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Gifts For Photographers- The Most Affordable and Useful Gifts

Finding the perfect gift for photographers can be tricky. Photography gear can be expensive so how can you find the perfect gift within your budget? Fear no more! I compiled this list of 32 great gifts for photographers you’ll actually be able to afford. No need to spend a whole paycheque for some ultra light, soft grip waterproof heated lens cap. Ok those don’t actually exist, but one can dream. Let’s jump into these 32 amazing gifts for photographers under $50.

Let’s start out easy here. This affordable camera bag by Neewer is the perfect way for photographers to safely carry around all their gear, and look like a pro doing it. This camera bag opens from the back offering increased space for gear storage. If there’s a lot of gear to be carried, this camera bag has you covered and would be a highly appreciated gift.

Maybe you aren’t sold on a full out backpack, but want something more casual than the gadget bag above. With this Kattee Camera Bag you’ll be looking like a stylish photo master while walking through the streets. A much more casual look to storing camera gear, and a perfect gift idea for photographers who need a little more style in their lives.

GorillaPods are the ultimate compact travel tripod that can literally go anywhere. This mini tripod in perfect for those who’s photos can’t be limited to just flat surfaces. GorillaPods can securely position cameras (2.2lbs limit) in tree branches, door ways, roof racks, you name it, it will go there. A gift perfectly suited for photographers who’s creative eye knows no bounds.

Want even more flexibility to your tripod? Try the FrotoPro Flexible Camera Tripod! This tripod offers even more ways to bend compared to the Joby GorillaPod and can work well as a monopod. This tripod can hold up to 2.6lbs so it is best suited for smaller cameras and smart phones. Another great gift for photographers looking to shoot with no limitations!

Manfrotto PIXI Pod MiniNot all photographers need giant tripods for the perfect picture. With the Manfrotto PIXI Pod Mini you can set up that perfect shot, with a pocket sized tripod. This is great for those wanting a compact tripod option for hands free photos. This tripod will even work great for smart phones with the proper adapter(listed below)

Not all photographers need a big fancy camera, Smart Phone photographers are a real thing these days! #iPhonePhotography anyone? With this Tripod Phone Adapter you can start taking more stunning smart phone photos, totally hands free. No more finding that perfect rock to precariously balance your phone against. A great gift idea for any smart phone photographers in your life. This gift idea pairs perfectly with the Manfrotto Pixi Pod Mini!

Here’s one for all my smart phone photographers. This wide angle lens kit can be used by any smart phone simply by clipping it over the camera lens. It distorts the perspective of your phones lens for a much wider field of view. Not to mention it creates a cool effect! A great photography gift idea for that smart phone photographer in your life.

These little gadgets make long exposure photography a whole lot easier. Remote triggers give photographers the ability to set fully customizable shutter speeds up to a 99 day shutter speed! You may never need to spend almost 100 days to capture one photo, but hey, remote triggers let you do it. Beyond allowing for longer exposures, remote triggers ensure there is absolutely 0 camera shake when hitting that shutter button. Give the gift of tack sharp long exposures with a remote trigger. Ensure you get the trigger specific to your cameras brand!

This trigger doesn’t have all the fancy features like the one above but still offers a way for photographers to trigger the shutter with zero camera shake. This is a much better option for those looking for something more simple and not worry about batteries. Ensure you get the trigger specific to your cameras brand!

Nothing’s worse than being just a little low on light while taking photos. The Viltrox LED Light Panel mounts directly onto your camera body to light up your scene in an instant. These mini light panels can add a cool light effect to your photos. Give your photographer the gift of light with the Viltrox LED Light Panel.

Another great option for those looking for a mini LED panel. This light panel also can mount directly onto the camera body and offers a strong light output to help illuminate those darker scenes. Another great gift for photographers who need a little extra light in their life. 

Clear UV Filters are an essential for all photographers. These clear filters primarily work to protect the front element of your lens from dust and scratches. Ensure you know the right thread size for the lens before you purchase one of these! The lens thread size should be listed on front element of your lens.

Another great and affordable UV Filter, this time with a name brand. Although slightly more expensive than the one above, you can rest easy with such a reputable filter brand such as Tiffen. This filter will work perfectly to protect lenses from dust and scratches. Remember to purchase the right thread size for the specific lens! The lens thread size should be listed on front element of your lens.

Neutral density filters are the key to great long exposure photography. The K&F Concept 10 stop ND filter will drastically darken your images allowing for slower shutter speeds. Slower shutter speeds will make water look smooth and even streak clouds as they move across the sky. A great gift for photographers looking to take their images to the next level. Try pairing this with a remote trigger for a real ultimate photography gift duo. Remember to purchase the correct thread size for your lens!

