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Twitch Keeps Buffering: 9 Ways to Stop it The best ways to get back to enjoying your stream









Twitch is a popular platform but it has its own flaws and the buffering error can appear due to browser issues or network problems. 

If Twitch keeps buffering, we suggest trying a gaming browser with Twitch integration.

Make sure that there are no other background apps interfering with the streaming platform.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

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readers this month.

Twitch is one of the most popular live-streaming services for gamers. But despite its popularity, many users reported Twitch keeps buffering, especially on browsers like Chrome or Firefox.

On this note, users complained of VoD, playback problems, or clip buffering, which occurs due to background applications. All these issues will have a massive negative impact on user experience, affecting the overall gaming dynamics.

Why is my Twitch constantly buffering?

The Twitch keeps buffering issue can be caused by various factors from system issues to problems with your browser. Below are some of the popular causes:

Internet connection issues – In case your Internet is slow or unstable, it can cause Twitch not to load on Chrome and Firefox or constant buffering. We suggest checking the Internet status first. In addition, you’ll get more fixes in this way later.

Background apps, extensions, cookies, or cached files affecting the app – In this situation, we recommend temporarily disabling the extensions and clearing your browser’s data.

Your system is infected with malware – Because cyber attacks are more and more frequent, you can easily get viruses that will cause the Twitch buffering issue even with good internet. You can use one of the best antivirus software to scan and remove the malware.

Browser-related problems – If you’re facing this error when running the Twitch browser version, we recommend using one of the best browsers for Twitch streaming.

Now, let’s see what you can do to solve all of the issues mentioned above.

Twitch users won’t encounter any issues ever again:

Your favorite streaming platform may give you hard times when encountering various errors. You can avoid all those problems and enjoy every stream by using Opera GX – the only browser with Twitch integration.

Opera GX has some excellent features like the optimization for Twitch app, sidebar notifications with your favorite streamers, and a built-in VPN so you could change the servers and access Twitch from another location with another IP.

Opera GX

Get now the most optimized Twitch version to not miss any single important stream

Free Get Opera GX

How do I fix Twitch if it keeps buffering?

Before exploring our fixes on the Twitch keep buffering issue, below are some checks to perform that might solve the problem for you:

Check the Twitch server status.

Ensure that your internet connection is active and stable.

If you are still facing this issue after these preliminary checks, you can now explore the fixes below.

1. Turn off/on low latency 1.1. As a broadcaster

Now, you can restart the stream and check if the issue persists.

1.2. As a viewer

The Low latency mode is used by streamers and viewers to communicate in near real-time. However, some users have found it to be the cause of the Twitch buffering constantly issue. So, be sure to enable and disable this feature as in the example below

2. Choose the Advanced option.

3. Now, toggle the switch before Low latency to activate/deactivate it.

2. Disable hardware acceleration 2.1 Google Chrome

After disabling this feature, check if still Twitch keeps buffering on your PC.

2.2 Mozilla Firefox

If Twitch keeps buffering every few seconds, it could be due to the hardware acceleration feature. The hardware acceleration feature will utilize your GPU to process data.

However, it can lead to some problems, so you should disable it. After disabling this feature the issue should be resolved. Other problems can be generated by hardware accelerations, such as the Twitch error 1000.

3. Clear the browser’s cache 3.1 Google Chrome 3.2 Mozilla Firefox

You should know that there are tools that can help you perform this task automatically and according to a schedule. Check the best cookie cleaner software for your Windows 10/11 PC to discover which one is more efficient.

4. Disable browser extensions 4.1 Google Chrome 4.2 Mozilla Firefox

Expert tip:

Be sure to repeatedly check Twitch to pinpoint the extension causing the problem. Once you find the problematic extension, remove it, or keep it disabled.

5. Change your DNS

After making these changes, you’ll switch your DNS to Google’s DNS and the issue should be resolved. If Twitch is buffering every few seconds, it’s possible that your network connection is the problem.

6. Disable background applications

According to users, if you’re facing Twitch buffering issues, the background applications might be responsible.

