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While we are on the cusp of 5G and the next generation of network speeds, one can only guess how big the gaming industry is going to grow in the coming decade. The competition is getting tough out there, with the eSports industry fetching a prize pool of around $10 to $15 million on average. Hence, it is no surprise that every gamer out there is doing everything and anything possible to improve their mobile gaming skills.

And, thanks to the growing support for gaming controllers, you can enjoy ergonomic and tactical feedback from your controls rather than the usual tap on a glass surface.

There are tons of different gaming accessories that are available on the market and we have created a comprehensive list of each one of them. If you have been on the hunt for viable and useful mobile gaming accessories then we have the perfect guide for you.

Let’s get started.

The Steelseries Stratus Duo is one of the most popular and highly reviewed game controllers on the market that is currently available for Android. The controller is also compatible with Microsoft Windows which allows you to seamlessly switch between your mobile device or PC.

Additionally, the company has also made sure that the controller is also compatible with modern-day VR accessories like the Oculus GO and the Samsung Gear VR. Stratus Duo supports Bluetooth connectivity as well as wireless connectivity over the 2.4GHz band frequency.

Ideally, if you are considering this controller for mobile gaming then I would recommend getting the $10 mobile clip accessory that lets you attach your smartphone right against the face of the controller.

Stratus Duo is also Steam enabled which makes it compatible with over 6,000 game titles that are currently available on the platform. Additionally, the controller also comes with wired gameplay support with plug and play functionality which eliminates the need for any proprietary software.

It has a wireless range of 12m and comes with a built-in lithium-ion battery that provides it with over 20+ hours of gameplay time. The controller is modeled after your traditional XBOX controller alongside a few performance upgrades that include the likes of magnetic triggers and a more ergonomic design.

Magnetic triggers have a better lifespan than your traditional spring-loaded triggers that are found on most controllers nowadays. They provide excellent performance in FPS shooters while maintaining high accuracy in racing games.

The controller can also be charged while it is in use which is rare for controllers that are currently available on the market at this price point.


20+ hour battery life

BT connectivity & 2.4ghz wireless connectivity

Easy toggle to switch between connections

Plug & play functionality

No additional software required on mobile devices

Ergonomic design

Magnetic triggers

Durable analog sticks


Drivers required on windows platform

No haptic feedback

The Raiju Mobile from the house of Razer is a premium mobile gaming controller that comes with tons of features and durable, ergonomic design. The controller is compatible with all major platforms including Android and Microsoft Windows.

It uses both wired and wireless connectivity to switch between different compatible devices. The Raiju Mobile requires Android 6.0 or higher and comes with its own proprietary app to control different functions of the controller.

Additionally, the controller also features a hair-trigger mode that activates mechanical stop switches. This significantly reduces the travel distance for the actuators in your triggers which will allow you to enter rapid-fire mode with a single tap.

It also comes with an adjustable in-built phone mount that can tilt up to 60o which provides the perfect viewing angle for gaming. Additionally, the controller has mecha tactile action buttons and comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides battery backup of up to 23 hours in a single charge.


Ergonomic design perfect for large hands

Top of the line build quality

4 remappable multi-function buttons

Trigger locking functionality

BT & USB-c compatibility

Up to 23 hours of battery backup

Adjustable phone mount

Hair-trigger mode

Dedicated mobile application

Adjustable clutch sensitivity


Fragile design prone to damage from minor drops

USB wire needs to be carried separately

No interchangeable d-pad or thumbsticks despite premium pricing

The 8Bitdo SN30 Pro+ is my favorite all-around controller to carry. It is not only portable but also compatible with all major platforms that are currently available on the market. The controller features wireless Bluetooth connectivity alongside wired compatibility with a USB-C connection.

The 8Bitdo SN30 Pro+ also allows you to individually map every button on the controller which allows you to create the best-personalized gaming experience according to your preferences. The thumbsticks feature a customized and textured design which results in higher accuracy and precision.

Additionally, the 8Bitdo SN30 Pro+ also allows you to control the haptic feedback of the controller and even comes with a removable 1000 mAh battery pack. This means that you can buy a spare one and keep it as a backup in your backpack for emergency in-game challenges.

You might think that these features are enough but the 8Bitdo SN30 Pro+ packs a surprise with its 6-axis motion sensor that allows you complete motion control in racing games.


Compatible with Windows, Android, macOS, Steam, Nintendo switch & Raspberry pi

6-axis motion sensor

Removable 1,000 mah battery that gives 20 hours of game time with a 4-hour charge

Textured thumbsticks, triggers & buttons

Available in three color schemes: classic, all black & off white

Wired USB-C compatibility

Completely remappable controls

Triggers with customizable actuation

Modifiable vibration settings


Need to buy smartphone clip separately

Rumble feedback inaccurate for some games

The Newseego finger sleeves are an excellent budget choice for any mobile gamer. They come in a sleek fancy design and are made from premium anti-sweat fabric that helps keep your fingers dry during long gaming sessions.

This is the upgraded version of the original finger sleeve by Newseego and features reduced thickness and the ability to use it from all sides. They are made from wire fabric which is more breathable and conductive when compared to its cotton and polyester counterparts.

This allows you to game for hours without any risk of hand or finger fatigue. The outer fabric of the finger sleeve is made from anti-oil and non-slip material which ensures that you have an excellent grip at all times while making sure that the sweat build up in your fingers does not create smudges on the screen.

