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What is a charging phone case?

Simply put, a charging phone case is a large battery that attaches to your phone and charges on the go with your device’s USB port. They typically offer decent protection, but maximizing battery life is the first priority. You can typically get charging phone cases in a number of capacities, but the larger you go, the larger the case tends to be and the more it costs.

Pros and cons

What to look for in a charging phone case?

Just like any phone case, there are a few key features to look for in a charging phone case. The choice is ultimately yours, but here are a few things that we search for here at Android Authority:

Capacity — How much extra battery power do you really need? Cases can range from 1,000mAh up to about 15,000mAh, with larger cases costing more.

Size — If you spring for those high-capacity cases, you’re probably looking at a big, bulky piece of protection too. Consider how much you can fit into your pocket comfortably.

Protection — It’s a case, after all, so make sure it can stand up to your lifestyle without much effort. Some battery cases are more durable than others.

Extra features — The important features are protection and charging, but what about some extras? Select charging cases allow you to recharge your device wirelessly while you juice the case, which is a nice touch. Some iPhone options also include a camera button for convenience.

Extra ports — Your phone’s USB port is occupied, which isn’t always convenient. Some cases include extra ports so you can tap into USB-C headphones or USB OTG.

A note about third-party charging cases

All of the phone charging cases in this list are made by third-party suppliers, so you have to be careful when making a purchase. Here are a few things to consider while shopping:

Check out the owner-submitted reviews. Are people saying good things? Do the reviews look real? It’s possible that the reviews are paid or fake if they’re poorly written.

Take a close look at the product pictures! If the review images aren’t actually of a phone case, then you’re probably looking at a fake review.

Get up to speed with your case’s return policy. some manufacturers are good about taking returns, but you may not have long to seek a replacement.

We’re here to help! Android Authority has a lot of guides available, including those based on battery capacity and features.

The best charging phone case brands

iPhone 14 Pro Max — 10,000mAh

iPhone 14 Pro — 10,000mAh

iPhone 14 — 10,000mAh

iPhone 13 Pro Max — 10,000mAh

iPhone 13 /13 Pro — 5,000mAh

iPhone SE — 5,000mAh

iPhone 12 / 12 Pro — 5,000mAh


Galaxy S22 Ultra — 10,000mAh

Galaxy S22 Plus — 8,000mAh

Galaxy S21 Ultra — 8,000mAh

Galaxy S21 Plus — 8,000mAh

Galaxy Note 20 — 5,000mAh



Another great charging phone case to consider is this one from Newdery. At first glance, the cases look almost identical to those of ZeroLemon, but there are only so many ways to pack a battery onto a phone. Some of Newdery’s cases come with slightly smaller capacities, but that helps to keep their footprints pocket friendly. The company also offers both wireless-compatible and non-compatible models for some iPhones, with the latter hitting a very low price point.

Whether you’re looking for an Android setup or a new iPhone case, the Newdery options don’t strip you of any handy features. They’re slim enough for wireless charging of the case and both types support Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, respectively. Also, just like the ZeroLemon cases, you’ll have to keep an eye on the LED strip to monitor your battery percentage. Here are the available Newdery cases:


Our last pick for the best charging phone case brands is Alpatronix. This company’s products are very similar to the options above, with beefy capacities and wireless charging compatibility. However, the company stopped supporting Android phone models years ago, so you’ll only find options for Apple iPhones. Check out the latest cases below.

Charging cases vs power banks

If you’ve reached this point and you’re still not sold on a phone charging case, that’s completely understandable. It’s a niche accessory, and sometimes it’s just easier to pick up a power bank instead. After all, they serve similar purposes, and each has its own pros and cons.

Neither Newdery nor ZeroLemon cases support fast charging, though ZeroLemon says that it can recharge a Galaxy Note 20 from 15% to 100% in about an hour and a half.

The same way that you would charge a power bank or your device. Each charging case comes with a port on the bottom (either USB-C or Lightning) that you can plug into a standard outlet. Many modern battery cases also have wireless charging.

No, it should not have an impact on your battery. You can manually control your case’s charging, so it’s easy to turn off the feature if you’re worried about constant charging.

It depends on the case, but charging phone cases are not always as durable as something like an Otterbox. The charging case has to protect both your phone and a battery without adding too much bulk, while an Otterbox can just protect your phone from drops and the elements. If you’re worried about durability, get a rugged case and a power bank instead.