The Gobe 10 Stop Neutral Density Filter is another highly affordable, great quality filter. This filter will significantly darken your images allowing for slower shutter speeds. This filter works great to smooth water and streak clouds even in the mid day sun. A great photography gift idea for those wanting to take their images to the next level. Remember to purchase the correct thread size for your lens!

Dust and dirt are bound to find your lens. Trying to rub off this debris with a standard microfibre cloth can lead to accidental scratching. Before wiping your lens it’s important to first use a puffer. The Pixel Puffer allows photographers to blast away all unwanted dirt and debris before using a cloth. A key piece to any photographers tool kit and a great photography gift idea to extend the life of your lenses.

This camera cleaning kit is the all in one answer to any of your lens cleaning needs. This cleaning kit comes with a puffer, lens pen, duster, cleaning solution and a variety of cloths to wipe away any smudges. This camera cleaning kit offers everything a photographer could ever need to clean their glass. Give the gift of clean lenses with the Camkix Professional Cleaning Kit.

A lens pen is a compact solution to lens cleaning in a flash. This multi-tip pen has a brush on one side, and a soft smudge removal tip on the other. A lens pen in my go to lens cleaning solution while in the field. It cleans fast and effortlessly to remove smudges, finger prints, dust, dirt and more. No liquid solution necessary! The lens pen is an affordable gift idea any photographer will appreciate.

Not only lenses need a little bit of cleaning love. Your cameras sensor can get dusty while changing lenses and leave small dust spots in your photos. The Altura Sensor Cleaning Kit offers all the tools to delicately clean your cameras sensor, removing any unwanted dust spots. This kit comes complete with a puffer, lens pen, and cleaning brush for basic lens cleaning as well! A gift for photographers wanting to keep their sensors spotless.

This camera clip is perfect for travellers and photographers in the go. This camera clips allows you to securely holster your camera to your backpack, belt, or whatever strap you see fit. I love using camera clips for quick access to my camera so I never miss a shot. It’s one of my favourite photography tools and a great gift idea for any photographer in your life.

Let’s face it, most camera straps aren’t very comfortable. Give the gift of alleviated neck pain with a Scarf Camera Strap! These camera straps are made of soft fabric making for a much more comfortable experience. Wolven offers over a dozen different designs and colours so you can find the perfect one for that photographer in your life.

Like the basic camera strap look, without the flashy logos and emblems stock straps have? Look no further than the Tarion Vintage Camera Strap. This strap will make you look fresh and professional with a modern design and colour. An amazing gift for photographers wanting to look a little more stylish in the field.

Ever heard of the expression, “one is none”? Well it’s talking about camera batteries. Don’t be the person who runs out of battery right before capturing the perfect shot. Get a few extras! With this 2 pack of Canon batteries you can keep your camera going longer than ever before. A very important photography gift idea for any photographer!

It’s not uncommon for certain cameras to require micro SD cards. Whether it’s your point and shoot, action camera or phone, you’ll likely need a micro SD. The thing that’s annoying about micro SD cards is they can’t be read by your computer without an adapter. This Micro SD Card pack comes with adapters so you can use the SD cards in your computer or standard DSLR camera. A great option for those who have multiple cameras requiring both micro SD and regular SD cards.

If you’re a photographer, you likely have a smaller hoarding stash of memory cards. These little cards are easy to lose in just about every crevice imaginable; so it’s important to keep them organized. There’s no better way to organize than with a waterproof memory card case. This case keeps all your cards safe and secure no matter water happens. This particular case can safely store both regular and micro SD cards. A must have in any photographers tool kit.

Want another solution to SD card organization without the bulk? Look no further than this canvas memory card case! This case is less bulky than the waterproof case above but still will keep your cards secured in one place. A better option for those who aren’t braving the elements while they are out taking photos.

A multi tool is likely one of the last things photographers think about in their kit. However, a multi tool is incredibly useful for tightening screws, quick release plates or making small fixes out in the field. The Gerber multi tool has everything you will need for quick fixes during a shoot and will ensure everything runs smoothly. A thoughtful gift for photographers constantly shooting!

Don’t let your gear get caught in the rain. With the Altura Rain Cover you can happily shoot no matter the weather. This rain cover has two arm holes for you to easily access your cameras settings. A great gift idea for photographers who love to shoot even in moody weather.

If you need to take product photos then this is the easiest way to do it. This mini studio kit comes with everything you will need to take professional product photos. Complete with LED lights and a variety of background colours, this product photography mini studio is the easiest way to take great product photos.