If you were looking for a cheap option that would help you improve your grip during FPS games on your mobile, then the Newseego Finger Sleeves are an excellent choice for you.


Cheap price

Multiple options

Anti-slip & anti-sweat construction

Oil-proof & smudge protection

Compatible with all games & mobile platforms

No-risk of ban in games like PUBG

Highly conductive wire mesh fabric

Both sides operational

Elastic construction to fit all finger sizes


Not ideal for narrow fingers

Lack of tactile feedback might be regressive for some players

The HyperX Cloud earbuds from the house of Kingston are an excellent choice for any gamer that is on the hunt for a great pair of wired headphones. They come in an aggressive design which helps them stand out from the crowd while the proprietary shape of the silicone ear tips ensures that your buds always stay in place.

Additionally, this proprietary design helps block out ambient noise for a more immersive audio experience. The earbuds feature tangle-free cables and a 90o angled 3.5mm jack which allows for easy cable management when you are on the go.

It has a frequency response range of 20Hz to 20,000Hz which helps you hear faint distant noises during competitive gameplay like the footsteps of your enemy, leaves rustling, gunfire in the distance and much more. Their ability to create a surround sound experience also works in your favor by allowing you to judge the direction of the in-game audio.

The Kingston HyperX Cloud earbuds come equipped with large 14mm neodymium drivers that produce clear and crisp highs alongside deep and punchy bass. This makes them a great contender for everyday use as well. Lastly, the earbuds are also equipped with an inline mic that is bundled with a multifunction button that can be used to perform various functions like change track, play/pause, answer calls and more.


Tangle-free cable

14mm neodymium drivers

3x extra ear tips included in the package

90-degree angled 3.5mm jack

Aggressive styling

In-line mic with the multifunction button

Patented silicone ear tip design for maximum comfort & portability

Two-year warranty


In-ear design not for everyone

Bassy sound not ideal for rock, pop & jazz fans

Sub-par mic audio quality

Another pair of headphones on our list, this time we have the Razer Hammerhead BT. This pair of wireless headphones come in a black and green color scheme which gives it an understated look while providing enough styling to help it stand out from the crowd.

The headphones support BT 4.1 connectivity which means that they rely on the aptX codec. This helps them produce excellent crystal clear audio at all volume levels without experiencing any distortion. Additionally, the Razer Hammerhead also comes with a built-in in-line mic that features onboard controls to perform various functions including the likes of answering calls, changing tracks and more.


8-hour battery life

2 hour charge time

30ft wireless range

Custom tuned neodymium drivers

BT 4.1 with aptX codec support

In-line mic with controls

Sweat-resistant design


10mm drivers

LED light can not be turned off

Heavy in terms of its weight

No magnetic connection to hold the buds together when not in use

The Turtle Beach Battle Buds are our choice of headphones for gamers that play co-op games which require you to constantly chat with your teammates. What sets this pair of wired headphones apart from the competition is the inclusion of a removable unidirectional boom mic that provides you with unmatched mic-audio quality at this price point.

This makes it an excellent choice for amateur streamers that are looking to upgrade their existing audio setup with better audio quality without straining their budget too far. The earbuds come with 3 extra silicone ear tips which enables you to find the perfect size according to your ear canal. They also feature in-built ear hooks that ensure a secure fit and prevent your earphones from falling off in case of long gaming sessions.

The excellent audio quality of the Turtle Beach Battle buds is a result of their 10mm neodymium drivers that help produce punchy bass alongside crystal clear mids and highs. Additionally, the controller also features a multifunction button which will allow you to perform various tasks like answering calls, changing tracks, play/pause and more.


Removable unidirectional boom mic

Lightweight construction

Extra 3x silicone buds

In-built ear hooks

In-line mic & multifunction remote

Dedicated volume wheel & mic mute button


Only 10mm neodymium drivers

Non-braided cable

Distortion at the higher volume in some units

The MiWorm Mobile Controller is another budget gaming accessory that will help you enhance your in-game skills in FPS shooters. This contraption is compatible with all major smartphones that are currently available on the market and does not require any OTA connection to your phone be it Bluetooth or wireless.


Mechanical operation

Perfect for fps shooters

Eliminates the risk of banned accounts

Flexible design to incorporate volume rocker & lock button

Minimal design does not cover up the screen

No external power or driver installation needed

No wireless connection required


Might not be compatible with newer smartphones

Will cover screen on smartphones with infinity display

Might cause scratches on screen (tempered glass recommended)

Not compatible with phone cases

Just like finger sleeves and mechanical triggers, these modular joysticks are an excellent passive gaming accessory for your smartphone that do not require any external power to operate.

These joysticks have been designed to take over the ‘movement’ and ‘look’ toggles in today’s FPS shooters in order to provide better tactile in-game control. The joysticks feature a waterproof construction which makes them an excellent choice for long hours of gameplay.

These modular joysticks are equipped with a smudge-free adhesive which helps keep your smartphone screen clear and scratch-free. If your phone constantly keeps slipping from your hands during high-pressure situations where you are trying to move around and aim at the same time, then the Modular Joysticks are a perfect gaming accessory for you.