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Why Is My Phone Hot When Charging

It’s normal for your phone to heat up a little bit when you plug it in. Phone batteries generally have a minimum of 2 years life span. After this, they start degrading and suffer from temperature issues. You can consult a technician and get your batteries replaced right away. But that needs to be your last resort.

First, let’s analyze ourselves and find why our phone is getting hot when charging.

You may be using a low-quality phone charger that didn’t come with your phone. These chargers may either be undercharging or overcharging your battery. This could cause severe damage to your battery life.

It also causes slower charging and drains out the battery quickly. Fast charging, even when using original chargers, tends to heat the battery up faster, but that is a side effect of the improved charging efficiency.

Playing games is a CPU-intensive task. It demands a lot of processing power and the CPU and GPU in your phone generate a lot of heat. If you plug your phone right after a gaming marathon, then the phone hasn’t yet had time to cool down and thus heats up too.

Phone displays are also a major factor in making phones hot. Not a lot of phones in the market have energy-efficient displays on them. Screens tend to consume more energy when you light up the screens more. A phone with a higher brightness heats the screen more than with brightness lowered.

You may have turned on automatic software and app updates on your phone. Even when you lock your phone, these updates keep running in the background. They end up using networking and processing power on your phone. As a result, the phone heats up.

When you install a new OS update in its beta version, it may still have a couple of bugs not fixed yet. As a result, the system can malfunction and cause frequent crashes and errors. While this usually reflects as a software problem, it can sometimes end up on the hardware. For example, if the system camera app is buggy, you will feel the camera on the back heat a lot more than usual.

If you keep your phone exposed to the sunlight, they absorb the heat. The phone will fail to cool down to the required temperature when under direct light. Thus, charging a phone is not a good idea if the operating temperature is already hot enough.

It is already established that charging generates heat on the phone battery. Companies design phones to expel that heat through thermal dissipation. But if you cover it in a phone case, chances are it may not be expelling all the heat properly. Heat trapped between the phone body and the case may not be getting out and causing the device to get hot.

This only applies to phones after you have their batteries replaced. If the new batteries aren’t purchased from the phone company, you may get a sub-optimal product. You will even notice that the new battery doesn’t last as long, and the battery heats up when charged.

There are quite a few reasons that explain why your phone may be heating up.

Consuming video content on your phone.

Attending frequent video calls or online meetings.

Setting brightness too high all the time

Malware using up device system resources

Crypto Mining applications taking up CPU usage

Buggy software updates

Running multiple applications or background processes at the same time

External sources(direct sunlight, radiator, car dashboard)

Using overheated phones is always an uncomfortable experience. You won’t be able to play games or use your phone for longer than five minutes or so. Even making voice calls is difficult when your phone is too hot to touch. If you are traveling, then it becomes a nuisance to carry around.

Overheated phones indicate hardware damage. For example,

Your battery life has degraded beyond its natural cycle.

Your battery has started malfunctioning and can no longer power your device.

Your internal circuitry may have been damaged altogether.

Your phone housing can no longer cool down your phone.

Here are a few helpful tips to prevent your charging phone from getting hot.

Your phone may have increased power consumption due to heavy apps running for a while. Gaming takes up system resources and may heat your phone pretty quickly. In such cases, keeping your phone idle for some time gives it the chance to cool down.

You may have just returned from a gaming session or an online meeting, or a Netflix binge session. In any scenario, don’t charge your phone right away. Your system resources have already heated the phone internals so charging your phone is not a good idea. Most people tend to charge their phones as soon as they finish up a massive battery-draining session. This shortens battery life and may cause hardware damage too.

Car spaces are very small and airtight. This means, on a sunny day, the interior heats up very fast, with the heat nowhere to go. You can try to leave your phone under the dashboard or under the seat. But this “greenhouse effect” can still heat the phone up. In fact, always keep your phone in a cool place away from sunlight.

Most phone cases are designed for protection only. They do not perform well for overheated devices. Removing your phone case cools down your phone a lot faster.

Airplane mode shuts off connectivity such as SIM network, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. If any of these were causing issues, you will experience phone heating up when plugged in. If you put the charging phone in airplane mode, your phone can complete the charging cycle the right way.