A common cause for this is Steam updating certain games in the background.  So be sure that Steam isn’t downloading anything or that it does not have updating issues.

If you notice that the Steam update is stuck or not downloading, you can use our comprehensive guide to resolve the problem.

In addition, check any other applications that might be using your bandwidth in the background and disable them. After you disable these applications, check if the problem is still there.

7. Check for malware

If Twitch is buffering but the Internet is fine, we recommend performing a full system scan using your antivirus

If there’s no malware on your PC, perhaps the issue is your antivirus. To check that, disable some antivirus features and see if that can be a potential Twitch buffering fix.

Alternatively, you can remove your antivirus altogether and check if that helps. However, the preferred way, in this case, would be to use one of the best antiviruses with Gaming Mode & Booster in ESET NOD32.

This lightweight software does not interfere with your system and does everything to keep your PC protected online and offline. More importantly, it detects and eliminates viruses before they can affect your computer.

8. Disable your proxy or VPN

Press the Windows + I and select the Network & Internet option.

Select Proxy from the left pane, then disable all options from the right pane.

Once you disable all options, the proxy will be disabled and the problem with Twitch buffering should be resolved. If you’re using a VPN, be sure to disable or uninstall it and check if that solves the issue.

What’s more, we suggest that you try a good VPN that won’t interfere with Twitch and other websites.

Besides ensuring that browsing is safe no matter what website you access, a premium VPN also cleans your traffic and unblocks media content that is geo-location restricted.

9. Block specific IP range

Once you configure your firewall, you just have to run the following command in Command Prompt or restart your PC: ipconfig /flushdns

Check if the problem is still there. Many users reported that this solution worked for them, so be sure to try it out.

To improve your experience with Twitch and other similar streaming platforms, you can try to use any of these best broadcasting software. Also, find out how to fix a slow Internet connection in Windows.

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How To Fix Abc Iview When It Keeps Buffering Or Not Playing

How to Fix ABC iview When It Keeps Buffering or Not Playing Since ABC iview is geo-restricted, your VPN could cause the issue




ABC iview has a lot of great shows, but it can be frustrating when it keeps buffering or not playing.

When it’s working, this is a great way to catch up with your favorite shows and movies at home, but unfortunately, it can sometimes cause problems.

Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

Here’s what Opera One can do:

Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Brave

AI and User Friendly: New feature directly accessible from the sidebar

Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

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When watching something on ABC iview that keeps buffering, it can be quite the buzz kill, especially when you are in the moment and the suspense is building up.

For many people, ABC iview is the only way to watch some of their favorite TV shows. It’s also an easy way to catch up on missed episodes. So, you need to find a quick solution when it keeps buffering.

Since ABC iview is geo-restricted, your VPN could also be the cause of the issue if you are not in Australia. You can check out our recommended browsers to avoid geo-restrictions to prevent frequent interruptions.

Why does ABC iview keep buffering? 

If the ABC iview becomes unresponsive or stops playing, below are some possible reasons behind the issue:

Slow internet connection – If you’re having problems with ABC iview buffering or not playing, you should check your internet connection first. A poor internet connection that isn’t working correctly, may prevent ABC iview from streaming smoothly.

Network interference – If you’re using Wi-Fi, ensure your device and router are close together — especially if you’ve recently moved them or changed their position. Also, check that nothing else is using your network simultaneously as ABC iview — this could slow down the stream speed and cause issues during playback.

High bandwidth usage – If other apps on your computer or phone are consuming a lot of bandwidth (like streaming music), they will slow down the speed at which ABC iview streams. 

Low storage space – If there isn’t enough memory available on your device’s storage space, some apps won’t run properly. The ABC iview app may keep freezing, and you won’t be able to watch anything. Try uninstalling any unnecessary apps and programs and try again.

The app is down – Every service experiences crashes from time to time. If you suspect this may be the issue, you can contact ABC iview support to make a report.

