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TVR Griffith reborn: British icon back from dead with V8 monster

Of all the British automakers we thought might come back from the dead, TVR was nowhere near the top of our shortlist. Nonetheless, the classic – and in many ways infamous – automaker has been reborn, with a completely new TVR Griffith that sticks closely to the equation that made its original namesake so notorious. And, while the brand might not be too well known outside of motoring enthusiast circles, the new Griffith has some serious names behind it.

The design is by Gordon Murray, best known for being responsible for the McLaren F1. His aesthetic is as bold, aggressive, and generally outlandish as you’d expect from both the designer and a TVR in general. However it’s also thoroughly modern.

The chassis is steel and aluminum, with carbon-fiber faced honeycomb sections bonded on. That’s a strategy borrowed straight from Formula 1 technology. Atop that, TVR’s launch model wraps a carbon composite body; altogether, the automaker says, it makes the new Griffith incredibly rigid, not to mention safer in a crash.

There’s been a huge emphasis on aero-work. By mounting the exhausts on the side, the floor of the car can be flat: that generates downforce by channeling airflow along the underside of the Griffith, sucking it down to the road. A deep splitter dominates the nose, while the rear has a sizable diffuser.

Much of TVR’s reputation was built around just how raw the cars were. Lacking most of the electronics that make modern sports cars so easily drivable, with a careless driver behind the wheel they were prone to ending up off the road as huge quantities of power was only tempered by user-restraint. The new Griffith seemingly attempts to strike a balance between that and a more usable vehicle.

The basic layout is achingly straightforward. There’s a 5.0-liter V8 from Ford, which has been worked over by tuners Cosworth. It has a custom clutch, flywheel, and ECU, along with a dry-sump, and is paired with a 6-speed manual Tremec transmission. Final power numbers haven’t been revealed, though TVR says to expect 400 HP per metric ton (1.1 short tons) power-to-weight ratio.

With a 1,250 kg curb weight – undercutting feisty competition like Jaguar’s F-TYPE considerably – that means horsepower in the region of 500 HP. That’s piped directly through the rear wheels, themselves shod in 20-inch 275/30 rubber. TVR is promising 50/50 weight distribution and a legitimately sporting feel from the electrically-assisted steering.

Inside, there are two seats and a fairly simplistic cabin. TVR has deigned to fit airbags, ABS, and ESP, and there’s fully-digital driver instrumentation. The key switchgear is clustered around the upper dash in gleaming metal pods, and there are such user-friendly niceties as keyless start. An all-leather interior and custom infotainment system are standard.

TVR was founded in 1947 in Blackpool, England, and made a reputation for itself with its distinctive and rewardingly eager coupes and convertibles. During the 1990s, the company produced a number of outlandishly designed and aggressively powered cars, like the original Griffith, Cerbera, and Tuscan. Falling sales saw the automaker change hands on numerous occasions, most recently being bought in 2013 by TVR Automotive Ltd.

It took several years of development before the new Griffith, created in partnership with Gordon Murray and Cosworth, was ready for its big reveal. However TVR has said it has ambitious plans for more models, ramping up its production facility in Wales, UK, to 150 jobs.

The new TVR Griffith will initially be available as a limited run of just 500 Launch Edition cars. They’ll be priced “for less than £90,000,” TVR says, or under $117k. Deposits are being taken now, with deliveries said to begin from early 2023.

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A Chemical Tweak Could Help Plants Bounce Back From Damage Faster

As many amateur gardeners can attest, some plant’s abilities to regrow parts of themselves is rather astounding. Cutting off a piece of a stem and placing it in a cup of water can result in a whole new veggie. But at the microbiological level, botanists have found that in response to these cuts, plants pick between two responses: regeneration and defense. A new study published in Developmental Cell explores whether flora could be nudged toward regeneration rather than defense to help boost quick growth.

