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A global research study finds TikTok is a key part of consumers’ path to purchase, where are increasingly discovering and buying new products.

The study aims to identify TikTok’s role in and perceptions across the retail consumer journey.

According to results of the study, the impact of TikTok is translating outside of the platform and into the real world.

TikTok is reshaping the traditional path to purchase and driving sales at scale.

Rather than a sales funnel, the path to purchase on TikTok is described as an “infinite loop.” That means there’s no defined start an end point.

Instead, consumers enter, exit, and re-enter the sales journey at different stages based on their needs and wants.

It’s important for marketers to be aware of the results of this study, as TikTok’s influence over consumer purchase decisions will likely only go up from here.

Here are the top highlights of the study to take note of.

Key Highlights From The Study On The TikTok Sales Journey

In the following sections you’ll find a roundup of key data points from the TikTok Marketing Science Global Retail Path To Purchase Study, conducted by Material.

TikTok User Statistics

These stats highlight users’ perception of TikTok, along with their wants and needs:

44% of daily TikTok users want branded content to be fun and entertaining.

49% of users say TikTok is a source for discovering something new.

35% of users say TikTok is a source for learning something new.

29% of users say TikTok is a source for inspiration.

These stats highlight the consumer behavior of TikTok users:

Users spend 14% more when TikTok is part of the purchase journey

37% of users discovered something on TikTok and immediately went to buy it.

35% of TikTok users buy something they see on the platform.

29% of users say they weren’t able to buy a product they discovered on TikTok because it was sold out.

39% of TikTok users say “lifting spirits” is a key factor when they decide to buy a product.

TikTok Users Post-Purchase Behavior

The following stats highlight what TikTok users do after they buy a product they discovered on the platform:

1 in 5 users make how-to or tutorial videos on TikTok.

1 in 4 users created a post showing off a product they bought.

1 in 5 users DM a brand.

1 in 4 users followed a brand.

TikTok Users Compared To Other Social Media Users

Compared to users on other social media platforms, TikTok users are:

1.5x more likely to immediately go out and buy something they discovered on the platform compared to other platforms’ users.

1.5x more likely to convince a friend or family member to buy a product they’ve seen on the app

2.4x more likely to create a post and tag a brand after buying a product.

1.3x more likely to feel excited or euphoric about product purchases.

1.4x more likely than users on other platforms to research products and brands they discover.

For more data on TikTok’s role in consumers’ path to purchase, see the full study.

Source: TikTok

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How To Delete A Tiktok Video

Have you ever uploaded the wrong video to TikTok? It happens sometimes, especially if you produce multiple videos per day. The good news is that deleting a TikTok video is easy. The bad news? TikTok might punish you and cause your views to drop if you do.

Unless absolutely necessary, don’t delete any of your videos. Uploading one by mistake is one thing; bringing down an established video because it doesn’t perform like you want is something else. It could hurt your overall traffic on the platform. While getting docked by the TikTok algorithm can be fixed, it takes a lot of extra work that could be better spent growing your audience.

Table of Contents

How to Delete a TikTok Video on Mobile

Deleting a TikTok from the app on iPhone or Android devices is often the easiest approach.

Open TikTok and then tap the


icon in the bottom-right corner.

Select the video you want to delete.

Tap the three dots on the lower-right side of the screen.

Scroll all the way to the right of the menu and then tap


When the confirmation screen pops up, tap the

Delete option.

It resembles a trash can icon.

That’s all it takes to delete videos from your TikTok app.

How to Delete a TikTok Video From Your Browser

Open TikTok in your web browser of choice.

Select your TikTok account icon in the top-right corner of the screen and then select

View Profile


Select the video you want to delete and then select the three dots in the top-right corner.

When the confirmation window appears, select the

Delete button


Deleting a video is as simple as that.

What if you want to hide a video without deleting it? This helps you avoid getting dinged by the algorithm, but can also stop the video from accumulating views. You might want to do this if you’re working to build a brand but you have a video that targets the wrong audience through its hashtags. That audience can skew who TikTok shows your content to and make it harder for you to reach the right people. The good news? It’s easy to hide a video from other TikTok users.

How to Make a TikTok Video Private

A private TikTok video can be an alternative to deleting a video. Changing the privacy settings of a video is simple enough.

On mobile:

Open TikTok and select the video you want to make private.

Tap the three dots icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Scroll over and select

Privacy Settings.


Who can watch this video



Only me.

Through a browser:

Open TikTok, select your TikTok profile icon, and then select the video you want to make private.

