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Digital Transformation is a prerequisite for all organizations in today’s dynamic ever-changing ecosystem of technology. This new transformation is changing business models and processes; making them increasingly customer-centric. With the amalgamation of cutting-edge technologies, digital transformation is becoming more efficient and innovative. A company which is enabling digital evolution with its IT strategy consisting of imperative components is Torry Harris Business Solutions.

From Inception to Enabling Transformation

Torry Harris Business Solutions’ mission is “To be the provider of choice to facilitate adoption and use of API driven digital opportunities that make a critical difference to business” The founding members of THBS belonged to a company called Transarc, a Pittsburgh-based Software Company. Transarc was purchased by IBM in 1994. Several former members from Transarc formed Torry Harris. THBS Solutions was founded in 1998 to offer IT services in the middleware and distributed-computing areas. To this day, the focus of the company continues to be in the middleware space through Integration, APIs, and Microservices. THBS is thus able to provide 20 years of focused expertise in enabling digital transformation for customers.  

Integration Leading to Algorithmic Revolution

THBS provides turnkey solutions across strategy consulting, architecture, design & build. The company is considered both “Architects” and “Masons” in this space. THBS’s products and system integration services address the entire digital transformation lifecycle needs of its customers. They are categorized broadly into four blocks: 1) Strategy 2) Access control and Security 3) Governance 4) Legacy Enablement The Strategy tool-kit contains the Digital and API Strategy acceleration tools. The Access Control and Security block contain tools for API Management and Exposure. The Governance block has frameworks, best practices and governing principles for APIs. The Legacy Enablement block has tools to modernize the existing legacy assets of an enterprise. THBS is a pioneer in setting up the API Factory Model. API Factory model is a proven concept to succeed with full life-cycle API delivery and management. This highly refined, the lean model helps churn out large volumes of standardized APIs with predictability in time, cost and quality The industry recognized, version managed, commercially licensed products from Torry Harris include: 1) RAPID API Manager – for full lifecycle API Management 2) RepoPro – A comprehensive repository for your enterprise assets 3) IoT Glue – A glue to integrate & manage disparate IoT devices 4) DigitMarket – Accelerates your Marketplace  

Contribution to the Technology Universe

Torry Harris contributes to the nation by empowering its people with access to the digital technology forces listed above through a platform business model. The company calls this initiative “Democratization of Digital”, and its aim is to provide access to technology to people from the lower economic background through a platform business model, who otherwise have no means to realize the benefits of digital forces. THBS has launched its own startup business “Home Jini” that provides a home services platform for all residential customers. Home Jini is powered by its own technology stack – Digit Market, which fully leverages Big Data Analytics, Cloud, AI, Machine Learning, etc. THBS’s fleet management solution “Fleeto”, powered by IoT Glue, leverages key Digital technology forces such as Big Data Analytics/ AI/ ML/ Cloud/ IoT, etc.  The company’s strategy is to transform Fleeto’s into a Fleet Management platform business for democratizing Digital for Small and Medium Enterprises. THBS aims to contribute to Digital India initiative by allowing all its products to be re-branded and distributed by large enterprises like Nationalized banks, Large Telcos, etc as part of their own Digital Offering to SME segment.  

Regulating with Disruptive Technologies Reformative Solutions Driving Innovation

Torry Harris Business Solutions are unique because: 1) It is a specialist, focused provider of integration solutions as a means of realizing Digital Transformation and Digital Ecosystems. 2) It brings 20 years of experience and expertise in connecting systems, things and people through Integration, APIs, Microservices, and IoT. 3) THBS provides System Integration services and version-managed products under one roof. 4) Torry Harris’ Business Architecture team along with the API Factory team provides the full range of services from consulting to implementation and support. Innovation is encouraged in Torry Harris Business Solutions through multiple channels and collaborations. A key investment made by the company is the THBS Centre of Excellence (CoE). The CoE is an innovation hub that works to create customer-centric products with cutting-edge technology. The CoE Initiatives span across Integration, IoT, API Management, AI and Blockchain to name a few. It collaborates closely with standards bodies like TMForum, CMMI etc. to ensure compliance and quality.  