When a plant is hurt in some way, it has many ways of fixing or protecting itself using the chemicals in its body. But as the study’s authors point out, this response usually see-saws between the two. For example, an individual plant could either regrow its broken limb or guard itself by producing toxins that ward off animals. 

To tease apart whether these two reactions happen in sequence or whether defense always comes before regeneration, the researchers attempted to manipulate plant biology to swing in one direction. By tampering with chemical responses, they tried to draw out the amount of time that Arabidopsis thaliana and maize would focuse on regeneration.

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According to Kenneth Birnbaum, a professor of biology at New York University and one of the authors of the study, the work began with a few central questions. How does a plant know it’s injured? And what early steps connect an injury toward regeneration? To tackle these queries, him team focused on the plant’s DNA itself to see how it was changing in the first few hours after sustaining injury. 

By focusing on dicots, a plant variety with two stems like Arabidopsis, and monocots, which have one stem like maize, the biologists were able to provide results for the two main plant types. The researchers started with Arabidopsis, or thale cress, which is a solid regenerator and a popular lab tool for microbiologists (it was the first plant to ever have its entire genome sequenced). It also has thin, transparent, spaced-out roots that make for easier analysis, says Lieven De Veylder, a professor of plant biotechnology at the Ghent University in Belgium who was not involved with the study.

Birnbaum found that the plants’ glutamate receptor-like proteins began to ramp up their defense mechanism, almost as if they were getting ready for battle, he says. These molecules, which are analogous to the glutamate receptors found in the human brain, sense amino acids for metabolism and other purposes. They also power a plant’s defense system when it’s wounded.

The glutamate receptor-like proteins in plants work by flooding calcium into the cells, which tells the little workhorses to act quickly when their defense has been breached by pathogens like bacteria or fungi. While the researchers initially thought that calcium was signaling the cells to start regeneration, they found that the cells were actually being told to increase defense.

Birnabaum says that they previously assumed that both responses were inextricably linked to each other. But by manipulating the receptors in this study, they found that the plants can actually separate their reactions. 

To test this, the authors activated the receptors through two different processes. One method involved using a genetically manipulated receptor that José Feijó at the University of Maryland has been working on. The researchers compared the injury response of ordinary plants to samples that had four of their glutamate receptor-like protein genes modified to suppress their reaction. As a result, the “quadruple mutant” plant demonstrated an increase in regeneration. 

But working with genetic mutations comes with a slew of unknowns, says Birnbaum. So to confirm their findings, the team used a chemical treatment adapted from human neurobiological research to inhibit the plant receptors’ responses. 

Birnbaum found that by chemically stopping the receptors from sending out calcium, they were able to reduce the defense response and increase the regeneration response for a short time. Across both Arabidopsis and maize, regeneration time doubled. The success of regeneration was measured by tests like the ability to regrow roots or a stem-cell structure called a callus.

But the biggest test was to see if the inhibition of the receptors would work on both the monocots and the dicots. “To our surprise, in a lot of ways, they worked equally well in both of the divisions,” says Birnbaum. For him, this means that the defense signaling works in the same way across plant varieties. 

“It’s kind of seeing something that’s conserved between, say humans and birds,” he notes.

Theoretically, the ability to increase regeneration could be used to boost the resiliency of essential crops against climate change. Since a large percent of crops such as corn or sugar are already genetically modified, this would just be another way to alter them to make them hardier, says Birnbaum. 

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The trouble is that some of the most important crops like maize and sorghum are comparatively pretty bad at regeneration. Boosting the amount of regeneration time for those plants would allow them to get better at it in the event that they face more damage.

De Veylder notes that there are many possible reasons, including differences in cell composition, that could make maize harder to regenerate. In a comparison to trees, he says that there are many species that can’t regenerate after sustaining wounds. If that were to change though, people would potentially reap many benefits: increased biodiversity, heftier harvests, less food insecurity, and even more efficient carbon capture. 

