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The origin of the moon and the origin of life on Earth might be more tied together than we once thought. New research published Wednesday in Science Advances suggests the cosmic debris that collided with Earth 4.4. billion years ago and created the moon was also responsible for delivering the most essential elements necessary for life to evolve.

“One of the greatest questions of humanity is whether we are alone in the universe,” says Rajdeep Dasgupta, a professor of earth, environmental, and planetary sciences at Rice University and a co-author of the new study. “To make life as we know it, critical chemical ingredients need to be available.” Hydrogen and oxygen are the most obvious elements since they can come together to make water, but other life-essential elements include carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur.

It’s never really been understood how these elements actually originated on Earth, but the predominant theory, explains Dasgupta, has always been been that they arrived to the planet via meteorite and comet impacts after the formation of Earth was largely complete. But there’s always been debate about the timing and scale of these impacts, due to unresolved questions raised by the concentrations of these elements throughout the Earth.

“What was previously thought is that the impacting materials were small, undifferentiated, primitive objects and not a planet-scale object,” says Dasgupta. But there was a problem: the ratio of carbon to other elements (like nitrogen and hydrogen) in these primitive meteorites was always much lower than what had been measured in the non-core material of the Earth (also known as the silicate Earth).

As the team pondered this enigma more and more, they began to settle on a new hypothesis: these elements were brought to Earth by a planet-sized object with a sulfur-rich core. The geochemical processes that grow a planet from a sulfur-rich core encourage carbon and nitrogen to move away from the center and out toward the surface. This would help explain why, after a collision between this planet-sized object and the Earth, our planet would be left with much larger fractions of carbon and nitrogen within the silicate.

“In other words,” he says, “we were trying to answer whether there is one single delivery mechanism that can explain the relative budget of all elements essential for life on Earth.”

Laboratory experiments that simulated the high-pressure and high-temperature conditions of sulfur-rich planetary core formation supported this idea. Concentrations of carbon and nitrogen would not be sequestered into a metallic core rich in dissolved sulfur, but instead preferentially move out toward the silicates found in the outer layers of an early planet.

Such a planet would be a perfect vehicle for bringing these volatile materials to Earth if it managed to smash into it. The team ran over a billion computer simulations that emulated what we know about the history of the solar system. The most probable scenario is that a planet with a sulfur-rich core (similar to the size of Mars) slammed into our world to give it the carbon and nitrogen concentrations found in the silicate Earth—which later helped jumpstart the evolution of life.

Moreover, the scale of such an impact would basically match that of a moon-forming collision as well.

“We connected the dots,” says Dasgupta. “Given we are suggesting that carbon, nitrogen, sulfur were established through one of the last giant impacts, it makes sense if the same impact also likely formed the moon.” That explanation also helps further explain the sort of broad geochemical similarities shared by Earth and the moon.

Of course, there is currently no way to prove whether or not this latest theory is true. All of that will be determined by the collection of more geochemical data that either fits the model, or disputes it. Dasgupta also adds that this investigation did not explicitly deal with whether the moon-forming impact had anything to do with the origins of water to Earth, which is its own area of intense research. Carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur are just a few of the building blocks that allow for life on Earth, and the mystery of water is a whole other question that needs to be addressed.

Nevertheless, while the findings may illuminate how life on Earth originated, the more exciting implications extend to what they mean for the search for extraterrestrial life. “In terms of its habitability or chemical habitability, a rocky planet need not have all necessary elements to produce and sustain life from its origin,” says Dasgupta. “It could undergo giant impacts from other planetary bodies that can alter its composition and make it more viable for hosting life.”

As we find more and more potentially habitable exoplanets, we’ll need to decide which worlds deserve more of our attention and which have a higher likelihood for hosting life. Part of that decision-making may come down to understanding which planets have a bigger history of impacts that could have delivered life-essential elements to the surface, ready to be used in chemical reactions that ignited the evolution of life.

Who would’ve known the same violent cataclysm that birthed the moon may have laid the groundwork for the birth of terrestrial life billions of years later?

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Evidence Of Life On Jupiter’s Moon Europa Could Be Just Inches Below The Surface

As it turns out, you can literally scratch the surface of Europa to find life.

