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🥳 New Year’s Eve celebrations in Scotland were canceled due to the pandemic, but I was actually glad to have a cozy meal at home and some gaming time with family — giving The Medium a go right now, but I’m not brave enough to play alone!

Popular news this week



The Xiaomi 12 Series launched on December 28 in China, bringing faster charging, better displays, and camera improvements: Both the Xiaomi 12 and 12 Pro pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC — the Xiaomi 12 has a 6.28-inch AMOLED 120HZ screen compared to the 6.73-inch display on the Pro, battery life comes in at 4,500mAh and 4,600mAh respectively, and while the Pro offers 120W wired charging, you’re stuck with 67W wired charging on the regular model. The Pro also launches with MIUI 13.

Speaking of, MIUI 13 launched too: The latest version of Xiaomi’s Android skin features performance, security, and design updates as well as a tablet version, MIUI 13 Pad.

The Xiaomi Watch S1 also launched alongside the Xiaomi 12 Series with a sapphire glass lens, stainless steel body, 12-day battery life, and more for under $200 in China.


A new Motorola Razr foldable is coming: The Motorola Razr 3 will have a better design and improved power, could launch in China first.


Oppo Find X5 Pro (or X4 Pro) renders leaked showing a weird camera bump, looks like no under-display selfie camera.


Rumors say the iPhone 15 Pro will come without a SIM card slot, but this doesn’t come from a reliable leaker, so take it with a pinch of salt.

And some Apple engineers rewarded up to $180K in stock bonuses as incentive to stay, rather than moving on to companies like Meta.


Microsoft could add more hinges, screens to its future foldables: A new patent details the company’s foldable ambitions.


Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Weekly Wonder

LG Display

The Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) is the world’s largest tech convention, held in-person this year in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 5 to 8. Although many major players like Intel, AMD, Amazon, Nvidia, Microsoft, and Google have already canceled plans to attend in person due to the pandemic, things are still going ahead as planned, and there’s plenty to anticipate.

We thought we’d take a look at what to expect this year, including some of the more weird and wonderful concepts and products.


We’re not expecting to see flagship devices from Samsung, though some are anticipating the announcement of the Galaxy S21 FE (originally tipped for a January 11 launch. More likely to make an appearance are some new mid-tier handsets (possibly some A-series phones).

Samsung’s also likely to introduce its QD-OLED (Quantum Dot OLED) panel technology, and some colorful fridges with integrated cameras are also on the horizon.

And Samsung’s C-Lab division’s projects showcased at CES will include an AI-powered smartphone app that aims to improve your device habits, a smart guitar with built-in LEDs to help you learn, and a multifunctional modular serving robot.



We’re expecting the Moto Edge X in early 2023, but could we see Motorola announce it at CES? Watch this space…


We may see the TCL 30 series launch at this year’s event: TCL announced the TCL 20 5G and TCL 20 SE at last year’s CES, so we’ll have to wait and see. We could also see new 6-series Mini LED TVs, following last year’s TCL 6-series 8K.


Nvidia promises to “address the latest breakthroughs in accelerated computing, from design and simulation to gaming and autonomous machines” at CES this year, so while we’re not expecting new GPUs, anything’s possible.


Intel’s been working on its GPUs, with rumors rife that they might be announced at CES 2023. We might also get some news about their Alder Lake CPUs.

Weird and wonderful

There are some really exciting concepts that we could see at this year’s event, too — here are just a few that stand out:

The Owo Game Haptic Vest, which lest you feel being shot, punched, and even insect bites — though not sure why any of these are good things (!) — and LG’s egg-like Media Chair.

XPG imagines a gaming mouse that can store 1TB of games: The XPG Vault is a “concept” mouse that CES 2023 attendees can get a peek at, featuring a built-in SSD to make gaming libraries truly portable from your mouse. According to XPG’s official press release shared by The Verge, the “current prototype can integrate up to 1TB of Solid State memory running at 985MB/s, with USB-C connectivity.

We’ll be covering the event next week, so stay tuned for all the latest.

