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The world has been witnessing a growing crop of robotics startups, let’s look at their funding and investments

Technological breakthroughs, especially robotics and artificial intelligence, around the world are rapidly changing the way of human interaction with technology surrounding everyone.


Total Funding Amount: US$5.3M Recent Investors: Speciale Invest and Srivats Ram CynLr is a visual object intelligence platform that enables industrial robotic arms to see, understand and manipulate any object in random unstructured environments. CynLr intends to simplify manufacturing through its visual robots or object computers, just as the computers simplified data processing.  

Data Sutram

Total Funding Amount: US$2.3M Recent Investors: Indian Angel Network and Varanium Capital Advisors Data Sutram is an AI-driven platform that provides Intel on People & Places with data from 250+ sources. Our proprietary AI and ML-driven data engine automatically convert raw unstructured sources of data from satellites, mobile phones, POS machines & several other sources to create insights that capture how people live & behave, available for any location in varying levels of granularity.  


Total Funding Amount: US$5M Recent Investors: Zomato and Ncubate Capital Partners Mukunda Foods Pvt. Ltd is into the design & development of automated food equipment for use in the Indian food retail segment. Bringing automation into Indian food products is the focus of Mukunda Foods, They make food-making machines for hotels, restaurants & eateries.  

Addverb Technologies

Total Funding Amount: US$$132M Recent Investors: Reliance Industries  


Total Funding Amount: US$107M Recent Investors: SCB 10X and Lightspeed India Partners Darwinbox is a leading provider of cloud-based Human Resources Management Software (HRMS). With a new-age enterprise-focused HR Technology suite, Darwinbox engages and empowers employees across the entire lifecycle (hire-to-retire) with a smarter, simpler & mobile-first HR Tech experience powered by AI and Machine Learning  

Ati Motors

Total Funding Amount: US$3.5M Recent Investors: LetsVenture and MFV Partners Ati Motors is one of the most unique industrial robotics startups in India right now. The firm has assembled an interdisciplinary team of around 30 engineers across. With an applied research focus, it is high on both academic rigor and implementation expertise. Apart from the in-house team, Ati Motors leverages the excellent vendor ecosystem in Bangalore that already caters to sophisticated aerospace, automotive, and electronics verticals.  

Accio Robotics

Total Funding Amount: US$34.2K Recent Investors: Utpal Doshi and Pankaj Bhargava Accio Robotics is a robotics automation company focused on manufacturing state-of-the-art hardware and software automation solutions. The company aims to simplify the robotics market for businesses. The reason for the push for robotics and automation in various industries is simple. It helps in cutting the lead times of product development when deployed for value-added tasks, and it helps in aiding humans as well as at the same time reducing human error when deployed in incidental tasks.  

Diamond Age

Total Funding Amount: US$58M Recent Investors: Dolby Family Ventures and Alpaca VC Diamond Age is automating new home construction for the production housing industry. Our Robotics-as-a-Service system combines 3D printing, mechatronics, and robotics to unlock the industry’s enormous growth potential by backfilling the massive labor shortage and driving construction cycle times down from 9 months to 30 days.  

Starship Technologies

Total Funding Amount: US$197.7M Recent Investors: TDK Ventures and Goodyear Ventures Starship Technologies is a robotics company building fleets of self-driving delivery robots designed to deliver goods locally within 30 minutes. The robots drive autonomously 99% of the time to make safe and environmentally friendly curb-side deliveries from a local hub. They also offer people convenient new services that improve everyday life. Starships Technologies robots are equipped with a sensor suite that includes cameras, GPS, and inertial measurement units.  

Gecko Robotics

Total Funding Amount: US$122.3M Recent Investors: XN and Mark Cuban Gecko Robotics has developed robots to automate infrastructure inspections alongside software to aggregate and contextualize data to provide the ultimate end-to-end experience for customers. Gecko currently serves any industry with large pieces of critical infrastructure, focusing on enabling infrastructural integrity, safety, and reliability.  

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Top 10 Robotics Startups To Look Out For In 2023

Across the world several robotics startups are merging to drive significant innovations.

Running a Covariant’s mission is to build the Covariant Brain, a universal Digital Dream Labs (DDL) is the leading provider of hands-on educational technology for children ages 4 to 9. The company’s products satisfy the need for engaging, language- and system-agnostic designs that allow pre-readers to interface with both on-screen environments and other devices such as educational robots, smart speakers, and other smart devices, and drones.  