Select the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen and then select

Privacy Settings





Once you do this, TikTok will hide that video from your profile so that no one else can see it. Hiding what you post means it won’t appear on anyone’s home page and will disappear from anyone’s favorite videos list, as well as your profile page.

How to Delete Your TikTok Profile

If you decide that your account just isn’t working out for you and you want to leave TikTok for a different social media platform or just start a new account, then you can delete your entire account instead of removing individual videos. Note that this is a permanent decision; once you do this, you can’t reverse the choice. You’ll have to start over from scratch.

On mobile:

Tap the three lines in the top-right corner and select

Settings and privacy


You can select a reason why you’re leaving the platform, or you can tap


in the top-right corner.

You can then download all of your TikTok data if you like. Before you are able to continue, tap the icon at the bottom to confirm you have reviewed the data request alert.

Continue to follow the on-screen instructions. Your account will be deleted, and you’ll be free to start a new TikTok account.

Through a browser:




Delete account.

Follow the remaining instructions to delete your account. The end result will be the same as if you deleted it through the iOS or Android application.

Like all social networking platforms, TikTok is algorithm-driven – but because the platform is so new, it’s hard to keep up with the best practices for growing your audience. If you make a mistake and start to lose followers or just can’t seem to gain the traction you need, consider starting over with a new account, deleting a few offending videos, or just making them private so the algorithm focuses on the kind of content you want to push.

Hadoop, Web 2.0 Get A Path To Tape For Cheap Long

An appliance designed for Web 2.0 companies may take them back to the future with tape storage.

Tape has been around since the dawn of electronic computers and is still used for many types of long-term storage, but it hasn’t played much of a role in modern Web-based applications. When consumers go to check out old photos on social media sites, it’s likely those images will be stored on low-cost spinning disks, though Facebook is now looking to flash for this type of data.

Now tape specialist Spectra Logic is introducing a software interface and an appliance to help companies with huge amounts of less-used data shift it over to tape libraries. Tape is the cheapest way to store files for a long time that don’t need to be used frequently, said Molly Rector, Spectra’s executive vice president of product management and worldwide marketing.

Spectra Logic is jumping on what some industry analysts call a growing role for tape in some organizations with big data. Overall sales of tape systems are falling, but individual deployments are getting bigger, analysts say. Low cost and energy demands are among tape’s calling cards.

On Thursday, Spectra Logic introduced the BlackPearl Deep Storage Appliance, which uses the company’s recently announced DS3 interface. The appliance can work with special software clients for Hadoop and other big-data environments or with clients that enterprises and software vendors write themselves, according to Spectra.

Until now, Web and cloud data have had no direct interfaces to tape storage systems, Rector said. Tape libraries have special requirements, including the need to find the correct cartridge and retrieve it. “You have to know how to talk to robots,” she said. That has meant complicated middleware that Web and cloud companies don’t want to deal with, according to Rector.

DS3 and the BlackPearl provide the missing link, using REST (Representational State Transfer), an architectural approach that’s commonly used in Web and cloud environments, Rector said: “Now they can just write a normal REST application and they don’t have to know anything else beyond that.” The appliance does all the rest, including managing the data transfer process and assigning object metadata, according to Spectra. For now, the BlackPearl is designed for use only with Spectra Logic tape libraries.

Behind the appliance, a tape storage system can scale up from 15 terabytes to multiple petabytes, Spectra said. That suits the needs of enterprises in entertainment, life sciences, oil and gas exploration, government, finance and social media, as well as cloud storage providers, according to the company. Yahoo has already started using the technology to archive Hadoop data, Rector said.

That’s cheaper than long-term storage based on hard drives or cloud storage services, and users can access the data as often as they want at no extra cost, which isn’t always the case with cloud storage, Rector said. Tape is also the most space-efficient storage technology and has a typical shelf life of 30 years, according to the company.

The BlackPearl is available for beta testing now and set to go on sale in December. The Hadoop DS3 client and the Spectra Logic Developer Program for enterprises and software vendors are available now.

Healthtap Puts Remote Healthcare In The Hands Of Consumers

Covid-19 brought a new spotlight to telehealth. The virus caused fears and restrictions that led to a drastic reduction in the number of people receiving care. Remote healthcare services were forced to take over.

Remote healthcare isn’t going away, even though the worst days of the pandemic may be over.

Similar to remote work, being able to offer safe and accessible healthcare without having to be present will continue to be an integral part of the healthcare industry moving forward.