In a paper published today in Nature Astronomy, a group of JPL researchers make the claim that even areas exposed to the harshest radiation, you may not need to dig down more than 20 cm, or a little less than eight inches, into the icy surface to find evidence of life on Jupiter’s moon Europa.

Europa is one of Jupiter’s four large moons, is known to have an ocean underneath it, and is considered one of the best places to have life within our solar system. But the moon is also exposed to immense amounts of Jupiter’s intense radiation, which extends for beyond the planet. While life below Europa’s thick ice shell would be well-protected, the researchers wanted to know if one could still find evidence for life on the surface or if it would be destroyed by radiation.

“We’ve known for a long time that the radiation on the surface of Europa is really dominant on the surface, like sitting inside a particle accelerator,” Tom Nordheim, a Jet Propulsion Laboratory research scientist and lead author of the paper, says.

Here’s a rough picture of how evidence of life would get from the ocean below to the surface above: Europa is known to have a few active “plumes,” something like an ice geyser that sprays ocean water a few miles into space before it falls back to the surface. That ocean water may, like our own, be filled with microbes and other chemicals directly related to life. Microbial life is unlikely to survive the brief off-world excursion. But byproducts of life might. The study wanted to know how much of those byproducts would survive and whether they might be detectable by a future NASA mission.

The study examined where Jupiter’s radiation hits hardest. In those areas, the surface is too continually battered by radiation for some amino acids—the building blocks of proteins—to persist. But about 4 to 8 inches down, those amino acids are a bit more protected. It could work like this: amino acids from the interior ocean get ejected into space, change due to the radiation, fall back to the surface, and become covered by more ice deposits on a timescale that allows some amino acids to survive. In turn, a future lander would just have to take a core sample deep enough to find the amino acids and confirm that Europa is ripe for life. In areas outside the harshest parts of the radiation, the amino acids might be literally right under the surface.

“Even in the harshest radiation zones, you really just have to scratch the surface to find material that has not been destroyed,” Nordheim says.

This has big implications for NASA’s future plans around Europa. In 2023, NASA will launch the Europa Clipper toward the Jupiter system. In order to protect the probe from the radiation it would experience were it to stay in Europa orbit, the Clipper will actually enter orbit around Jupiter and swoop by Europa for several close flybys. Congressional appropriation language calls for a lander to be part of the mission, though NASA has, for the most part, been concentrating on the orbiter design. This study shows that it’s not a tall order to find biosignatures with a lander—whether in 2023 or on a Europa mission more down the line.

Preliminary plans for the lander indicated that it might be able to drill 10 centimeters into Europa, but those plans were released last year and are subject to change.

“This signifies that we can drill, and we can drill at marginally shallow depths,” Kimberley Warren-Rhodes*, a SETI Institute scientist who studies planetary habitability, says. “That really ups the ante of being able to go and look for habitable environments.” (Warren-Rhodes was not involved in the study.)

Even though plenty of people might like to explore Europa in person, robotic exploration is currently our best option. While the radiation strikes some areas of Europa harder than others, no matter where you land, the all-encompassing radiation would be positively lethal to human beings. “It would certainly be much more beneficial to be outside those radiation zones, but I don’t think standing on Europa anywhere is a benign environment for human beings,” Warren-Rhodes says.

The next steps for the team involve taking a deeper look into how Europa’s magnetic field and ionosphere interact with and possibly push against Jupiter’s radiation belts. Data on Europa is somewhat hampered by the failure of the high gain antenna aboard NASA’s Galileo probe that orbited Jupiter in the 1990s and 2000s, but Nordheim says there’s enough to go off of to build good models for Europa. If those models do find that Europa’s magnetic field protects the moon from radiation, it could paint an even sunnier picture for finding biosignatures on the moon, and perhaps even identify ways the search could be done by an orbiter.

No matter how those future studies pan out, the search for life in the solar system is still a deep, heavy question. Fortunately, today’s study shows that exobiologists might not have to dig quite as deep as they thought to answer it.

Correction 7/27: An earlier version of this article incorrectly identified Dr. Kimberley Warren-Rhodes as Dr. Amy Warren.

Real Estate Link Building: 4 Of The Best Tactics

The modern age has proved that all businesses should have a strong social media presence. The buyers of today rely a lot on the internet to secure the things they desire. Therefore a striking online presence is can be a game changer for businesses.