Soon, the demand for food will surpass what our current systems can supply. Meanwhile, all around the globe, consumers and governments are calling for more sustainable food. At FarmWise, the team harnesses the power of AI to find solutions to this worldwide challenge and help growers thrive in this new farming era. The company works hand in hand with growers to understand their constraints, address their priorities, and build products that are changing their lives for good. Farming has always required passion and hard work. Covariant is here to merge age-old farming knowledge with the latest technologies to optimize farming processes and reconcile sustainability with growers’ profitability.  

Freedom Robotics is the leading provider of software infrastructure for modern robotics companies. Based in San Francisco, California, Freedom Robotics creates mission-critical software infrastructure to enable the next generation of robotics companies to build, operate, support, and scale robots and robotic fleets. Freedom Robotics is platform agnostic and works with any robot and installs in seconds with just one line of code in order to help robotics companies bring their product to market 10x faster with half the resources.  

Outrider, the pioneer in autonomous yard operations for logistics hubs, helps large enterprises improve safety, increase efficiency, and optimize their workforce. The only company exclusively focused on automating all aspects of yard operations, Outrider eliminates manual tasks that are hazardous and repetitive. Outrider’s mission is to drive the rapid adoption of sustainable freight transportation by deploying zero-emission systems. Outrider is a private company backed by NEA, 8VC, and other top-tier investors.  

Refraction AI builds and deploys robotic platforms for providing safe and scalable last-mile goods delivery in urban areas. The company picks up goods from places like restaurants, pharmacies, and grocery stores and bring them directly to your house, enabling faster, cheaper, and safer delivery to meet customer’s growing expectations.  

Robust.AI is a fast-growing early-stage startup founded by an unsurpassed team of veterans in robotics, business, and AI. Current robots are extremely limited, typically relegated to highly controlled environments, unable to function in dynamic, open-ended environments, and poorly equipped to deal with the unexpected. The company is building an industrial-strength cognitive platform — the first of its kind — to enable robots to be smart, collaborative, robust, safe and genuinely autonomous, with applications in a very broad range of verticals from construction and delivery to warehouses and domestic robots  

Construction impacts our daily lives in unique ways. The industry shapes the cities we live in, producing the homes we dwell in and the infrastructure that drives our economies. With 200,000 people a day globally moving to urban areas, the industry must respond to some of the biggest challenges of our time, but it is plagued by waste and inefficiency. At Scaled Robotic, the team is applying robotics and machine learning to build new tools that can track, analyze and optimize the construction process  

Southie Autonomy makes automation affordable, easy, and flexible by creating a new way to talk with robots. With a tool called The Wand, anyone can tell the robot what to do in under 10 minutes using simple gestures. NO coding, NO programming, just use The Wand! In manufacturing today, automation can be extremely expensive, time-consuming, and often results in a robot doing 1 task. At Southie Autonomy the team cuts these high costs by at least 50%, with no expert coder or complex installation required. Now, your workers can assign a new task to a robot in under 10 minutes versus the 2-8 hours it takes experts.  

Top 10 Best Indian Ai Stocks To Buy For Good Growth In 2023

These AI stocks of India will lead in 2023 and You must be aware of them

With the changing business landscape, AI is surely playing an important role in every industry vertical. It can mimic human interaction and show human-like capabilities. Today top listed

Tata Elxsi

The Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence (BCAI) was founded in 2023 to apply cutting-edge AI technology throughout, Bosch products and services, resulting in innovative solutions. Bosch created the technological groundwork for AI to have a real-world impact. Its research produces differentiation in six areas using data from all of Bosch’s disciplines, with a focus on core

Kellton Tech

Kellton Tech Solutions is a Hyderabad-based information technology and outsourcing company with locations in the United States and Europe. With over 1400 people, the company generated net revenues of Rs. 7.39 billion. Kellton Tech creates cutting-edge, focused AI solutions to challenges that traditionally needed a great lot of human intellect, ranging from machine learning to

Happiest Minds

Happiest Minds To help organizations provide immersive consumer experiences and surpass the competition, combine

Zensar Technologies

Zensar Technologies is betting on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The company’s go-to-market strategy is now pivoting away from digital and toward disruptive AI. Zensar AIRLabs, the company’s R&D department, has filed for 100 patents in the last several years and is now entirely focused on AI. Zensar announced the initial set of platforms for seven major areas last week, including sales, marketing, IT, talent supply chain, HR, collaboration, projects, and programs, to help customers create value. Over a three-year period, Nifty IT Stock returned 15.63 percent, compared to Nifty IT, which returned 106.55 percent to investors. Cyientassists companies in achieving business objectives rather than merely new tools and technologies. For self-driving cars, AI can detect changes in the real environment and update maps in real-time. Such navigation helpers can aid autonomous vehicles in fully comprehending the world around them and taking the appropriate actions to avoid collisions. Rather than simply providing new tools and technologies, it aids businesses in attaining their goals. Over a three-year period, the stock returned 24.4 percent, while the Nifty IT returned 106.55 percent to investors.  

