware laptops tend to be heavy, but at 21mm and 6.65 lbs, the x17 is lighter and leaner than the Area-51m. Cooling is next to godliness in gaming, so Alienware leveled up the x17 with Cryo Tech cooling that combines heat pipes, copper stacks, and four high-voltage fans.

The Alienware x17 is available with up to 64GB of DDR5 RAM and up to 4TB of SSD space to finish the tour-de-force. If you’re looking for maximum customization for your RGB keyboard, AlienFX allows you to color each key individually.

Best business laptops

For a long time, business laptops weren’t exactly the best-looking options on the market. They prioritized function over form, often resulting in hefty and unattractive machines. Those days are fading, as these final three options will show. From high-end construction to fine-tuned internals, these aren’t your parents’ work computers.

HP Elite Dragonfly G3


The HP Elite Dragonfly G3 fits the bill if you want a business laptop that can make a statement in the boardroom. With a unique blue magnesium design and up to a 13.3-inch FHD touchscreen, the Dragonfly packs the power and style to command the room during a presentation.

It’s much more than just a brilliant finish, as the Dragonfly can be configured up to a 12th-gen Intel Core i7 processor with 16GB of RAM and Intel Iris Xe graphics. HP’s spill-resistant keyboard is backlit to help you work in dark places or while you travel. You never know what your next task will be at work, but the 512GB of base storage should handle just about anything you need.

Even better, the Elite Dragonfly is a 2-in-1, so you can flip it into tablet mode if you start to lose your audience’s attention in a meeting. A privacy screen and webcam killswitch also mean that you can work without interruption, and you won’t have anyone peeking over your shoulder.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 10th Generation


The Lenovo ThinkPad line has long been a top option for business laptops. Lenovo took all of the best ThinkPad features and rolled them into the powerful X1 family, with the Carbon laptop as its flagship. Now on its 10th generation, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon is dripping with the latest upgrades.

For starters, the newest X1 Carbon features 12th-gen Intel Core processors and up to 16GB of memory to keep you going. Lenovo even offers various screens, including a WUXGA with or without touch support, a 2.2K IPS, a 2.8K OLED, a WQUXGA option, and more.

Up to 2TB of storage and Dolby Atmos speakers help complete the setup along with USB-A and USB-C ports. It barely tips the scales at just 2.48 lbs.

Other frequently asked questions

Gaming laptops offer some of the best specifications out there, and have been offering better and better value for money in recent years. So, yes, gaming laptops are absolutely worth it, provided you pick the right one!

Chromebooks generally come with lower-powered hardware that can’t handle much gaming, and Chrome OS itself isn’t really designed for gaming. However, you can install Steam on a Chromebook to play a few games that the hardware of the Chromebook supports. Also, you can use a Chromebook for game streaming from the cloud, so that’s another way to play games on a Chromebook. 

It depends on your usage. However, for general purpose usage, we would recommend at least 8GB of RAM. For more intensive tasks like gaming, or power-hungry productivity use, a higher amount of RAM is recommended, at least 32GB.

Gaming laptops come with powerful hardware, and can handle most tasks rather well. So yes, gaming laptops can be used for school.

The Best Nas Drives You Can Buy In 2023

While many users prefer to use cloud services for backups, they aren’t always the best solution for having persistent data access or ensuring that your data remains private. For one, they come with a cost attached and offer no guarantees for how long the service will remain active. Offline access also remains a concern, and sharing files with large groups can be tedious.

A NAS drive or Network Attached Storage is the logical solution for many of those problems. It is a great solution for running your personal media server, a centralized photo storage station, or for sharing files around the house. NAS drives can even be a backup destination for all your phones and computers.

So if you’ve been looking for some of the best NAS drives on the market to roll out your own solution, the list below should help you narrow down your choice.

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Buying the right NAS drive for your needs

The Synology DS220 Plus gives you ample power and essentials like media transcoding for a pocket-friendly price.

The Synology DS220 Plus is powered by a 2.0GHz Intel Celeron processor with onboard hardware acceleration for media, making it a great choice for serving up 4K content to a host of users and endpoints like televisions, tablets, or phones.

Finally, the real selling point here is the operating system. Synology’s DSM DiskStation Manager operating system provides a simple drag-and-drop way of managing things, complete with window management. The Synology DS220 Plus ($299) strikes the perfect balance between price and feature set for most home users looking to build a media server or photo backup solution.

Synology DS220 Plus

The high-end two-bay NAS from Synology is a good fit for more demanding users who want to run their own media server.

See price at Amazon

The Synology DS920 Plus brings you a taste of the big leagues with its quad-bay setup, significant muscle power, and extensive expansion capabilities.

You’ll also find prosumer features like support for NVMe cache to speed up input and output operations when accessing large databases. Additionally, the DS920+ gains an eSATA port for further expansion should you want to add even more storage bays using a DX517 bay expansion unit.