So that was 32 great gifts for photographers under $50. Whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday or any other occasion, these gifts are sure to be the perfect addition to anyones kit. Use this gift guide to get the perfect gift, without breaking the bank. 

Happy shooting!


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Best Gifts For Someone Who You Just Met

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Written By Rachel Feltman

Updated Mar 9, 2023 1:33 PM

Whether it’s a new romantic relationship, a recently moved-in roommate, or a coworker who’s just starting to creep into your social circle, plenty of us spend the holidays wondering whether or not we should get someone a gift. Sure, you could just ask whether or not they want to exchange gifts with you. But what if your asking makes them feel pressured to give a gift? Or worse, what if your uncertainty about the nature of your relationship is totally one-sided, and your friend is left hurt? SOCIAL PROTOCOLS ARE HARD, OKAY. We get it. So here are a few gifts that are either so easy-breezy as to keep the recipient from feeling awkward about not having a gift for you, or so universally cool that you’ll be happy to give them to someone else—or yourself—should a gift exchange fail to occur.

On the one hand, this little baby is the best travel mug money can buy. On the other hand, it’s just a travel mug. 10/10, extremely thoughtful (and eco-friendly!) but low-pressure gift. And hey, you can always keep it for yourself. Who among us has too many travel mugs?

Codenames made it onto our office gift exchange list, and for good reason: it’s frickin’ fun, and super affordable. If your do-I-or-don’t-I gift recipient is throwing a holiday party, bring this along in a jaunty little gift bag. Should they fail to present you with a present, just tell them that you adore this game and love giving sets to your friends to play at parties. Now you’re stuck bringing a new pack of Codenames to every gathering you’ll both attend for the rest of your lives, but on the bright side you’ll get to play Codenames a lot.

Maybe you know you want to exchange gifts with someone but feel like you don’t yet know them well enough to really get them. Don’t blow your money on something silly: think of an item you’ve seen them do without, like an umbrella that didn’t come from a drugstore. You might not prove to them that you’re 100 percent in tune with their likes and dislikes, but you’ll sure prove that you’re thoughtful. You can check out our guide to practical gifts for more ideas.

Maybe it’s not a question of whether to get someone something—or even what to get them—but rather how much. Are you two endgame, or what? How much joy are you going to want to inject into this person’s life? A subscription box says “I’m giving you a gift every month for the next year because every day with you is a gift, but I could also cancel it next month if you ghost me, so no pressure.”

Whaaaat? It’s a good gift. And if they don’t give you anything, just keep your mouth shut and let them wonder who the heck blessed them with the best dang science quarterly in the world. Sometimes magazines just show up, right? That’s totally a thing.

Does your would-be giftee have a pup? The solution is clear: get them a dog toy. It’s not not a gift for the human you’re maybe sorta kinda good friends with, but it’s also totally normal to want to spoil any and all dogs—so no one is going to feel weird if they don’t have something to give you in return.

Best Father’s Day 2023 Gift Ideas: Cool Tech Gifts For Dad

We’re here to offer you some inspiration, whether you’re looking for something simple, cheap and cheerful, or premium – whether it’s from daughter or son, or if you’re buying for your husband.

Virtual assistants are a great gift option if your Dad loves using Google voice or Siri.

Amazon’s Echo Dot 3 (39.99/US$39.99) or the newer Echo Dot 4 (£49.99/$49.99) is an obvious choice if you want something that won’t break the bank. Though of course, there’s the Google equivalent, the Nest Mini (RRP £49/$49, though available for £27.99 from MyMemory).

If you have a higher budget, there’s the larger  Google Nest Hub smart display (£89.99/ $99) which allows hands-free access to videos, recipes and more.

See our reviews: Echo Dot 3, Echo Dot 4, Nest Mini and Nest Hub.

If your dad is constantly fighting for the TV remote, enjoys reading news online or maybe enjoys a spot of gaming, a tablet could be a really good idea for a Father’s Day present. It’s an extra special gift under lockdown, as it’ll open up the world of video calls via Skype or FaceTime. 

The gold standard of tablets is surely the iPad (£349/US$329), which gained Apple Pencil support in 2023. Right now you can get money off the iPad from Amazon. See the best iPad 10.2in deals here.

Yet for under £50/$50 you could opt for Amazon’s recently updated Fire tablet (US link here). It’s ridiculously good value and available in four colours.

That’s just two options, so why not take a look at our definitive guide to the best tablets available too?

DNA kits are becoming ever-popular gift items for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day alike, and thankfully DNA Kit services offer discounts around those events too.

23andMe is offering the largest discount at the moment with £40 or US$50 off its Health and Ancestry kit. The discounts are even greater if you buy two such kits.