Tech Calendar

January 4: OnePlus Pro 10 launch date announced

Until January 5: Steam Winter Sale

Until January 19: PlayStation’s holiday sale

January 5-8: CES 2023

January 11: Samsung Galaxy S21 FE launch?

January 28: Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection comes to PS5

February 28-March 3: MWC Barcelona

Tech Tweet of the Week

This is the last Christmas-related thing I’ll share until next year, promise:

Resolving to not make any New Year’s resolutions I can’t keep this year,

Paula Beaton, Copy Editor.

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The Weekly Authority Edition #169

🎮 This week I’ve mostly been ooh-ing and aah-ing at just how gorgeous Kena: Bridge of Spirits is on PS5. It’s difficult, too, or maybe my reactions aren’t fast enough!

Popular news this week

Supplied by MediaTek


MediaTek revealed the Dimensity 9000 chip, taking aim at the Snapdragon 800 series, the first announced chip to be produced on TSMC’s 4nm process — It runs 5G without mmWave, with Wi-Fi 6E, and Bluetooth 5.3. Also, it’s the first Armv9 SoC with Cortex-X2, A710, and A510 CPUs, there’s a new Mali-G710 GPU, and it has LPDDR5X compatibility.


Hadlee Simons / Android Authority

Weekly Wonder

Move over Uber and DoorDash: there are new delivery kids on the block. The latest ultrafast delivery services promise groceries on your doorstep in 15 minutes or less, and they’re expanding fast. Companies like Jokr, Gorillas, Buyk, GoPuff, and Getir are beating the delivery services at their own game, with Uber rising to the challenge and promising superfast delivery services, starting in France.

But which companies are leading the pack, how are they fulfilling their promises, and what does this mean for the future of neighborhood stores and bodegas?

Store to door in under 15 minutes

Here are just a few of the hottest ultrafast delivery services around, coming soon to (or already in) a city near you:


This Philly-based ultrafast delivery startup is the brainchild of Rafael Ilishayev and Yakir Gola, who dreamt up the business idea while studying at Drexel University in Philadephia. They started small, delivering snacks and essential items from the back of their van around campus. Eight years later and they’re one of the biggest ultrafast delivery companies around, with over 500 micro-fulfillment centers delivering to over 1,000 cities.


Debuting in Brooklyn in May 2023, Gorillas bagged almost $1 million in funding in October, and promises to deliver from a selection of over 2,000 essential items in ten minutes or less by bike. There’s no minimum order and delivery costs just $1.80. The company has its roots in Europe though, operating in Germany, France, the UK, and the Netherlands before hitting New York.


Launched in June 2023 in select areas of New York City, Jokr has raised $170 million in investment to date. Their launch came hot on the heels of May’s Gorillas debut, and they promise delivery in 15 minutes or less via bicycle — great news for the environment — with no minimum spend and free delivery. As for profitability? The company says it will worry about that later, but had lost $73.6 million on just $1.7 million in revenue as at the end of July.


Buyk (pronounced “bike”) launched in Manhattan in the Fall, delivering online and mobile orders in 15 minutes or less, with no delivery fee and no minimum spend. Founders Rodion Shishkov and Slava Bocharov previously started Samokat, a European ultrafast delivery service. Buyk plans to expand across all New York boroughs by the end of the year, expanding to larger metro areas across the US in 2023.


Turkish grocery delivery business Getir debuted in Chicago in November 2023, offering delivery of around 2,000 popular items in ten minutes or less on scooters. The company’s opening a storefront in Andersonville and will operate seven “dark stores” that act as fulfillment centers in the city. Getir was actually founded in 2024 in Istanbul, later expanding to nine countries, the USA being the most recent. By the end of 2023, the company aims to be live in New York City and Boston.

Go Grocer

Go Grocer went live in Chicago around the same time as Getir, differing from some of the other apps on this list by having 16 brick and mortar stores that serve walk-in customers. These stores also act as micro-fulfillment centers, promising delivery of over 4,000 popular products in 15 minutes or less.

How does ultrafast delivery work?