An online presence in real estate cases is far more important. Real estate is one of the most competitive and high-value industries. To get ahead in line, it is essential to build a strong online presence so that your customers, sellers and investors are familiar with your company. This can be accomplished by superior quality real estate link building. Establishing strong backlinks with relevant websites can not only help with brand building but also play a crucial role in building credibility for your real estate website. 

However, it’s easier said than done and requires a bit of work but we assure you, practising good quality real estate link building is surely worth your time. To put it simply, it can be accomplished with a great link-building strategy, along with ensuring that your website has top-notch SEO practices. It should also be kept in mind to create quality backlinks because quality backlinks can be of a lot of assistance to you, whereas inaccurate linking can tend to be harmful to your online brand identity.

Before diving deep into the “do”s and the “don’t”s of how you can build superior quality backlinks, let’s talk about what backlinks are and how they play a crucial role for businesses. Backlinks, also known as inbound links, is the process of linking one website to a completely different website that comes under the same business niche category. Backlinking plays a crucial role in establishing the authenticity of your website. If your website has a high volume of backlinks, Google crawler bots run through your website content and certify your website as a credible source of information. 

Even in the case of real estate business and website development, generating good quality backlinks with other prominent websites within the real estate niche can tend to improve the SERP ranking of your website.

As we have already mentioned, backlinks can make or break your online business presence. With the implementation of good quality backlinks that are backed by rigorous research and a proper strategy, the website traffic can exponentially increase, along with improved website ranking, and better domain authority. Even the conversion rate will significantly increase if the target audience discovers your real estate website. If you’re looking for a detailed overview, here are a few reasons why backlinks matter:-

Backlinks build up authority and trust for many search engines. This allows your page to appear in search results quite often.

Backlinks act as signals to search engines that verified, and relevant sources are vouching for your content. Therefore, it is beneficial in nature.

It may not be a believable fact, but about 97% of real estate buyers use Google to search for real estate. This is one of the easiest ways to get information as it doesn’t require a lot of legwork. Available houses, prices and virtual tours can be carried out from the palm of your hands. Therefore the smartest way to stay ahead in the competition is to backlink or link building. So that your website is on the top of search results. 

Here are a few ways to build quality backlinks:-

1. Networking

Link building is a lot like making connections in real life. Moreover, the real estate industry is a lot like that. You need need to know people, and you need to make connections. In fact, it is considered that the” who you know part of the equation” is more important than the “what’s on the market part of the equation”. In other words, the real estate industry is heavily reliant on collaborations. It is impossible to gain success in the real estate business without collaborations. Therefore, it is suggested that you use this network to build backlinks. The easiest way to do this is to reach out to local sources, bloggers and websites by sending them a polite request via email. Your visibility in your local area will increase significantly, and local searches would frequently showcase your business. The additional benefit of backlinks is the fact that by linking to your content, a person or a business will assure others that you are a genuine and trusted brand. Moreover, try to gain as many quality links as you can, as the more links you secure, the more recognition your business will get. That eventually means that more customers would, be flocking to your website.

2. Geo-Targeted Content 3. Testimonials and Reviews

The reality of running a successful business in the 21st century has good reviews and testimonials. Testimonials are very effective in accelerating your conversion rates. How many times have you been quite unsure about a specific website? What did you do to resolve your query? You must have definitely checked its insights and domain authority to verify if the website is credible. This is exactly what most newcomers and users usually do. 

You need to expand your network and connect or engage with other businesses. Try to leave good reviews for the businesses that have helped you. It can be either an online or a local business. Give them a positive review on yelp or on google. You can also leave your own profile link on their site. Make sure to ask them before leaving your own profile link. This will boost not only their clientele but yours as well. 

Moreover, it will create goodwill between your business and theirs. Once this is attained, a lot of companies would be glad to provide you with a backlink. You can also ask your existing customers to write you a review. Customer reviews are very beneficial in nature as potential customers do trust the words of previous customers. Therefore the easiest way to go with this would be to send your existing customers a polite email to comply with your request.

