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We are in the website building field for the past 10 years. We started this website with Blogger and moved to Weebly, later settled with chúng tôi Earlier days, there were few companies like Weebly offering website builders with unique features. However, things changed rapidly in past few years. Nowadays, almost every premium hosting company out there offer free website builder as part of their shared hosting plan. They offer site builder either with their own brand or Weebly on Cloud. At this point, if you are looking for professional website builders, you should evaluate Weebly and other alternatives.

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Why to Consider Weebly Alternatives?

Other than Weebly, there are many online website builders available for small business owners and individual bloggers. Each of them have unique set of features, pricing and targeting different customer base. Weebly is good with drag and drop site builder. However, it does not offer everything for building a complete website. Other companies also offer similar features like Weebly with similar pricing structure. Important point before choosing the website builder is to define your current and future needs. This will help to compare the features and choose the best website builder out there.

If you are already using Weebly or consider purchasing a plan from them, it’s time to think why you should consider other alternatives at this point:

Weebly App Bugs

Most importantly, Weebly has completely different set of pricing plans for Europe and US as well as for old and new users.

Hosted Website Builders

Weebly offers free hosting while charging for using their website builder online. This is one of the successful business model for capturing small business owners. Many other companies follow similar model that you can consider as alternatives to Weebly. Therefore, we primarily list the alternatives from hosted companies and not from the premium hosting.

2. Wix

Wix is a NASDAQ listed company that offers large number of templates to build your website. It supports more than 200 million websites to display themselves as a strong player in free hosting website builders. Starting from logo to custom blog, you can get everything under single umbrella. Pricing is much higher than Weebly with the lowest “Combo” plan costing $14. All plans include free SSL and 14 days money back guarantee. You can safely try Wix and cancel the subscription within 14 days if you are not happy. Checkout the complete comparison of Weebly Vs Wix.

Wix Editor

3. Squarespace

If you want to get rid of the word “free”, but still do not want to worry about hosting then Squarespace is for you. There are no free plans available with Squarespace. The lowest premium plan is “Personal” that will cost you more than $14 without any ecommerce features. You can easily subscribe to Weebly Pro for this price with full of ecommerce features. However, Squarespace offers brilliant themes and customization features that you can’t get with Weebly site builder. Another good part is that you can start with a free trial and drive through the features before you decide to purchase. They also offer end-to-end services from domains, emails, website builder and online store to manage all your site related stuffs in single place.

Squarespace Templates

4. Yola

Yola Site Builder

Yola uses Ecwid (ECommerce WIDget) to integrate online stores and you need to pay additional $10 per month for this. So, if you are looking for Weebly alternative to host your online store then Yola is not an option for you. Checkout the complete comparison of Weebly and Yola website builders.

 5. Jimdo

Jimdo is another platform you can check out as a Weebly alternative. The free plan is limited with 500MB storage and 2GB bandwidth. The premium plans are costlier than Weebly with similar range of features. You have to sign for minimum 12 months contract with an option for 14 days money back guarantee. The VIP plan for online sellers is similar to Weebly’s business plus with additional options like business listings. However, basic and business plans have restriction on storage, which is not the case with Weebly.

Jimdo Pricing Plans

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6. Webs

Webs Drag and Drop Site Builder

Other Weebly Alternatives That Needs Hosting

As mentioned, Square will merge Weebly and Square Online Builder any point of time as that was the ultimate purpose of acquiring Weebly. Therefore, at this point we strongly recommend consider moving out of Weebly to one of the above options or chúng tôi If your sole purpose of having a website is to host an online store, then platforms like Shopify is also a good option.

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Weebly Introduces App Center – Webnots

Weebly on first of October 2024 released a major update to its site building platform calling it as a Carbon a third generation Weebly update. One of the important features in the upgrade is the introduction of app center allowing third party developers to build apps and sell it on Weebly platform. In this article we will discuss what Weebly might be trying to do with the new app center and what you as a Weebly user will get.

Weebly App Center

History of Weebly Changes

When you look back into how Weebly evolved as a market player in the site building arena you can find a simple fact that Weebly unfortunately is not a market leader in announcing changes. In fact, there is a clear lagging of management strategy on how to handle the change management process without impacting millions of live sites both for premium and free users. The so called Carbon – a third generation update is not an exception to Weebly’s monotonous approach of implementing changes without any prior notification. You can view responses from users here expressing how many bugs are there in the new update and how it was impacting the user experience.

Weebly Introduces App Center

As part of the bigger update Weebly introduced an app center – a market place for selling apps to users. Most of the site building companies like Wix have their own market place long back and it is expected Weebly to follow the suit.