How do I stop ABC iview from buffering?  1. Uninstall unnecessary programs

If you have too many programs running in the background, it can affect your computer’s performance. Try uninstalling any programs that aren’t essential for your everyday use such as games and see if this makes a difference.

In addition, when streaming ABC iview, close all other applications and browser tabs before trying to watch a video. This will ensure that there aren’t any other processes running in the background which could be affecting your experience.

2. Change to a wired connection

If you’re using a wireless connection, it’s possible that you’ll experience buffering and freezing issues when watching ABC iview. This can be annoying when trying to catch up on a show.

Try connecting your computer or smartphone directly to your modem with an Ethernet cable. This will ensure that no wireless connection issues are slowing down your bandwidth or causing buffering issues.

3. Reset your router

If you’ve already tried changing to a wired connection and it’s still not working, it might be worth resetting your router. 

Expert tip:

You can usually find instructions for how to do this on the manufacturer’s website or in the manual for your router.

Why can’t I get ABC iview on my smart TV? 

You can access ABC iview using your PC or Mac, and it is also available on many smart TV sets. However, there are some reasons why you can’t get it on your smart TV. These include:

Older TV models – If you’ve got an older model of smart TV, or one that doesn’t have a browser, you may be unable to use this service.

Outdated software – To watch ABC iview on your smart TV set, you’ll need to upgrade your software first. If this isn’t possible, you’ll need to get an external device like a Roku or Chromecast dongle.

Not enough bandwidth – It is also important to note that not all smart TVs have access to the ABC iview app. You’ll need an internet connection, but it’s not just an internet connection that will do – it needs to be fast enough to stream HD content.

Geo-restriction – Geo-restrictions are used by streaming services to prevent users from accessing content from other countries. These restrictions are usually applied for copyright reasons and are imposed by content providers like ABC. Luckily, we have the perfect workaround on how to circumvent geo-blocking.

Manufacturer caveat – Some manufacturers block access to third-party apps such as the ABC iview app to promote their own products and services.

Since ABC iview is geo-restricted, we have an excellent VPNs for streaming list that you will find handy if you are outside Australia.

Enjoy high-quality video streaming with a dedicated browser

Get the best video experience with Opera GX. It’s a light browser with the capacity to broadcast multimedia content effortlessly. Its RAM and CPU limiters along with the adblocker and battery mode all contribute to peak performance when streaming.

With a free VPN feature to open geo-locked content and built-in streaming integrations, Opera GX helps you get the best out of your video content. It also has pre-configured user profiles, including one with an optimized setup for professional streamers.

Opera GX

Watch buffer-free videos and get an optimized setup for streaming!

Free Get Opera GX

Also, you can check out our expert list of software for uninterrupted streaming so that you can enjoy your shows for longer.

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Windows 11 Bluetooth Keeps Turning Off? Stop It In 7 Steps

Windows 11 Bluetooth Keeps Turning Off? Stop it in 7 Steps Check if the Bluetooth service is enabled or use the troubleshooter




Windows 11 users have been complaining that Bluetooth keeps turning off on their PCs, which might be the result of interference or drained off battery.

If you are facing a similar issue, then you can try updating the driver, or disabling the Bluetooth power management.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Several user reports highlight that the Windows 11 Bluetooth keeps turning off the issue, where theY cannot use their Bluetooth devices on their PCs.

If you are one of such users looking for ways to resolve the problem, then you are in the right place. Because this guide will give you 7 ways in which you will be able to fix Bluetooth keeps turning off in Windows 11 problem.

Why does Bluetooth keep turning off on my Windows 11 PC?

Here are a few reasons why the Bluetooth on your Windows 11 PC keeps turning off randomly:

The Bluetooth service is facing issues – Your PC makes use of different services to offer corresponding features to the user. If the Bluetooth service itself is facing some issues then you will come across such errors.

Your Bluetooth device is not in the range – If your Bluetooth device is out of the range of your PC, then for obvious reasons, it will get disconnected.