Recognitions for the Significant Progress

THBS has received very positive feedback from customers, major industry analysts and industry award groups. Most recently, THBS has been nominated as Finalists for 2023, jointly with British Telecom, for the TMForum IT Transformation award. Torry Harris Business Solutions are “Strong Performers” in the Forrester Wave ™: API Management Solution, Q4 2023” authored by Randy Hefner with Christopher Mines, Allison Vizgaitis, and Diane Lynch (October 29, 2023).  

Challenges and Impediments to Growth

The company had a perception challenge in the market about being only the “Do’ers” or “Implementers”. Customers reached out to THBS after the strategy and design phase, only for implementation projects. This has now been addressed through the company’s “business architecture” team, which helps in the early stages of business planning through to strategy, architecture, and design.  

Prospective Paths

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How Digital Health Solutions Are Addressing Today’s Healthcare Crises

Digital technology has been making the rounds in healthcare for years, but now it’s doing more than just streamlining clinical workflows and enhancing the patient experience. At Samsung, we are committed to providing secure digital health solutions that improve the lives and patient outcomes of the healthy, sick and aged to create a better world.

Some of the biggest challenges that we face today as a society include reducing the high cost of healthcare, battling the opioid epidemic and addressing issues that impact the lives of seniors and their families, including loneliness, social isolation and the ability to live safely and independently.

These are big, complicated problems, but it’s clear digital technology can be part of the solution. Here’s how we’re helping.

Reducing the High Cost of Healthcare

BlueStar is an FDA-certified diabetes application from WellDoc that has been shown in randomized controlled trials to reduce HbA1c by 1.9 percent — nearly twice as effective in controlling blood sugar as diabetes medications.

Samsung has partnered with Welldoc to launch the Diabetes Wellness Program (DWP). The DWP, which is integrated within the Samsung Health service, is a 12-week program developed in collaboration with key partners, including the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE). It is designed to help adults with type 2 diabetes achieve a healthy lifestyle and manage their condition. Available through the Samsung Health service*, the DWP is powered by WellDoc’s platform that is used in its BlueStar product.

Additionally, working in collaboration with a leading healthcare provider, Samsung has developed and validated a coaching and wellness application for cardiac patients. This application virtualizes the cardiac rehabilitation program on a Samsung Galaxy smartwatch. In a clinical evaluation, at baseline, the standard patient completion rate for a six- to eight-week cardiac rehabilitation program after a heart attack was 48 percent. With the virtual cardiac rehabilitation program, 83 percent of patients completed the program.

How Smart Are Your Clinical Communications?

White Paper

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The near doubling of the completion rate for the program is remarkable, because we know from randomized controlled trials that for every 37 patients who complete a cardiac rehabilitation program, one life is saved.1,2 We also know that for every 15 patients who complete the program, one hospitalization is avoided.1,3

How did we achieve these results? By virtualizing the program on a smartwatch, we made it easier and more convenient for patients to complete.

We also know that access to care is directly tied to the reduced cost of care, and not only by improving outcomes for high-risk individuals. Greater access to physicians enables people to be more proactive about their health — improving and saving lives by catching potential complications early.

Through a partnership with American Well, we have added a 24/7, telemedicine platform to the Samsung Health app. This enables consumers and patients to connect with healthcare providers to receive urgent care visits, second opinions and disease management programs directly on their mobile device.

Most recently, with the launch of the Galaxy S9 and S9+, Samsung announced My BP Lab, a jointly developed smartphone research app with the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) Hospitals, to help users manage their blood pressure and stress levels and obtain personalized insights for improving their daily health. My BP Lab leverages an innovative optical sensor available on the Galaxy S9 and S9+ to provide users with richer, more accurate information about their health status. This optical sensor is built into the device, and allows measurement of the heart load factor (HLF), which is obtained by analyzing high-resolution pulse waveforms from the fingertip. Analysis of the waveforms provides information on the load on the heart and blood vessels. The objective of the UCSF research study is to correlate the HLF with blood pressure and stress levels.

These benefits show us there’s no question about how virtual care models and the technology that supports them can help patients — from the hospital to the home. The more connected patients are, the greater value we can achieve by improving healthcare quality and reducing costs across all types of populations.