How Weebly App Center Works?

There is a new tab “Apps” added under site editor to differentiate default elements and the apps. Below is the definition of “App” as per Weebly:

App shall mean any application, element, theme, and/or software service created by Partner and made available to Weebly users through the Weebly Marketplace and/or any other Weebly Services.

My Apps Section in Weebly Site

What is the Impact of New Weebly App Center?

Well, at the outlook this looks like a great concept of allowing third parties to sell their apps through a channelized process. But there are lot of concerns considering the way Weebly handles things.

Problems and Support with Third Party Apps

As of now we tested as many as apps introduced and none seems to be working fine as explained in the instructions. Let us take as example of “Simple Table” app which is offered as free in the app center. Below is the first review of this app which is self-explanatory:

It’s well named: “Simple Table” – too simple to be of much use. Rows can’t be inserted into an existing table. Is there some way to customize the width of columns? I couldn’t find a way. When I experimented and uploaded a table on an existing page, the page failed to open (in Chrome). Overall very disappointing.

Though Weebly will fix this there are two questions for the webmasters:

Why such a simple things are not tested and introduced to millions of users with bugs?

How does Weebly will handle these third party apps in future?

As of now Weebly does not handle any third party related support queries even for a business users and there is no documentation found how the third party apps in the app centers will be supported henceforth.

Default Elements Vs Third Party Apps

Under elements tab you can find lot of third party elements like Forum offered by chúng tôi PollDaddy Poll, YouTube, Google AdSense, Scribd Document Embed, etc. With new apps are getting added as third party elements we really do not understand what are the default Weebly elements and what are the real third party element.

App Center is for Developers

The major benefit of new app center is for the developers who wanted to sell Weebly apps and themes. Weebly also introduced a developer platform to allow developers to use Weebly APIs and sell their products on official Weebly platform.


Weebly should understand the bottom-line of why users want to use their platform – it is just because of the easy to use interface. What we noticed is that Weebly always forgetting this point and making simple things complex like replacing multicolumn element with spacer, limited membership feature for pro users, etc.

Introducing an app center is definitely a welcome move from Weebly at the same time it will be much appreciated if Weebly addresses the hard core problems like backup (especially blog posts), additional blogging features like tags, more social media sharing, etc.

10 Reasons Not To Use Weebly For Blogging – Webnots

Weebly is one of the popular website builders that needs no technical knowledge. You can use Weebly for creating a blog as part of free or premium plans. However, blog is just an additional option in Weebly without complete features. If you want to build a complete blog then Weebly is definitely not an option for you due to various restrictions.

Limitations of Weebly Blog

Here we discuss the limitations of Weebly blog and the restrictions you should consider before creating a blog with Weebly.

1. Blog Copy and Backup

Weebly offers an option to backup the entire site as a ZIP archive. You can use this for offline reference and keep track of changes to your site. However, you can’t backup blog posts and product pages with this option. There are no other ways you can take a copy of your Weebly blog posts. This is a very danger issue with Weebly since you will not be able to migrate to other platform easily. The only option is to recreate your blog posts one by one in another platform which may not be a feasible task when you have hundreds of posts.

2. Danger of Deleting Blog Page

If you are familiar with WordPress and other content management systems, you will know that blog page is a dummy page. It will simply show the feed of your posts based on your theme’s design. Though the process is similar, there are big problems with Weebly blog setup.

If you have wrongly deleted the blog post by mistake, there is no way to retrieve. Weebly does not have “Trash” option and the posts will be permanently deleted.

3. Blog Migration Issues

Migrating your blog content to another hosting provider is a tedious task since Weebly blog does not have an option to import XML feed. The feed contains only the latest ten posts which is of not real use if you have hundreds of thousands of posts. Learn more drawbacks of Weebly platform.

4. Comment Control

Weebly Comment Settings

5. No Autor Name

You can add author widget on the main blog page. This means it is a fixed widget showing single author name on all your blog posts. Weebly blog post does not display the author name hence if you have a group of editors and want to show different author name for each post then Weebly blog is not an option for you unless Weebly comes up with an interface change.

Published Blog Post

6. No Sidebar Widgets 7. Missing Featured Image

Many social media platforms use OpenGraph protocol for showing the shared content. Featured image is an important element in this protocol. It helps the shared content look elegant on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Though Twitter uses Twitter Cards, OpenGraph will still work on that platform as well.

Unfortunately, Weebly does offer an option to add featured image to blog posts. With this, your blog posts will not have any image when shared on social platforms. Otherwise, the platform may pickup suitable image from your content, mostly the first image, that may not look beautiful.