Completely passive operation

No-risk of permanent bans

No additional requirement of software, drivers or bt connection

Waterproof & sweatproof

Can be removed & restuck several times


Incompatible with frosted or matte screen guards

Adhesive wears out after a few weeks

Now if you’re a mobile gamer, then you’re probably tired of having to sit near a power outlet to charge your smartphone while gaming. Well, to solve this issue, it is necessary to have a power bank in order to avoid sitting for hours near a power outlet while playing games on the go.

The Anker Powercore is an ultraportable power bank that will help you solve this problem as it has a total capacity of 26,800 mAh. This allows the Powercore to charge modern-day phones up to 6 times in a single charge and tablets 2 times. The power bank has 3 different USB outlets and is equipped with Anker’s proprietary PowerIQ and voltage boost technology.

This allows the power bank to charge 3 devices simultaneously at a faster pace than traditional chargers. But unlike other offerings on the market, the Anker Powercore takes only 6 hours to recharge thanks to its dual micro USB input which cuts down its charge time in half.

Additionally, the power bank also comes with a travel pouch for easy portability and on the go gaming.


Sleek minimalistic design

3x USB output ports

Dual micro USB input (20w)

Only 6 hour recharge time

26,800 mah capacity

Power IQ & voltage boost for faster charging times

18-month warranty


Power IQ & voltage boost can glitch out sometimes and increase charge times

Not waterproof or shockproof

Not compatible with Qualcomm fast charge

Some more…


Premium construction

Custom made VR lenses

110°FOV (field of view)

Compatible with corrective spectacles

Compatible with all major smartphone brands

Interchangeable face contact foam

Ipd optical settings


Face contact foam is rigid out of the box

Not compatible with older smartphones

Have you ever heard about a gaming keyboard for smartphones? Well the Gamesir Z1 is actually that, and more. This mechanical keyboard has a one-handed layout that allows you to customize your gameplay experience according to your in-game preferences.

The Gamesir Z1 also has RGB lighting that supports up to 16.8 million different colors for your own custom-built color scheme. The keyboard comes in an ergonomic design with aggressive styling alongside a removable wrist pad which allows you to customize your typing and gaming experience according to your own preferences.


Compatible with android & windows

4 programmable macro keys

RGB lighting

Aggressive styling

Removable wrist-pad

Anti-ghosting keys with full n key rollover

Mechanical switches

Built-in remapper

25 remappable tactile keys

2000 mah rechargeable battery

Onboard USB port to connect mouse or charge smartphone


Wireless functionality does not work with pc

High learning curve to learn typing

Our last choice is the massively popular passive trigger technology from the house of Flydigi. This is the only passive trigger on our list that requires external power but does not require any wireless connection with your smartphone.

The triggers use CapAir mapping technology which sends passive pulses to your smartphone in order to simulate a tap. The triggers are made from premium ABS plastic and come in an attractive color scheme that helps it stand out from the crowd.


Ergonomic design

Easy installation

Compatible with all smartphone sizes

120 hours of battery life

Onboard charging indicator

Compatible with cases


Not ideal for curved displays

Extending mechanism loses tension with regular use

Not waterproof or shockproof

Left and right triggers sold separately

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10 Lightroom Editing Tips To Improve Your Skills

When it comes to photo editing software, Adobe Lightroom is one of the most well-known programs. Whether you want to crop and adjust family photos or produce professional-grade images for publication, Lightroom can do it all.

In this beginner’s tutorial, we’ll cover 10 Lightroom editing tips you can use to improve your photo editing skills. These tips apply to every version of Lightroom, including Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC, and the Lightroom mobile app.

Table of Contents

1. Understand the Basics of Lightroom

If you’re new to Lightroom, check out our Lightroom beginner’s guide on how to get started. After that, these basic post-processing tips will help you progress in your photo editing journey:

Use auto-tone.

If you’re new to Lightroom, you can use the auto-tone feature in the Basic panel of the Develop module. This will allow Adobe Sensei — Lightroom’s artificial intelligence (AI) — to adjust your image to what it thinks are good settings. While this won’t be a finished product, it can help get you closer to it.

Use auto-

white balance


Just like auto-tone, you can select the


button under the White Balance section, too. Lightroom will adjust your white balance to what it thinks is right. This won’t always be perfect, but it’ll usually be closer than the original (if you used the wrong settings in camera). This means you won’t have to play around with the Temp and Tint sliders.

Press reset.

If you don’t like your edit, but you’re not sure exactly what went wrong, you can select


. This simple button takes your photo back to its original state, letting you start again.

Compare to the

original image


When editing, you can press the keyboard shortcut “” to view the photo in its original state. Toggling between edited and original states, you can easily see what you like about the photo and what you don’t.

Pro tip: Set your camera to produce RAW files rather than JPEGs. RAW files contain more data, letting you manipulate the image more than you can with JPEGs. This is especially helpful if you don’t expose your images correctly, as it gives you more leeway to rescue the light and dark areas.

2. Use Brushes to Dodge and Burn

Dodging and burning is when you apply exposure tweaks to small areas of your image, rather than applying global adjustments. “Dodging” is when you increase the exposure (or lighten the image) and “burning” is when you decrease it (or darken the image).

Lightroom includes several selection tools, from brushes to radial filters to automatic subject selection tools. The most common way to apply dodging and burning is to make local adjustments using the Brush tool.

To do so:

In the

Develop module

, select


(or press







. If using a mouse, you can expand or contract the size of your brush using the mouse wheel. On Lightroom mobile, use the size slider. You can also adjust the feather, flow, and density.