Virtual Pain Relief

Overdose deaths involving prescription opioids have quadrupled over the past 20 years, and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently published new guidance documents that highlight the need for more non-narcotic alternatives for pain management.

Enter one unexpected alternative: virtual reality (VR).

It makes sense that a calming VR video could distract from pain in the moment, but these immersive experiences actually produce lasting neurochemical changes in the brain that are visible on a functional MRI (fMRI). These changes are usually sustained for several hours after the VR therapy — in some cases for 24 to 48 hours.

Researchers found that the VR pain management patients had a 52 percent reduction in pain as compared to the television watchers.

Through our collaborations, we now have an incredibly powerful new tool that can address the opioid epidemic. Our continued partnerships and initiatives with healthcare providers will help physicians and caregivers leverage VR as a highly effective non-narcotic treatment option for suffering patients.

Connected Care Solutions for Seniors

As we age, we face three primary concerns: social isolation, decreased physical independence and diminished mental agility. With the rising number of seniors, together with the recent cuts in Medicare and Medicaid, keeping seniors connected, engaged and cared for requires some deft resource management. How can we care for more seniors with less money? This is where we’ve found success with technology, especially solutions suited for more collaborative and preventive care.

Mobile devices can facilitate greater social connectivity. Breezie, a company based in the UK, US and Australia, has enabled the tablet experience to become much more senior-friendly by automating 43 reconfigurations — such as enlarging icons, locking down certain features and apps and enabling single sign-on — that might be overwhelming for new users to handle manually. Automating these reconfigurations was made possible by leveraging the Samsung Knox customization feature included on Samsung mobile devices. Breezie users report decreased loneliness and social isolation, and — when combined with social engagement programs such as those run by the National Council on Aging (NCOA) — have even demonstrated increased physical and cognitive abilities.

To address the caregiver shortage, Samsung partner eCaring is using emojis on Samsung tablets to make it easier for non-professional caregivers to report daily progress; home sensors from Samsung SmartThings combined with analytics from Billy (formerly Curo) are detecting changes in movement and activity at home that may be worrisome for worsened health; and Samsung wearables powered by Reemo analytics are tracking the health and ensuring the safety of seniors. With these technologies, we now have the ability to translate data into proactive care and keep seniors in better health.

Finally, there’s digital technology that boosts seniors’ independence by addressing age-related disabilities, such as macular degeneration. IrisVision has developed clinically validated software that can help fill in image gaps using the Samsung Gear VR, restoring vision in people with partial blindness. Samsung is also working closely with hearing aid companies PhonAK and Resonance Medical to enable seniors to self-adjust and recalibrate their hearing aids using their Samsung smartphone.

Over time, equipping seniors with mobile devices can provide the necessary foundation for preventive care. Our partners help us create greater connectivity — for patients as well as for nurses, caregivers and doctors.

What’s Next?

Medtronic, the world’s largest medical device company, has partnered with Samsung to transform the user experience for patients with diabetes, chronic pain and overactive bladder. No longer will patients need to pull large controllers out of their pockets that call attention to their disease. Instead, they will be able to manage their condition discretely, securely and effectively using consumer-friendly mobile devices.

While displaying patient data on a mobile device is the current standard, Samsung is working closely with its partners and the FDA to redefine what’s possible by customizing the user experience and locking down certain features on Samsung mobile devices to ensure patient safety, data security and, when appropriate, FDA compliance.

Today’s solutions call for extremely sophisticated security and customization. That’s why — thanks to trusted solutions like Samsung Knox that provide device flexibility and data protection — medical companies have continually partnered with Samsung to drive healthcare innovation. As one of nine companies pre-certified by the FDA, Samsung is excited to continually transform the future of medicine.

How smart are your clinical communications? Take our five-question assessment for a personalized recommendations on how to utilize mobile technology at your hospital, or read our free white paper to learn more about improving the quality of patient care and saving on costs using mobile technology.


