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According to the overall understanding, VPNs are mainly used to obtain confidentiality on the Internet. Still, there are many reasons why an additional layer of Virtual Private Network between the Internet and the user can be recommended. The most exciting ways to use VPNs: to create remote access to the corporate network, watch YouTube and other media resources, including Netflix, without restrictions, visit foreign marketplaces, safely connect to public Wi-Fi, unblock social networks where it is necessary, save some money for booking hotels and avia tickets, download anonymity from Torrents.

How does VPN work?

After signing in, all data transferring from the user and Internet servers is encrypted. The user will receive a new IP address only seen for the external resources; the original will be masked. The level of encryption differs from one VPN provider to another. The main aspects of choosing a VPN are:

Free VPNs do not provide proper encryption and safety protocols, do not have safe storage of personal data, and can sell it to external resources.

Availability of general IP addresses to be as everyone and anonymous simultaneously.

Number and location of servers around the world.

Availability of AES-256 encryption – the safest currently.

Technical support 24/7.

A number of devices that can use VPN at the same time by one user.

Speed of connection.

Limitations of media resources usage or downloading from Torrents.

The price.

Top 3 VPNs for Netflix and Torrents

The top-rated VPNs for Netflix and Torrents based on described aspects are ExpressVPN, NordVPN and Bitdefender VPN. Let’s check in detail.

Express VPN

ExpressVPN is one of the best solutions to access Netflix as it has access to more than 20 catalogs (including USA, Japan, and Canada) without limitations on the number of connections. This service is not for free, but you can return your money after 30 days of use. The high-speed connection is reliable with encryption and VPN split tunneling and servers among 94 countries all over the world.

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It is also suitable for torrents, as it supports P2P protocol for fast connections. With ExpressVPN, you will not get any harmful viruses, and your data will not be stolen. All ExpressVPN servers support torrents with AES-256 encryption. It works for such popular torrents – uTorrent, BitComet, WebTorrent, and many more.

This service can work on devices with Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux, for all special applications are available for easier installation and configuration. There are several payment plans for which the user can pay with credit cards, PayPal, or even bitcoins – to ensure total anonymity.


NordVPN unblocks Netflix not only in its application but also in the browser and provides access to all libraries, including popular ones, without difficulties. You will also get access to Amazon Prime or BBC. NordVPN is suitable for torrenting as it allows P2P traffic with fast speed and no sharing of the user’s personal IP address. You can test torrenting speed within 30-days of the guaranteed money-return back period; for sure, it will be lower than an Internet speed without a VPN, but not significantly. To torrent without problems, you do not need a particular configuration of NordVPN; it will automatically use OpenVPN or NordLynx protocol.

Bitdefender VPN

Bitdefender is a premium VPN to access not only Netflix and Torrents but also public Wi-Fi, get access to geo-restricted content, bypass the ISP throttling, and stream on many media servers avoiding DDoS attacks. All system requirements are presented on its website; it works on Windows, iOS, and Android. It has more than 4000 servers in about 50 countries worldwide.

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In terms of Netflix, Bitdefender provides access to Netflix libraries (has some limitations for USA and UK libraries), but BBC iPlayer works fine. It perfectly wells for unlimited P2P torrenting as well. It can allow some DNS leaks with information on the location and time of torrenting, but all personnel and what is torrenting will be encrypted. Bitdefender has AES-256 encryption and a kill switch; the user can select protocols such as OpenVPN or WireGuard.


This article clearly shows that torrenting and access to Netflix are no longer problems. Among these three VPNs – ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Bitdefender VPN – you can choose the service that better suits your needs and price expectations. In addition, you will receive other valuable features such as anonymity and the possibility to access content from different countries on conditions not available in your home country.

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Watch Hulu, Netflix And More Outside Us With Tunlr

Using Tunlr

Since Tunlr is just a DNS resolving service, all you need to do is to point your DNS to Tunlr server and you are done. There are no software to download and install.