The battery of your wireless device is drained off – Wireless devices depend on their batteries for functioning and if it doesn’t have enough power then it will get disconnected from your PC.

There is some interference – If there are too many electronic products in between your wireless device and your PC, then it could also cause frequent disconnection problems.

Bluetooth drivers aren’t updated – Outdated drivers can cause multiple issues with their corresponding service.

How can I resolve Bluetooth keeps turning off in Windows 11 problem? 1. Restart the Bluetooth service

If the Bluetooth service is not working or a third-party program is conflicting with it, then it could very well cause multiple issues with the service.

2. Run the Bluetooth troubleshooter

If you are facing any issues related to Bluetooth, then you can make use of the Bluetooth troubleshooter. It will look for any problem with the service and prompt you to take necessary actions to fix the problem.

Several problems including Bluetooth keep turning off in Windows 11 can be fixed by running the Bluetooth troubleshooter.

There are chances that the current version of the Bluetooth driver has some bugs because of which it is having issues connecting to your PC.

Expert tip:

Prevent Bluetooth bugs and connection issues and let Outbyte Driver Updater find the latest updates for your drivers.

Free Trial Download now

4. Disable Bluetooth Power Management 5. Run SFC Scan and DISM

Open the Start menu by pressing the Windows button.

Search for Command Prompt and open it as an administrator.

Type the below command and press Enter. sfc /scannow

Let the process complete.

Type the below commands and press Enter after each one. DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Restart the PC.

If there is a Bluetooth-related system file corrupt or missing, then your PC will trigger multiple issues like the one at hand. Try running the SFC Scan and DISM commands and check if this fixes the issue or not.

6. Unpair and repair the Bluetooth device

Sometimes repairing your Bluetooth device back again with your PC can fix some glitches or issues.

7. Reset your PC

As a last resort, if nothing works, then probably it is safe to say that your Windows PC is having some issues, which you can get rid of by resetting it.

That is it from us in this guide. Well, this isn’t the only issue that Windows 11 users face while using Bluetooth devices.

If you are having issues related to Bluetooth headphones that are constantly disconnecting, then you can refer to our guide which gives a bunch of solutions to fix the problem.

Also, we have a guide that gives you a list of solutions that will help you resolve the Bluetooth audio stuttering issue in Windows 11.

If you are getting no sound after a Bluetooth connection, then you can refer to our guide which will definitely help you resolve the problem.

Still experiencing troubles? Fix them with this tool:


Some driver-related issues can be solved faster by using a tailored driver solution. If you’re still having problems with your drivers, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and get it up and running immediately. Thus, let it update all drivers and fix other PC issues in no time!

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9 Easy Ways To Check Pc Health

1. Use Performance Monitor

“Performance Monitor” is a built-in tool in Windows that let’s you track various elements of your PC, such as networking, RAM, and disk usage. While there are a variety of things you can do with “Performance Monitor,” the two most important elements of checking PC health include the “System Diagnostics” and “System Performance” reports.

These reports give you a detailed analysis of how various components of your system are running. The data isn’t always easy to understand, but you can notice trends and changes when you run the reports on a regular schedule. For most users, once a month is fine.

Expand “Data Collector Sets,” then “System.”

Each report should take around a minute to complete. Once done, expand “Reports,” then “System” to see the latest reports.

An additional feature of “Performance Monitor” is the new “Resource Monitor” (available in later versions of Windows 10 and Windows 11). You can use it to see real-time performance for your CPU, memory, disk, and network usage. It’s kind of like Task Manager but with more details.

While you can access “Resource Monitor” within “Performance Monitor,” you can also open Start, type “resource monitor” and select the result.

The tool will start monitoring from the moment you start it, which can help you see if specific apps and processes are causing problems and with which components.

2. Get an Overview with PC Health Check App

The PC Health Check app was designed to let Windows 10 users see whether their PC is compatible with the Windows 11 upgrade. The free tool doesn’t give you any in-depth information3 but can provide a few key insights, such as the age of your PC, if the correct amount of memory and disk space are being recognized, and if your start time is slower than you expected, so it’s worth taking it for a spin.