1. Hasnain M Dalal. Cardiac rehabilitation. BMJ 2024;351:h5000 doi: 10.1136/bmj.h5000 (Published 29 September 2024).

2. Anderson L, Thompson DR, Oldridge N, et al. Exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation for coronary heart disease. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2024.

3. Sagar VA, Davies EJ, Briscoe S, Coats AJ, Dalal HM, Lough F, et al. Exercise-based rehabilitation for heart failure: systematic review and meta-analysis. Open Heart. 2024;2:e000163.

Ryan Lynch: Introducing Modern Sales Intelligence Solutions Through Strategic Business Planning

Business leaders know data is at the heart of enterprise development and growth. But how they use that data is what distinguishes companies from their competitors. That’s where sales and marketing intelligence come in. The data generated from these areas translates to lead generation and stronger connections with target audiences. By anchoring the needs of businesses in data-backed sales strategies, Kforce provides business leaders with the right solutions to meet their goals and make an impact on the global economy.

Kforce is an award-winning solutions firm that specializes in technology and other professional staffing services. The company’s customer-centric solutions enable world-class, outcome-driven results. Kforce’s team is comprised of experts who understand the intricacies, challenges, and pain points that business leaders encounter daily. The company delivers the best possible results so that leaders can deploy development and growth strategies throughout their organizations. This team approach in tackling the largest challenges for the world’s most prominent companies is just one reason Kforce’s solutions group has become the go-to team for innovation.

A People-First Leader Simplifying Technical Problem Solving 

Ryan executes his job with a people-first approach and always keeps client value at the forefront. In his 10 years with Kforce, Ryan has earned the firm’s annual top performer award seven times. He is also a 2023 Dick Maddock award recipient. The Dick Maddock award is the highest honor an individual can receive at Kforce.

A Paradigm Shift in Client Engagement Platform 

Ryan describes Sales Intelligence Strategy as bringing together seemingly disconnected data sources to provide targeted, client-specific solutions. This takes the best parts of staffing and consulting services and packages them in a way that accelerates a business’ ability to address change. In addition to keeping his eye on an ever-evolving approach to the market, Ryan established a client engagement platform to track, manage and grow Kforce’s partnerships with each successful project. He also refined the sales pipeline and management process. These are just a few of the reasons Ryan has been tapped to explore how this innovation can make a difference across all aspects of Kforce. 

Kforce’s Evolution as a World Class Solutions Firm

Growth and innovation are key elements in the staffing and solutions industry.  Kforce relies on its people’s unique ability to identify and shape next-generation solutions. This is an unsurpassed differentiator in the eyes of its customers, resulting in more than double the number of solutions team members over the last two years. The COVID-19 pandemic and sweeping technology upgrades are just two examples of how the industry is constantly changing. Ryan’s leadership and innovative nature helps the firm better serve its clients. This industry-leading approach identifies more effective workflow opportunities and helps clients quickly adapt to change.

Technology as a Backbone Across Business Operations 

The first step of Sales Intelligence Strategy is to evaluate the opportunity. Working with clients during upfront discovery shortens the delivery timeline while increasing quality. This process is counter to standard industry practices but has proven highly effective. Ryan and the solutions team have been able to help clients reduce hiring times by up to 85% and execute their most challenging technology initiatives, including moving to the cloud, rebuilding enterprise data warehouses, and reimagining customer interactions and experiences. The Sales Intelligence Strategy helps clients maximize their spend, decrease their time to market and mitigate risk while obtaining world-class outcomes aligned to their organizational objectives.

A New Beginning for Limitless Changes  Soaring High with Innovation 

Integration Of The Jira Tool

Definition of Jira Tool

We know that essentially the Jira tool is utilized to deal with the whole improvement cycle of the task, as well as gives the various types of elements to the client to deal with the whole work process of the venture. In other words, we can say that the Jira tool depends on deft philosophy like Scrum and Kanban, or we can make another novel board according to our necessity. The dexterous load-up gives various types of elements to the client, like excesses and guides; we can likewise have the option to produce reports; at times, we want to incorporate different apparatuses or applications, track the undertaking issue, and so on.

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What is Jira Tool?