In order to keep their promises, these companies don’t get their products from traditional stores. Instead, they run “dark stores” or micro-fulfillment centers in key delivery areas. Picking and packing are automated by robots, taking place in a space too small for human workers. This isn’t new: companies like Walmart already use these centers in some locations.

Typically these micro-fulfillment centers stock between 1,500 to 5,000 products, far fewer than the typical 35,000 products in your average grocery store.

Most of these companies — but not all — hire full-time workers rather than relying on the gig economy (more on that shortly). This costs them more but means employees get hourly wages, benefits, and tips — and when the company expands, they’ll have enough staff on hand to cover shifts.

Delivery fees are kept low, or in the case of some companies like Jokr, free, and many have no minimum order. Many also operate 24/7, so if you have a late-night ice cream craving, you know who to call…

Is ultrafast delivery really so great?

This speedy delivery is changing the way we shop — less planning ahead, more “get it now” mentality, but could it have consequences for our neighborhoods?

Skeptics worry that micro-fulfillment centers could eventually displace neighborhood bodegas and grocery stores.

And these companies may never reach your neighborhood if you don’t live in a densely populated major city — they’re likely to be hard to implement in smaller cities or rural areas, as most deliveries are by bike or scooter.

Back in July, JP Morgan warned that ultra-fast delivery startups were “a major threat to the grocery landscape,” putting pressure on other online delivery services and with the power to “potentially change significantly” our grocery shopping behavior.

Vice asked what the point of 15-minute grocery delivery was, particularly when most start-ups operate in dense urban neighborhoods where the nearest grocery store is never more than a ten-minute walk away.

What about environmental impact?

Despite the negatives, it seems there could be environmental benefits to ultrafast delivery services:

According to the New York City Food Policy Center at Hunter College, 40% of food in the US is wasted.

Jokr founder Ralf Wenzel says the company aims to use “proprietary data and machine-learning algorithms” to only order and stock what customers want, when they want it. Of course, that’s not so different from the analytics used by most major grocery stores.

Jokr also tries to use local brands as much as possible, reducing the distance goods have to travel, as well as cutting out wholesalers and middlemen, producing food from farms and small businesses directly wherever possible, reducing its carbon footprint. These supply chain changes could have a significant impact.

Whatever your thoughts on ultrafast delivery services, and whether you use them or not, retail analysts say they could struggle to survive financially if they continue delivering for free or at low cost on smaller orders. We guess time will tell if they catch on everywhere or fizzle out completely.

Tech Calendar

November 24-30: Steam Autumn Sale

November 26-29: Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend

November 30-December 2: Snapdragon Tech Summit (Snapdragon 888 successor?)

December 6-8: RSC-V Summit

December 14: Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion (December 3 for pre-orders)

Tech Tweet of the Week

Someone discovered this snail and chose to name it so chúng tôi

— Rob N Roll (@thegallowboob) November 17, 2023

Something else we learned this week from The Hustle: Did you know Betty Crocker was never a real person?

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12 Best Miui Themes To Make Your Xiaomi Device Look Like Stock Android

Love it or hate it, Xiaomi’s MIUI is one of the best custom Android skins out there. The custom skin comes with plenty of interesting features not found in AOSP and it’s even better with MIUI 11. However, the overall look is too colorful, and some people, like me, prefer the look of stock Android. Well, if you’re someone who owns a Xiaomi device running MIUI but would rather fancy the stock Android look, read on, as we discuss 12 of the best MIUI themes that you can install on your device to make it look like you’re running stock Android:

Best MIUI Themes For A Stock Android Look

I’ve tried the following themes on my Poco X2 running MIUI 11. All the themes worked perfectly without any problems. Most of the themes will also work with older MIUI smartphones. With that out of the way, let’s get to our list, shall we?

1. Pixel Experience Dark

Pixel Experience is arguably the best MIUI theme on the official Xiaomi theme store. I say this for two reasons: the theme has been well designed keeping fonts, wallpaper and dark mode in sync with Pixel 4’s aesthetics. And secondly, it doesn’t slow down the device after applying the theme which is awesome. In addition, the icon shape has the Google Material design language and all are in uniform shape giving a very stockish look on MIUI. Above all, there are many customization options including the ‘text lock screen clock’ which is available on Pixel devices and much more. So to put it straight, if you want the best MIUI theme to have a Stock Android experience on MIUI 11 then Pixel Experience Dark is the perfect pick.