Since screens heat up when lighted up more, you should take care not to use phones at high brightness at all times. Use auto-brightness if your phone has that feature. If not, make sure that you keep the brightness comfortably low at all times.

This includes CPU-intensive tasks such as games, streaming, software updates, backup, and syncs. Purge any other unwanted background processes too.

If a background app has hung up and is causing problems, restarting helps. A buggy application may have consumed all of the system resources and caused the phone to heat up. Restarting will help solve the issue. Also, always install apps from trusted sources such as Play Store or App store only. This makes sure your app doesn’t cause problems with your phone.

Games itself is a very demanding application on your phone. Charging your phone will raise the temperature of the battery. Add that to a resource-hungry activity like gaming, and you have a high chance of overheating phones very quickly.

These activities are similar to gaming when it comes to using system resources. Avoiding using your phone while charging helps your battery charge properly.

Voice calls from SIM demand connectivity to the cell tower and ends up hogging your system. If you need to take a call, get some charge first and unplug it before talking on the phone.

Original chargers that ship with your phones are the best to work with. If that’s not possible, only use and buy phone chargers from the official manufacturers. This makes sure that the power rating on the charger always matches that of your phone.

Only a few phones have good charging circuitry that cuts off power once charged. Phones left overnight continue the charge and discharge cycle at 100 percent. Imagine the phone keeps doing that for the entire time you are asleep.

This causes a significant impact on your phone battery, and thus the phone can heat up when you wake up the next day.

Auto-updating apps make sure that the bugs in the application are fixed. If an app hangs up constantly, it may need to be updated soon to be usable again. The same applies to system apps as well. Keeping auto-update on makes sure you get the best available software updates on your phone.

An anti-virus scan makes sure that your phone does not have malware installed. It kills off any suspicious app that’s running in the background and consuming resources.

You need to make a habit of charging your phone at a regular percentage. Optimally, we would recommend you go straight to the charging plug once the battery hits 30-20%. And never charge it full A.K.A 100% this is really bad for your battery’s health. It’s a very unhealthy practice to completely drain your battery and make it full again. Your phone needs to adapt a partial charging habit.

Charging generates heat. That heat needs to escape to the surroundings. Charging phones under the pillow means the heat is trapped. On top of that, the warming material in your pillow amplifies the heat and turns your phone into a hot ball of fire.

Always make sure that you charge your phone on a cool surface such as tabletop, wood, glass, etc. Don’t leave your phone on the carpet, pillow, or sofa.

Wireless charging is not a very efficient charging method. Phones get hotter during wireless charging. The battery cannot completely convert all the charging power delivered by the pad. This is why your phone is always going to charge slower on wireless than wired.

Also, the higher the temperature rises on the battery, the slower it’s going to charge.

Experts recommend the following tips to ensure good phone battery life. Keep in mind that this may not work for batteries nearing their life expectancy(about two years).

Adjust brightness settings to keep it low at all times.

Adjust sleep settings so that the phone goes to sleep quicker when idle.

Optimize app settings to restrict background usage and lower sync frequencies.

Use power-saving mode when low on battery.

Turn off location and GPS services when not in use.

Turn off phone data when not in use.

Try keeping consistent charging habits. For example, charging every morning or evening for two hours.

Enable dark mode and use darker wallpapers on certain phones.

Turn off notification and ringer for non essential apps.

Use fewer widgets on the home screen.

Try replacing power-hungry apps when possible.

Keep all apps updated

How To Add Wireless Charging To Your Phone

Wireless charging is one of those smartphone features that seems mediocre—until you actually use it. Once you experience the convenience of plopping your phone on the nightstand at the end of the day and having it refuel overnight, it’s hard to go back to wrangling a cable. High end flagships like the iPhone X series and Samsung Galaxy S10 series have this feature built-in, but if you’re using an older phone that doesn’t—or a budget model like the much-lauded Pixel 3a—you can still add wireless charging to your device with an inexpensive accessory.

Alright, it may be more accurate to say you’ll need three inexpensive accessories—at least if you want the best results. That means a wireless charging receiver that attaches to your phone, a case to hold the receiver in place, and a charging pad to actually charge the phone. Here’s what I recommend.