It’s not unexpected to ask, what is the Jira tool? It started as an IT gadget, but by and by, it maintains many purposes, from the ordinary assignment of the board to an IT labeling structure. It covers the endeavor and the board basics with an intensive gadgets suite, for instance, project orchestrating, task creation, and the leaders and enumerating.

The Jira tool stage supplements facilitated projects for the project manager. Use the Jira tool connected with the adroit capacities to exploit the contraption.

I every now and again projected my gathering’s Jira tool task list on a screen when we met for run organizing and other deft events, and it worked flawlessly to get the gathering incomplete understanding while at the same time streamlining these assigned tasks.

In programming improvement explicitly, the standard undertaking of the chiefs has been built up by new techniques, for instance, Agile, which revolves around the consistent transport of working things to clients. The agile organization is an umbrella term, and several subordinate methods have emerged. The two most prominent sub-strategies are Scrum, which emphasizes structured work in short iterations, and Kanban, which focuses on a continuous work flow with limited work-in-progress, resulting in reduced assumptions.

Consistent conveyances (made possible by iterative work runs) give the client progressive transports of working things. Subsequently, with client reviews, these persistent things convey license gatherings to surface deviations from essentials and various issues before the improvement cycle, which can help avoid cost or resource attacks.

Jira tool has various limits, and accepting its inclination the deficiency of a component you truly need, add it by visiting the Atlassian Marketplace. In this web-based store, you can find outcast programming to upgrade the Jira tool’s middle capacities.

One endeavor in the board model is the Trello-Jira tool consolidation. This part allows gatherings to execute projects with their inclined toward contraption, and data normally changes between the stages. Now let’s see why we need the Jira tool as follows.

The Jira tool provides the following aspect as follows.


The Jira tool is based on the agile methodology and effectively manages defects during project development as shown in the screenshot below.



The Jira tool’s workflow plays a fundamental role in project management as it facilitates key functions such as displaying the entire organization’s course, providing control over tasks, and tracking issues. During the development stage, a single task progresses through the stages of upcoming, in progress, and completion as the work is finished. So the Jira tool device permits us to deal with the whole work process according to the association’s necessity. To audit the stage then, we can add the survey stage.


Find effortlessly. Assume we have finished with an undertaking toward the start of January, and its variant is 2.0. Presently, we move to form 2.1 and finish toward the finish of January. We are adding new variants. Through the Jira tool, we can realize what occurred in the prior adaptations, the number of imperfections in the previous activities, and the gains we accomplished from the prior projects.



An assignment guide is a remarkable wellspring of information outlining orchestrating goals, requirements, and progress made for a long time. It’s a graphical, huge-level action plan that changes your gathering and various accomplices around your targets and guides out indispensable stages to achieve them.

Jira Export

At the point when we are dealing with a commodity, a lot of get-togethers can be a basic piece of your day. In ordinary stand-ups or numerous weeks audits, reports are integral for giving updates and showing the social affair and the associates where we are in the movement of a thing. Preferably, we acknowledge that these reports should show the information we truly need to show in the way we need to.

The uncovering choices in neighborhood Jira, such as board indicating and standard dashboard revealing, are restricted and lack flexibility.  Atlassian comprehends that innumerable of its clients will require more.

Jira tool also provides the API. Fundamentally, we know that with the assistance of JIRA API implies a blend of REST API JIRA instruments, we can construct various applications according to our necessity. On the opposite side, JIRA relies upon the multiple phases of JIRA. We can say that JIRA gives the cloud-based REST API to foster applications according to our prerequisite.


With the help of the above article, we try to learn about the Jira tool. From this article, we learn basic things about the Jira tool, and we also see the integration of the Jira tool and how we use it in the Jira tool.

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Transforming A Traditional Business Into A Digital Powerhouse: Strategies And Best Practices

Most conventional businesses have been digitally disrupted. Business leaders are, therefore, expected to transform the respective business model toward serving new markets while breaking through existing market restrictions towards meeting the needs of a broader customer base.

In the modern era, over 80 percent of business executives aim at prioritizing the digitization of businesses. Most of them realize that not digitizing the organization might lead to the overall loss of competitive edge. In turn, it will affect business profits. This is the reason why most businesses nowadays aim at digitizing and transforming the respective modes of operations.