In Linux (Ubuntu), you just have to configure the chúng tôi file to point to Tunlr’s server:







Comment out all the entries by inserting a hash (#) in front of each line. Then at the end, insert the following lines:


Save and exit the file. It is not required to restart the computer. Simple open the browser and start surfing the sites (if it is not working, try deleting your cookies and session). Alternatively, you can visit the Tunlr Status site to see if the newly setted DNS is working.

For Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android and all other devices, check out the Get Started guide for configuration detail.

This is the screen I see before using Tunlr:

and this is what I see after activating Tunlr:

Tips on using Tunlr

1. Do not set your DNS permanently to Tunlr

Tunlr is not a premium service and it doesn’t come with a full scale infrastructure. It is not a good idea to put a strain on Tunlr’s infrastructure for day to day web surfing. Switch to Tunlr’s DNS only when you want to access the restricted sites.

2. Use Tunlr on a virtual machine rather than your working machine

If you are concerned about the security of a potentially unknown DNS server, you can use Tunlr in a virtual machine instead. Some of the benefits highlighted by Tunlr include:

You’re not using potentially unsafe DNS servers for your main work which increases your privacy and security

Your provider’s DNS will answer DNS queries a lot faster (since geographically closer) than Tunlr

Your main work remains unaffected in the event of a Tunlr service outage

3. Use a DNS changer software to quickly switch your DNS

If you are a Windows user, you can use software such as DNS Jumper to quickly switch your DNS. This will save you time and effort to change the DNS manually.


There are tons of ways to access restricted sites from outside of USA and Tunlr is just one of the way that works well for almost every platform. It is free and doesn’t require you to subscribe to any VPN service. The best of all, it works really well without compromising the loading speed. The only drawback is that you have to manually change the DNS setting everytime, but that can also be overcome with additional software or scripts.

Try out Tunlr and let us know if it is good enough for you. Enjoy!



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3 Smart Ways To Change Netflix Billing Date

Why do you like Netflix? Is it because of various Netflix plans or the collection of amazing TV series? For me, it’s the ease of access to some exclusive features that no other OTT platform serves. One such setting is to change the billing date for a Netflix subscription. So, if your monthly salary date changes and you want to restructure your finances, Netflix understands you. In this article, we will discuss direct and indirect ways to change your billing date on Netflix. So, without any further ado, let’s begin.

How to Change Netflix Billing Date

Changing the billing date on Netflix is a straightforward task you can do from the account settings on Netflix. However, the feature is not available for every country. Therefore, you have to rely on some tricks that will change the Netflix billing date in unique ways. Let’s see how we can change the date for paying your Netflix bills.

Sign in to your Netflix account on a browser and go to your Account Settings.

Changing the billing date on Netflix will require you to pay for the gap immediately. Let’s say you are changing the date from 1st of November to 10th of November; you will have to pay for those ten days before continuing with the process. You can also choose to select the last day of the month option if it helps you keep your finances sorted.

This method is only applicable if you use a debit/credit card or PayPal for payments.

This feature is not available in all countries.

You can’t change the billing date on the billing date. It can be before or after the date.

Changing the billing date is not possible if your account is on hold.

You can’t change the billing date during a free period.

Your billing date can be a day before due to time-zone differences.

If your billing day comes on a non-repetitive date, like the 31st, it will be charged on the last day of the month.

If you are reading this article from a country like India or that do not present the “change billing date” option

What if The “Change billing day” Option is Unavailable

It is common among users not to have the “Change billing day” option on their accounts. It is because this function is not available for all the countries. Don’t worry though, here are a few secondary options that will ultimately change the billing date for you.

Yes, you read that right. It’s a smart way to get a new billing date. You will still be able to enjoy your subscription for the remaining days of the current plan even after cancellation. After that, wait for the preferred date to come and restart your membership. If you are having second thoughts to lose your recommendations, don’t worry. Netflix won’t delete your information and choices for ten months. Therefore, you can come back anytime in the period and restart your membership flawlessly. Here’s how to cancel your membership on Netflix.

Go to your Account Settings on Netflix.

Lastly, confirm your cancellation on the next page.