But De Veylder also cautions against jumping the gun, especially in terms of extrapolating these findings to other types of crops. “Most people are just trying to understand the components that you need for innovation,” he says. “I think it’s still early days. People first want to have the toolbox before they go into the crops.”

How To Succeed In Harvest Moon Back To Nature (With Pictures)

Gather some tools in your house. A hoe, scythe, and an axe are all that you really need. Save your rocks as you may need them for artificial fences. Clear out the area right next to your shipping bin because you want to harvest your crops as fast as possible. Since you do not have a shipping basket at this time, planting crops in a C plot will allow you the most time (A C is one horizontal row of three, one row of two, and one row of three). Create 4 plots with one square of space in between them and make sure to place them as close to the shipping bin as possible.


Go into town and watch the various cut scenes of characters. During the cut scenes, your choices will affect your relationship with the girls. Now would be a good chance to familiarize yourself with the town but remember, time is money. Head to the supermarket and buy some turnip seeds. Turnips will grow the fastest and yields a good amount of profit. Four packets of turnip seeds should be the maximum amount of seeds you can buy at this point with five hundred G.

Return to your farm and go immediately to your toolbox inside your house. Switch your scythe for a watering can and switch your axe for the seeds. Leave your house and go to your pond, which is located to the left of your tree. Refill your watering can and run back to where you planted your seeds. Water each square.

Go to the mountain by going to the south end of your farm and crossing the bridge over the river. There is a fork in the road when you initially reach the mountains. The stairs lead to a hot spring and a mine behind the waterfall. Straight down will lead you to a lake, a field of flowers, and the top of the mountains. Taking the path opposite of the stairs will lead you to Gotz the Woodcutter’s house.

Look for Blue medicine plant as it is one of the more profitable mountain harvest. One is up the stairs and the other is near Gotz’s house. Place them in your rucksack. Take a bamboo shoot while you’re at it. Now your rucksack and hands should be full. Run back to your farm and put your “harvest” into the shipping bin.

If you find yourself with some energy left, go to the mine. You should still be carrying your hoe with you. “Mine” the land and occasionally, some ores will pop up or you will find a ladder down. The lower the level, the greater the chance of finding more expensive ores like the Blue Mysterile. You will probably have a hard time going to lower levels since your stamina is not that high yet. But if you are lucky, you will dig up a power berry here which will increase your stamina. If you find any ores, make sure to put it into your rucksack and ship it if you can make it to your bin in time. Otherwise, wait until tomorrow.

Fall into a routine. When you wake up, water your crops, woo some girls, harvest the mountain crops, mine, and sleep. Eventually, you may want to plant a few fields of grass so clear some land in preparation of grass. With your extra stamina, chop the logs with your axe to gather some lumber. Note that you cannot chop the tree stumps yet.

Go to Barley’s farm and there you should see a cutscene. Barley brings the horse to your farm. Your objective is to plant many fields of grass (plan this well so your grass does not conflict with your other crops. A suggestion would be to start your grass stash in the bottom right corner of your farm and work outwards from there). Get 800 g to have enough money for a brush because you need to talk to the horse and brush the horse every day.

Get plenty of chicken feed. In the spring, the only way you are going to get feed for chickens is by buying it from Popuri’s mother. In the summer, you can use corn and put it in the water mill right next to the coop. Eventually, you can receive a free chicken if you woo Popuri enough so you can use your money solely for feed. Another opportunity comes up when Rick asks you to take care of a chicken for him and though you have to return the chicken, you can still keep the eggs and put them in the incubator. And the third option is you can buy your own chicken, but remember to have enough feed for it.

Concentrate on planting some grass and getting the brush, milker, and a cow. Note: Have a store of fodder for your cow by cutting your grass when it is the darkest shade of green. This will ensure that you will not run out of fodder for your precious cows. Talk to and brush your cows every day.