8. Sub-categories and Breadcrumb

In addition, you will have no option to insert breadcrumb on your blog posts.

9. Only Two Social Sharing Networks

Content sharing is restricted to only two social media sites Facebook and Twitter. You have no options to customize the look of buttons or add additional networks on your blog.

Share Buttons

10. Simply Blog Layout

Weebly blog layout consists of two columns – one is for main content and the other is for sidebar. Though you have an option to remove the sidebar by editing CSS or from the settings, there is no option to customize your blog layout. You can get beautiful and customizable layouts with free Blogger or WordPress accounts. However, even Weebly premium users have no options to customize the layout.

Weebly Blog Layout

Final Words

Weebly offers blog in addition to its content management system basically built for content sites. In front of the blogging capabilities of WordPress or Blogger it is not recommended to even try out with Weebly blog as a standalone site. If you have content site then Weebly blog can be added within a content site in order to announce important activities from your main site.

Add And Customize Contact Form In Weebly Site – Webnots

There are many easy ways to add forms to your Weebly site. You can use default Weebly “Contact Form” element, connect forms from App Center and embed form codes from third parties. Being a native element, Weebly’s default “Contact Form” element is easy to integrate and manage the received form submissions easily through the dashboard or iPhone/ Android apps. In this article we will discuss the features of default “Contact Form” element and the ways to customize it. Other than contact form, Weebly also offers two other form elements – RSVP form and survey element.

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Form Fields:

Short text box

Large text box

Options buttons

Drop down box

Check boxes

File upload for Pro user

Name, Email, Address and Phone number


Divider and Spacer


Title, Text, Image and Embed Code

Form Options

Weebly Contact Form Options

The customizing options available are:

Form name – Enter name for your form. When you have multiple forms in your site, you can use the form names to view the submissions based on the form name easily.

Email submission to – This is an email id where you will receive an instant alert whenever there is form submission.

Confirmation message after submission – The confirmation option allows you to display an automatic response to the user after submitting the form. You can either set a text confirmation message or link any webpage. The text message will be shown within the form area after submission. You can connect any external webpage or your own site or store page in the link option which will be displayed after submission.

Spacing – Used to adjust the spacing of top and bottom margins of the form element.

Submit Button – Used to align the submit button left, center or right with respect to your form width. Also you can enter any free text like “Contact” instead of submit on the button element.

Note: General practice is to create a thank you page in your site with the customized information you want to show to the users and link it to the form. Thank you page will be displayed once user submits the form and provide more opportunity for the user to explore the links in the thank you page.

Field Level Customization

Instruction and Mandatory Field

Instructions will help the users on how to fill that particular field and the help message will be displayed whenever the filed is focused.

Some of the fields like “Options Buttons”, “Checkboxes” and “Dropdown Box” will have additional options as shown in the picture below. You can enter as many as customized options for user selection or choose it from the predefined options list. The predefined options have long list of choices like Comparison, Gender, U.S States, How Long, How Often, Months of the Year, Days of the Week, etc.

Using Option Buttons in Weebly Contact Form

Form Options for Pro User

Pro users will have the following additional form features:

File upload – This is a pro field which helps the user to submit a form with an uploaded file. This will be a very useful feature so that the user can upload additional document or screenshot which will in turn help you to provide a better support. 20 MB is the maximum file size that can be uploaded in a form.

Adding Form in Footer – In addition to adding form in site’s content area, Pro users can add a form in the footer area as well. Contact form can be added in the footer which will be displayed in the all the pages of a site.

File Upload in Weebly Form

Viewing Form Entries

Form entries can be viewed in multiple ways and the required response can be sent to the submitter accordingly.

View Contact Form Entries in Weebly Dashboard

You can also use Weebly iPhone or Android app to view and reply your form entries on the go.

Size of the Weebly form can’t be adjusted by default. In order to change the size, place the “Spacer” elements beside form element and adjust the width of the form.

Reducing Spam Form Submissions

One of the biggest problem with Weebly contact form is the spam submissions – spammers and bots will submit spam entries and flood your mail box. Since Weebly does not offer CAPTCHA for contact form, handling spam submissions will be an annoying task for site owners. There are two ways to reduce the spams without modifying the code:

Add “Checkboxes” on the contact form and make it a required field. You can make the “Field Title” as “I am not a robot” and add one “Options Items” as “I am a human”. This will force users to check the box and the form can’t be submitted without checking it.