The wireless receiver

In order to pull this off, you’ll need a wireless charging receiver that plugs into your phone’s USB port. There are a few on the market, but I’ve been using this $13 “Magic Tag” from Nillkin for the past few months, and it works great. The patch lays flat against the back of your phone and contains a coil just like the one in wireless charging-enabled devices. Instead of being connected to your phone’s internal circuitry, though, it plugs into the USB port on the bottom of your device. When placed on a wireless charging pad, the juice flows through the patch and into your phone through its usual charging port.

The wireless receiver lays flat against the back of your phone and plugs into its USB port. Whitson Gordon

You’ll need to browse the Magic Tag’s Amazon page to make sure you get the right one for your device. There are versions for the iPhone and iPhone Plus models, as well as micro-USB variants in both orientations—narrow side up and narrow side down—for older or budget Android phones. Newer Android devices will either use the USB-C patch or the short USB-C patch, depending on the size of the phone. My Pixel 2, for example, uses the short patch, since it’s of average stature and contains a fingerprint sensor on the back, which I don’t want the patch to cover up.

Since you may want to remove the patch for those rare occasions, I don’t recommend using the accompanying adhesive to stick it to the back of your phone. Instead, hold it in place with a case.

The case

There’s a good chance you have a case on your phone already. It’s the best way to protect it against accidental drops and scrapes, not to mention it helps distinguish your device from the others on the coffee table. If you want to use the Nillkin Magic Tag, you’ll just need to make sure your case is compatible (or get one that is).

Since the patch loops around the bottom of your phone to plug into the charging port, you’ll need a case that provides enough clearance for the USB connector. Cases with “closed” holes around the charging port won’t always work—I’ve found some that do, and some that don’t. Cases that are “open” along the bottom, however, tend to work swimmingly, since they provide more room for the connector to loop around.

The patch can also make your case bulge a little bit, though this hasn’t been a huge problem for me, and it’s not really noticeable unless you’re looking for it. Still, if that drives you absolutely nuts, you might try one of Spigen’s cases meant to be used with a magnetic car mount—they call them QNMP-compatible cases, after the quantum neodymium magnetic plate they have a little cutout for. I’m using the $13 Spigen Thin Fit, and the charging patch fits pretty well inside that cutout, meaning this type of case won’t bulge as much as others. Plus, the Spigen Thin Fit actually feels great, so after a few months of trying other cases, I’ve switched to using it full-time.

The charging pad

If this is your first go-round with wireless charging, you’ll need to outfit your home with a charging pad or two. Prices range from $12 for the basic Anker PowerWave to $50 for the Wirecutter favorite RAVPower stand. You can also get them in more unique forms, like a charging pad built into a lamp or hidden in a picture frame, so they don’t cramp your living room’s style. You can even get one built into a suction cup car mount, so you can charge while you navigate. Stick a few around your house and you’ll never have to futz with cables again.

Wireless charging may seem like a silly feature to get all excited about, but trust me: once it’s in your life, there’s no going back. It’s also particularly great if you’re a multi-platform household—now that we use wireless charging, my iPhone-using wife can use the same chargers as I do with my Pixel. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re a big fan of wireless charging and would rather not spend hundreds of dollars on a new phone, this is a more than suitable compromise for the convenience it offers.

The Best Amazon Fire 7 Cases Of 2023

Whether you’re looking for style, versatility, or child-proofing your device, there are several options out there when it comes to choosing the right case for your Amazon Fire 7 2023. We’ve rounded up the best options for you.

MoKo Honey Comb Case for Fire 7

MoKo’s Honey Comb Series silicone case offers lightweight and impact-resistant protection for your Fire 7. The case fits cozily around the device and has openings for convenient access to the camera, control buttons, and ports.

The case does not include a front cover, so you may want to buy a separate screen protector if you’re particularly concerned about your screen safety.

The case is designed to fit the Fire 7 2023 version only and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Here’s a child-proof case from Amazon, so you can be sure it will fit the Fire 7 tablet seamlessly. As you can expect from a child’s case, it is durable and offers protection against drops and bumps; it’s also textured on the outside for additional grip.

The case allows easy access to ports, buttons and cameras. The Amazon Fire Kid-Proof Case comes in 3 colours (blue, pink and yellow) in the UK, though US shoppers also have the additional colour options of pink and black

Caseable is a favourite of ours. The brand offers stunning artwork for a wide range of phones and tablets – and you can also custom design your case if you prefer.