4. Forums

Forums are an excellent place to promote your business. Buying or selling a property can be a very arduous job. To ease confusion, a lot of people rely on forums like Reddit, Quora and local sites. These forums answer a lot of real estate-based questions and can be an excellent place to promote your business. 

However, just promoting your business might not solve your problem. It may have negative consequences. The best way to go with this would be to provide valid information and be genuinely helpful. Try to be systematic with your approach. Firstly help people find a solution and then use your credentials. 

Other Approaches to Real Estate Link Building

The above-mentioned ways are some of the most commonly used methods for building links. There are several other ways as well to build links, and some of them are briefed below:-

1. Studying Competitors

An analysis of your competitor’s website could be the push that your website needs. It is considered a great starting point and your strategy will evolve in time to suit your website. The systematic approach would be to google important keywords and note down the commonly used keywords and then the analysis of the competitor’s link should be done to plan out an effective strategy.

It is an easy task to build backlinks from sites that have already linked back to your site. Your google search console and google analytics account will easily help you find out which of those sites they are. Moreover, it is also suggested to look at preexisting sites to check if they are working fine.

3. Uniqueness

Every brand is unique. Every brand has a different aim, mission statement, taglines and other aspects that make it uniqueTherefore while building backlinks, this uniqueness can be of significant value and can help you build up quality backlinks.

4. Start Small

It may be a difficult task to build larger links during the initial stages. The best way to deal with this is to take things one step at a time. Start small and gradually build big connections. This way you can systematically build up a larger network of links.

5. Guestographics

Another interesting yet creative way to get relevant backlinks is through the utilisation of Guestographics. Guestographics are infographic content that can be offered to other relevant websites of your niche in exchange for a backlink on their website. Instead of posting the original infographic on your website, network with other real estate websites and exchange guestographics to build a creative yet efficient backlink into your websites.

6. Interview Link Building

If you like interacting with people, this link-building strategy is made for you! Interview prominent experts from the real estate business and leverage this content to build a successful backlink to another website. These interviews are read frequently by viewers, giving your content a chance to be utilised by other relevant websites. Once they do it, they link it to your website, thus generating a superior quality backlink for your website.

7. Business Citations

Did you know that your business citation and your online GMB profile can be an excellent way to generate great quality backlinks to your website? Many SEO experts and digital marketers make great use of the business citation to increase audience traction into your website, boost the prominence of your real estate website, and in turn, generate a higher ROI for your business.

8. Skyscraper Link Building

If you’re a fan of organically boosting your backlinking game, the skyscraper technique will be the best for you! In fact, this technique has been known to bring the best quality backlinks to websites belonging to any niche. In order to successfully receive quality backlinks through the skyscraper technique, ensure that the content that you have generated for your website is impeccable. Use your networking strategies to reach out to relevant websites and ask them to link with your page instead. Implementing the skyscraper technique can be a bit tricky. However, it is preferred by most marketers owing to its excellent result-bearing capabilities.

Know How To Differentiate A Good Backlink from Spammy Backlink

There are instances where backlinks may work exceptionally well. There are also instances where backlinks do the exact opposite. It is a true fact that backlinks are very useful. However, there is one major defining factor which is quality. Backlinks from verified and reputed sources tend to do well. There are various ways to determine the quality of backlinks.

According to Google, these are some of the criteria that low-quality backlinks have:-

The directory links may be of low quality.

Comments from forums or vlog posts that contain links.

Links embedded in a widget that are typically keyword rich, low quality or hidden.

Paid placements that make content with links pass page rank.

Given below are a few features that ensure that the backlink comes from a credible website:

1. Categorization

To choose a potential candidate it is essential to see if the content on their site is relevant to the content on your side. The categories of the website should have some relevance to your website. It is also acceptable if the sites aren’t similar but have common aspects. If the candidate fits this criterion, the site can offer good quality backlinks.

2. Domain Rating/Domain Authority

It is extremely essential that the domain rating or the domain authority isn’t lower than 20 or 30. Anything below that won’t be considered a good quality link and will be of little to no use to you.

3. Site Traffic

It is extremely essential before building links to know the amount of traffic the website generates. Knowing that will allow you to prepare for it or reconsider. It is considered that a properly functioning backlink should bring in 1000 unique visitors monthly. However, it may take some time and increase over time.