You can also save up to £30/US$30 on Living DNA as well as £20/US$20 off the MyHeritage Ancestry and DNA kit.

There’s also 25% off the ever-popular Ancestry DNA service in the UK, and $40 off in the US.

See our full guide to DNA Kits to learn more about what sets these services apart and other promotions on now.

If your dad struggles with aches and pains, it’s definitely worth considering a massage gun. If you don’t already know what it is, a massage gun pummels your muscles hundreds of times within seconds for deep tissue relief. 

The Theragun is the brand that started the craze. Its products are on the pricey side, but you can pick up the portable Theragun Mini for £179/US$199.

See our review of the mid-range Theragun Elite if you want to upgrade.

Of course, if that’s out of your budget, there are plenty of other brands out there. The Sportneer K1 massage gun which costs £70/ US$99.99 and works better than you think, as Tech Advisor Editor Jim Martin said in his review.

If your dad is still toting around a creaky old feature phone or you just feel he deserves a swanky new handset, there’s always a smartphone – and it doesn’t have to be expensive. For instance, the Realme 7 boasts a 90Hz screen and only costs £179

If money isn’t an object, we have a list of all the  best smartphones here. Though if you prefer, we’ve rounded up the  best budget smartphones on the market too. 

A nice case can also add a special touch – we’ve rounded up all the best ones here. Many case makers will have discounts on now too, like Mujjo which make premium leather cases and has 15% off until 20 June with code #dad.

If your dad loves TV and movies, you might find that a media streaming device is a good way to give him access to services such as Netflix, HBO Max or BBC iPlayer without having to fork out for a smart TV.

Many also offer additional benefits such as the ability to stream content from a tablet or smartphone, for example. 

If you’re on a budget, our recommendation is the Roku Streaming Stick+ (£49.99) sits pretty at number 2 in our best TV media streamer list.

Another undisputedly great option for around the same low price is the Amazon Fire TV Stick (£39.99/ $49.99). Simply plug it into the USB port on your dad’s telly and he’ll have a wealth of shows and films at his fingertips.

As long as it’s not a cheeky ploy to get him to lose weight, an activity tracker is a cool, affordable present for your dad this Father’s Day.

There are so many on the market, so maybe a peek at our list of the best activity trackers and best fitness tracker deals is in order. 

We’d pick out the Fitbit Charge 4 (£129.99/$149.95) as the best all rounder, which you can now get for £99 (or $99 in the US).

We’ve also rounded up all the best Fitbit deals all in one place.

There’s always the option to go full-blown smartwatch, so long as your dad is a smartphone user – he’d need to pair the two over Bluetooth.

Smartwatches have more features and a screen, and the go-to example for most is the Apple Watch, which has a few models. If you don’t want to go for the top-end Apple Watch 6, you could opt for the Watch SE, which starts at £269/$279. If you want cellular connectivity, however, prices start at £319/$329.

Amazon UK and  Amazon US.

Additional smartwatch options that we’ve been loving can be found in our best smartwatches chart.

Even if he’s blasting Rod Stewart, it’s his day, so let him. Bluetooth speakers come in all shapes, sizes and prices. Here is our guide to the best. 

High on that list is the outstanding yet affordable Earfun UBoom for £59.99/ $79.99, which pretty much includes everything you’d want in a speaker: built-in mic, low latency, strong battery life, long Bluetooth range, USC-C charging, and IPX7 waterproofing. See our full 5-star review.

If you’d rather your dad kept his questionable audio tastes to himself, you’re in luck. Headphones are an affordable item that he can use with his phone, tablet, laptop or even TV.

A good pick is the Soundmagic E11BT headphones. For £69.99/$39.95 you get great audio quality and the option to connect over Bluetooth 5.0.

See our full run-down of the best budget headphones available, where the E11BT comes first! 

For the literary-inclined father in your life, there’s always an eReader. It’s impossible to not mention Kindle. The recently updated base Kindle is only £69.99/

For a Kindle-heavy rundown of the best eReaders, check out our guide

Why not pair the eReader with a subscription service?

A Readly subscription can get him a variety of great magazines with just one monthly subscription rate. Choose from titles like Men’s Health, Sport, Esquire, GQ – it’s like a gift that grants more gifts. It’s like the Netflix for magazines.

Readly comes with a 1 month free trial but you can get gift cards ranging from one month (£7.99/US$9.99) up to one year subscriptions (£95.88/US$119.88). See full prices  here (US prices here).

Here’s an option if you’re on a tighter budget. This is tech any practical-gift-loving man would appreciate, especially under lockdown.