The Synology DS920 Plus can also comfortably double up as a network video recorder if you want a storage destination for your security camera feeds. The unified media backup software can then be used to beam up recorded footage to a wide range of supported online storage destinations.

Synology DS920 Plus

The Synology DS920 Plus is a powerful four-bay NAS that is a good fit for users who need a lot of storage or even small businesses.

See price at Amazon

The Synology DS1621 Plus is the go-to option for small businesses looking to add a centralized storage server and can be easily upgraded with faster networking hardware.

On the software side, the NAS comes enterprise-ready with a vast array of RAID configurations, filesystem support, and virtualization support for major stacks like Citrix and Windows Server. The DS1621 Plus can run up to eight virtual machine instances simultaneously, making it a great fit for small or medium-sized organizations. Overall, the Synology DS1621 Plus ($899) is one of the best options for businesses looking for a pre-built solution. In case you need even more storage, the Synology DS1821 Plus ($1059) offers the same feature set with two additional storage bays for a total of eight for a little more money.

Synology DS1621 Plus

The Synology DS1621 Plus is built for businesses or prosumer customers with heavy storage requirements. It comes equipped with six drive bays and a Ryzen processor to serve files to hundreds of users at a time.

See price at Amazon

Practically every NAS drive on the market can be accessed via a PC or Mac. Additionally, all NAS drives support a host of protocols like FTP, making it a cinch to transfer files. Both QNAP and Synology also have a suite of Android and iOS applications to access files on the go.

Most manufacturers have a suggested list of supported drives that can give you an idea of maximum storage capacity. Since drive capacities are always going up, these lists can be outdated, and any modern NAS should be able to support currently available 16TB or 18TB options with ease though RAID performance may suffer.

Smartphones and tablets can have limited codec support, which makes hardware transcoding essential to stream video in real-time. Additionally, if you drop the video quality to save bandwidth, you will need hardware accelerated transcoding for real-time playback.

10 Best Samsung Phones You Can Buy In The Philippines In 2023

Samsung is a go-to brand if you are planning to upgrade your phone. Also, the South Korean tech firm offers a wide range of smartphones. These devices have different price points, specs, and features. So, you are highly unlikely to go wrong with Samsung. Moreover, you can choose a Samsung phone that suits your budget and lifestyle. Now, here’s our list of the 10 best Samsung phones in the Philippines in 2023.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra sports an eye-catching design. Also, it looks sleek and premium. For optics, it houses a whopping five cameras on the back. Under the hood, the phone packs a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor. It ships with 8GB and 12GB of RAM and offers up to 512GB of internal storage. The phone sports a 6.8-inch AMOLED 2x display with a QHD+ resolution. Also, the screen offers a 120Hz refresh rate. Further, the Galaxy S22 Ultra gets a robust 5000mAh battery.

Moreover, the battery supports 45W fast charging. On the downside, Samsung will not provide the charger in the box. Notably, the handset features a 108MP main camera. The rear panel also has a 10MP telephoto lens and a 10MP sensor. Upfront, the Galaxy S22 Ultra gets a 40MP snapper that also enables video calling. Also, you can choose between Green, Phantom White, Phantom Black, and Burgundy colors.

Why Buy Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset

Captures impressive night shots with improved Pixel Size

5,000mAh battery with 45W Super Fast-Charging support

Available for purchase at Shopee and Lazada

Samsung Galaxy S22+

All in all, the Galaxy S22+ is not an ordinary smartphone. Markedly, it comes with a myriad of newfangled features and specs. For instance, it sports a Dynamic AMOLED 2X display. Further, this display delivers a high refresh rate of 120Hz. So, the Galaxy S22+ can bring your favorite photos to life. Secondly, it delivers an immersive viewing experience. Also, the Galaxy S22 series became the world’s first phone to support Vo5G communications. The lineup includes the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy S22+, and Galaxy S22 phones.

The Galaxy S22+ comes with an impressive rear camera setup. The phone features a 50MP main sensor on the back. Moreover, the rear panel has 12MP and 10MP sensors. So, this triple rear camera setup enables you to capture memorable moments. Upfront, it has a 10MP autofocus camera for capturing crisp selfies. Also, the phone features a 6.6 inches Dynamic AMOLED 2X display. It ships with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip. However. the European model comes with an Exynos 2200 processor.

Why Buy Samsung Galaxy S22+

Dynamic AMOLED 2X display

50MP + 12MP + 10MP rear cameras

Exynos 2200 processor

Wi-Fi 6 and 5G connectivity

Available for purchase at Shopee and Lazada

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

The phone uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G to draw its power. Also, it has an Adreno 660 GPU for graphics. The phone ships with a whopping 12GB of RAM. It also offers 256GB and 512GB of onboard storage. The Galaxy Z Fold3 packs a 4400mAh battery with 25W fast charging support. Further, this cell supports 11W fast wireless charging and 4.5W reverse wireless charging. Moreover, the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Flip3 support battery protection functions.