3. Run a Sleep Study

When you put your PC to sleep, or in standby mode, what’s really going on behind the scenes? Running a sleep study allows you to see what’s running and using battery or power during sleep mode. This option is only available on PCs that support sleep mode.

Unlike the previous tools, this isn’t a tool with a GUI. Instead, you’ll need to use the command prompt to generate a report.

Press Win + R and type cmd.

If your user account doesn’t have admin privileges or you get an error message about admin rights, go to Start, search for “command prompt,” and select “Run as administrator” under the Command Prompt result.

You can store the report wherever you want, but for this example, I’m sending the report to the desktop. This means you’ll need to change the directory in command prompt before running the sleep study command.

Type the following to switch from Windows to the Users directory. (If “C” isn’t the drive with your Windows installation, change “C” to the correct drive letter.):





Enter the following to generate the sleep study report. (Replace username with your username.):

Orange, red, and violet lines are all worth noting, as these mean moderate activity, high activity, and abnormal shutdown, respectively.

If you want to see more than three days, you can generate a sleep study report for up to a 28-day period. Simply use the following command. (Replace “username” with your username, and replace “daynumber” with the number of days.):





output usernameDesktopsleepstudy.html


Duration daynumber 4. Generate a Network Report

Suspect problems with your network connection? A “Wireless Network Report” is a quick and easy way to check PC health related to your Wi-Fi connection. Just like the sleep study report, you’ll get three days of results. The goal of this test is to see when and why your connection drops in and out. From specific apps or sites to issues with hardware or your ISP, this is one way to troubleshooting wireless connectivity issues.

Open a Command Prompt window just as we explained above.

Enter the following at the prompt:

netsh wlan show wlanreport

Once the report is generated, exit the Command Prompt window and press Win + R.

Enter the following, press “OK” and the report should open in your browser window:









As you scroll through the report, you’ll see a wide variety of information. From the results, you can tell exactly when you’ve connected, disconnected, entered low power states, times of limited connectivity, and much more. You’ll see details on network adapters, a full “ipconfig” report, and all wireless sessions for the last three days. One thing I discovered was my laptop didn’t shut down correctly one of those days, so don’t be surprised if you find out issues other than connectivity.

5. Browse Event Viewer

There are many things “Event Viewer” can tell you. It’s a good idea to check weekly or at least every few weeks to keep an eye on your PC’s health. Often, errors occur, and you never even realize it. For instance, the DistributedCOM error often only shows up in “Event Viewer” without any other kind of error message.

Press Win + X to open the other Start menu. Select “Event Viewer.”

Expand “Windows Logos.” This is where the most applicable events to check PC health reside. “System” events show all events related to the Windows operating system, including issues that arise with hardware. “Application” events are a great way to monitor errors occurring with various system apps. Selecting any event will give you more details.

It’s important to note that not every error or warning is reason for concern. Something as simple as network conflict for a few seconds can result in an error. Or, a Window service not responding at the exact right moment may throw an error, even though it responds correctly just a second later.

However, numerous errors or seeing the same error or warning repeatedly means it’s worth researching to see what the error code or event ID means. This could be an early sign of something going wrong with your PC’s operating system or hardware. It could also indicate a virus.

6. Check Device Manager

While Device Manager isn’t going to give you too much in-depth data about your PC’s health, it will let you know if a device isn’t being recognized properly by your computer. A less-commonly-known benefit is seeing specific events (like you’d find in “Event Viewer”) for individual hardware items.

In the Properties windows that pops up, the “General” tab lets you know if the device is working properly. You can manage drivers on the “Driver” tab. Check whether your firmware is up to date under “Firmware” and various properties of the device with “Details.” Finally, “Events” shows you the latest events related to the device.

7. Check Hard Drive Health

Sadly, hard drives often seem to fail out the blue with zero warning. However, if you know what to look for, you can discover the early signs so that you’re not caught off guard. This gives you time to ensure all files are backed up properly and that you’re ready to move to a new drive when the time comes.