With three stubble combs, the OneBlade covers clean shaves, stubbles, and general grooming.

In our review of the Philips OneBlade we said it is” as close to perfect as it gets” and at £40 or under, it snagged the top spot in our round-up of the best electric shavers of 2023. 

The Sub bundle

It may not be strictly tech but which dad wouldn’t want a beer tap for Father’s Day? The Sub is one of a few beer delivery systems which requires only a countertop and mains power.

Insert one of the special kegs, available from Beerwulf, and the Sub will cool it to 2°C so it’s ready to drink. Dad can perfect pulling the perfect pint, and the fresh beer will impress him, as well as everyone else who tries it.

The compact version doesn’t take up much space and there’s a bundle deal with eight kegs that’s currently 26% off.


Again, not tech, but perfect for Father’s Day. If you’re buying for a dad who won’t be happy with simply drinking beer, the Pinter is the simplest system out there for brewing it as well.

The Pinter may look a lot like the Sub, but it’s an all-in-one fermenter and dispenser. Brewing takes just a few days (a bit longer if you want even better-tasting beer) and is practically foolproof.

Two ‘Pinter packs’ come with the kit, which includes everything dad needs to brew 20 pints of the freshest possible beer at home. The packs are designed to fit through your letterbox, and there are currently 15 to choose between on the Pinter website.

The device itself is available in a range of different colours and there’s always a beer of the month. Right now that’s a Euro 2023 pack of three ales: Welsh Red, English Pale and Scottish Amber.

If you still can’t decide what to get Dad, you can always have him choose instead. The One4All gift card works with over 130 High Street stores in the UK, such as John Lewis, Argos, M&S, Argos, Curry’s, and many more.

So whether he prefers tech, fashion, fine dining or wants a bit of R&R on a Virgin Experience Days, the One4All card has it covered.

You can load the card with £10 to £120, and also personalise it for Father’s Day with a message, which is a neat touch. You can order the One4All gift card online or buy it at the Post Office.

Practical Gifts That People Will Love

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Written By Jen McCaffery

Published Nov 3, 2023 5:00 PM

Indulgent gifts are exciting, but there’s just something about a gift you didn’t know you needed that now makes your life easier every day. While they may not all have wow factor, these practical picks help solve problems for everyone on your list. And many of them are designed so that your gift recipient will be proud to show them off. Here are some of our favorites that are available right now:

Best for travelers: Gravel Explorer PLUS & Explorer SLIM Combo Pack Best for outdoors enthusiasts: YETI Rambler 14-ounce Mug

When you’re out camping, the last thing you want is to get fussy about your dishware. That’s why the YETI Rambler Mug is a great gift for any outdoors enthusiast. The stainless-steel Rambler doubles as a bowl, so it’s great for both coffee and chili. The mug comes with a sliding lid for reliable access, an easy-grip handle, and is available in a range of fun colors and sizes (10-ounce, 14-ounce, and 24 ounces). You can also order versions for your company, school, or get one engraved for a more personalized touch.

Best for new photographers: Qubii Photo Storage Drive

That relative who never quite gets around to saving their family photos on an external drive or the cloud? Save them from oblivion by giving them the Qubii Photo Storage Drive. Compatible with Apple devices, the Qubii automatically backs up your photos, videos, and contacts while charging your phone. All they need is a USB port. It comes in versions with SanDisk microSD cards (128GB and 256GB) and solo (just add your own microSD).

Best for new homeowners: Le Creuset Dutch Oven

It may not be the most comforting thought when considering a gift, but the Le Creuset Dutch Oven will likely outlive your gift recipient. There’s a reason this classic line shows up on so many registries. Made of cast iron and enamel and available in a range of rich colors and sizes (3 quarts, 5.25 quarts, and 8 quarts) the Le Creuset Dutch Oven can serve up everything from seafood stew to short ribs. This durable piece can stand up to the heat of the stove and oven and still look beautiful on the table for decades to come.

Best for fitness buffs: lululemon Studio Mirror

A fitness mirror might not seem like a practical gift at first glance. But lululemon’s Studio Mirror is worth the splurge—and it’s almost half off if you use the code “LLSTUDIO700”. Unlike other home fitness equipment, this elegant brushed steel-and-glass mirror blends easily into any decor. The corresponding fitness platform (sold separately by subscription) provides a portal to more than 10,000 workouts from some of the top fitness instructors around without having to leave your home. And the 5-megapixel camera and high-fidelity surround-sound audio make workouts a truly immersive experience—no hiding in the back row. Adding to the practicality is that it’s also just a mirror for when you’re getting ready for work or a night out and want to admire the results of all that cardio, yoga, etc.