The Galaxy Z Fold3 has a triple rear camera setup. This includes three 12MP sensors on the back. Also, it has a 10MP cover selfie camera. Lastly, the phone features a 4MP in-display selfie camera.

Why Buy Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

7.6-inch flexible Infinity Flex Display

120Hz refresh rate

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G with 12GB RAM

Triple rear cameras

Under-display selfie camera

Cover selfie camera

4,400mAh battery with 25W fast charging

Available for purchase at Lazada

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

The Galaxy Z Flip3 strikes a perfect balance between flexibility and functionality. So, it is an ideal phone for frequent travelers. Also, it is perfect for those who fancy keeping things simple. Now, it sports a mammoth 6.7 inches foldable Dynamic AMOLED 2X display. There’s a 1.9 inches Super AMOLED cover display as well. Further, it packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G SoC. Also, it has an Adreno 660 GPU. The foldable phone ships with 8GB of RAM.

The foldable handset houses two 12MP rear cameras. Upfront, there’s a 10MP shooter for selfies and video calls. Also, it offers 128GB and 256GB of UFS 3.1 storage. The Galaxy Z Flip3 runs Android 11 OS with One UI 4.1 on top. The phone draws its juices from a 3300mAh battery. Notably, this cell supports 15W fast charging. Also, it supports 4.5W reverse wireless charging. The battery unit is compatible with 10W fast wireless charging as well.

Why Buy Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED display

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G chip

8GB of RAM

Gorilla Glass Victus protection

IP68 water and dust resistance

Available for purchase at Shopee and Lazada

Samsung Galaxy A71

The Samsung Galaxy A71 comes in handy for capturing life’s memorable moments. The phone features a 32MP front shooter for selfies. The rear panel houses a quad-camera setup featuring a 64MP main sensor. Moreover, the phone houses a 12MP sensor and two 5MP sensors on the back. It sports a 6.7 inches Super AMOLED Plus display. This screen offers 1080 x 2400 pixels resolution. Moreover, it comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection.

Further, the Galaxy A71 gets a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 chip. This processor pairs with 6GB and 8GB of RAM. The phone comes with 128GB of internal storage. There’s a microSDXC slot for storage expansion. The Galaxy A71 runs on Android 10 OS with One UI 3.1 on top. It also has an Adreno 618 GPU for handling graphics. Moreover, the A71 has a 4500mAh battery with 25W fast charging technology. The phone is available in a slew of eye-catching color options.

Why Buy Samsung Galaxy A71

6.7-inch AMOLED Infinity-O display

Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 chipset

8GB of RAM

4,500mAh battery

32MP selfie camera

64MP quad rear cameras

Available for purchase at Lazada

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G is a premium mid-range smartphone. It comes with a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display. This screen delivers a decent resolution of 2,400 x 1,080 pixels. Further, it supports a refresh rate of 120Hz. The screen has a layer of Gorilla Glass 5 on top for protection. Also, there’s a punch-hole cutout in the center for the 32MP selfie camera. The phone packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G chipset. Moreover, it has an Adreno 619 GPU.

Gizchina News of the week

The 5G-ready phone has 6GB and 8GB of RAM. Also, it gets up to 256GB of onboard storage. Notably, you can expand this internal storage up to 512GB. The phone features a microSD card slot for storage expansion. However, this feature isn’t available in all regions. For optics, the Galaxy A52 5G has a quad rear camera setup. It has a 64MP primary sensor and a 5MP macro lens. Also, there’s a 5MP depth-sensing module on the back. A 4,500mAh battery powers up the entire system. This cell supports 25W fast charging.

Why Buy Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

6.5-inch FHD+ display

Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G 5G chipset

64MP quad rear cameras

32MP selfie camera

4,500mAh battery with 25W fast charging support

Available for purchase at Shopee and Lazada

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G

The Galaxy S21 5G is available in a myriad of stunning color options. Also, it delivers an impressive performance. The phone features a 6.2-inches Dynamic AMOLED 2X panel. This screen supports HDR10+ and a peak brightness of 1300 nits. Moreover, it delivers a refresh rate of 120Hz. Also, there’s Corning Gorilla Glass Victus to protect the display. The 5G-ready phone has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC. Further, it packs a competent Adreno 660 GPU.