Any settings you activate under


will be applied to the area you brush. To dodge, increase the exposure. To burn, decrease it.

Pro tip: Use the “Auto Mask” feature to assist your brushing process. Applying a brush to specific, finely defined areas (like hair or birds) can take a lot of time. Auto Mask lets Lightroom try to find the edges of each object automatically. This way, when you use the brush, it won’t apply masking to the area it doesn’t think is part of the object.

3. Use Range Masking

When you use masking, there’s a handful of ways to tell Lightroom to only apply that mask to particular parts of your image inside the mask.

To do so, press Masking then select Range and choose either Luminance Range or Color Range. Alternatively, if you already have a mask, you can press Subtract then Luminance Range to remove that luminance value from your mask.

Each of these will give you power over what to include or remove from your masks. However, range masking gives you even tighter control by letting you tell Lightroom which colors or luminance values you want to focus on.

Choosing Luminance Range will open up a new slider that lets you control both ends from 0-100. Play around with the sliders to see how your mask changes. To target dark values, move the right-hand slider towards the 0 value. To target light values, do the opposite.

Choosing Color Range opens up a similar slider. Use the dropper to select the color you want to remove, then use the slider to refine your selection.

4. Remove Fringing

You’ve probably noticed that several of your photos have a frustrating green or purple fringe to objects in harsh light. This is caused by something called “chromatic aberration”, an unavoidable optical phenomenon that occurs because of the way light reaches your camera sensor through your lens.

Luckily, Lightroom has a built-in tool to remove this. In the Develop module, scroll down to Lens Corrections. Here, you can choose either Profile (automatic) or Manual.



, select

Remove Chromatic Aberration

to allow Lightroom to automatically try to remove the fringing.

If this doesn’t work, select


then select the

Dropper tool


Hover over the fringing until the right color appears (in the example below, purple).

5. Use Composition Aids

You can use Lightroom’s grid overlays to crop and compose your photos exactly how you’d like. There are several overlays, from the rule of thirds to the golden ratio spiral. These can help you compose your photo according to several well-known aesthetic “rules” of composition.

To select your composition aid, press the


button in the

Develop module


When the crop overlay appears, press


on your keyboard. Keep pressing


to cycle through the different options. On Lightroom for mobile, tap the

three dots

in the upper-right corner, then tap the

Grid icon

. Choose






, or



6. Pay Attention to the Histogram

You can find the histogram in the top-right corner of the Develop module. This complicated-looking graph shows your image’s tonal values and color distribution.

The red, blue, and yellow sections represent how concentrated those colors are in the image. Green areas are where blue and yellow overlap, and turquoise areas are where green and blue overlap. The gray areas are where all three colors overlap.

The left-hand side of the histogram represents the darkest parts of your image, and the right-hand side is the brightest. So if most of your peaks are on the left, your image may be underexposed (and vice versa). A well-exposed image will generally have most of the histogram toward the center of the graph in a single peak.

Pressing the J key will show you where your image is clipping. Clipping is where your highlights or shadows have reached the point where no information is being shown anymore — it’s just white or black pixels.

If you press J and then play around with the exposure slider, you’ll see red areas where the highlights are clipping and blue where the shadows are. This can help you get the perfect exposure.

7. Remove Unwanted Dust Particles (and Other Objects)

When it comes to photography, dust spots are an annoying part of the process. Changing lenses often introduces dust to your camera sensor, which can appear as distracting black smudges in your photos.

Lightroom now features a spot removal tool that can help you remove these (and other) distracting objects from your photos, speeding up your editing workflow because you no longer need to switch to Photoshop to get rid of them.

To remove dust particles:

In the

Develop module

, press the


icon (it looks like a bandaid).

Using the healing tool, hover over the section you want to fix. You can increase the size with your mouse’s scroll wheel or by adjusting the size slider.

Press and drag the healing tool over the area you want to fix, then let go. Lightroom will automatically replace that section of the image with similar pixels.

8. Batch Editing

If you have a series of similar images you want to edit the same way, you can apply batch editing to speed up your editing process.

To do so:

Edit your image manually or apply one of the Lightroom presets.

With the edited image selected, hold




on Mac), and select all other images you want to apply the edit to.

Make sure every setting you want to apply is ticked, then press



9. Use Masking When Applying Sharpening

When you’re applying sharpening and noise reduction, you’re able to selectively choose which parts of the image you want to affect. To do so

Use the sliders to apply as much sharpening or noise reduction as you’d like.

Press and hold the


key (or


on Mac), then move the


slider. Your image will turn to black and white. The areas in white are where the sharpening or noise reduction will apply. Everywhere that’s black will be ignored.

10. Learn How to Color Grade

Color grading is one of the hardest skills to learn, but with a lot of trial and error, you can hone your eye and learn to make beautiful images.

In Lightroom, colors can be manipulated in several ways:

In the

Basic panel

, the


slider enhances all colors, while


enhances colors in low-intensity areas.

In the

Tone Curve

panel, each color channel can be manipulated by changing its tonal values individually. To do so, choose the


then select and drag the



In the



, you can adjust the hue, saturation, and luminance for each color individually.

In the

Color Grading

panel, you can adjust color wheels for your Midtones, Shadows, and Highlights. Moving the dot to a particular color will tinge those tones correspondingly. The further you move the dot to the circle’s edge, the more saturation will be applied.