Best for cleaning: Eufy Handheld Vac

Little messes have a way of materializing: dust on a bookshelf, crumbs on a car seat, spilled sugar on a kitchen counter. They don’t all warrant breaking out a super-sized vacuum, though. The Eufy Handheld Vac makes cleanup easy. The handheld device weighs just 1.2 pounds, but it comes with an impressive 5500pa of suction power, a crevice attachment for those difficult-to-reach places, and a washable filter. All you need is a USB port to charge it and it will last for 20 minutes—plenty of time to make quick work of a little mess.

Best for foodies: Disco Hot Sauce

People have strong opinions about hot sauce, but a pick like this medium-hot offering by Disco can help bridge the divide. Made with all-natural ingredients—including jalapeno and habanero peppers; pineapple; cider vinegar; orange and lemon juice; brown sugar; garlic; and salt—this hot sauce is light and sweet. It pairs well with everything from eggs to wings to stir fry and cocktails. And at this price, you can stock up.

Best for the absent-minded: Tile Mate Tracker

That person who’s always scrambling for their keys, phone, purse? You will greatly cut down on the wasted time spent searching with the gift of the Tile Mate Tracker. Just have them attach the Bluetooth-enabled tracker to their keychain and set up the app. Then they can use the app to make the tile ring so they can locate their device. The giftee can also use voice commands, as the Mate is also compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. It reaches a radius of about 200 feet, but if you want more reach, you can opt for the Tile Pro for a few more dollars and up to 400 feet of range.

If you’ve got a dedicated griller in your life, you can help make the months when the Weber in the backyard is blanketed in snow a little easier to take. Place the Lekue Microwave Grill in the microwave, and its slats heats up just like a grill’s. Enjoy the taste of the grill with fish, chicken, meat, vegetables, and more. Plus, this ingenious device doubles as a panini maker. And when they’re done? The non-stick surface is easy to clean: Just toss it in the dishwasher.

Best for concertgoers: Vibes High-Fidelity Earplugs

Buying surprise concert tickets for someone can get dicey—even if you know they love the artist, it’s hard to make sure their calendar is and will remain open before they get the gift. Or that they won’t just buy tix themselves. But something you can do is improve every concert experience with reusable earplugs. Low-profile, with a carrying case and multiple sizes of eartips (just like your favorite wireless earbuds), the Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs use an attenuating filter in the central sound tube to reduce harmful sound levels by 22dB without muffling what is heard. This improves everything from performances to weird conversations in the bathroom line. These earplugs may only cost $30 (stash an extra pair in the car for yourself or a forgetful friend), but someone preserving their hearing is a priceless gift that keeps on giving.

Best for cinephiles: ViewSonic M1 Mini Projector

That friend who always knows the best new series to stream? They’re going to love you when you make it possible for them to create a truly cinematic experience from wherever they are. The ViewSonic M1 Mini Projector packs plenty into its .6 pounds. It’s designed with a USB port that lets the user just plug in and play with a dongle or other device. It provides vivid colors and its JBL speakers ensure a quality audio experience. The battery life of up to 1.5 hours won’t get viewers through an especially long binge, but you can’t beat the portability. (Know someone really into gaming? There’s a projector just for that.)

Best for people who eat at their desks: MagicFiber Extra Large Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Honest question: How much gunk is stuck to your computer or smartphone screen right now? It’s a lot, isn’t it? That’s OK. We’re not here to judge. We can help, though. These extra-large microfiber cloths are about the size of a hand towel and can clean the crud off just about anything with a screen or lens. It may seem like a lame gift until your recipient sees their screen in brilliant, soy-sauce-speckle-free clarity. — Stan Horaczek

Best for sustainability: Lifx LED Light Bulb

There are lots of smart light bulbs on the market, but the Lifx bulb simplifies the process of upgrading. They don’t require a hub like most of the other Wi-Fi bulbs, they throw out the equivalent light of a 75-watt bulb, and best of all, they work natively with all of the different smart assistants, like Google Assistant, Alexa, and Apple HomeKit. — Stan Horaczek

Best for the business travelers: Polardo Travel Clothes Steamer

No matter how carefully you pack, clothes always look a little wrinkled when you take them out of the suitcase. But the Polardo Travel Clothes Steamer will keep the business traveler in your life from looking like a hot mess. Designed to work with tap water, it comes with an electronic pump system and steam channeling that let you steam at any angle without dripping water on your clothes. With 120 volts of power, the steamer heats up in less than 25 seconds and is safe on a range of fabrics, from wool and cotton to satin and embroidery and sequins. Plus, at 3.4-inches long by 7.7-inches high and weighing just over a pound, it won’t take up too much precious space in a carry-on.