HealthTap is one company that continues to champion telehealth, pandemic or otherwise. HealthTap offers a tech-forward, remote-friendly healthcare service. It aims to continue offering affordable and better healthcare through the expanding remote healthcare channel.

How HealthTap Puts Healthcare in The Hands of Consumers

HealthTap was founded in 2010 and has been working towards this goal for more than a decade.

Its tech-based solutions, which are industry leaders in their field, are continuously pushing the company towards its goal of making primary care available to everyone in America — regardless of whether they have insurance.

This innovative brand of remote healthcare is changing the status quo in many ways and leading the way to a more healthy, telehealth-friendly future.

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Best CRM software for 2023

A Healthcare Reset: Same Healthcare — Different Approach

HealthTap’s unique approach to solving the problem is what sets it apart from other healthcare options.

Similar companies aim to improve the healthcare system. The solution for the HealthTap team was to start from a consumer-centric perspective and back up.

With this in mind, founders asked key questions.

What are consumers looking for?

What are patients looking to find?

Do they not have access to the right services? The current system is full of inefficiencies and costs that have been discovered throughout the process. Patients seek simple and straight answers to their most difficult health problems. Inefficiencies are often discovered.

Too often, insurance companies influence the selection of doctors, procedures, and medications. Patients are often restricted by geographical limitations, which can make it difficult to find the right doctor for them.

No matter what the circumstance, third-party entities that have other goals or objectives should not make such personal, important decisions.

Comprehensive Remote Healthcare: HealthTap’s End to End Experience

HealthTap’s focus on virtual primary healthcare is one of its strengths.

The company worked hard to create a network that treats each patient as a human being and not as a collection of symptoms.

Each appointment can be made by the same doctor. This helps them build trust over time.

HealthTap offers this personal touch and a strong set of tech tools to help you keep your costs down and make it easy for you to access services around the clock.

The AI asks members questions and provides a digital interview. HealthTap’s system uses this to triage each patient. It classifies their issues and assigns a level of urgency. For example, a sore thumb is not as urgent as a sore knee.

The company then uses this information to schedule a virtual consultation with a physician. You can use a variety of remote healthcare communication channels to accomplish this. Patients can contact providers via text, audio, or a combination of audio and video. Video is recommended, however, for maximum effectiveness.

Virtual communication allows patients and doctors to communicate with each other, allowing them to discuss their symptoms. As the patient moves from one end of the telehealth experience to the next, doctors can also provide treatment plans.

Accessibility: Anytime, Anywhere Treatment

HealthTap’s remote health services are different than traditional healthcare in that they can be accessed at any hour of the day.

It’s not just convenient to have 24/7 care. It’s essential.

No matter what time structure man has created, illness can occur. Traditional healthcare services are available from 9-5 Monday through Friday. This is unfortunately true during the busiest hours of any working business.

This makes it difficult for individuals to make a choice between their health and their school and work responsibilities. They must choose from overloaded, expensive after-hours urgent care centers or emergency rooms if they are unable to do so.

HealthTap offers consumers an unprecedented level of control, allowing them to access healthcare solutions according to their schedule.

Low Costs: Efficiency is the key to affordability

Healthcare is costly. It’s not a secret. This problem has been increasing for many years. The recent pandemic only made matters worse. In fact, healthcare costs increased by 10% in 2023, the year that began the crisis.

HealthTap’s telehealth service is a quality alternative to HealthTap, but it’s still expensive.

HealthTap’s tech-focused format makes quality alternatives possible. The AI and other tech elements of HealthTap automate many manual and routine healthcare-related tasks. Both members and doctors benefit from this, as it saves time and reduces the amount of rigmarole.

The Healthcare Bells and Whistles

This innovative approach to healthcare does not just eliminate many of the costs and inconveniences associated with traditional healthcare. Digitally-driven Telehealth has opened up new avenues for innovation.

HealthTap’s software, for example, has been streamlined to personalize the presentation and organization of personal data. All information, including notes from virtual doctor consultations and prescribed treatment plans, is securely stored in one location.

This information can be accessed from any digital device, at any hour of the day or night, due to its digital nature.

Privacy Protection for Sensitive Digital Data

HealthTap can overcome this concern. HealthTap has invested more than a decade in its network.

The development team didn’t rush to set up a telehealth infrastructure. This is often the case with many other providers who switched to this format during the pandemic.

HealthTap was already well-established before the crisis. Their tech tools are therefore already reliable and efficient. This allows R&D to concentrate on other priorities such as expanding the company’s network of board-certified healthcare professionals.