Download: (Free)

2. PixPie Dark

PixPie Dark is another heavy theme that completely changes the look of your MIUI device to a Stock Android device. In more ways than one, you would find that the theme is starkly similar to OxygenOS and also has elements of Google’s Pixel software. And I love the blend of two distinct and hugely popular stock Android skin. As I said it’s a complete theme– unlike other themes which only change your wallpaper and icon– this will change your lock screen, system elements like status bar, notifications, quick settings panel, icons and of course, the wallpaper. On top of that, PixPie Dark is an up to date theme and supports the new MIUI 11 version on a range of Mi, Redmi and Poco devices.

Download: (Free)

3. Pixel Q Light

Download: (Free)

4. Android Go v2

Android Go v2 is very reminiscent of the Android Go OS — a stripped-down version of Stock Android. Incidentally, Xiaomi has also released a device called Redmi Go which comes with Android Go OS. So if you want that simpler look on your MIUI-based device then Android Go v2 is a top-notch theme. It completely simplifies the UI with essential apps on the home screen and less-cluttered quick settings panel. Apart from that, it brings down the overall RAM usage to naught because it just has a memory footprint of 2.3MB which translates to better performance. I would say if you have a low-tier Redmi device then apply this Android Go theme for a stockish look and better performance.

5. Android 10 Dark DWM2

Android 10 Dark DWM2 theme is for those users who want complete dark mode but in Google’s Material design language. It uses a Stock wallpaper from the Pixel device and changes the icon shape to circular for a uniform look. Other than that, the home screen grid size is 5×5, but if you want more of a Stock look then you can enable the App Drawer from our article on MIUI 11 hidden settings page. Furthermore, the dark mode extends to other system apps as well like the Dialer, Mi Browser, Settings and more. This theme also changes the font to condensed Roboto font and it looks pretty good on a Xiaomi device. To put it straight, if you want the Stock Android experience in complete dark mode then do check out this theme.

Download: Open the Themes app and search for ‘Android 10 Dark DWM2’

6. Android P

Android 10 is here, so you can’t be blamed for looking for a theme that resembles the new look. The Android P theme is based on Android Pie, and as you can see, it showcases the same white and blue theme all over the place. In fact, the quick settings icons are so well designed that anyone would easily mistake your device as one running actual Android 9 Pie. If you fancy the whites and want your device to look like Android P, well, then this might just be the perfect theme for you.

Download: (Free)

7. Pineapple

Well, Android P turned out to be Pie and not Pineapple, but it is a great theme nonetheless. In fact, it is one of the cleanest themes of the lot and looks a lot like Android 9 Pie. The theme offers a clean dock, along with Android Pie styled quick settings toggles. The lockscreen, on the other hand, is slightly off the mark on my device, since the theme doesn’t support 18:9 ratios. Nonetheless, if you can look past the lockscreen, you get a near stock AOSP experience, which is kind-off what this list is all about.

Download: (Free)

8. Pure Android P

Download: (Free)

9. Android One

Android One is one of the cleanest forms of Android available to OEMs, and the same can be said for this theme right here. The Android One theme looks pretty similar to those found on Android One devices, boasting of the circular icons, folder icons, the Pixel widget, and much more. The icons in the status bar also resemble the AOSP ones quite closely. Personally, I fancy this theme a lot, simply because it does not add a lot of bells and whistles, but looks plain simple, just the way Stock Android should as well.

10. Android Origin

Origin is an open-source theme project that brings Android 8.0 Oreo’s basic look to your Xiaomi device. It’s free to download and comprises of the translucent dock, rounded icons, notification shade and lock-screen similar to stock Android. It brings about a change in the quick settings as well and looks pretty similar to stock AOSP. The theme also comes with a cool set of wallpapers, so if you’re looking for an MIUI theme that resembles AOSP perfectly, then Android Origin is easily one of the top picks.