Best for handy people: Yala Life GeeKey Pocket Tool

Is there a person you go to when you need something fixed stat? Or maybe you do it yourself. Either way, the GeeKey Pocket Tool incorporates the functionality a handy person needs in a durable, stainless steel unit that’s designed to be attached to a keychain. Multiple screwdriver and open and closed wrench capabilities can handle an array of quick projects, while the protractor makes sure you get them precisely right. And the can and bottle opener will always come in handy.

Best for home office: Anker 10-Port USB Data Hub

Computers are getting slimmer, but that means they’re also getting stingier with their USB ports. This 10-port dock has seven high-speed USB-3 data and charging ports, as well as three high-power 2.1 Amp charging-specific ports for faster top-offs. Not bad for a device the size of a candy bar. Note: Actual candy bars also make good gifts, but they’re not very practical. — Stan Horaczek

Glide Into A New Roller Skater’s Heart With These Cool Gifts

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Roller skating never stopped being cool, but this year the sport has picked up legions of new fans. And why not? It’s an outdoor activity in a time when socializing indoors is dangerous, it’s perfectly suited for making viral videos on Instagram or TikTok, and it makes you look really cool (when you’re not falling). If you have any friends or family members who’ve gotten big into skating this year, you probably already know that it’s not just a recreational activity—it’s a way of life. Here are some gifts to help your favorite skater cruise in comfort and style.

The great skate wrangler

Skating is fun as heck, and it can also be a great way to get around. But for a newbie, it’s best to save the wheels for spots where you know you can skate without fear of careening down steep hills or into traffic. Unless you live right next to a skate park, rink, or silky smooth slab of pavement (jealous), you’ll probably be commuting in street shoes and slipping your skates on once you’ve reached a prime location. Enter the skate leash: These simple lengths of fabric allow you to sling your skates over your shoulder, providing a convenient way to carry them without risking them getting all tangled up with the stuff in your backpack.

Something to soak in A super cool fanny pack

Roller skaters wear fanny packs—that’s just a fact. Why? Well, for starters, fanny packs are the best. They’re also a great place to store your wallet and phone while you skate; they’re less likely to impede your movement than most backpacks, tangle up your legs unlike a purse or tote, and get obliterated during a fall.

Something to keep you on your toes

Unless you’re picking up some super-smooth dance moves as a jam skater, you’re going to want toe stops. The rubberized little appendages give you extra control while turning, doing fast footwork, and sometimes even while stopping. If you’re playing roller derby, you might want to start out with extra-large stops to give yourself more stability when you’re on your toes. But if your skating activities are more in the realm of twirling around parks and sidewalks, you can indulge in something cuter.

Doughnuts for your feet

Speaking of something cuter: Why have plain-old solid wheels when you can spin around on doughnuts instead? If you’re trying to avoid carbs, maybe a set of light-up wheels are more your speed.

An investment for your noggin

Remember how we said that safety is sexy? Safety can also be adorable. Triple Eight’s helmets are a great buy to protect your beautiful brain, and they come in some awesome styles and color combos. The store’s bound to have an option that perfectly fits your signature style.

Statement-making stickers

If you give a roller skater a helmet, they’ll probably ask for some stickers to put on it. The extra swag doesn’t have to be about roller skating, but we think this option is pretty great. And as the above photo demonstrates, your gift recipient doesn’t have to limit their sticker placement to their helmet.

Tools to keep you cruising

Skate maintenance might not be as sexy as a rad new helmet, but it’s important for keeping a skater moving as safely and smoothly as possible. You might not know what bearings are yet, or why you might need a special tool (or three) for your skates, but we promise you’ll find out soon enough. Best to be prepared!

Little hats for your toes

Toe caps aren’t as necessary as a helmet or a pair of wrist-guards—your little piggies won’t gain any extra protection from them—but they’ll help protect your precious skates from scuffing and other wear. Plus, they provide yet another opportunity to customize your look.

A big skate upgrade The ultimate piece of safety gear

Whether you’re skating with friends or just looking to show off your favorite hobby while running errands, this retro skate mask will ensure you stay safe from COVID-19 while looking just as fearless.

Photography Marketing: A Guide For Photographers

Photography is an art form that requires both technical expertise and artistic vision. However, even the most talented photographers cannot succeed if they don’t market themselves effectively. 

Marketing is a crucial part of any photography business, and without it, photographers may find it challenging to attract new clients or build their brand. In this guide, we’ll explore various digital marketing avenues that photographers can use to promote their work and grow their businesses.