4. Content

Content is a major factor when it comes to backlinks. High-quality content is required for a backlink to be successful. The content should also be relevant and should have some connection or relation to your website. Special care should be taken to find out proper website with appropriate content. It should seem genuine.

It is best to avoid sites that have links to casinos, adult sites, and scholarships. These sites are known to be spammy. Therefore these are considered low-quality backlinks, and it is best to not use backlinks from these sites. 

Final Words

Having a well-developed network of backlinks will immensely affect your real estate business. It is one of the only ways to stay ahead of the competition. Whilst traditional marketing methods like print media and real estate brochures can be expensive, this method of acquiring traffic is one of the most efficient and cost-friendly methods. It can be done by you, or if you are unsure there are link-building companies that can be of assistance to you. To put it in simple words creating links is all about creatively using ideas and having the right mindset. It may look like a lot of work, but your business will be reaping the benefits of it for years to come.

The Daily Slash: May 6Th 2010

The Daily Slash: May 6th 2010

Here we are, it’s late Thursday night, and you’re staring at your computer screen, catching up on the latest news in the tech industry. We’re glad that you’ve made it to us tonight, and welcome to the latest edition of the Daily Slash. Tonight, in the Best of R3 Media, we’ve got Google Goggles getting a nice upgrade, a nifty trick to make your iPad work overseas, and supposedly AT&T has worked something out with Apple. In the Dredge ‘Net, we’ve got a MacBook Air knock-off, the future of Austrian phonebooths, and OLET could be better than chúng tôi Best of R3 MediaGoogle Goggles Can Now Do Translations: Ever been in a foreign land, and you find yourself staring at a restaurant’s or business’ sign out front, but for the life of you you can’t figure out what’s going on inside? Well, thanks to Google Goggles, you don’t have to worry anymore. Just snap a photo of something you need translated, pick your region, and go from there. As easy as you should expect a Google application to be. It’s available for download right now. [via Android Community]Cleave Your Way to a Vodafone 3G iPad: So, guess what? The iPad WiFi + 3G is already unlocked, even before you get it. That’s right, Apple just cut-out the middleman and went ahead with the unlock themselves. Makes it easier for an international shipping, we imagine. Anyway, if you couldn’t wait for the international version of the 3G iPad, some crazy “hacker” managed to slim down the regular sized SIM card, and make it fit into the MicroSIM card slot. And it works. Check it out for yourself if you don’t believe us. [via Everything iPad]AT&T Gets the iPhone for Another Year: According to a recent report from an analyst, who is simply speculating, apparently AT&T only agreed to the iPad’s ridiculous, contract-free data plans because of one thing: the iPhone. Obviously AT&T still wants the iPhone, and they want to be the exclusive carrier of the handset from Apple, for as long as possible. The analyst thinks that’s why everything worked out for both companies, and sure enough, that iPhone for Verizon Wireless has certainly not been announced. [via SlashPhone]The Dredge NetMeet the Iridium Star: We’ll just go ahead and say it: it’s got a cool name. And, we might even say that it sounds better than Apple’s MacBook Air, which this knock-off is so clearly trying to . . . Knock off. And yes, this is just another in a long list of Apple rip-offs, but hey, it could be a lot worse. The Iridium Star features WiFi, a 160GB hard drive, 1GB of RAM, and a 1.66GHz Intel Atom N450 processor. So, it could be worse. A lot worse. And it doesn’t even look that bad, surprisingly enough. Though, we do have to give the aesthetics to the MacBook Air. It’s got that sexiness we just can’t take our eyes off. [via Ubergizmo]Austria’s Phone Boxes Aren’t All That Useless Anymore: While phone booths aren’t necessarily the most popular thing in existence here in the United States, apparently they are even more disliked around the world. Take the ones you’ll find in Austria, for example. No one’s been using them for such a long time, that Telekom Austria believes they can go ahead and change them into electric car recharging stations. Yep, that’s a good use of recycled goods, if you ask us. [via Physorg]Organic Light Emitting Transistors Are the New OLED: Because we want them. Doesn’t OLET just seem to have more of a ring to it, than OLED? It’s just similar enough to be confusing the general public, and we can’t wait for it to hit the mainstream. Despite the fact we can’t afford an OLED TV right now, even of the smallest variety, here we are already looking at what’s coming next. OLET’s rely on three layers of material: the bottom one carries the charge, with the middle one releasing the photons when teased by the lower layer, and obviously the top layer is the one that lets those photons through to give you those glorious, beyond glorious images. Now, what’s coming after OLET? [via Engadget]

Factors That Affect The Perception Of An Individual

Before discussing anything about the above topic, let’s first understand what is meant by “perception.”