Similarly use “Option Buttons” and change the “Field Title” to anything like “CAPTCHA Check” or “Human Check” and make it a required field. Add single option item like “I am a human not a robot” or any text you want. Now the user needs to use choose the option in order to submit the contact form.

Add Manual Captcha in Weebly Contact Form

In both the above options, the automatic bots will fail to choose the checkbox or the option button thus stopping the spam entries.

Finding Contact Form #ID in Weebly

Now go to Weebly editor and add the below CSS code under “Header Code” section of the page on which you have a contact form. Don’t forget to replace the form #id with your own #id.

#form-632853235871630597 { background-color: beige; padding: 15px 15px 0 15px; border-radius: 10px; border: 1px solid rgba(158, 158, 158, 0.22); }

Top 9 Alternatives Of Cloudinary

Introduction to Cloudinary Alternatives

Web development, programming languages, Software testing & others

A Brief on Cloudinary

Founded in 2011 by Itai Lahan, Nadav Soferman, and Tal Lev-Ami in Israel to offer Image/ Video management services in the SaaS model in Cloud. This company grew on its strength organically, and only in the year 2024 it got one strategic investment from Bessemer Ventures. Other technology features and several add-ins were incorporated into this tool in 2014.

This tool helps website/app developers streamline image/video content workflow and dynamically manage uploading, storing, manipulating, updating, and delivering content to various applications and websites.

Top Alternatives of Cloudinary

Alternatives of Cloudinary are given below:

1. ImageKit

Bandwidth-based pricing plan makes it cheaper than Cloudinary. The price is 40% cheaper every month for the premium plan.

Integrations with WordPress, Magento, and Shopify are available.

It is secured and has a Metadata Management feature.

Has inbuilt performance alert and inherent issue fixes

Contains Extensive image manipulation facilities like Watermark, Text overlay.

Has Plenty of Image transformation features.

Supports all OS and devices.

Provides a smart content delivery network on the existing infrastructure to improve delivery speed drastically.

Good support is available from the product team.

Ensured delivery of high-quality images at a reasonable bandwidth.

Watermarking facility to protect copywrites for all the documents.

Wide Image libraries are available to choose from.

2. Amazon S3

Branded as a leading Cloud Storage product, this tool offers unlimited storage space in the Cloud to store data of any size ranging from a single byte to terabytes. It enables storing and retrieving data of any size from anywhere. Each data element is bucketed and stored in different regions to optimize cost and latency and adhere to regulation standards.

Unique keys protect such data buckets, and access is prevented to others. Reliability, scalability, economics, and simple operations are some of the key features of this product. It takes a while to organize the data in buckets and decide the regions for faster retrieval. Users feel irritated as it insists on Credit cards for making payments.

3. Akamai

A costlier solution as compared to Cloudinary.

It offers a distributed platform for hosting web content.

Akamai has a broader user base in the top 1 million sites than many other solutions.

Used across a variety of Industries.

Its solution is ideal for organizations dealing with a high volume of data.

It delivers the contents at a faster rate.

Akamai provides greater flexibility in configuring various services to improve the utilization of resources.

Luna control center operation can be simplified to improve user experience.

4. Cloudflare

It enables developers to integrate Cloudflare delivery services easily with their website and its associated infrastructure. It also helps developers to gain new scale and self-sufficiency by utilizing its serverless architecture.

5. Imgix

It offers:

On-demand Image processing.

Simple set-up process.

Superior performance.

Efficient cropping facility.

Simple pricing structure without any hidden clause.

Cheaper development cost.

Using CDN to serve images from the nearest server.

Optimizing the size of the image to save bandwidth.

Supply the right-sized image to the browser without compromising its quality.

6. Firebase

Firebase is a comprehensive tool to facilitate a shorter application development life cycle and meets all the requirements of a robust functional application. A unique feature of this tool is that Firebase is well integrated with the Google platform, which helps rapidly scale the applications. It provides services of a real-time Firebase NoSQL real-time database in the Cloud for exchanging data across all its platforms.

7. Uploadcare 8. Filestack

The most reliable method of uploading files has become developers’ favorite tool. It ensures the safe and secure delivery of data at a fantastic speed. It allows extensive image transformation before publication, and one can make wonderful changes.

9. Others

Tool Name


Drupal Familiar with Content management tools. Easy to use, and no Coding knowledge is needed. Provides Blog facility

Datadog Enables easier interfacing with third-party tools

Joomla Most Popular CMS and next only to WordPress

HubSpot Helps to build a good CRM relationship

Zoho Docs An excellent platform to store and share data objects

Libris Specialises in managing photographs

Optmyzr Prominently  used by Advertisement agencies


Plenty of options are available for alternates to Cloudinary, but users must do sufficient due diligence before deciding on a tool that meets their tech/budget requirements.