If you aren’t using an automatic payment method, you can forget about the membership for a while. Netflix will put your account on hold unless you pay the amount for the coming month. This way, you only have to pay when you want to watch something. Given that, the subscription will be active for the next 30 days from the day of payment. But, you won’t get charged unnecessarily even if you are not using Netflix.

If your subscription value doubles, you can expect the next billing day to occur in half time from your current date. So, changing the plan ten days before the due date will bring the next billing day on the 4th or 5th day. This calculation can be tricky; therefore, you must check it manually by accessing the “Change plan” page (visit).

Another noteworthy point is this trick is only applicable if you are upgrading the plan. There won’t be any difference in the billing date if you are downgrading the plan. So, if you decide to downgrade your plan, it will take effect in the next subscription period. You will still have all the benefits of the current plan for the running month.

You can quickly change your Netflix billing date from account settings, requiring you to pay the amount for the gap instantly. However, this method is only available in limited countries. In such cases, I recommend you cancel your subscription and take a break for a while before restarting it on your preferred date. Meanwhile, if you are also looking to upgrade your plan, the Netflix billing date changes automatically.

You will be able to use Netflix until your current plan ends, even if you cancel your subscription. The changes will take effect after the last day of the current cycle.

Does Netflix charge automatically? How many days does Netflix give you to pay?

If your current plan is exhausted and you haven’t paid the next fee, Netflix will hold your account for ten months. You can restart your membership at any time in that period without paying for the lost months.

Perks of Changing Netflix Billing Date

Best Netflix Extensions For Safari, Chrome, And Firefox

New Movies on Netflix are added every month, along with new TV shows. With so much content coming every month, browsing through them eats up most of our time rather than watching. If you prefer to watch on Mac or PC, we can help you with some best Netflix Extension that will ease your job and allow you to invest your time entertaining yourself.

The best part about these extensions for Netflix is that either they are entirely free or their prices are dirt low. So without wasting further time, let’s start.

Quick links:

Best Netflix Extensions for Firefox

1. Better Netflix

Better Netflix is better in every way. To start with the list of features it offers, you can set the aspect ratio to 21:9, which is ultra-wide. Apart from that, you can zoom in and zoom out the video, display elapsed time, disable mouse movement, and select video bitrate to best available video quality. It is a must-have extension for a chrome user.


2. Netflix Category Browser


3. Film scores for Netflix

Why waste time watching a flop show just because you were lazy to check its rating on different platforms. Install Film Scores for Netflix on your Chrome browser, and it will display the ratings right on your screen.

The extension displays ratings from different platforms like IMDB, FilmWeb, MetaCritics, and a few others. So what are you waiting for? Just download it.


4. Skippy for Netflix

I do not like to watch trailers or intros when I am anxious to watch my favorite movie or show. That’s where this extension helps me.

Skippy skips intros that appears at the end of the episode and directly starts the new episode. On top of that, it also removes the dialogue box “are you still watching.” If every minute matters while you are enjoying your Netflix time, download this extension straight away.


5. Netflix Pause Removal

This extension is for all those like me. It removes the “Continue Watching” button permanently. That’s it, no other fancy stuff here.


Best Netflix Extensions for Chrome

1. Netflix Party

This is one of my favorites. Installing this extension will enable you to watch your favorite content with a friend who is sitting in another corner of the earth. It syncs the content in real-time. On top of that, it also adds a group chat option to share those special feelings. If you are in a long-distance relationship, this extension is indeed worth using.


2. Netflix Flip – Rotate Netflix in Your Browser

Watching Netflix on iPad or iPhone has its own benefits. You can rotate the iDevice as you wish and the screen rotates automatically. But that’s not the case with Laptop or Desktop. This struggle is ever annoying because you need to adjust your sleeping position to view, while it should be the other way round.

Well to you surprise, Netflix Flip solves this issue. It lets you rotate the screen to comfort your viewing position. On top of that, you can also zoom in and zoom out the video. So what’s holding you back, download it right now.


That’s all folks! Which one from the list impressed you?

Wrapping up…

Let’s see

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3 Top Apps For Using Instagram On Your Pc

Instagram has made it as difficult to access the majority of their features outside of their mobile app. When you’re out and about, this isn’t a problem, but it can be inconvenient when you’re sitting at home on your computer.