Moreover, the Galaxy S21 5G has 8GB of RAM. It offers a hearty 128GB/256GB of onboard storage. The phone houses a triple rear camera setup featuring a 64MP main sensor. There are two 12MP wide-angle and ultrawide cameras on the back. Upfront, the phone has a 10MP wide-angle camera for selfies. It has a 4000mAh battery that supports 25W fast charging. Also, this cell is compatible with 4.5W reverse charging. The phone runs Android 11 with One UI 3.1 on top.

Why Buy Samsung Galaxy S21 5G

6.2-inch FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X display

120Hz refresh rate

Exynos 2100 chipset

8GB of RAM

64MP quad-camera system

10MP front camera

Available for purchase at Shopee and Lazada

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Fan Edition is a powerful phone. It retains the 6.4-inch FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X display. Also, it offers the same 120Hz refresh rate as the original model. The phone ships with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G chipset. Moreover, it comes with 6GB and 8GB of RAM. You can choose between 128GB or 256GB onboard storage options. The Galaxy S21 FE 5G has a powerful camera setup on the back and front. First off, it features a 12MP main rear camera.

Also, the Galaxy S21 FE 5G has a 12MP wide-angle sensor on the rear panel. The rear camera module also features a 12MP wide-angle sensor. Upfront, the phone has a 32MP shooter for selfies. The front shooter comes with an f/2.2 lens and supports video calling. A 4,500mAh battery powers up the entire system. This cell supports 25W wired and 15W wireless charging. Lastly, it has an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Why Buy Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G

6.4-inch FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X display

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G chipset

8GB of RAM

128GB or 256GB onboard storage

12MP triple rear cameras

32MP punch-hole selfie camera

Available for purchase at Shopee and Lazada

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

The Galaxy A32 5G is a mid-range smartphone from Samsung. It is available in just two color options. These include Awesome White and Awesome Black. The phone has a 6.5-inch TFT display with a 720p resolution. Further, it has a tear-drop notch. A Dimensity 720 5G chipset is powering up the handset. This processor gets coupled with 8GB of RAM. Also, you can choose between 64GB or 128GB storage configurations. The phone has a MicroSD card slot for storage expansion.

For optics, the Galaxy A32 5G features a 48MP main sensor. Moreover, it has an 8MP ultra-wide and a 5MP macro sensor on the back. The rear camera setup also includes a 2MP depth sensor. For selfies and video calling, the 5G phone uses a 13MP front-mounted camera. Further, the phone gets a large 5000mAH battery. This cell supports 15W charging.

Why Buy Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

MediaTek Dimensity 720 5G chipset

8GB of RAM

5,000 mAh battery

15W fast charging technology

48MP quad rear camera

13MP front camera

Two-color options

Available for purchase at Shopee and Lazada

Samsung Galaxy A12

Samsung is offering the Galaxy A12 in four color options. Upfront, the phone sports a 6.5-inch display with HD+ resolution. Also, the screen features an Infinity-V cutout for the selfie camera. Moreover, the phone uses a MediaTek Helio P35 chipset to draw its power. Further, it gets 4GB or 6GB of RAM and 128GB of onboard storage. You can expand this internal storage capacity using a microSD card. The phone comes with a long-lasting 5,000mAh battery. It supports 15W fast charging.

In the photography department, the Galaxy A12 features a 48MP primary camera. Moreover, it has a 5MP ultrawide lens. The phone has two 2MP sensors for depth and macro shooting. The Infinity-V cutout houses an 8MP selfie snapper. Also, the side edge of the phone features a fingerprint scanner. The Galaxy A12 also has a 3.5mm headphone jack. It runs Android 10 OS.

Why Buy Samsung Galaxy A12

MediaTek Helio P35 chipset processor

5,000mAh battery

4G LTE connectivity

48MP quad rear camera

8MP selfie camera

Available for purchase at Shopee and Lazada

10 Best Samsung Phones In The Philippines In 2023

So, that was our list of the 10 best Samsung phones that you can buy in the Philippines in 2023. Notably, Samsung is one of the world’s most recognizable brands. In fact, it surpasses other brands in terms of market share. The company has a reputation for offering top-notch handsets. Also, Samsung smartphones target all types of smartphone users. It offers high-end premium phones, as well as pocket-friendly handsets.

Furthermore, you can pair your Samsung phone with other devices from the company’s ecosystem. For instance, you can connect your phone with Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Tab, or Galaxy Buds. Also, you can enjoy an immersive and seamless experience. Understanding the specs sheets could be an arduous task for an average individual. So, we have simplified the process of choosing a Samsung phone In this buying guide.

The Best Tablets For College Students In 2023

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Written By Fiona Tapp

Published Mar 14, 2023 5:01 PM

Tablets made for college students offer the power and usability of a laptop with the versatility and portability of a much smaller device. Whether you’re researching topics, typing up essays, making presentations, or using design tools, choosing the right tablet for college can make all the difference. These devices excel when taking notes, reading textbooks, and staying organized. However, with so many options available on the market, it can be a daunting task. We’ve scoured the internet to make our list, considering factors such as battery life, screen size, processing power, and price. Whether you’re a freshman, a senior, or a parent shopping for your college-aged child, our comprehensive guide will help you make an informed decision when selecting the best tablets for college students. 