The cases are designed specifically for the Fire 7 (2023 version). The front flap can be folded and transformed into a viewing stand and when closed puts the tablet to sleep (it also wakes up the tablet on opening).

There are also cutouts for access to camera and speakers and a microfiber interior keeps the screen from unwanted scratches.

While the Amazon Fire 7 may not have a particularly alluring exterior, compared to the rose golds and glass casings we see these days for tablets and phones, you may still want to show off its natural splendor with a no-nonsense clear case.

This TPU case from MoKo is soft, flexible and promises to keep your Fire 7 safe from drops, scratches and water. It has raised edges to keep the screen from scuffs. The MoKo clear case comes with a lifetime warranty.

Bears vs Babies Case with Screen Protector

If your tablet needs considerable child-proofing, Bear vs Babies’ case offers a range of impressive safeguarding features that you may like.

The case is built of a heavy-duty and environment-friendly EVA foam which absorbs shock and prevents your device screen from shattering. If that’s not enough, the case even comes with a tempered glass screen protector. Your child may also appreciate the convenient soft-grip handle integrated into the case.

The back of the case features additional pull-out stands to prop up your device up. You can also use these stands with the handle to prop the device up at a lower angle. Designed exclusively for the Fire 7 2023 tablet, the case is washable and comes with a lifetime warranty.

It’s not available in the US, though there is a similar case on Amazon for $14.66 (plus $2.99 shipping) – it doesn’t include a screen protector, but the handle is fashioned like cat ears, which your child may appreciate even more.

MoKo Case for Fire 7

Designed specifically for the Fire 7 2023 tablet, MoKo offers stylish and lightweight protection for your case in an assortment of vibrant colours and graphics. The 3 sectioned front cover folds into a stand for hands-free viewing.

The case is made of synthetic leather and uses a microfiber interior to protect your screen from dust. The case also conveniently puts your device to sleep on closing. The translucent back cover is also fingerprint proof.

Heavy users will be pleased to know MoKo offers a lifetime warranty.

Navitech Black Case

For those who prefer to keep their valuables safely stowed in one place, Navitech’s tablet case doubles as a wallet. This affordable yet stylish two-in-one case is made of premium synthetic leather and secures your device in place using elastic straps. Users may also find the stylus holder useful.

The only drawback to this case is you would need to remove your device to access the rear-facing camera–but if you primarily use your tablet for web and content browsing, this may not be an issue.

Amazon Fire 7 Case

Amazon’s own case is another excellent option for those looking for sleek and simple protection for their Fire 7 tablet. The diagonally-folding front cover allows hands-free viewing in both landscape and portrait orientation. The case also puts your device to sleep on closing and stayed closed using a magnetic fastener.

This fabric-bound case is available in five different single-tone colours: Black, Indigo Blue, Purple, Red, and Yellow. The case is compatible with the Fire 7 2023 only.

The Best Gaming Pc Cases: Top Picks For 2023

CoolerMaster MasterBox 5+

Corsair Obsidian 500D

The 500D is a gaming PC case for the grown-ups. Unlike the SE version (which is much more expensive) this has an aluminium front panel instead of glass, and the tinted glass sides let you see the interior lighting but not all the detail, so it’s a lot subtler than the in-your-face designs.

It’s also nice that the doors hinge open for easy access: they’re held shut by magnets.

There’s plenty of room for water coolers: a 360mm unit behind the front panel and 240mm or 280mm in the top section.

Cables can be routed tidily thanks to a well-thought-out system that hides the bulk of the cables even on the right-hand side of the case behind the motherboard tray, where there are mounts for three SSDs and two 3.5in hard drives.

Usefully the front panel has two USB 3.1 ports and a USB-C port as well. There are removable dust filters beneath the power supply and in the top and front panels, too.

Note that the included pair of 120mm fans are un-lit: if you want the full RGB experience, you’ll have to buy those separately or go with the 500D SE.

It’s a little more expensive than others here, but the build quality makes it well worth it. We found it for just £119.95 at

Bitfenix Aurora

Best Prices Today:

Riotoro CR500 TG

The Riotoro name isn’t particularly well known as of yet, but that is set to change over the next few years. The company was started by ex-employees of well-known brands such as Nvidia and Corsair so the pedigree Is certainly there.