What is the Digital Business Model?

Digital businesses can be regarded as the all-new, better business model of executing operations in an industry. It shifts completely away from the notions of the pre-set rules. The modern business model harnesses the internet and cutting-edge technologies -facilitating intelligent and speedy execution of business processes while enabling a thrilling customer experience. Most conventional agencies or companies have evolved to serve as digital business ventures by leveraging high-end digital innovations towards addressing the specific needs of customers.

Digital transformation of traditional businesses can be regarded as the foundation change in the manner in which an organization operates, engages, and communicates with end customers. It can be depicted as the disruption of the conventional way of operations towards becoming more digital. It is also concerned with cultivating a high-end digital culture while upskilling the individuals in the organization as it takes an entire team to work through the transformational stage.

Important Steps for Traditional Businesses to Ensure Digital Transformation

Digital transformation serves to be a lengthy and complicated process. Therefore, it is crucial to follow a strategic approach -right from the start. This implies that you should aim at building a digital transformation framework such that you are capable of revisiting a step to observe whether or not improvements can be implemented. Some useful strategies are −

Understand Your Core Reason

An important aspect of digital transformation is understanding the core reasons and motivations for going digital. It is important to understand that no businesses will ever be the same. Therefore, it is crucial to understand why your business strives to embark on the digital journey in the first place.

Think about the primary reasons for your digital transformation. Is it aimed at improving your customer experience? Or, do you wish to improve the overall efficiency of business processes or manage your data seamlessly? Once you are aware of the core reasons, you can make further plans to ensure that your objectives are fulfilled.

Pay Attention to Leadership & Talent

Every business looking forward to becoming digital should understand the core merits and demerits. Businesses should also incorporate the notion of the important processes involved in the stage of digital transformation. Most important, however, is paying attention to existing talent and capabilities to ensure the overall success of your digital transformation efforts. It is because business leaders who tend to be familiar with digital technologies will effectively improve the overall chances of attaining success.

Find the Existing Gaps Analyze In-house Capabilities

Beyond the domains of technology, the given stage is about looking at existing talent. There is no meaning of digital transformation for your business when digital skills are not present to steer the same. What are the core digital skills required for driving digital transformation?

Do you have existing digital skills in your company? Do you have access to a specialized training program that is capable of upskilling existing employees such that they have access to core digital skills or digital literacy?

Hire a Digital Leader to Drive Initiatives

It will be a strong decision to select the right person. It is because you will be choosing someone with a new type of business expertise while bringing the individual to a higher level. You can think of bringing into effect the in-depth knowledge and expertise of a qualified digital leader from outside to deliver results for your business.

Emphasize Domain Expertise and Digital Expertise

Domain expertise will include getting ample experience in different aspects of a particular business or industry. You can look forward to elevating the status and power of digital leaders while creating a mechanism to get them together with domain experts.

Audit the Business

To understand where you are headed to, you are expected to understand the current positioning of your company. Review what systems or processes are in place. You should also evaluate how effectively these systems or processes are operating. If you are leveraging digital technologies and tools, you should understand them in detail along with their operations. Examine the operations of the organization, how the systems are structured, and how they operate.


Digital transformation for modern businesses is a complicated process. To top it all, the individual aspect of the process is just as crucial as the technology itself. You can look forward to driving ample sales and success with a reliable digital agency as you go ahead with developing relationships online and embedding digital solutions within your organization.

Integration Of Pedometer In Swift Ios Development

Pedometer Introduction

Pedometeris one of the iOS feature which can measure, track, calculate distance. It can calculate and count the steps for walking, staircase, heart rate calculation, orientation, rotation, and altitude of the person.

Pedometer measures mainly all accelerometer and gyroscope. Which helps to identify many things. Core motion is core library that is used to be used to calculate various properties of accelerometer and gyroscope.

This library is designed in such a way that it will be fully supported by apple hardware because whatever calculated by code it depends on hardware also. Both hardware and software communicate with each other provide the appropriate data to the users.

Pedometer Framework iOS

Core Motion

Health kit

Use of Library

Walking, Moving, and running distance calculation.