How we picked the best tablets for college students

Tablets truly lend themselves to college work. They’re easy to carry around, offer tons of battery life, typically cost less the high-powered laptops, and they pull double duty as content consumption devices. In our quest for the perfect tablet for college students, we surveyed the entire tablet market from major manufacturers. There are tons of cheap and less-reliable options out there, but for a device that’s going to be so crucial to work and recreation, we want to recommend something durable and reliable.

We relied on a mixture of research, personal experience, spec comparisons, user reviews, and editorial opinions to come up with a list of devices that offer a solid mix of price and performance. We also gave extra credit to devices that work with a wide variety of accessories, so they’re easier to customize to a student’s own personal requirements.

The best tablets for college students: Reviews & Recommendations

The iPad may seem like the obvious choice here (and it is for a number of users), but needs vary and so do devices. Here are some options to consider before you plunk down that college cash.

Best overall: Apple iPad Air M1

Why it made the cut: With their iPad, Apple has cornered the tablet market for good reason. The iPad Air M1 is simply a great piece of tech. Slimline, powerful, and equipped with a powerful camera, this is our top-rated choice.


Display Size: 10.9-inch

Storage: 64GB/256GB

CPU: Apple M1




Great design



With the additional choice of a Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil (sold separately), the iPad Air M1 is capable of handling almost any academic task. Apple Pencil allows you to mark up documents, draw, or take notes, which are then translated from your handwriting into typed notes ready to share or save to the cloud. The Magic Keyboard has a trackpad and responsive keyboard to take your tablet to the next level and make typing comfortable even during those seemingly endless classes.

Thanks to its M1 chip, it’s a performance powerhouse with speeds up to 60 percent faster than previous generation models. The liquid retina display and 8-core GPU provide crisp images and fast graphics across video calls, gaming, content creation, and design apps. An impressive 12-megapixel camera includes an automatic pan feature to keep you in shot no matter how fast you move around. The back camera is perfect for scanning documents and shooting videos. It comes in five colors and boasts long-lasting battery life.

Particularly power-hungry students could step up to the iPad Pro to get even more processing oomph and an upgraded screen. While the upgrades are nice, they’re likely only necessary for students who want to do a ton of media creation or other resource-intensive activities.

Why it made the cut: Small but perfectly formed, this handheld tablet features an edge-to-edge screen and vivid colors. Ideally suited for note-taking with the optional Apple Pencil that magnetically attaches to the side of the screen.


Display Size: 8.3″

Storage: 64GB/256GB

CPU: Apple A15 Bionic


Touch ID-enabled

Very compact and portable size

Sharp display



No headphone jack

This very small and portable tablet slips easily into your bag or even a pocket. It fits comfortably in the hand but offers a better screen size and performance than simply using your cell phone. Gameplay, photo editing, and content creation are more than possible because of the impressive A15 bionic chip. You’ll be able to stream content without slowdowns and download quickly with 5G connectivity. You won’t be able to use the magic keyboard with this size iPad but can use it with a separate Bluetooth keyboard to expand its use beyond simple note-taking or entertainment. 

Available in four elegant muted colors including space gray, pink, light purple, or starlight, a champagne tone. Choose from a range of complementary different color smart folios (sold separately) to suit your unique style. The 12MP webcam helps you stay in touch with family back home or log in for virtual classes or group seminars. 

Why it made the cut: Fast speeds, impressive battery life, and a large screen make the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 a great choice for students who prefer Android products. 


Display Size: 12.4”

Storage: 8 GB/128 GB

Weight: 17.6 ounces


Included S pen  

Large storage included in the base model

Bright screen



Unlike Apple tablets, this option’s base model comes with an included S pen and 128GB storage, making it a great value choice without having to purchase additional products and extra memory. It has a large and bright display featuring a 12.4-inch AMOLED screen. The battery life helps you work, and watch for hours, and when you do find it running low, it recharges at a lightning speed. 

Expect beautiful graphics with high resolution, and super quick processing speeds to make all your school tasks, including content creation, photo editing, surfing the web, and lab work easy to complete. If the included 128GB isn’t enough space for your documents, photos, and schoolwork, the micro-SD card slot allows for further upgrades. The ultra-wide camera produces great shots and clear video calls for remote learning or catching up with friends. Choose from three colors, including graphite, silver, and pink gold.

Best laptop replacement: Microsoft Surface 9 Pro

Why it made the cut: A true replacement for even the top laptops for college, this powerful and versatile tablet offers excellent gameplay and graphics with a high-resolution display for a premium experience. 