Board-certified healthcare professionals are available to answer any call. Patients can also reach a professional from anywhere within the HealthTap network.

Telehealth is here to stay. It can be daunting to choose the right remote healthcare provider. Consumers should look into options such as HealthTap which provides targeted tech tools and high-quality network doctors and safe, affordable, and accessible healthcare solutions.

Fix: Path Of Exile Fps Drops, Lag & Stuttering

Fix: Path of Exile FPS Drops, Lag & Stuttering [5 Ways] These easy solutions confirmed by our experts are waiting for you




Path of Exile FPS drops can happen due to outdated drivers or graphics cards.

Checking the requirements will help you decide whether your PC can run the game smoothly.

The Auto detect option in games will optimize the graphics to give you the best gaming experience.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Path of Exile is a popular action-packed role-playing game, but users have recently reported that it’s lagging or stuttering. Path of Exile FPS drops can come from various causes.

The settings configuration, old drivers, or VSync might all be the culprits. Each of these causes has a workaround that will increase the frame rate and eliminate any stuttering.

Since the developers have optimized the game on consoles, you should not expect it to freeze or lag on these gaming devices. So, our main focus will be to offer fixes for Path of Exile FPS drops on PC.

Why is my Path of Exile so laggy?

Various factors can cause FPS drops, including your PC not meeting the system requirements, errors in the game files, and a slow internet connection.

Antivirus software, the Windows firewall, and old graphics cards can also cause lags.

How do I fix FPS drops, lag & stuttering in Path of Exile? 1. Check system requirements

Minimum requirements:

OS: Windows 7 SP1/Windows 8

Processor: Quad-core 2.6GHz x86-compatible

Memory: 8 GB of RAM

Graphics: GeForce GTX 650 Ti or ATI Radeon HD 7850

DirectX: Version 11

Network: Broadband Internet connection

Storage: 40 GB available space

Recommended requirements:

OS: Windows 10

Processor: Quad-core 3.2GHz x64-compatible

Memory: 16 GB of RAM

Graphics: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti or ATI Radeon RX560

DirectX: Version 11

Network: Broadband Internet connection

Storage: 40 GB available space

Most of the time, compatibility problems with your PC specifications might create such problems. So, before leaping to any assumptions, we recommend you thoroughly review the game’s system requirements and PC characteristics.

Above, we have presented the minimum and recommended system requirements for this game.

Graphics card manufacturers offer graphics card driver updates to increase frame rates and optimize performance.

An outdated driver can create problems with your PC’s components, including sound cards, Wireless controllers, and imaging devices.

Expert tip:

You can choose to use a specialized program that will help you update your drivers automatically. It can scan your PC to detect old drivers and download the latest version for them from its consistently revised database.

Keeping all drivers up-to- date and error-free is the key to play intense games without any crashes, lags, or freezes.

Since manual checks are challenging to do, we suggest using an automated assistant that will regularly check for new driver versions. Here is how to use it:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

Restart your PC for the changes to take effect.

Outbyte Driver Updater

Do not let a faulty driver disrupt your gaming experience, use Outbyte Driver Updater to run them without any issues.

Free trial Download now

Disclaimer: this program needs to be upgraded from the free version in order to perform some specific actions.

3. Turn Auto Settings on

During gameplay, press the Esc key on your keyboard.

Now, navigate to the Settings menu and select Video.

Choose Auto Settings.

Restart the game to see whether the frame drops or lags remain.

If you haven’t been able to resolve the frame drop problem, be sure you switch to auto settings in video settings by following the instructions above.

4. Eliminate background running tasks

Unnecessary background running applications or programs can also take resources on the system, causing crashes, lags, stutters, FPS decreases, and other problems.

Why can’t I get more than 30 FPS?

If your FPS is limited to 30, VSync is likely to be set to double buffered. Please try turning it off or switching to triple buffered mode.

On the other hand, if the FPS is limited to 60, VSync is likely to be set to double or triple buffering. You should turn off VSync to restore your FPS.

The game is enjoyable, but frame dips can ruin the experience and leave you wondering what caused the problem.

The solutions listed above will help you in minimizing the use of system resources by other apps, allowing your PC to devote its full power to improve your gaming experience.

To avoid future difficulties, keep your system up to date and upgrade your PC components.

Still experiencing troubles? Fix them with this tool:


Some driver-related issues can be solved faster by using a tailored driver solution. If you’re still having problems with your drivers, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and get it up and running immediately. Thus, let it update all drivers and fix other PC issues in no time!