Finally, in the



, you can adjust the Tint, Hue, and Saturation of the major colors to achieve the exact look that you want.

From Beginner to Professional

Becoming adept at photo editing can take time. There are dozens of editing tools, and it can be hard to know where to start. But with these photography tips, you should be well on your way to using the Lightroom photo editor like a pro.

5 Top Apps To Benchmark Your Mobile Phone

A good way to discern your smartphone’s performance metric is to put it through strenuous use. However, a better way to test its technical capabilities and compare it to other devices is by performing benchmark tests.

There are plenty of applications that can do this job for you. In this article, we go through some of the best apps you can use to benchmark your device.

What Are Benchmarks and Why You Should Benchmark Your Phone

Simply put, benchmarking means testing a device against industry standards to see where it stands among other similar products. A benchmark app’s job is to simulate what would happen if your smartphone is put through rigorous use to figure out the upper limits of its capacities.

These apps are designed to test both the hardware and software capabilities of your phone to see how fast it runs, how often the device crashes, CPU, GPU, RAM, etc.

Since all devices deteriorate over time, no benchmark will give the same results as it did on day one. Knowing this information can help you figure out the potency of your smartphone and how long you can continue using it before it becomes technically obsolete. Naturally, benchmarking is also a good way of knowing when it’s time to optimize your device so that you can get the most out of it.

In general, here are some reasons to benchmark your phone:

To get a metric of your phone’s battery life: benchmarking your phone’s battery can help you determine if your device is running at peak efficiency. It allows you to ensure that your phone is getting the most out of its hardware.

To test the accuracy of the manufacturer’s claims: due to stiff competition in the market, manufacturers sometimes make bizarre claims regarding their devices’ performance. Benchmarking apps are a good way to test these claims.

To check your phone for problems: benchmarking can help uncover issues with your device and determine whether it is time to upgrade. For example, if you notice a steep decline in your phone’s responsiveness, it may indicate an issue with the processor.

To test the overall performance: Smartphone users are always on the lookout for better performance. But how do you know if your phone has enough juice to cope with some of the more demanding apps out there. Test these metrics based on several real-world tests and synthetic benchmarks to get an idea of your device’s potential.

Are Benchmarking Apps Reliable?

As mentioned earlier, benchmarks are a great way of knowing the raw limits of your smartphone. However, you should always take these results with a grain of salt, as different apps have their unique standards when it comes to testing the potential of your device.

Moreover, these benchmarks are just recreational scenarios of heavy usage, and the numbers do not entirely predict or reflect how your device would perform in real-world situations. However, benchmarks can give you a rough estimate of your device’s capabilities and limitations, and it’s always better than going in blind and not knowing what to expect.

Top Benchmarking Tools for Your Phone

If you’re curious to know more about your phone’s performance, below is a list of some of the best benchmarking apps you can try for free.

1. 3DMark

3DMark (Android / iPhone) is a well-known benchmark tool that is available for both Android devices and iPhones. It is a great application for testing out your device’s performance, especially when it comes to processing graphics. Thus, it is a tool that will be favored mostly by mobile-gaming enthusiasts who may want to know the strength of their smartphone’s GPU.

2. Geekbench 5

The successor to Geekbench 4, this new and upgraded app comes with a plethora of tools and features to give a much more accurate readout of your smartphone’s capacities. First and foremost, the developers have removed support for 32-bit CPUs to allow Geekbench 5 (Android / iPhone) to run more vigorous tests and emphasize memory performance.

Apart from that, Geekbench 5 is also an ideal tool for measuring your processor’s single and multicore performance, graphics, and battery life. You can also run performance tests for a variety of new applications, such as augmented reality (AR) and machine learning, to see if your system is capable of handling them.

Another addition to this application is “Compute Benchmark.” It is designed to give you the benefit of identifying the graphic capabilities of your smartphone by using tools like OpenCL, CUDA, and Metal APIs.

3. GFXBench

GFXBench (Android / iPhone) is a cross-platform and multi-API 3D graphics test suite with more than 10 benchmark tests. It measures graphics performance (including frame rate), long-term performance stability (including stuttering), rendering resolution, and power efficiency – all with one handy application.

GFXBench also detects the API version supported by your device and runs the relevant high-level (Car Chase, Manhattan, T-Rex) or low-level tests (Tessellation, ALU 2, Texturing, Driver Overhead 2) to deliver adequate performance benchmarking.

Moreover, the user interface is also very intuitive, making it easy to select tests, access test results and more. However, what brings it down a notch is its 1GB storage requirement, which is a lot when it comes to benchmarking apps.

4. PCMark

Also separating PCMark from other benchmarking apps is that instead of considering the CPU, GPU, and RAM as separate components, this tool tests them in unison as a system. And if you look at actual scenarios, your smartphone never uses just one component, as it requires all of its hardware to work together. Thus, the PCMark test results are able to give highly accurate readings.

5. Disk Speed

As the name suggests, Disk Speed (Android) is a benchmark that primarily focuses on giving you benchmark results for storage disks. Aside from testing your smartphone storage, you can also use this application to measure the performance of your internal, external, and secondary storage devices as well.

The app can automatically detect your smartphone’s storage, saving you the effort of selecting a disk drive manually. From there, it’s very easy to select the type of test you want to run on your storage for quick and accurate results. The best part about this application is that it only takes 1.5 MB of space, making it perfect for people dealing with low-storage space issues.