Display Size: 13”

Storage: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB

Weight: 31.3 ounces


Preloaded with Windows 11 

1080p webcam

Excellent performance


Very expensive

This incredibly capable and powerful tablet can easily replace a laptop and make an excellent investment for academic use. The responsive and comfortable keyboard allows for extended typing and note-taking during lectures. A stylus is available for a separate purchase and it comes equipped with Windows 11. Although it is one of the more expensive tablets reviewed, it really offers the most bang for your buck and is regularly on sale for discounts of at least a couple of hundred dollars of the list price. 

The battery can last an incredible 15.5 hours, more than enough for class use and homework after hours. The versatile edge-to-edge touchscreen and adjustable built-in kickstand ensure you get the perfect angle for media viewing or video calls. The two USB-C ports allow you to transfer documents, dock to monitors, or connect and charge various devices and accessories, so you’re ready for any task.

Best budget: Amazon Fire 10 HD

Why it made the cut: This budget-friendly option makes a great educational addition if you already have a more powerful laptop for most of your school work.


Display Size: 10.1″

Storage: 32GB/64GB

Weight: 16.4 ounces



Compatible with Alexa

Good battery life


Not compatible with Google apps

Perfect for loading up books, and after-class entertainment, this affordable tablet is more than worth the modest investment of less than $150. The battery life of up to 12 hours works well for a day of learning, followed by surfing the web or watching your favorite shows. 

This tablet doesn’t support Google products so you’ll need to switch over from G drive and docs to the Microsoft Office suite of products if applicable. Compatible with Alexa straight out of the box, it can also be used as an organizer and personal assistant. Optional extras include Bluetooth keyboards and standing cases to improve functionality and ease of use. 

This tablet is definitely not the most powerful or responsive around, but at this very low price point, it makes an excellent option for cash-strapped students. It can also work as a solid secondary device for consuming content and reading (textbooks or anything else) to save wear and tear as well as battery life on a main device.

Things to consider before buying the best tablets for college students Assess your needs

When you’re selecting any of our top tablet picks, you’ll want to make sure your tablet works well with all the apps and platforms you regularly use. For example, if you prefer a particular data management, file storage, or design program, you’ll want to make sure your new tablet is compatible. The way you intend to use your tablet will also dictate which model you opt for. For example, you’ll want to consider whether you need a keyboard if you intend to play games or stream movies, and your preferred screen size for optimum viewing comfort.


Students are often on a budget, so the cost of your new tablet is an important consideration. Luckily, there are lots of choices for top tablets under $500. However, that doesn’t always mean the cheapest option is the best. Consider how you’ll use your new piece of hardware and how long you want it to keep working to make sure you plan ahead and buy the best model to meet your needs and price point.

FAQs Q: How much does a tablet for a college student cost?

Depending on features and storage size, a tablet for a college student will cost between $135-$1,350.

Q: Do students need keyboards for their tablets?

It really depends on how you’ll be using your tablet. If you intend it as an addition to a laptop, a keyboard may not be essential. However, if it’s your only way of taking notes and completing coursework, a keyboard may be a must-have feature. 

Q: Do tablets come with pre-installed operating systems?

Whether you choose Windows, Android, or Apple iOS products, most tablets come preloaded with their associated operating system. 

Q: Do I get a pencil for a tablet?

The touchscreen on tablets allows you to swipe, enlarge and control what you see on the screen with your hands. However, a stylus or pencil can give you more control and opens a world of design and artistic possibilities. They can also be very useful for photo editing, especially very fine and small details.

Final thoughts on the best tablets for college students

Balance your needs as a student with price concerns, and make sure your tablet pick is lightweight and easy to transport from your dorm to the classroom and back again. Tablets can be an excellent choice for college students, especially as many of our top picks are powerful devices capable of research, data management, and content creation to help you meet all your academic targets. 

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Our writers and editors have combined decades of experience covering and reviewing consumer electronics. We each have our own obsessive specialties—from high-end audio to video games to cameras and beyond—but when we’re reviewing devices outside of our immediate wheelhouses, we do our best to seek out trustworthy voices and opinions to help guide people to the very best recommendations. We know we don’t know everything, but we’re excited to live through the analysis paralysis that internet shopping can spur so readers don’t have to.

5 Best Nfts To Buy On Opensea In 2023

NFTs are one of the trendiest investments in the market right now. The unique digital collectibles have expanded their use cases over the last few years across different sectors. From arts to sports and entertainment, they are everywhere. The popularity of NFTs is explained by the huge returns they make for investors. 

If you’re planning to take your dive into the NFT market, OpenSea is a great place to start. It is the world’s first and largest Web3 marketplace for NFTs and crypto collectibles. OpenSea allows you to trade some of the top NFT collections on Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon. 