Build squares of grass and surround them with the rocks you were saving. When you get animals, you can put them in there and they will not travel out! Then you can save your lumber for more important things like extensions or as presents to Gotz. Too many rocks? Store them in your cabinet once you extend your house.

Get a harvesting basket and the largest rucksack. However, if it is one or the other, get a basket. It will play a key role in harvesting during summer.

During summer, buy pineapple seeds from Won, the funny-looking merchant with a yellow jacket. He hangs out at the Inn on Wednesdays and the weekends as long as it is not a holiday, so check it out. Pineapples are renewable so you do not have to constantly buy them. They do carry a hefty price tag though (1000g a pop)but you can sell it for 500g each.

Plant a lot of pineapples and watch your money grow almost exponentially. Have pineapple seeds before summer starts because you lose a day from the swimming festival. A word of warning: these pineapples take a long time to grow so your mountain harvests, chickens, and the livestock you have will come in very handy. Plant a field of corn right next to your chicken coop to be devoted for chicken feed and plant a few fields of tomatoes and corn or all corn, since corn should yield a larger profit than tomatoes. The reason you may want to plant both though is to get 100 of each crop shipped so you can get the special seeds for summer.

When fall rolls around, be prepared to make a ton of fields and have the best watering can ready (with all those pineapples, money should not be a problem).

During fall, a really important mountain harvest lies next to the lake deep into the mountain. It looks like a thin stemmed mushroom and it is called a “Truffle.” These yield approximately 1000G for each one so come to the mountain daily.

Buy one packet of sweet potato seeds for each field you have (this is the fastest growing crop). This may be your busiest harvesting season and your most profitable, so get ready. Buy as many sweet potato seeds as you have fields.

By now, your farm should be set with a cow or two and a sheep. You also should have over 10 patches of grass. Harvest your grass when the time comes because nothing grows during the winter season.

Now winter is here! While putting your concentration on your animals, upgrade your axe up to the blue level (in one sitting. Look at tips below). Chop the wood and make sure you have enough lumber and extend your farm up to the level of hothouse if possible.

If you are getting chocolate, the winter thanksgiving would be the time to do so. Hopefully, you have wooed two girls at least up to a purple or blue heart (while focusing on your girl).

For extra cash, there is a second mine opened up deeper into the mountain where you found the truffle. The lake has frozen so bring your basket and hoe and mine to your heart’s content. Adamantite is used for the mayo maker, the cheese maker, and the yarn maker. The Orichalcum is for getting a girl’s accessory.

Once a girl has reached the red heart level, you will have the option of buying a blue feather in the store. You can get married only if your house is extended to the max.


Asp Will Be Dead In A Year

In a year’s time the ASP “phenomenon” will have ground to a halt. I won’t dignify it by calling it an industry, but whatever it is, will be no more.

Don’t get me wrong–the concept of software as a service, which is the essence of ASP, is a very good one, and, hence, is here to stay. The delivery of software to a user’s desk across a network is also set to become a major trend for the future.

So how can these two apparently contradictory statements be reconciled?

Let us look back a year or so, to the start of the ASP “phenomenon.” A small number of companies invested heavily in building data centers on the principle that “if we have this capability, customers will come.” Investors also held the view that there was massive potential in delivering applications from these centers to millions of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Based on this potential, analysts started projecting billions of dollars of ASP business. Hence, more people began investing in the industry.

At the same time a whole host of software houses, network suppliers, ISPs, and consultants started labeling themselves as ASPs, thus fueling analyst forecasts. This, in turn, led to further investment and so the story continues.

Where Are We Now?

Most companies have finally realized that delivering applications as a service is not too different to delivering applications as a product. The service needs tailoring, it needs someone the customer can trust, and it needs expertise in both the product and the customer. Inevitably, there are exceptions, and real volume commodity businesses may emerge in real commodity spaces such as mail, messaging, and office.