Perception is a process by which an individual interprets anything that comes in front of him or her. It is the way in which he or she utilizes his or her sensory impressions to interpret a particular situation and give a particular meaning to the environment. However, what we perceive can differ widely from what reality is.

For example, most employees view an organization as the best place to work because it has favorable working conditions, interesting job roles, better pay, and excellent benefits, but not all employees agree. There will be more categories of employees who perceive the organization to be just the opposite of what is discussed above.

The perception of an individual is an important part of organizational behavior because people’s behavior is based on their perception of reality, not on reality itself.

Now let’s discuss the factors that affect the perception quickly

How can we explain the fact that an individual may look at the same thing yet perceive it differently? There are several factors that shape and sometimes distort perception. The factors can reside in the perceiver, in the object or target being perceived, or in the situation that is prevailing at the time the perception is being made.

Factors in the perceiver

When we look at a target and try to interpret what we see, our interpretation is widely dependent on our characteristics. Let’s look at each of them −

Attitudes − Our attitudes towards anything or anyone have a great impact on our perception. And our attitudes are developed around our living background. Our childhood, our upbringing, and the nature of the people around us form and nurture our attitudes. So our attitude towards a particular target is one of the major factors that influence perception.

Motives − The motive behind anything helps to shape and sometimes distort our perception. Suppose we go for an interview and the motive behind the interview is to get an urgent job, we will perceive everything to be decent and good, and if we already have many options and our motive is to choose anyone among them, then we will start encountering good aspects as well as bad aspects.

Interest − We perceive the target as favorable and good if we have an interest in it. For example, if we choose a particular college because it offers scholarships, we will perceive it to be better than other colleges.

Experience − Our experience and expertise also shape our perceptions. A particular child can view a cartoon as the best thing to enjoy, but a youngster may or may not have any interest in it; he or she may like rock music instead of that, and an old person may not have any interest in any of them. So years of experience shape and modulate our perception towards anything.

Expectations − Our expectations of anyone or anything affect our perception. For example, the expectation of our parents with our exam result makes them perceives differently with a particular situation. The same goes for our expectations of our parents to understand our goals in life and make them perceive us differently in a particular situation.

There are a set of factors in the target that affect our perception. Let’s look at each of them

Novelty − The quality of being innovative and different is a pivotal point in any target that affects its perception by someone. Suppose in a set of children a child is very outspoken; the teacher will perceive him to be the best among the group.

Motion − The motion of a particular target helps an individual perceives it differently.

Sounds − The sound of a particular place, thing, or person affects the perception of them by different people a lot. A loud person is perceived as a more confident fellow than a slow-spoken person, who is perceived to be underconfident.

Size − The size of a particular target also has a lot to do with how different people perceive it.

Background − Suppose we see an ornament in a lavish gold shop. We will perceive it to be luxurious and lucrative, but if we see the same ornament on the road, our perception will change. So background matters a lot when making perceptions about anything or anyone.

Proximity − The closeness or similarity of a particular target with the perceived object has a lot of influence on the perception. For example, if we are Indian, we will surely emphasize Indian music more than a foreigner.

Similarity − The similarity of a particular person or thing with the target affects the perception on a wide scale.

Sometimes the situation of a particular target affects its perception

Time − the time it takes for a particular situation to happen affects its perception. If it’s a sunny day, then we perceive a child’s drink to be the most lovable thing to have, but if it’s a chilly winter day, we perceive coffee to be the most lovable thing to have.

Work setting − The setting of work at different organizations affects their perception by their employees. Suppose there is an office with hectic work schedules and tedious, tiring work days. Employees of this organization may be reluctant to work there, but if there is a similar organization with fun activities and lots of incentives, employees of this organization may love where they work.