However, NFTs come with their share of risk. If you want to make sustainable returns from an NFT collection, you need to look beyond the hype. The relevance and long-term vision of the underlying project determine its intrinsic value. 

In this article, we review the top five NFT collections on OpenSea and why they make for great investments this year. 

Top NFTs to Buy on OpenSea in 2023

Silks — The Best Sports NFT on OpenSea

Town Star — Virtual Real Estate Powered by Gala Games

Women Unite 10k Assemble — For an inclusive tomorrow 

Sorare — NFT Trading Cards for Sports Fans 

Bored Ape Yacht Club — Evergreen NFT Collectible 

A Closer Look at the Best NFTs on OpenSea  Silks — The Best Sports NFT on OpenSea

Horse racing has a reputation for doing well in all market conditions. Interestingly, even during recessions. Keeping up with the increasing traction to the market, the selling price of racing horses and the value of prize purses have significantly increased over the years. And 2023 has been a terrific year for the industry. Thoroughbred horse racing, in particular, is seeing a surge in interest from people of all ages. 

Silks capitalizes on the thrill of thoroughbred horse racing to feature a vast metaverse economy. To give you a better perspective, more than $11B is wagered on the outcomes of thoroughbred races annually within the US. The skill-based fantasy game brings real-world thoroughbred horse racing to the metaverse using blockchain technology and NFTs. 

Thanks to the massive potential of the concept and the unique gaming mechanics put forward by the project, Silks Genesis Avatars has become the #15 selling Ethereum Sports NFT collection of ALL time on Open Sea and has been selected for listing on the prestigious chúng tôi Gaming 50 Index. In less than three months into the launch, the collection was selling for a 4X floor price. It came as a surprise to the NFT community because this was during a time when the whole crypto market was in a deep downturn. 

In response to the rising demand, Silks has decided to launch another 5,000 Genesis Avatars to the public. The first mint is set for Friday July 29th, which will be extra special as every Avatar that is purchased will automatically receive a claim for Silks Land, after 45 Days of holdHODLing. Since the supply is limited, a customer can purchase a maximum of two Avatars only. Pricing will be tiered. So, head down to Silks and be the first in line to get your Avatar and claim for SIlks Land. 

Buy Genesis Silks Avatar Collection

Let’s take a detailed look at the Silks metaverse and better understand its gaming model. The key highlight of the Silks metaverse is Silks Horses. According to the Silks whitepaper, the derivative NFTs will track data related to the bloodlines, training progress, and racing results of real-world thoroughbreds using blockchain technology. They earn you rewards every time the real-world horse wins races or breeds offspring. That’s not all. Silks metaverse mirrors the real-world thoroughbred horse racing economy using more NFT collections like Silks Land, Stable, and Avatars. 

If you have a long-term crypto portfolio, you should definitely consider adding Silks NFTs as a hedge against the volatile market conditions. The evergreen popularity of horse racing and the resilience shown by Silks NFTs during the downturn prove that they make a great buy. If you can’t afford to buy a Silks Horse, you can join Horse Ownership Pools and buy fractional NFTs instead. They lower the financial barrier to the Silks metaverse and help investors offset the risks of thoroughbred horse ownership. 

Visit Silks Website

The passion and competence of the team go a long way in determining the success of an NFT project. Silks excels in this regard, too, with Dan Nissanoff and Troy Levy at the helm as co-founders. Dan also serves as the CEO of Game of Silks. He is a hugely successful entrepreneur, bestselling author, and web innovator. Troy, apart from owning and operating Circle 8 Ranch in Lexington Kentucky, is the founder of Tropical Racing. 

Tropical Racing is a multifaceted thoroughbred horse-breeding and racing company that focuses on breeding, racing, pinhooking, and syndicating young thoroughbreds. The strategic support and financial backing of Tropical Racing bring more expertise and credibility to the project. The team’s goal is to nurture a self-sustaining metaverse with a collective purpose, uniquely rewarding ownership experience, and aligned incentives. 

The Inaugural Silks Horse NFT Collection is scheduled for release  in the fall of 2023. They will be linked to the top 1-year-old thoroughbred racehorses registered in the U.S. Access to the mint is reserved for users who hold Silks Avatars. 

The Genesis Silks Avatar Collection is now selling on OpenSea. It is currently owned by leading investors and investment firms who also flaunt top NFT collections like BAYC, CryptoPunks, Azuki, and CloneX in their wallets.  Get your Silks Avatar today and join the discussion on their Discord.

Visit Silks 

Town Star — Virtual Real Estate Powered by Gala Games

Town Star is the world’s first play-to-earn town builder game from Gala Games, the widely popular decentralized gaming ecosystem that aims to give more control to players. The competitive farming game takes inspiration from Farmville. In fact, it is from one of the co-founders of Zynga, the company behind Farmville. Here, you are supposed to complete Daily Challenges and use NFTs in-game in exchange for Town Points.