Thankfully, there are a number of third party desktop apps that can be better for using Instagram on your PC than the standard desktop website is.

Table of Contents

Also, be sure to checkout my post on how to browse and search Instagram using the desktop website. That post also shows you how to download high-resolution images from Instagram.


This app can be a useful way to upload new photos and videos straight from your desktop, but it’s also very powerful for growing your follower count and engagement thanks to a number of different tools.

We’ve taken a look at some of the biggest reasons why Gramblr is one of the best desktop PC clients for Instagram below.

Uploading Tools

One of the most powerful things about Gramblr is its built-in uploading tools. With these, you are able to upload photos and videos straight to Instagram.

You also get far finer control over how your image looks thanks to controls for focus, saturation, lighting, and sharpness. It can be incredibly simple to add a fresh look to an image or bring life to a photo that would otherwise be dull.

Schedule Posts

There are many Instagram post schedulers on the internet, but nearly all of them don’t actually automate the posting process. Instead, they push the photo and caption to your phone at a certain point and you’re then forced to manually upload it.

This is due to some restrictions Instagram has made to stop users from automating posts with third party tools. Thankfully, this isn’t the case with Gramblr.

Auto Like To Grow Follower Count

Because of Gramblr’s workaround, it also has a number of other automation tools that can be beneficial for growing your Instagram account. One such tool is an auto like feature. With this, you’re able to automatically like pictures on Instagram to grab the attention of new users.

You can choose photos with specific hashtags so that you’re always targeting a specific audience. After that, you can press ‘auto-like’ and as long as the Gramblr client is open, your profile will automatically like new posts.

Boost Posts With Likes

You are also able to boost each post you make with Gramblr. You’re given 60 free likes and regularly get free coins that can be spent on more likes. You can also pay for coins to get likes.

Gramblr claims that these likes are from real users. All Gramblr users can gain coins by liking those in the ‘earn coins’ queue. By liking another user’s photo, you’ll get 5 coins, and you can add a like on your own photo for 10 coins.

Potential Issues

Gramblr is a great Instagram client, but it doesn’t come without issues. Firstly, the client rarely gets support or updates and the developer is very hard to get hold of.

Secondly, the features that Gramblr uses are technically against Instagram’s terms of service, but because Gramblr goes straight through Instagram’s API, the auto like, post scheduler, and like boost feature sit in a gray area.

There’s some concern over whether using Gramblr’s marketing tools too much may place restrictions on your account or ban it completely, so it’s something to consider before using it.

Another downside with Gramblr is that you cannot use it to add Stories or to message users.

Windows Store Instagram App

Windows 10 now features an Instagram app that gives you many of the features that the mobile application gives you. It’s free to download and very lightweight. You can download it by visiting the Microsoft Store on your PC.

Because it’s tied into Windows 10, notifications will pop up on your display and be sent straight to your action center.

On the surface, the Windows Store Instagram app looks very similar to the mobile version.

Below, we’ve provided an overview of the Windows Store Instagram app and how it compares to the desktop website.

Overall Layout

The overall layout for the Windows Store Instagram app is parallel to the mobile app. At the top, you have access to the options for refreshing, accessing your direct messages, and uploading photos and videos to your story.

Below that, the stories are showcased. You then have a taskbar at the bottom to access your homepage, search Instagram, view recent likes, and view your profile.

Adding Photos And Videos

One of the main reasons why the Windows Store app is better than the desktop website is the included option for adding photos and videos. When you visit the desktop website, you’re not able to upload new posts.

Potential Issues

For the most part, the Windows Instagram app is everything you would ever need. The only concern is that the app can sometimes be quite slow. Pages take longer to load than they would when accessing them on your mobile.

Logging in can also be a pain. Sometimes, you’ll struggle to get past the login screen – it just stalls after entering your password. When you do get in, you’ll find the experience to be a treat, for the most part.


Below we’ve provided a look at some of the key points worth mentioning with Ramme.