Social setting − The people around us affect the perception of us by different people. For example, many people perceive Bihari to be low, but at the same time, a Bihari can be the most wonderful person on earth.


There are different factors that affect an individual’s perception. The favor can be in the target to be perceived, the perceiver, or the situation itself.

Live The Celebrity Life With The Cannes Film Festival App

This year’s Cannes Film Festival takes place from May 15 – 26. Every year, France’s epic movie party brings celebrities from all over the world to preview unreleased films. If you make it at Cannes, you’ll make it in theaters. Of course, this prestigious affair is by invite only, so regular folks like us have to find out about it in the news.

This year’s Cannes Film Festival takes place from May 15 – 26. Every year, France’s epic movie party brings celebrities from all over the world to preview unreleased films. If you make it at Cannes, you’ll make it in theaters. Of course, this prestigious affair is by invite only, so regular folks like us have to find out about it in the news.

Festival de Cannes – Official is the sanctioned app of the entire event. You can read news about attendees, see photos of the daily events, watch trailers of films that will be presented at the festival, and much more. If you aren’t elite enough to make it to Cannes, you can pretend like you are thanks to this comprehensive app…


The app’s basic design is classic and elegant. The categories are displayed as a pop out window with individual sections viewable on a grid. To move between different categories, either tap the tab at the top of the screen or swipe from left to right. When you find a section that you want to go to, tap its image.

There are six different categories. Each one offers a plethora of articles, pictures, videos, and more. When you tap on an article, the background will change to feature the main image and another window will pop out. A menu will appear on the left side of the screen so that you can go back to the previous window.

You can share news with others through Facebook and Twitter, or send it directly through email. Registered members of the press have access to additional content in the “Press Zone,” (even in this free app, we are reminded of how unimportant we are).

App Use

In the News section, read about press conferences from attending celebrities, like Jerry Lewis and Lynne Ramsay. Watch as breaking news gets added regularly. If you’ve missed a day, check out the archived news to read up on previous day’s events. You can tap on a specific day of the festival to find out more.

In the Selection section, find out who this year’s jury is and read their bios, see a list of films that are being presented at the festival, and find out what each award is for. On May 26, see the complete list of award winners for the 2013 Festival de Cannes.

In the Multimedia section, see trailers for each movie that will be previewed at the festival, watch video clips of red carpet walks, Q&A conferences with stars, and view daily pictures of events that take place. You can also listen to audio tracks of recent press conferences with actors and filmmakers.

In the Professional section, you can enter your registered press credentials to access additional information that the rest of us can’t see. You can also view a map of Cannes and see were each event is being presented, as well as nearby parking, transportation, hotels, and more. If you have already purchased your tickets, you can access the online ticket office for information about your reservation. The Practical Guide offers information about public transportation and cab fares, tips on getting round the Festival zone, and other helpful hints for getting the most out of the affair. The interactive program offers detailed information about when and where movies will be screened, as well as a synopsis and a map of the theater seats.

The Archives section lets users see photos and videos of the previous two Cannes Festivals. You can see the list of winners for that year’s awards, view the official selection, read about the jury, and find out about the events that took place during that year.

This app was created in collaboration with Orange, who is the official telecoms and new media partner of the Cannes Film Festival. In the Orange section, you can watch TV Festival de Cannes, listen to the official sound track, and find out more about local media coverage of the event.

The Good

If you are a film buff, this is a comprehensive app for a festival that most people will never have the chance to go to. It is full of interesting information, stunning photos, and entertaining media clips of the daily events at the World’s most esteemed film event. You’ll feel like you are at this year’s Cannes Film Festival by the time you get through all of the information.

The Bad

This is a great application with no real downside. The only thing that you could consider “bad” about it is that it just reminds you that you can’t be there in person.


You can download this app for free and it is filled with ample information on the daily goings-on at the Cannes Film Festival. You will be able to spend hours looking at pictures, watching movie trailers, and reading up on celebrities in attendance. There is no reason not to have this app on your device.


Film buffs that have always wished they could attend the Cannes Film Festival will be able to experience the entire event with daily and hourly updates. If you want to know what this year’s international hit films will be, you can be ahead of the curve by finding out the winners on the last day of the festival. Festival de Cannes – Official is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Download it for free in the App Store today.

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