This particular case is targeting the same area of the market that the MasterBox 5 inhabits. It combines excellent build quality, a basic by effective cooling and filtration system and substantial fan support.

The chassis itself contains a tempered glass panel, impressive acoustic performance all around and the ability to hold three 120mm fans.

This case is extremely good value for money, giving the market leader in CoolerMaster some very serious competition.

Silverstone Redline Series RL06

Silverstone has a long standing reputation for high quality, stylish products. Offering everything from power supplies to fans and coolers, their Redline Series RL06 is no exception to their already outstanding reputation.

Aesthetically this case catches the eye right away, with the white on black contrast making it look very striking.

The case is of steel construction with a plastic front-facing panel. The top panel has a magnetic metal-mesh filter, which just under has space for two 120mm or 140mm fans.

The top of the case has two USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports, headphone jacks, a hard drive activity LED and a power button. Behind the front panel you’ll be able to fit three 120mm intake fans.

The fan filtration system for the case is basic but functional. The locations of the filters at the top and front panels make cleaning them easy, whereas the bottom filter must be accessed by turning the PC on its side.

The Redline RL06 is fantastic value for such a well presented high quality case.

Be Quiet Dark Base 700 RGB

On the face it of it the Dark Base 700 is a very good case. It offers plenty of room for a top end gaming rig build, has built in RGB led strips which flank the front edges of the case, has a built-in fan controller and a tempered glass panel.

It comes with a pair of near-inaudible 140mm fans and space for up to a 360mm water cooler in the top panel. However, the panel itself has only a couple of exhaust vents at the rear, which isn’t ideal for cooling.

The front connectors include a pair of USB 3.0 ports, a switch for the fan controller, a button to change six preset colours for the LEDs and – handily – a USB-C port. It’s a slight shame the port is fitted into a USB-A-size hole though.

With a full-length PSU shroud and plastic covers over the five hard drive bays, it’s possible to build a very neat PC in the Dark Base 700.

Best Iphone X Leather Cases

A premium leather case is generally on the hit list of many iPhone X users. The quality that separates leather suits from the rest is rich craftsmanship. They may not look glamorous or eye-catching, but the professional touch they add to the smartphone is unmatched. Do you have a fancy for a classic cover? Take a peek at these top iPhone X leather cases to give your all-new smartphone an adorable look!

1. Case Mate Tough ID

Crafted out of genuine leather, Case-Mate Tough ID intended to be a protective case for your iPhone. It’s capable of providing 10 feet drop protection. The rugged textured finish offers enhanced grip which prevents slip.

You can securely store a card on the back. With the precise cutouts for camera, ports, and buttons, it fits snuggly on the device. Metallic buttons offer better feedback and are easy to press.

2. bellroy – Slim Leather Case

This leather case is specially made for those, who believe in impulse buying. For such shoppers, window-shopping quickly turns to serious shopping. And they immediately need a credit/debit card at hand. This case allows you to keep your primary card in a slot on the back. With a gentle push of your thumb, you can access your card fast and make payments.

Any bulky wallet case would have tested your patience while you are fumbling for your credit cards. Once your shopping is done, you can insert your card back into the slot with the equal ease.

3. Alto

Alto offers some of the best iPhone X leather cases. They are made of high-grade leather and feature excellent workmanship. Snap-on design allows them to wrap around flawlessly on the device.

With the smooth leather texture, these covers provide a comfy grip. The PC casing bestows them additional strength to endure drops. Micro-fiber interior empowers them to keep scratch away, while precise cutouts make it more convenient to access camera, buttons, and port.


Sporting modish design, FLY HAWK looks really elegant. The synthetic leather structure may look delicate, but it’s strong enough to fight out the challenge of minor impact and scratch.

Picture-perfect cutouts enable it to fit flawlessly on the iPhone. Courtesy of the snap on design, it’s easy to install and remove. Covered buttons have tactile feedback, making it easier to press. Besides, this thin case is available in six color variants: black, brown, blue, gray, khaki and red.