Heartbeat tracking.

Counting steps per day.

Data can be kept secure for 6-7 days.

Historical data can be maintained for various activities.

Finding and Calculate the rotation altitude and acceleration of the device when users are moving from one place to another

Motion detection

Direction calculation and finding the compass

Perquisite for Pedometer integration

Framework added in the build settings Properly

Plist file needs to configure properly for settings

Important things for Pedometer

CMPedometer:- It will capture the data with an inbuilt motion sensor in the device and shared in the software system.

CMPedometerData:- It is supported by a hardware device that detects the step counting overrunning, walking and moving. Provide data from hardware to software. It validates and captures the moving data from hardware in iOS devices.

CMPedometerEvent:-  iOS device monitors the distance moved by users step

CMStepCounter:-  iOS has the capability to count the steps taken by user’s but it is possible only when user carry the device with

Code Steps to implementation

1. Step count will be done in the view will appear where calculation will be done with time and date

override funcviewWillAppear(_ animated: Bool) { super.viewWillAppear(animated) guard let startDate = startDate else { return } pedometerStepsCountUpdate(startDate: startDate) }

2. Pedometer will start updating the data the step count and motion count

@objcPublicfuncdidTapStartButton() { pedometerStartUpdating = !pedometerStartUpdating pedometerStartUpdating ? (pedometerStart()) : (pedometerStop()) }

3. Authorization needs to provide from app side where user will get popup message to confirm the

PublicfuncpedometerStart() { pedometerAuthorizationState() pedometerUpdate() }

4. Pedometer can be stopped and start from the app side to reset the settings from the app.

PublicfuncpedometerStop() { stopUpdating() }

5. Pedometer can be updated from the app side where activity indicator will be running over the code

PublicfuncpedometerUpdate() { if CMMotionActivityManager.isActivityAvailable() { startTrackingActivityType() } else { chúng tôi = "Pedometer available" } if CMPedometer.isStepCountingAvailable() { startCountingSteps() } else { chúng tôi = "Pedometer available" } }

6. Pedometer authorization is denied or approved from the app side where pedometer can be authorized.

PublicfuncpedometerAuthorizationState() { switch CMMotionActivityManager.authorizationStatus() { case CMAuthorizationStatus.denied: pedometerStop() chúng tôi = "Pedometer available" chúng tôi = "Pedometer available" default:break } }

7. Pedometer stop updating the step count and reset the event activity.

PublicfuncstopUpdating() { activityManager.stopActivityUpdates() pedometer.stopUpdates() pedometer.stopEventUpdates() }

8. Handle error to find the pedometer activity.

Publicfunc on(error: Error) {

//handle error


9. Pedometer Steps Count can be Updated with hardware to software so that it will reflect the count in the UI.

PublicfuncpedometerStepsCountUpdate(startDate: Date) { pedometer.queryPedometerData(from: startDate, to: Date()) { [weak self] pedometerData, error in if let error = error { self?.on(error: error) } else if let pedometerData = pedometerData { DispatchQueue.main.async { self?.stepsCountLabel.text = String(describing: pedometerData.numberOfSteps) } } } }

10. Pedometer tracking activity calculated with moving, walking, running and Stationary by step count.

PublicfuncstartTrackingActivityType() { activityManager.startActivityUpdates(to: OperationQueue.main) { [weak self] (activity: CMMotionActivity?) in guard let activity = activity else { return } DispatchQueue.main.async { if activity.walking { self?.activityTypeLabel.text = "Pedometer Walking" } else if activity.stationary { self?.activityTypeLabel.text = "Pedometer Stationary" } else if activity.running { self?.activityTypeLabel.text = "Pedometer Running" } else if activity.automotive { self?.activityTypeLabel.text = "Pedometer Automotive" } } } }

11. Pedometer step can be calculated and counting with the help android application development services.

PublicfuncstartCountingSteps() { pedometer.startUpdates(from: Date()) { [weak self] pedometerData, error in guard let pedometerData = pedometerData, error == nil else { return } DispatchQueue.main.async { self?.stepsCountLabel.text = pedometerData.numberOfSteps.stringValue } } }

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