Overall, the application is very simplistic to use and features a bare-minimum UI, making it easy to navigate through all the options. Of all the storage benchmarks apps available online, we found Disk Speed to be all that a person needs to analyze their smartphone’s storage.

Frequently Asked Questions Why do different benchmark apps offer different scores?

Although all the benchmark applications are designed to give you a performance measurement of your smartphone, the result often varies by a lot, as different apps and websites may consider different devices as a standard for comparison. It is also the reason most benchmark scores are not highly accurate when it comes to real-world usage.

Can a single benchmark app test all the aspects of my smartphone?

A short answer would be NO, as different developers incorporate different methods and techniques of testing your device’s hardware. While one application may be better for testing your smartphone’s CPU, it may not necessarily be the best when it comes to memory, storage, or graphic processing capabilities.

How do I compare the benchmark score of my smartphone with other devices?

The final benchmark score of your smartphone will be given in terms of a number. You can compare this number with other similar devices by heading to the overall benchmark result page of the app you’re using. However, keep in mind that the score may be exclusive to that website/app only and may not stand true while using other benchmark apps. The apps in the list above that do the comparison with similar devices for you are:


Geekbench 5


Image credit: Unsplash

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Driving Disruption In Your Industry: Key Technologies In The Next Mobile Economy

No industry is safe from disruption. It’s probably already begun in yours.

Just take a look at the apps on your phone, and the way you use them. Companies have already taken enormous market share away from incumbent corporations, at a rapid pace, by leveraging mobile technology to provide convenient alternatives to customers.

Mobility has changed the way we work, and the way that businesses offer services to people. Having stepped outside the rigid IT controls and legacy systems that once bound us, or maybe even inconvenienced us, there’s no going back: We all expect consumer-like mobile experiences. At home, at the workplace, and everywhere in between.

This is nothing particularly new, of course. Ever since the spinning jenny mechanized textile manufacturing in the 18th century, technology has been revolutionizing the way we work, create and deliver products. At the expense of many a traditional business model.

A New Era of Opportunity

Today, we find ourselves in the midst of Industrial Revolution 4.0; one that has both built on the progress of previous iterations, and differentiated itself altogether. While the first two industrial revolutions were machine-driven, enabling mass production and increasing efficiency, the third began turning away from that — with automation, digitization and enhancements in data — ultimately putting more power into consumers’ hands than before. The fourth has taken all these a step further; bringing us exponential increases in computing power, connectivity and artificial intelligence (AI) that are creating new possibilities across all fields.

At Samsung, we refer to this new era of opportunity as the Next Mobile Economy.

The Building Blocks of Disruption

Mobility allows us to bring people, assets, and data together like never before. Today, mobile technology is the leading business imperative for most of the organizations that we talk to, and a catalyst for progressive business growth.

To succeed in the Next Mobile Economy, it won’t be enough to be aware of emerging trends. You’ll need to understand what you can achieve with them, so you can bring them together with your existing infrastructure in ways that are sensible — and valuable — to your customers.

We’ve identified four key technologies which we’ve come to think of as building blocks for disruption and transformation, regardless of your industry: AI, mixed reality (AR/VR), the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G connectivity.


A lot of the AI you find today is in the form of personal assistants: like Bixby, helping you keep track of your appointments or book a cab. We also see software bots that allow workflows to be completed automatically, or chatbots on 24/7 helpdesks.

At enterprise level, it’s going even beyond that. While most of the AI you’re familiar with are simply following defined decision trees, some are actually learning as they go along. And that’s where it gets interesting.

Embrace the Next Mobile Economy

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We are now able to tap on the contextual awareness of our devices, so that they can use the inputs they receive to make cognitive, automated decisions on our behalf. Imagine, for some reason, your phone were to become the target of a corporate rival or even a foreign government. Or that you simply end up in an unsafe network. AI can automatically detect that something is happening, and start removing assets and data from your device, or block services on it, and redeploy them at a later date. It could realize that you’re interacting with things in a way you normally wouldn’t, and challenge you for re-authentication.

We’re taking AI in the direction of replacing some of the decision-making an IT department would normally need to make, in a manner that’s more proactive. What if we could use it to free them up to do the more interesting work that they’d likely rather be doing?

Mixed Reality

Mixed reality refers to both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). These are still in their infancy, but are already making an impact in certain business sectors. Real estate or property management firms, for example, might use VR to propagate their portfolio far beyond the confines of their physical locations. You could be in New York City, taking an extensive tour of an office in Dubai without needing to be there.

VR is also being used in employee training programs to provide richer, more interactive experiences. We’re seeing that people retain far more information via these VR scenarios than they would via more passive mediums, like slideshows, because they find themselves immersed in real-world situations. Their decisions can affect the narrative arc of the session, and they actually experience its outcomes.

In a groundbreaking new development, clinical trials are proving that VR can be an effective, non-pharmacological alternative to opioid-based pain management. Used in conjunction with wearables, the technology functions as therapy for those suffering from acute orthopedic injuries, reducing medical costs and lowering patients’ chances of developing an opioid addiction.

AR, meanwhile, is making waves in environments like precision manufacturing plants, where people rely on hands-free computing to supply information to them via smart glasses or flat screens in front of them.