5. bellroy – Phone Case [3 Cards]

Bellroy has shattered the myth that a wallet case has to have a folio. This leather case, which doubles as a wallet case, has a discreet cardholder to store your plastic money. The cardholder is protected by a magnetic closure; thus, your credit/debit cards are guarded against falls or drops.

Although it is a wallet case, it flaunts a slim profile. This is because Bellroy has a team of qualified engineers. Woven fabrics provide durability and lightweight performance.

6. Poetic Nubuck

If you have a liking for the slim design, Poetic Nubuck would easily catch your eyes. This sleek case is carved out of soft TPU and PU leather. With the smooth exterior, it offers improved grip.


SHIELDON is one of the popular iPhone leather case makers in the world. This genuine leather folio is exclusively made for iPhone X. SHIELDON has used genuine cowhide leather to make this premium case. Although iPhone X and Xs have similar dimensions, SHIELDON does not recommend users to use this case for the latter.

SHIELDON has chosen cowhide for its quality, strength, character, and grain. The leather adds style and natural feel to this case. Along with leather, SHIELDON has used durable TPU to keep the edges shockproof.

8. Gulee

Gulee offers lightweight iPhone case that flaunts slim and luxurious profile. The case is made of leather and TPU – both materials make it beautiful, simple, and natural. Supporting wireless charging, this one-piece soft case is eco-friendly.

For protection, Gulee keeps raised edges and installs shock-absorption corners. Your iPhone X is nicely protected against shock, drops, scratches etc. Precisely cut out openings allow you to access your phone’s essential features quickly.


FLY HAWK is one of the slimmest wallet cases in the market. It’s beautifully crafted with the PU leather. Being ultra-lightweight and compact, it looks impressive on the iPhone.

This wallet case features three card slots and a pocket for carrying dollar bills. The soft exterior feels really cozy in the palm with the better grip.

For all being so thin, it can keep scratch at bay. Above all, you have four color options to pick from black, brown, khaki and red.


This leather case from OtterBox STRADA SERIES is premium. It’s carved out of genuine leather. It features a strong frame to absorb shock. Due mainly to the double layers of construction, it offers certified drop protection to your smartphone. There is also a vertical cardholder slot to let you keep ID and card.

The pocket-friendly design allows it to slip in and out of the pocket easily. That aside, it comes in multiple colors and comes with the lifetime warranty.

11. bellroy – Bumper Leather Case

When simplicity becomes a style, people surely notice this subtle transformation. Bellroy leather case for iPhone X showcases this makeover in style. And the accessory has quickly become a rage among fashionista. Super slim profile of this case tells everything. It is the most elegant case available on the market today.

But what makes this case so beautiful? Well, Bellroy has taken the pain of sourcing the premium hides tanned under environmental protocols rated by Leather Working Group. To add strength, Bellroy has used a flexible polymer that protects your phone against bumps and scratches.


If you prefer trendy design, KAVAJ can be a good pick. The combination of genuine cowhide leather and PC has strengthened the construction. It’s fully capable of dispersing impact and absorbing shock.

It has a couple of slots on the back to let you keep card and cash. Perfect cutouts ensure you have quick access to all the functions of your device. Plus, KAVAJ leather case comes in two colors: black and cognac brown.


What about going for a retro book design? This wallet case from SUTENI is created to look truly vintage. Created with the high-grade leather, it features hard shell to endure impact.

There are three card pockets to let you securely keep your valuables. It also turns into a stand to let you boost your media viewing experience. Furthermore, this leather case comes in four colors options.


Luxury has adopted the shape of a smartphone case. Lohasic has crafted this luxurious iPhone X case from soft PU leather. The premium handmade case doesn’t have any stitch on it. Check the gold electroplated frame around the rear camera and buttons.

The case is as light as a feather as Lohasic has maintained a slim profile by removing bulk. The flexible and soft body allows you to carry your phone everywhere without adding any weight.

15. X-Level

Taken from X-Level’s Vintage Series, this iPhone X leather case is ultra-slim and yet protective. This case looks like Apple’s own leather case for iPhone X. The case is so slim that you will feel nothing on your smartphone.

The excellent grip is the trademark of this leather case. The soft touch is what makes this case stands apart from others. Experience a smooth and silky feeling in your hands.

Your pick?

Which one of these leather cases have you chosen for your iPhone X? Let us know its name and the qualities you have liked in it?

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