Persistent Systems

Persistent Systems Persistent turns AI and machine learning dreams into reality with solutions that aid at every stage of AI and machine learning development. With a methodology that helps prioritize use cases, design platform architecture, scale model development, and operationalize models across the company, our solutions ensure that you realize successful outcomes from your AI and ML investments. Annual sales growth of 16.16 percent surpassed the company’s three-year CAGR of 10.75 percent. Over a three-year period, the stock returned 208.41%, compared to 106.55 percent for the Nifty IT.  


Saksoft assists customers in achieving transformational transformations through intelligent decisions, increased efficiency and productivity, enhanced customer experience, and service innovation by leveraging the critical combination of Artificial Intelligence and automation. Saksoft accelerates digital transformation and applies intelligent automation to solve business problems by combining automation and modern technologies such as RPA, machine learning, IoT, and artificial intelligence. Over a three-year period, the Saksoft shares returned 118.06 percent, while the Nifty IT provided investors a 106.55 percent return.  

Oracle Financials

Oracle Financials Oracle can assist you in implementing AI in your company and IT processes. With Oracle Cloud applications and platform, as well as Oracle Autonomous Database, all operating on Oracle’s Gen 2 Cloud, you can speed up automation, minimize human errors, and gain greater business insights. Only 2.35 percent of trading sessions in the last 16 years had intraday gains of more than 5%. The stock returned -11.82 percent over three years, compared to 44.16 percent for the Nifty 100.  


Watch Out For The Top 10 Ai Startups Leading The Ai Race In 2023

These top 10 AI startups are revolutionizing the technology market in 2023

There are multiple AI Startups that through their innovation and improving technology are solving problems at a pace never seen before. And there seem to be no breaks to these developments in the AI industry by these startups. From providing healthcare services to presenting highly intelligent AI and ML solutions to almost every sector, AI startups are the hottest brands in the market. Here is the list of top 10 AI startups leading the AI race in 2023.

UBTECH Robotics

Chinese AI and humanoid robotic company Ubtech Robotics recently introduced Ubtech’s educational robot Alpha Mini into local kindergartens to help further artificial intelligence education for preschool children. This project is targeted toward children aged 3-5 and will cover 300 nursery centers in Seoul. UBTECH Robotics, a developer of intelligent humanoid robotics and AI technologies, has unveiled Walker X, the latest version of its groundbreaking bipedal humanoid robot. It is another step closer to becoming the gold standard in humanoid robotics.

UISEE Technology

Autonomous driving technology company UISEE and the Guangdong Airport Authority have jointly unveiled a “Smart Logistics Laboratory” and the launch of an unmanned tractor project. This project introduced five unmanned tractor models from UISEE, designed to replace manual transportation on the outbound business lines of domestic cargo terminals, as well as the inbound and outbound business lines of international cargo terminals. Teksbotics & UISEE jointly pilot new package delivery solutions using a self-driving vehicle to design and build a cost-effective autonomous delivery vehicle for the last mile delivery.


UiPath fourth-quarter results topped estimates, guidance for 2023 was disappointing, and the stock finished March down 38%. It has provided four reasons for the guidance: Russia, FX headwinds, general macro concerns, and a sales leadership transition. UiPath and DocuSign, both companies will generate significantly slower growth this year and also face near-term margin pressure.


Uniphore Technologies Inc, a conversational automation platform, on Wednesday said it has acquired an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered knowledge automation solution company Colabo. To help IVAs and live agents deliver better customer interactions. This acquisition brings together unique capabilities to arm enterprises with new tools that provide a quick resolution to consumer queries and empower agents with real-time, actionable information


Uptake is the industrial analytics platform that delivers products to major industries to increase productivity, security, safety, and reliability. Uptake is a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer and three-time CNBC Disruptor 50 honoree. It helps industrial companies digitally transform with open, purpose-built software that delivers outcomes that matter and industrial companies are once again the creators of economic growth and opportunity.