Well Optimized and Lightweight

With Ramme, you just need the .exe file from the GitHub page and you’re good to go. There’s no need to go through an installer or visit the Windows store like you do with Gramblr or the Windows Store app. This makes it easy to store Ramme on a USB stick or download it to use temporarily on a shared computer.

Ramme is very lightweight and runs smoothly too, and you’ll rarely come across any performance issues.

It’s also possible to resize the Ramme window on your desktop and everything on the screen adjusts to fill the window size without any hiccups.

Uploading Images is Easier

The upload process on the Windows Store app is a little odd and uploading images on the desktop website isn’t possible at all.

Potential Issues

We don’t have much bad to say about Ramme, so long as you’re happy to sign in through an app that’s not officially endorsed or created by Instagram.

Top 3 Reasons Why Under

In all honesty, imperfection is beautiful in many cases, however, people always pursue perfection. Whether it is a notch design or any other solution, there are always some “deficiencies”. Nevertheless, people are still searching for a full-screen design without deficiencies.

The pop-up, 360-degree rotating, and magnetic-slide solutions all use some sort of mechanical structure to achieve a full-screen display. However, either the cost, thickness, weight, or wear and tear was a problem.

Under-screen camera technology

As of now, we have a new technology that appears to solve the full-screen limitations and give users a true full-screen. This is the latest under-screen camera technology. As of now, only three manufacturers have launched smartphones with this technology. We have the likes of ZTE, Xiaomi, and Samsung which all launch smartphones with full-screen effects using this technology. Presently, there are four smartphones with under-screen camera technology in the smartphone industry. We have the ZTE Axon 20, ZTE Axon 30, Xiaomi Mi MIX4, and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3.

However, the current prices of products that use under-screen cameras are still relatively high. Nevertheless, in the future, we may be able to get cheaper smartphones with this technology. While the ZTE Axon 20 and Axon 30 sell for $322 and $338 respectively, the Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 was released for $770. As for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, the price of this device is $1799.99. It’s important to note that all the prices above are the starting price of these smartphones. We can see that these devices are pretty expensive.

However, here are the top three reasons why in the next six months, we can get very cheap under-screen camera smartphones.

1. Gradual maturity of the technology Gizchina News of the week

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Just like the under-screen fingerprint sensor, as the technology continues to mature, the decentralization of functions is inevitable. Thus, users only have to wait for this technology to mature before they get cheaper options.

2. Camera/screen effect is not top-notch

Presently, the under-screen camera products are struggling to balance the display effect and image output. However, with the current materials and technical display, the under-screen camera products are far from other solutions. They are inferior with respect to screen quality and image output. Nevertheless, their selling point is the absolute full-screen.

Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi China and general manager of the Redmi brand, said that if you care about the effect of the front camera, it is better to choose a punch-hole screen product. This also means that in terms of the front camera, the under-screen camera solution is still very weak.

For such a product with a weak front camera and display, cost-effective products are more suitable to have this type of solution. Since the punch-hole and notch solutions are doing very well in the camera and screen departments, they will have an edge. If the under-screen camera technology becomes cheaper, many users will still buy them despite the shortcomings. Thus, it is most likely that this technology will reduce its price sooner or later.

3. Not suitable for flagships

Conventional flagship smartphones are different from say the MIX and Fold series. While the MIX series emphasizes design, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold series emphasizes the foldable screen. Thus, these smartphones have the leverage to be “poor” in a few aspects that it is not emphasizing. This is not the case with regular or conventional flagship smartphones. A regular flagship smartphone is not expected to have any shortcomings.


The on-screen camera technology is a great solution for solving the full-screen need of users. However, this technology has too many shortcomings that make it unsuitable for regular flagships. We believe that consumers prefer to experience this technology on low-priced products. As mentioned earlier, when technology continues to mature, decentralization of functions is inevitable. We believe that soon we will be able to buy under-screen camera products for less than $300. Just like the pop-up camera smartphones which now sell for less than $300, under-screen camera smartphones will most likely get to this point.

Update the detailed information about Top 3 Vpns For Work With Netflix And Torrents on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!