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Get Alt Tiktok Quiz Here: Find Out What Side Of Tiktok You Are On

TikTok has taken the world by storm, with creators gaining immeasurable fame through the social media app. The app allows users to create videos of themselves, sometimes using voice-overs from movies and such. But did you know that not all TikTokers are created equally? Recently trending, Alt TikTok has divided the fandom into two; Alt TikTok and Straight TikTok.

What is Alt TikTok

Alt TikTok is a subdivision of the TikTok fandom. The term refers to an alternate version of TikTok, still within the app though. There is no physical division between Alt TikTok and Straight TikTok, but there is a division in the choice of content.

Alt TikTok proposes that there is a whole section of users on TikTok that appreciate a very different style of videos; almost an anti-TikTok version. Alt TikTok does not follow the latest trends and happenings in the TikTok world. Instead, it is ironic and even attempts to make fun of such trends.

Alt TikTok users will have a very different ‘For You’ page on the app. TikTok’s ‘For You’ page is basically a playlist of video that the apps think you would like. The list is based on your viewing history, likes, favorites, etc.

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What is the Alt TikTok Quiz

The Alt TikTok quiz is made to help you figure out which side of TikTok you really belong to, even if you don’t know yourself.

The Alt TikTok Quiz asks users a bunch of questions about their choice of media consumption on the app. It also checks if you are familiar with any of the famous TikTok creators. At the end of the quiz, you are categorized according to the answers you have provided.

What side of TikTok am I on?

anyone else on straight tiktok but also on alt tiktok? cuz i’m on both

— pigs 😀 (@quackityspig) June 5, 2023

So how do you find out which side of TikTok you are on? By taking the Alt TikTok quiz! See the link for “Alt TikTok Quiz” to get started.

Of course, the quiz is not definitive. Because of the huge amount and variety of videos on the app, there is a chance you may not have stumbled across some of these famous TikTokers.

The quiz is a good start as it gets you thinking, whether you find the TikTok trends entertaining or annoying. If you still cannot decide, then take a look at the video below to check if you belong to Straight TikTok or Alt TikTok or if you’re someone who likes both. Find the quiz below.

Take the Alt TikTok Quiz here

Find out which side of TikTok you are on using the link given below. Below, you will find a Google Form with 11 questions. As each question is worth 4 points, you can score 44 points if you answer them all correctly.

► Find the Alt TikTok Quiz Google Form here

What are the 11 questions in Alt TikTok Quiz

When is the gummy bear album in stores??? *

What is a Barb *

What member of the sm6band do we hate for no reason? *

Who will we never allow to join our cult? *

Are step chickens on the straight or elite side of tik tok?

What is the elite side of tik tok’s names? Select all that apply *

There’s a lot of people in what country? *

finish the sentence: “chicken wing chicken wing…..” *

Want more? Here are 26+ questions on YouTube.

In case you still can’t figure out if you belong to the Straight TikTok crowd or if you want to get to the Alt TikTok audience instead, you can check by putting yourself to testing which of the following TikTok original sounds you get before the reveal. Here’s a video of top Alt TikTok sounds (17 questions):

Don’t stress yourself if you could only get 1-3 of the sounds right; it only means that you belong to the straight crowd. If your score is around the 13-17 region, then you can consider yourself as someone who belongs to Alt TikTok. If you scored somewhere in the middle, you guessed it right, you’re on both sides.

Here is another video (9 questions):

Okay, one more video that could help you settle the deal and have some inner peace:

How to get on Alt TikTok

As this Urban dictionary definition defines it, Alt TikTok is nothing but TikTok with humor instead of the looks. The distinction has nothing to do with your sexuality but more about how arbitrary and funny your videos are. If you consider yourself as someone who belongs to the Alt TikTok world, then your videos will be about generation Z humor and you would be talking about how terrible your life is.

More TikTok Google Form

Google form is a trending hashtag on TikTok, that is closely associated with the Alt TikTok community.

#googleform videos have creators selecting from multiple choices of answers, the lyrics to famous songs, as the song plays in the background. It is oddly satisfying to watch the music match the lyrics that are being selected on the Google form.

Alternatives to the #googleform include audio from funny scenes in movies or TV shows. Since this is not the typical content that TikTok creators come up with, the term has been trending with Alt TikTokers.

Visit: TikTok Google Forms

Well, now that you know about Alt TikTokers, which side do you think you belong to? Alt TikTok or Straight TikTok?


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