However, for the most part, the level of skill needed to deliver applications across a network is higher than that required to deliver a product. What we, therefore, see today is many start-up companies retrenching practices and workforce and cutting costs. Many are also moving their business models to a more service-oriented model, with consultancy and tailoring being key elements.

What’s more, the term ASP has become tainted. ASP has the same ring about it as chúng tôi –it smacks of start-ups and perhaps unreliable organizations–exactly what you don’t want when entrusting your applications to another company. There is some justification for these concerns, as very little thought has actually been given to some of the risks of the software rental model.

Where Will We Be Next Year?

I believe we will see a managed service model emerging as a standard way of doing business. This will be a service delivered to a company by a Managed Service Provider (MSP), which may be on a rental model, and it may be shared to a certain extent or it may be individual to the company in question.

This new model will carry many of the benefits that were touted for ASPs. For example, time-to-market and availability of skills. But, to my mind, it will not carry expectations of a substantial price shift. There will also be no pretense that “one size fits all.” This new model will, however, require the same involvement between company and vendor as any application deployment always requires.

Some of the companies emerging as MSPs will have started out as ASPs. Others will emerge from an outsourcing or systems integration background. But, in order to succeed, this should be an activity founded on good practice and technology, and not on hype. As such, MSPs stand a good chance of becoming a self-sustaining, long-term component of the IT industry.

Best Free Icon Packs For Windows 11/10

Want to download a free Windows Icon Pack? An Icon Pack, as the name itself suggests, is a pack of new icons for the apps stored on your PC or phone. Normally an icon pack contains thousands of icons for various apps. These are not made by the apps themselves but designed by a third-party program to help you customize your devices.

Windows 11 comes with a new beautiful and modern user interface but we can make it look even better with some simple customizations. I am talking about the icon packs. If you are not happy with the default icons on your Windows 11/10 PC, you can download some good icon packs. There are many different icon packs available on the web but certainly is difficult to choose the best ones. Today, in this post, I will be talking about the 10 best icon packs for your Windows 11/10 PC which will make your desktop look beautiful.

Best free Icon Packs for Windows 11/10

If you don’t like the Windows default icons on your PC, try these cool free Icon Packs for Windows 11/10 and customize your desktop:

Flat Color W10 Icon Pack

Kingdom Icons

Chibi Anime Drive Icons

Simplus Icons

40 Gamy Vintage Social Media Icons

Movies Icon Pack

Insignia Master

Shadow 135

Download free Windows Icon Pack 4] Flat Color W10 Icon Pack

This icon pack has just a few icons but they are all pretty different from what we have been seeing till now. It has a dedicated icon for Windows Media Player, Explorer, and Calculator. Also, it has an icon for Woman User which is pretty interesting. This pack’s icons actually look inspired by the Windows design itself. Download Flat Color W10 Pack.

2] Kingdom Icons

Again, the name says it all. This icon pack has kingdom icons featuring swords, crowns, arrows, bows, castles, etc. So this pack is suitable for someone who is into such games, however, none of these icons represent any of your folders on the PC but it can certainly make your desktop look more personalized. Since the icons here won’t literally represent what your folders are about, you might face a little problem in searching your folders. For example, if you have set an arrow icon for your ‘pictures’ folder, you have to remember this, or else you will have to open and check every folder. Download Kingdom Icon Pack.

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3] Chibi Anime Drive Icons

Doing something different may add a new charm to your desktop. Try these anime cartoon icons for the folders on your PC. This icon pack contains Japanese anime cartoon icons and they look pretty attractive. And, I just noticed that it has only female characters and cartoon icons. All these characters are from popular Japanese anime shows. Download Chibi Anime Drive Pack.