Download: (Free)

11. Oxygen 999

Stock Android is great, but there are certain things I love about OxygenOS as well, especially with the way that it merges Stock AOSP with its own UI elements. Well, if you share the same emotions, the Oxygen 999 theme is for you. The theme provides you a stock Android Nougat homescreen, lockscreen and in-call experience. While you do not get any additional customization features, the fact that the overall look is the same as OxygenOS should suffice for most users. The theme literally makes your device look like the OnePlus 3/3T, which I personally fany a lot, but it does come with the cost of an ill-rendered lockscreen.

Download: (Free)

12. AOSP Extended

No no, I am not asking you to install the AOSP Extended custom ROM on your device, despite it being one of my favorite ROMs out there. Nonetheless, the AOSP Extended theme aims to give you pretty much the same “extended” look on your MIUI device. The AOSP Extended theme comes circular icons along with a dark grey/black theme all around. I especially love the quick settings in this theme, that offers a transparent look to the background. The theme is one of the most stable that I’ve used, and while it isn’t AOSP per se, it is quite better in every sense, thanks to the stability and the custom icons.

Download: (Free)

Rock That Stock Android Look on Your MIUI Device

This Week In Apple: Iphone 12 Launch Rumors As Well As Pricing Leaks

The top Apple news stories of the past week:

iPhone 12 series still on track, but just might be hard to get: According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Apple’s planned launch of the iPhone 12 series is still expected to happen at the usual time (likely September). However, there might be production delays for the new smartphones, which means they could either land in retail stores later than usual or launch at the usual time — but just be very hard to get.

iPhone 12 series pricing leaked: Speaking of the iPhone 12 series, we have our first pricing leak related to the new phones. According to Front Page Tech (via MacRumors), the lowest-priced iPhone in the new series will start at $649 — that’s $50 less than the lowest-tier iPhone 11. This is notable because we are fairly certain the $649 iPhone will have an OLED panel, which would make it the cheapest OLED iPhone ever.

Apple announces quarterly earnings, services big winner: Apple’s earnings report for the previous quarter showed that its bet on services such as Apple TV Plus is paying off. However, YoY the company didn’t do much better than 2023, which is unusual for the brand. One can only imagine what Apple’s next quarter will look like, but the company isn’t issuing an updated investor guidance — yet.

In-display fingerprint rumor pops up again: The old rumor of Apple possibly bringing an in-display fingerprint sensor to a high-end iPhone popped up again through Chinese news site Economic Daily News. While it does seem likely that Apple will eventually bring the tech to an iPhone, it doesn’t seem likely that it will be this year, despite the claims of this report. Instead, we expect to see it in 2023. Nothing’s set in stone, though.

The iPhone SE really is just a rebranded iPhone 8: Venerable teardown site iFixit tore apart the iPhone SE and found that certain major components of the budget smartphone are actually completely compatible with iPhone 8 parts. That means you could buy an iPhone 8 for cheap and use some of its parts in your new iPhone SE, should that be necessary.

iPhone 11 sales strong in India: Despite Apple’s historic habit of brushing off emerging markets, it looks like the iPhone 11 is making some headway in India. According to Counterpoint Research, Apple was the third-fastest growing brand in India’s smartphone market in the first quarter of this year.

Exposure notification now in an iOS beta: Apple and Google are teaming together to offer developers easy API access to smartphone data to help with the creation of exposure notification apps for the COVID-19 pandemic. That API is now starting to trickle out in a beta form.

How to switch from iPhone to Android: Sync your contacts, photos, and more!


The best place to start would be our guide on how to switch from iPhone to Android, which goes over all the basics. We also have more specific guides, such as how to transfer your calendar from iPhone to Android. We also have app guides that will give you the best alternatives to iOS staples, such as our list of best alternatives to FaceTime on Android.

If you’re looking for a great Android device to replace your iPhone, consult our list of the best Android smartphones available now.