Marketing for Photographers: Best Avenues & Tips for Success

As a professional photographer, it is important to market your business through a multichannel approach to reach a wider audience. Here are seven digital marketing options to strengthen your photography marketing strategy. 

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual search engine that is perfect for photographers. It is a platform where users can find and save images they love, and it can be an excellent source of traffic for your business website. 

To get started with Pinterest marketing, create a business account and optimize your profile with your logo, a short bio, and your website link. You can then create boards that showcase your work, such as wedding photography, portrait photography, landscape photography, and so on. Make sure to use relevant keywords in your board titles and descriptions to help users find your work.

The next step is to create pins for each of your boards. Pins are images that link back to your website, so it’s essential to ensure that each pin is visually appealing and includes a call-to-action. You can also create Rich Pins, which provide additional information about your pins, such as pricing, availability, and product details.

Tip for Success: 2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool for photographers to build relationships with their audience and promote their services. It’s a way to stay in touch with your clients and keep them updated on your latest work, promotions, and events. To get started with email marketing, you’ll need an email service provider such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or Aweber. These platforms make it easy to create and send professional-looking emails.

When creating your emails, make sure to keep them visually appealing and easy to read. Use images from your portfolio to showcase your work and include a clear call-to-action that encourages your subscribers to take action, such as booking a session or purchasing a print.

Tip for Success:

One way to grow your email list is to offer a lead magnet, such as a free guide or e-book, in exchange for your visitor’s email address. You can also add a sign-up form to your website and social media profiles to encourage visitors to join your list.

3. Blogging 

Blogging regularly is an excellent way to showcase your expertise, share your stories, and attract new clients to your business. By creating valuable content that resonates with your audience, you can establish yourself as an authority in your niche and build trust with your followers.

Tip for Success:

One tip for success in blogging is to be consistent. Set a schedule for publishing new content and stick to it. You can also promote your blog on social media, in your email newsletters, and on your website to attract more readers.

4. Google Business Profile

Google My Business is a free tool that allows photographers to manage their online presence on Google. By creating a Google Business Profile, you can showcase your work, hours of operation, contact information, and customer reviews. This makes it easier for potential clients to find and connect with you.

To get started with a Google Business Profile, create a profile and verify your business by mail or phone. Once your profile is verified, you can add your business information, including your website link, photos, and videos.

Tip for Success:

One tip for success with a Google Business Profile is to keep your profile as up-to-date as possible. Update your profile with your latest work, respond to customer reviews, and make sure your business information is accurate. You can also post updates, such as promotions or upcoming events, to keep your audience engaged.

5. Facebook Advertising

To get started with Facebook Ads, create a Facebook Business Manager account and set up your ad account. You can then create a Facebook Ad campaign and select your target audience, ad format, and budget.

Tip for Success: 6. Instagram

Instagram is a visual platform that is perfect for showcasing your photography portfolio and building your brand. With over one billion active users, it offers a vast audience for photographers to connect with.

To get started on Instagram, create an Instagram business account and optimize your profile with your logo, bio, and website link. You can then start sharing your work by posting high-quality images or videos that showcase your skills and style.

Tip for Success:  7. Local SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization for photographers involves optimizing your online presence for local search queries. This is particularly important for photographers who work in specific locations. Make sure your business information is consistent across all online platforms, including your website, Google Business Profile, and social media profiles. Use location-specific keywords in your content and captions to improve your visibility in local search results.

Tip for Success:

Be sure to encourage your clients to leave online reviews. Encouraging local reviews can be a powerful way to improve your local SEO. Positive reviews from satisfied clients can help to improve your visibility and credibility on search engines. Responding to reviews, both positive and negative, can also show potential clients that you care about their experience and are actively engaged with your business. 

Digital marketing efforts are an essential part of any photography business, and by using the digital marketing avenues mentioned above, photographers can attract new clients and grow their businesses.

By being consistent with their efforts and providing valuable content to their audience, photographers can establish themselves as experts in their niche and build trust with their followers. Remember, marketing is an ongoing process, and it takes time and effort to see results. With dedication and patience, photographers can achieve their marketing goals and grow their businesses.

Work with Elevato for Photography Marketing Services

If you’re a photographer and are interested in pursuing any of the digital marketing avenues from this article, reach out to Elevato today. We can help you reach your business goals through our deep expertise in digital marketing. 

Elevato is a full-scale digital marketing agency that provides content, email marketing, SEO, social media management, paid media, and more. Take your photography business to the next level with the help of the Elevato team. Get in touch today to discuss your business goals and how we can assist you in growing your photography business. 

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