Recommended Articles

This is a guide to Cloudinary Alternatives. Here we discuss the definition and alternatives of Cloudinary in detail. You may also have a look at the following articles to learn more –

Top 8 Procreate Alternatives For Android

There are several apps artists can use to put their creative ideas onto a digital canvas. The popular among iOS and iPadOS users is Procreate. It has tons of functionality, offering anything a creator could need. But the most significant limitation is that it’s only available for Apple products. So, if you have an Android phone or tablet, you must look elsewhere. Luckily, there are a few excellent Procreate alternatives.

Good to know: Here are all the Apple Pencil essentials you need to know, including how to set it up, use it, and troubleshoot.

1. Sketchbook

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Just like Procreate, Sketchbook is a raster graphics software app. It has many of the same capabilities as Procreate, making it an excellent alternative if you want to start expressive drawing and some animation.

It has a variety of drawing tools, such as pencils, markers, and brushes and is compatible with pressure-sensitive pens and drawing tablets. On the website, there are free objects for download, including additional skin tones, color palettes, and etch effects. Sketchbook Pro is available for desktop computers, while the original Sketchbook is available for Android and iOS devices.

Tip: Learn how you can run Android apps in Windows.

2. Infinite Painter

Price: Free with in-app purchases

In addition to converting brush strokes into editable shapes, you can also share timelapse footage of your drawing process. The app includes hundreds of brush and customizable stroke settings, and is compatible with most pencils for full pressure and tilt support. Infinite Painter is available for free, with in-app purchases.

Tip: Check out some of the best note-taking apps for Android.

3. ArtFlow

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Featuring over 80 brushes and various creative functions, ArtFlow is a GPU-accelerated paint engine that supports canvases up to 6144 pixels by 6144 pixels with as many as 50 layers.

4. Tayasui Sketches

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Where most raster graphics software apps focus on creating content in different mediums and styles, Tayasui Sketches focuses primarily on drafting sketches.

It claims to have “the most realistic tools” and provides you with a variety of pencils, dry and wet watercolor brushes, acrylic brushes and several pen styles. Adapting to your stylus’s pressure, angle, and width to your movements, the app aims to replicate what a brush on paper would look like. Tayasui Sketches is a free download, but there is a one-time in-app payment for pro features like tool variants and additional layers.

Do you know: If you prefer to do sketching work on Windows instead, here are some of the best sketching apps for Windows.

5. ArtRage: Draw, Paint, Create

Price: $2.99

If you enjoy working with blending tools such as paint thinners and pencil softness, then ArtRage is the perfect drawing app for you. It includes many tool presets to get going quickly, but you can also customize each one to suit your style better.

In addition to oil brushes, inking pens and pencil tools, it also includes layers with different blend modes, a fill tool to easily cover large sections of the canvas and the ability to add tracing images for accurate copying. Art created in the mobile app can be edited on the desktop application or exported as PNG and JPG images for sharing.

6. Krita

Price: Free with in-app purchases

With an interface that’s similar to Adobe’s Photoshop, Krita is a full-featured and free drawing app from the Netherlands. It’s best suited for comics, animations and concept art, and includes a variety of tools you’d expect.

In addition to a powerful brush stroke engine, Krita has stabilizers for freehand inking, assistants for constructing complex scenes, and when you need to focus on what matters at the moment, there is a distraction-free canvas-only mode. This removes the on-screen elements for a clean surface. While not a primary focus, it also supports the creation of animations through onion skinning and scripting in Python. It is only available for Android tablets, with support for mobile phones currently in development.

Krita is also available for Linux, Windows and macOS.

7. PaperColor

Price: Free, with in-app purchases

To help you on your creative journey, you can import photos or other images into a separate layer and set the transparency so you can trace and copy art. For an added personal touch, there is a signature function so you can sign your pieces and share them with friends and family.

8. MediBang Paint

Price: Free, with in-app purchases

Regarded as one of the best drawing apps and, by extension, an excellent alternative to Procreate, MediBang Paint features over 180 brushes and 1,000 screen tones, fonts from Fontworks and filters.

A great starting point for beginners, you can easily trace objects from imported images and photos to create your own stickers and icons. It has a simple user interface that minimizes on-screen clutter, making it easier for you to find the correct tools. If you want to learn more about drawing, there are several professional illustration exercises and explanations. 

Tip: Looking for a new drawing tablet? Check out our review of the XPPen Artist 10 Tablet Display (2nd Gen).

Image credit: Unsplash

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