4] Simplus Icons

This is one of the most popular Windows icon packs available currently. As the name says, it has very simple and plain icons for your folder. Simplus comes in a zipped file and has both light and dark icons for the folders on your PC. It takes less than a minute to land on your PC and then you can change your folders icons right away. If you have a dark desktop background set on your PC, choose the light icons and if you have a lighter desktop background, dark icons would look good. So if you are someone who wants to customize the icons but not looking for the flashy ones, Simplus can be your choice. Download Simplus.

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5] 40 Gamy Vintage Social Media Icons

If you love the retro and vintage look, you can surely try this beautiful set of icons named Gamy Vintage Social Media Icons. As the name says, it contains 40 icons in one pack and they are beautiful vintage icons in brown color. You will see different icons for various social media platforms here. Download Gamy Vintage Social Media Icons.

6] Movies Icon Pack

I don’t know why anyone would want to put the icons of the movies for their folders but yes, this is another free icon pack for your Windows 11 PC. I love watching movies but I don’t think I will ever put them as icons on my desktop. Well, at least now I have a list of some good movies to add to my watchlist. 😀 There are two files for each icon here, one is a PNG file, and the other is a .ico file.

7] Insignia Master

This is a nice one. This icon pack includes the icons for almost every web-based application- including Gmail, Messenger, Twitter, Drive, etc. But that actually fails the purpose of using the icon pack. These are all very similar to the original app icons, then what’s the point in changing them. But yes, each on his own. So if you want to try these new original-like icons, you may try this pack. This pack contains icons of many different sizes right from 16×16 to 256X256. Download Insignia Master.

8] Shadows 135

I like this one. This icon pack has 46 icons and each one has a shadow in the background which gives them a little depth. These icons look attractive and will certainly give a new look to your desktop. Download Shadows 135.

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How do I change the icons on my Desktop?

Browse the icon packs downloaded on your PC.

How do I get icons on Windows 11?

We have mentioned some really good icon packs above in the post. You can download the zipped file on your PC, extract and then use them to customize your desktop.

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How To Remove Get Windows 10 Icon In Windows

Windows 10 is going to be out soon and I’m really excited about the news, as the new version packs some amazing features like Windows Hello, Cortana, and Edge, and also fixes the terrible start screen. In fact, the upgrade is free for all Windows 7 (and above) users, and the release date has also been announced. It is on the July 29th. As the release date is just around the corner, almost all the Windows 7 and Windows 8 users are seeing a new icon in their taskbar suggesting to reserve their free upgrade.

But the thing with this new taskbar icon is that it won’t go away even after reserving the free upgrade. So, if you want to get rid of this new icon and save some space on your taskbar, here is how to do it.

Note: before you remove the icon or the entire program, make sure that you have reserved your free upgrade.

Suggested Method by Microsoft

The above action will open the “Notification Area Icons” window. Here find the “GWX” icon and select the option “Hide icon and notifications” from the drop-down menu under the Behaviours section.

From this point forward, the “Get Windows 10” icon will be hidden for good.

Uninstall the Update

If you want to completely remove the icon from your system, then the best way would be to uninstall it. In case you don’t know, the “Get Windows 10” notification was installed in the form of a recommended update (KB3035583). So, if you uninstall the update, you can completely remove the icon from the taskbar.

Now, search for the “KB3035583” update using the integrated search feature. This action will fish out the update that is responsible for the Upgrade notification icon.

Just restart the system and you are good to go.

The Dirty Way – Delete Files in the Tasks Folder

But you cannot disable or delete the tasks, as they are protected by the system. We need to delete the relevant files and folders from the Windows File Explorer.

So, open the File Explorer using the shortcut “Win + E” and navigate to the “C:WindowsSystem32TasksMicrosoftWindowsSetup” folder. You may receive a warning message regarding the permissions; just hit the “Continue” button.

Once you are in there, just delete both the “gwx” and “GWXTrigger” folders. If you face any problems with the ownership, then you need to take ownership of both folders. As easy as it is, only follow this method if you fail in the other two methods

It is that simple to remove the Get Windows 10 icon both temporarily and permanently.

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