The Daily Slash: November 12 2010

The Daily Slash: November 12 2010

First of all, everyone who is a Windows Phone 7 developer: watch out. You’re going to want to take a look at this. For everyone else, hooray, what a fun day! Angry Birds is heading to Xbox LIVE arcade, PlayStation Network, and WiiWare, Galaxy Tab Flash turns out to be quite the dish, and Wired shows it’s tatas. Finally, we decide whether Facebook e-mail makes sense or not and we get a DROID PRO in the mail to unbox and put our HANDS ON.SlashSCIENCE

So you know how your dog drinks: by basically lifting water up with his tongue, using his tongue like a sort of ladle. You know how YOU drink: like a fish. But do you know how a cat drinks? Pedro M. Reis and Roman Stocker of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Sunghwan Jung of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and Jeffrey M. Aristoff of Princeton know how cats drink. They’ve been on a mission for about three and a half years (not working on this exclusively, but having it on their mind the whole time) to find out how cats drink, Doctor Stocker found inspiration in his cat Cutta Cutta. To do the experiment, this cat-lapping team used a machine that mimics a cat’s tongue with a glass disk at the end of a piston to jam down into the drinkable liquid. Turns out cats use their tongue, curved down at the tip so as to effectively and quickly touch the surface of the liquid, pulling the tongue then upward at high speed to draw a column of liquid upward – the cat then simply KNOWS the point at which the liquid will fall back down, clamping its jaw down before that happens. Yummy yummy milk in a dish! NOTE I like how in the graphic, the source is cited as “Science.” – Thanks to Elizabeth for the tip!

[Via The New York Times]

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The Weekender: February 10 To 12

The Weekender: February 10 to 12

Kansas City Chiefs fans during Super Bowl LVII opening night Monday, February 6, in Phoenix, Ariz. The Chiefs will play the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. (AP Photo/Matt York)

February 10 to 12

The Weekender

It’s a weekend of sports and comfort food, with restaurants around town serving up ample opportunities to catch the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles square off at Super Bowl LVII. Football not your jam? The BU women’s ice hockey team has a huge rivalry tilt against Boston College on Saturday night—and since it’s ChiliFest, you can grab a bite there, too. As the weekend comes to a close, get ready for Valentine’s Day with the #DTXLOVE celebration in Downtown Crossing.

Blackmoor Bar & Kitchen Super Bowl Tailgate Buffet

Hop over to Charlestown for tailgate specialties like ribs, corn bread, potato salad, mac ’n’ cheese, and fried chicken.

February 12, 4 to 8 pm, Blackmoor Bar & Kitchen, One Chelsea St., Charlestown.

Sunset Cantina Sunday Service Super Bowl Watch Party

Look no further than this newly reopened campus favorite for all your Super Bowl needs—plus, a margarita or two. No tickets or registration required, which means get there early.

February 12, doors at 5 pm, Sunset Cantina, 916 Commonwealth Ave., Boston.

Battle of Commonwealth Avenue ChiliFest Game

The BU women’s hockey team has an important matchup against the Boston College Eagles on Saturday. Come for the hockey, stay for the chili: each BU dining hall will make a different type of chili and fans can vote for their favorite.

February 11, 7 pm, Walter Brown Arena. Purchase tickets here. 


Catch Boston’s favorite improv troupe at the Rockwell this Friday night. Alums include film stars, Emmy Award–winning comedians, and acclaimed producers, directors, musicians, and writers.

February 10, 9:30 to 11 pm, The Rockwell, 255 Elm St., Somerville. Purchase tickets here.


Come feel the love at Downtown Crossing’s free, two-day Valentine’s Day event. There will be an ice sculpture, live music, hot chocolate, and a dance party.

February 10, noon to 8 pm, and February 11, noon to 5:30 pm, at Downtown Crossing. Find more information here.

Black Light Yoga

Grab a white tee and head to FitRec for a free black light yoga class, courtesy of BU’s Wellbeing Project and instructor Ramelle Adams. Participants can decorate a complimentary yoga mat.

February 12, 3 to 5 pm, FitRec. Register here.

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