Vast Data combined its all-flash, high-performance storage with Vertica’s Eon Mode Architecture to give data warehouse-like responses to data lakes in a converged product. Nvidia had increased its investment in storage startup Vast Data, it was not exactly clear how or if the companies already were working together.  The companies announced a few weeks ago during Nvidia’s GTC Spring event that Nvidia Bluefield DPUs are powering Israel-based Vast Data’s new Ceres storage platform.


Vectra AI, a leader in AI-driven threat detection and response for hybrid and multi-cloud enterprises, today released the findings of its latest Security Leaders Research Report. This alarming statistic comes as cyber threats increase and security and IT teams face mounting expectations to keep their organizations protected from such threats. Now AttackIQ and Vectra joined together to help customers enable a proactive, threat-informed defense.


VerbIT is a Tel Aviv- and New York-based AI transcription & real-time captioning solution which provides the highest accuracy & fastest transcription models that have acquired Take Note in the UK. This acquisition marks VerbIT’s entrance into the market research space and increased presence in Europe. VerbIT has recently started paying its transcribers and reviewers even less money than before. The rate for editing was 30 cents per audio minute, it is currently 24 cents or even less on occasions for a standard job.

WeRide YITU Technology

Chinese artificial intelligence company, Yitu Technology is considering an initial public offering in Hong Kong after tightening regulatory scrutiny stalled an earlier attempt to list in Shanghai. Yitu, whose application for a Starboard IPO was withdrawn last month, could file for a listing as soon as later this year. YITU has obtained a number of authoritative international standards certifications for information security and privacy protection, including ISO/IEC 27701:2023 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013. ISO/IEC 27701:2023, which is the world’s strictest.

Top 10 Robotics Jobs In Faang Companies To Apply For In June

Robotics jobs in FAANG companies are offering lucrative salary packages per annum with key roles

Robotics is thriving in the global tech market at the hands of FAANG-— topmost hi-tech companies across the world. FAANG includes Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google which are professional in leveraging automation as well as offering automation through robotics in recent times. Thus, FAANG is offering a plethora of opportunities for tech professionals with multiple robotics jobs or RPA jobs with lucrative salary packages per annum. FAANG has gained a high branded status in the robotics domain to offer automation through important robotics jobs. RPA and artificial intelligence are helping these robotics jobs to flourish in the market, despite the myth that robotics will take over human employees’ jobs. Thus, let’s explore some of the top ten robotics jobs in FAANG companies focused on automation and RPA.

Top 10 Robotics Engineer Jobs to Apply for in June 2023

Top 10 Cognitive Robotics Companies to Look Out For in 2023

Top 10 Ingenious Robotic Drone Makers to Lookout for in 2023

Top ten robotics jobs in FAANG companies in June 2023 Product Manager, Robotics at Facebook

Location: Fremont, CA

Responsibilities: It is needed to drive product vision and direction for data centre automation with robotics while gaining a deep understanding of the pain-points and needs of product designs. The manager should develop a practical product roadmap to push the boundaries of industrial robotics with the creation of comprehensive product specifications and artifacts.

Qualifications: The candidate must have more than three years of experience in industrial robotics and factory automation systems as well as over five years in product management. There should be sufficient technical experience with software products, analytical tools, as well as design.

Mechanical Robotics Engineering Lead at Facebook

Location(s): Menlo Park, CA/Boston, MA/Remote, US

Responsibilities: The lead must design complex electromechanical systems, develop and evaluate candidate system architectures, as well as select and size the machine elements and optimal materials for application based on critical parameters. It is essential to complete static and dynamic structural analysis, 3D model and 2D drawing generation, and configuration management.

Mechatronics Engineer (Process Automation) at Facebook

Location: Redmond, WA

Responsibilities: The role is to develop precision optical components for AR/VR devices from concept to mass production, drive external vendor collaborations, identify automated solutions with manufacturing processes on optical components, as well as drive integration of manufacturing equipment for end-to-end optical manufacturing processes.

Qualifications: There should be a Master’s degree in Mechanical, Robotics, and Mechatronics Engineering with more than five years of experience in manufacturing and RPA. The candidate must have experience in embedded control electromechanical systems, motion controls, digital controls, CAD tools, statistical analysis software, and many more.

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana

Responsibilities: It is essential to build systems for operation control related to software networking functions, automation tools for streamlining the operation of software services, and tools for managing the operations of 3rd party software.

Qualifications: The candidate should have more than five years of experience in large-scale networking environments, internet routing protocols, and network operating systems. There should be also over three years in a Linus/Unix environment as well as in automation through either GO or Python programming language.