Internet of Things

Business consultants Frost & Sullivan anticipate that by 2023, the average digital citizen will have access to 10 connected devices across home and the workplace. By the same year, Gartner Research expects to see at least 20 billion interconnected devices, all doing different things. And we are well on our way already.

These exist in the form of smartphones, tablets, wearables and Connected Home appliances. And both the number and variety of connected devices are exponentially increasing, across many different industries. Take, for example, sensors in our vehicles linked to Smart City grids. If you have an accident, emergency services can be auto-dispatched. Your watch, scanning your vital signs, can relay information directly to the nearest hospital. Your vehicle can start sending information to your insurance company. We’re not talking about one-to-one connections — we’re talking about the ability to connect everything, and have them talk to each other simultaneously.

5G Connectivity

Enabling all of these is 5G, which is going to be deployed commercially later this year, and expand through 2023. 5G is going to bring you a speed on wireless networks that will surpass the wired speed we have on fiber today. More importantly, you’ll enjoy near-zero latency on a 5G network, compared to the slight delays you might be experiencing today.

This will be critical to ensure that devices on our IoT networks are speaking to each other as smoothly as they need to be. If we look back on our connected car example, the sensors on these cars will need to communicate with each other at a guaranteed immediate speed, and that’s what 5G will deliver. This level of service will empower the use of remote equipment, like drones or robots, in a manufacturing facility or hospital, because we’ll be able to rely on them in ways we haven’t before.

5G will also enable network slicing, which allows us to prioritize data traffic on a network. You’ll be able to create multiple virtual networks on top of your physical one, which you can then customize to meet the specific speed and latency needs of services, applications and data packets. And give you a far more credible amount of control over your solutions.

Mobility is Critical

Mobility is evolving rapidly. It has evolved from being a mere differentiator, to a critical component of business innovation and the catalyst for change. The four emerging technologies we’ve introduced can help you drive disruption, but only if you adopt them in ways that can add value to both your infrastructure and your customers. Your greatest challenge will lie in finding ways to deploy them holistically, like pieces of the same big puzzle, instead of treating them as separate tools.

We would not want to prescribe how you should run your business or how you should disrupt your industry, but we hope these building blocks provide a significant starting point to an exciting journey ahead. And we’re looking forward to being part of that journey with you.

Top 10 Entrepreneurial Skills And Why They Are Important

blog / Entrepreneurship Mastering Entrepreneurial Skills: What Makes Them Important for Success?

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Why are entrepreneurial skills so vital in today’s competitive business environment? For starters, these abilities enable professionals to identify and pursue new opportunities, take calculated risks, and innovate for success in an ever-changing market. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur or a business owner to develop entrepreneurial skills – they can help you drive success in your organization and stay ahead of the curve, even as a corporate executive. In this blog, let’s look at the most important entrepreneurial skills, their importance in business, and how you can cultivate them to achieve your goals as a business leader.

Top 10 Entrepreneurial Skills

To recognize opportunities, innovate, establish, and grow new businesses, individuals must possess a distinct set of abilities known as entrepreneurial skills. These abilities are crucial for launching and operating a successful business. Here’s a list of some of the most critical entrepreneurial skills you’ll need to succeed:


: Ability to come up with new and innovative ideas and solutions


Willingness to take calculated risks and seize opportunities


Finding solutions to complex problems and overcoming obstacles


Adjusting to changing market conditions and pivoting when necessary


Inspiring and motivating others to achieve common goals

Effective communication:

Establishing relationships with stakeholders and conveying ideas clearly and persuasively

Financial management:

Managing cash flow, budgeting, and financial planning

Marketing and sales:

Promoting products and services and building a customer base

Strategic planning:

Establishing goals and objectives and developing a plan to achieve them

Time management:

Prioritizing tasks and effectively managing time to maximize productivity

Why Entrepreneurial Skills are Critical for Business Success in Today’s World

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are two of the most successful entrepreneurs in business history. Both have transformed their respective industries, and their success can be attributed to their exceptional entrepreneurial abilities.

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, Tesla, and several other businesses, is known for his ingenuity, risk-taking, and ability to solve complex problems. He has a history of taking on seemingly impossible tasks and making them a reality, such as launching a car into space or developing reusable rockets. Musk’s ability to think outside the box and take calculated risks has allowed him to push the limits of what is possible in the technology and space industries.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is well-known for his leadership, effective communication, and strategic planning abilities. He founded Amazon as an online bookstore and grew it to become the world’s largest online retailer. Bezos is well-known for his customer-centric approach and ability to build a strong brand and customer base. He also possesses exceptional strategic planning abilities, as evidenced by Amazon’s successful expansion into new markets and industries.

These entrepreneurs’ success demonstrates the growing importance of entrepreneurial skills across industries. They enable individuals to identify opportunities, take risks, innovate, and create and grow new ventures, which can lead to personal and professional growth. Therefore, to succeed as an entrepreneur or business leader in today’s rapidly changing business world, it is critical to recognize, develop, and hone these skills.

Tips for Developing and Improving Entrepreneurial Skills

The good news, you can develop and hone your entrepreneurial skills. Here are some tips to help you improve:

Read Books and Articles

Reading entrepreneurship books and articles can provide valuable insights and ideas for developing and improving entrepreneurial skills. ‘Crushing It!’ by Gary Vaynerchuk and ‘That Will Never Work’ by Marc Randolph are two books that come highly recommended.