As you scale the leaderboard, you are rewarded with big prizes, which can be anything from crypto tokens to NFTs and other exclusive accesses and privileges. Your ultimate goal as a gamer is to grow your game, gather points, and craft your virtual world. According to the project, Town Star gives you the opportunity to “build the most efficient and productive town imaginable,” by tapping into the potential of blockchain technology. 

Town Star is the flagship game of Gala Games. It utilizes Gala’s decentralized network and Ethereum blockchain to feature a gamer-centered ecosystem. 258 Town Star NFTs are available for purchase on OpenSea at the time of writing. 

The simple gaming mechanics on Town Star is designed for all gamers, regardless of their knowledge of crypto and blockchain. This method goes a long way in bringing more people to the crypto and NFT market too, as proven by the remarkable sales record of Town Star NFTs. 

Women Unite 10k Assemble — For an inclusive tomorrow 

Women Unite — 10k Assemble is the second set of NFTs from Miss Kaina and the Original Models. The first collection of hand-taken photos of real women around the world has been a tremendous success. The unique digital collectibles will also join the Women United Kingdom, an inclusive ecosystem that represents the individuality, allure, and influence of womankind through Fashion, Photography, and NFTs. The project’s goal is to spread love, light, and positivity in the world using NFTs as a medium. 

The creator has ensured that each of the 10,000 NFTs features wardrobes and accessories to represent the diversity that often goes unnoticed in the mainstream media. Notably, the project empowers, uplifts, and assists women by distributing 10% of all royalties to initiatives that support and empower women. For example, Women United contributed 20 ETH worth over $40,000 to the Women’s Earth Alliance (WEA) in its first charity endeavor recently. 

Of course, the NFTs have different sets of attributes with varying rarity. They are adorned with more than a hundred individually picked accessories. Apart from their collectible value, they double as your membership card to the exclusive WU Kingdom. The project has gained worldwide attention in the NFT community, owing to its unique mission. 

Sorare — NFT Trading Cards for Sports Fans 

Next on our list is Sorare, an NFT trading card collection widely popular among football fans. You can collect, play and win these digital cards featuring the world’s best global football and major league baseball players. Sorare’s official partnerships explain the huge demand for these unique tokens. 

However, the use case of Sorare NFT cards is not limited to their collectible value and speculation. The team is committed to building the world’s best NFT-based free-to-play fantasy game and platform. Your points in the game are determined by the real-life performance of the players featured on your virtual team.

Sorare recently launched its mobile application to facilitate a better user experience while trading the cards. The application will add more features and integrations in the coming months to expand its user base. With the new Game Lobby release, you get a more personalized experience on Sorare. For example, it allows you to create teams, manage rosters, reveal rewards, and more.  

Currently, Sorare is partnered with over 250 officially licensed football clubs in the world. The number is expected to grow significantly this year. For example, Sorare announced partnerships with football icons Zinedine Zidane & Kylian Mbappé recently. As the project continues to expand its network and improve different aspects of the current gameplay, the value of Sorare trading cards is expected to rise. 

Bored Ape Yacht Club — Evergreen NFT Collectible 

We wrap up this list with Bored Ape Yacht Club, a collection of 10,000 unique avatars that live on the Ethereum blockchain. They double as your Yacht Club membership card, which grants you access to exclusive privileges in the ecosystem. More perks await BAYC holders as the roadmap unfolds. 

However, BAYC is best known for the leading collaborations it has made in a short time. It has partnered with top brands like Adidas, Gucci, and Rolling Stone Magazine to raise more awareness around the potential of NFTs and the metaverse. The collection is also known for its top-tier buyers, who range from leading investment firms to Hollywood singer Justin Beiber and television host Jimmy Fallon. BAYC is considered a symbol of status in the NFT circle. 

Currently, BAYC is selling for a floor price of 93.7 ETH. If you think that’s high, you should consider the project’s long-term growth potential. As one of the most popular NFT projects, BAYC is actively expanding its network and ecosystem by roping in leading brands. If the project unfolds as planned, the value of the collection is expected to rise, giving significant returns to collectors. 

Wrapping Up 

NFT is a big business. It may seem like a file that anyone can download and share across the internet, but its relevance goes beyond that. The true value of an NFT lies in its unique use cases.

If you’re planning to buy low and sell high, our top recommendation is Silks. The project has massive growth potential, owing to its unique gaming mechanics that mirror the real-world thoroughbred horse racing industry. The ambitious roadmap will continue to build value for the NFTs in the coming years. Get your Silks Avatar to claim your spot in the Silks Horse Mint. 

Follow Silks on Discord and become a community member. 

Visit Silks 

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