Robotics Engineer, Mechatronics at Amazon Robotics

Location: Westborough, MA

Responsibilities: The robotics engineer must execute product designs to ensure a smooth product launch while writing requirements, functional specifications, and functional test procedures. It is needed to design and adapt holistic hardware solutions for ambiguous problems with fluid requirements as well as exhibit role model behaviours of thorough engineering analysis.

Qualifications: The candidate must have a BS or MS in mechanical engineering, robotics engineering, and any other technical field with an established background in robotics. There should be sufficient hands-on experience in CAD, embedded or firmware programming tools, crafting proof-of-concept models, logistical tradeoffs for hardware systems, and many more.

Robotics Hardware Engineer, Robotics AI at Amazon

Location: Berlin

Responsibilities: The robotics engineer should design first of a kind robotic gripper for cluttered and constrained environments, write requirements and functional specifications, design verification plans, and functional test procedures with thorough engineering analysis.

Qualifications: The candidate must have a BS/MS/Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering with more than four years of experience in designing robotic hardware, mechanical products, proof-of-concept models, Agile product lifecycle management software, CAD, and many more.

Sr. Robotics Hardware Engineer, Robotics AI at Amazon

Location: Seattle, WA

Responsibilities: The senior robotics engineer must improve and maintain existing product designs to ensure a smooth production transition of design changes. It is necessary to write requirements and functional specifications, design verification plans, and functional test procedures.

Qualifications: The candidate must have an MS in mechanical engineering or any technical field with more than five years of practical experience in robotics, coding, systems architecture, CAD, proof-of-concept models, rapid prototyping equipment, and many more.

Senior Data Engineer, Infrastructure Data Science and Engineering at Netflix

Location: California

Responsibilities: The duties include engineering efficient and scalable data pipelines to process structured and unstructured data while developing subject-matter expertise. It is needed to understand challenges and make suitable recommendations by maintaining existing datasets and pipelines.

Google’S Larry Page Is Funding Two Rival “Flying Car” Startups

Google’s Larry Page is funding two rival “flying car” startups

Google co-founder Larry Page is clandestinely funding not one but two “flying car” startups, looking to take the idea of potentially autonomous travel to the skies. While Google’s own Google X division continues to work on its self-driving cars – with long-standing speculation that the goal, at least initially, is to establish an Uber-style on-request transportation service with no human driver – a side-project funded by Page’s own vast personal fortune could go one step further.

In fact, Bloomberg Businessweek reports after talks with multiple people familiar with at lease part of Page’s plans, the executive funded first one then a second company looking at the feasibility of car-scale flying craft.

First came Zee.Areo, which made headlines back in 2013 after a scale model of what looked to be a flying car-style design was spotted in testing. Vaguely insectile, with a slim cabin space flanked by two rows of four rotors, overarching wing struts, and catfish-style whiskers, the craft was being developed so close to Google X’s facilities in Mountain View that speculation of Google involvement was almost instantaneous.

Not so, a spokesperson countered, insisting that chúng tôi was “not affiliated with” Google.

Turns out, this new report today says, that was accurate but at the same time a little misleading. In fact, it was apparently a passion project of Page’s own, separate from his work at Google.

Zee.Aero had been set up in a nearby garage, eventually coming to employ around 150 people and expanding to Hollister Municipal Airport where test flights have been spotted taking place.

The team may have a working prototype, but it doesn’t apparently look much like those original spy shots. chúng tôi has supposedly switched to “a narrow body, a bulbous cockpit with room for one person upfront, and a wing at the back” Bloomberg Businessweek reports, driven by two propellors at the back, but with different variations on those prototypes as the company tests multiple approaches.

Any sense of urgency in that testing comes in no small part from Page’s second investment, a rival flying car startup called Kitty Hawk which is firewalled from chúng tôi though contains former engineers from the company, as well as previous Google self-driving car expert Emerick Oshiro.

Details of the Kitty Hawk flying car are scant, though it’s been described by some as a large quadcopter-style drone big enough for human occupants.

Intriguingly, though the practicalities of personal flight are still complex – addressed, in part, by looking to electric motors for propulsion – it could be the segment where autonomy debuts first. Despite requiring movement in three dimensions, the challenges of a self-flying AI are apparently more straightforward than for a car, with experts suggesting that plane-pods that pilot themselves are likely to arrive before cars that are fully autonomous do.

That is, assuming the various legal and regulatory questions and answered, and the cash keeps flowing to keep the pet projects running.

SOURCE Bloomberg Businessweek

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