Attend Workshops and Seminars

Attending entrepreneurship workshops and seminars can provide learning opportunities and networking. Look for local events or online seminars relevant to your interests and needs.

Take Online Courses

Online courses can be a convenient and cost-effective way to improve entrepreneurial skills. Creativity, innovation, and leadership courses are available online on multiple platforms, such as the entrepreneurship courses on the Emeritus platform.

Practice Problem-Solving

To overcome obstacles and challenges, entrepreneurs must be skilled at problem-solving. To improve your problem-solving abilities, practice identifying problems and developing solutions.

Seek Feedback

Seeking feedback from peers, mentors, and customers can help entrepreneurs improve their skills. Be open to constructive criticism and use it for your improvement.

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Frequently Asked Questions What are the Most Common Issues That Entrepreneurs Face?

Financial constraints, competition, regulatory obstacles, and staffing issues are all factors one needs to consider. To overcome this, you should stay focused on your goals, be flexible, and seek help from mentors or other entrepreneurs who have faced similar obstacles.

Is Formal Education in Entrepreneurship Required for Success?

No, formal education helps but is not required for success. In fact. many successful entrepreneurs have learned through trial and error, and a wealth of information is available online and in books to assist individuals in developing entrepreneurial skills.

To conclude, developing entrepreneurial skills is critical for success. Individuals can overcome challenges and achieve personal and professional growth by studying successful entrepreneurs, practicing and applying key skills, and seeking out resources for improvement. A culture of innovation and creativity can thus be created in your organization by emphasizing the importance of entrepreneurial skills. To learn more about entrepreneurship and hone those abilities, explore these online entrepreneurship courses by Emeritus in tie-up with the best universities around the world. 

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Top 6 Skills In Finance

Top 6 Skills in Finance

Core technical skills for finance professionals

Written by

Jeff Schmidt

Published March 1, 2023

Updated April 3, 2023

Top 6 Skills in Finance

The world of finance rapidly evolves with the rise of digitization and globalization. Finance professionals need to constantly keep themselves well-trained and qualified to respond to the latest trends and market demands. As such, modern finance skills need to go beyond traditional computation and account management skills to survive in the competitive landscape.

You’ll need a reliable source of training that regulates top-notch financial performance among your workforce.

Corporate Finance Institute offers extensive courses that support individuals in their goals toward becoming world-class financial experts through a curriculum enriched with real-life case studies and market-relevant accounting technical skills.

While there are many financial specializations, each individual in the industry should acquire a set of core accountant technical skills that prepare them for the modern market.

Accounting Fundamentals

At its core, every financial expert requires the ability to compute and collate values with reliability and systematic precision. Modern-day accounting fundamentals include interpreting and creating account statements and balance sheets. These crucial documents will shape organizations’ current financial strategy and serve as a reference for future assessments and decision-making.

Your employee needs to have the skills required to calculate, tabulate, and construct cash flow statements with accurate information. Additionally, finance analysts should understand the basic terminologies involved in account management, such as distinguishing cash flow from profits and computing depreciation values.

Capital IQ Fundamentals

S&P’s Capital IQ platform is a gold standard in the financial world. Employees may tap into the system for various purposes, including investment banking, corporate finance, and private equity. Capital IQ provides finance experts with deep insights into sector-specific data to help organizations acquire the most reliable perspectives throughout market movements.

Acquiring Capital IQ skills equips your employees with the expertise (specifically applying Capital IQ’s Excel plug-in) to optimize your company’s financial skills via analytics and valuations.

Accounting Principles and Standards

Financial reporting standards drive account management, and modern analysts need to be familiar with the related terms to execute quality reporting and analysis. Your employees should have a clear grasp of financial principles, enabling them to interpret statements and make data-driven decisions.

Examples of core principles and standards include materiality, full disclosure, revenue recognition, conservatism, and historical cost.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Budgets are vital for any organization — serving as a reliable guideline for spending and forecasting in maintaining an organization’s financial health. Modern financial experts require the know-how to prepare budgets systematically with qualitative and quantitative methods that improve the accuracy of forecasts.

Additionally, finance experts should effectively apply variance analysis techniques that compare projected and actual values, which tracks organizational performance.

Machine Learning

Applied machine learning provides finance experts with improved control over their tasks and operations, such as identifying overfit regression models, preparing investor classifiers for seamless data management, and creating customized values and features that turbocharge legacy accounting systems.

Dashboards and Visualization

Optimal data visualization enables financial experts to navigate between complex information swiftly and frequently while minimizing the risks of error. It is integral for modern professionals to fully utilize excel functions in effectively “telling a story” with bars, charts, and graphs. The presentation of financial data rivals in importance to the collection process — organizations need access to clear information and intuitive dashboards for fast and accurate action.

Do Your Employees Have Them All?

There are various practices and detailed knowledge needed in the dynamic financial sector, and your employees should possess them with confidence and consistency. By participating in CFI’s comprehensive courses, your most precious resources (your employees) will hone their technical accounting skills and optimize your organization’s financial capabilities.

A dynamic landscape of fluctuations and unpredictable elements requires employees equipped with the financial expertise to navigate the volatile situation. Through a combination of updated technical skills, practical training, and relevant knowledge, CFI prepares every student to specialize in their field.

CFI is the trusted name in finance education that will provide your business with the specialized courses necessary in training proficient experts. Learn more about our complete range of courses and discover how we can elevate your team’s financial practices to new heights.

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