There are a variety of ways to check hard drive health. Keep an eye on your hard drive by using one or more of these six methods to check your hard drive regularly. Windows has built-in tools to do this, or you can use one of the third-party tools mentioned in the linked guide above.

If you ever get a “Windows detected a hard disk problem” error, use these steps to troubleshoot it.

8. Use Windows Security

If you’re just looking for a simple overview of your PC’s health, use Windows Security. Even if you’re using a different antivirus app, Windows Security still gives you insights into how well your PC’s running. Of course, you might already know about the “Device Performance & Health” utility if you use Windows Security as your main line of defense. The only time you can’t use this option is if you’ve completely disabled Windows Security.

Take a look at the “Security at a Glance” main screen. This gives you a quick overview. Ideally, you’ll see “No action needed” under most items. This means everything is working fine.

If you see any error messages, select the category to view more details. Otherwise, select “Device performance & health.”

Expand any sections to view more details if you do see an error icon. You can always check the latest status of your storage, battery life, apps, and Windows time right here.

In addition to these tools and utilities built in to Windows, you can also use third-party tools to check PC health. It’s a good idea to check your current antivirus to see whether there’s a health check tool built in to your antivirus suite. This is usually only with premium versions.

Some third-party tools you may want to consider include:

Frequently Asked Questions How often should I check my PC’s health?

Ideally, you should check your PC’s health once a month unless you notice performance issues. You don’t have to run every tool on this list. The quickest options to give you an overview include:

Event Viewer

Device Manager

Windows Security

It’s also a good idea to use at least one tool from the “Hard Drive” section as well. Altogether, it should take less than five minutes once a month to monitor PC health.

Can hardware still fail suddenly?

Yes. No matter how diligent you are at monitoring PC health, sometimes hardware suddenly fails. Between one check and the next, a component may break, wear out, overheat, or any number of other issues. For instance, banging your laptop on your desk by accident could result in your hard drive dying the next day. This is why you should always keep your important files backed up. There is no guarantee that your PC will last for a set amount of time.

Why should I check PC health if everything is working fine?

Think of monitoring your PC the same as doing routine checks on your car. Even if your car isn’t making any strange noises or all the warning lights are off on your dash, you still need to check your oil levels, fluid levels, and tire pressure regularly, as changes could result in damage to your car. Noticing early signs that something’s wrong with your PC can prevent costly damage later on. For instance, if you notice your CPU running hotter than it should be, you can take action now to avoid destroying your CPU and other components. You might not notice any performance issues until the damage is already done.

Is it safe to use third-party tools?

Yes. However, only use reputable tools. Never download any PC performance or health tools from random pop-ups. While a pop-up offer is normal when you’re visiting the tool’s website, you shouldn’t download a tool from random pop-ups on your desktop or sites unrelated to the tool. It’s also a good idea to run an antivirus scan if you’re seeing desktop pop-ups.

Image credit: Unsplash All screenshots by Crystal Crowder

Crystal Crowder

Crystal Crowder has spent over 15 years working in the tech industry, first as an IT technician and then as a writer. She works to help teach others how to get the most from their devices, systems, and apps. She stays on top of the latest trends and is always finding solutions to common tech problems.

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Victoria 2 Keeps Crashing? How To Quickly Fix It

Victoria 2 keeps crashing? How to quickly fix it Victoria 2 was released in 2010, so it might have some issues on Windows 11.




Victoria 2 might experience issues on Windows 11 due to graphic conflicts.

If you have an NVIDIA card, you’ll need to take care of the Re-Sizable Bar.

On the other hand, AMD users need to disable Smart Access Memory.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Victoria 2 is a grand strategy game released in 2010, and ever since it has become a cult classic. In it, you are able to control one of approximately 200 states of the world between 1836 and 1936. You’ll be in charge of managing the economy, science, domestic politics, diplomacy, army, and navy.

The game can be played as a single-player, or even multiplayer.

Since it was released in 2010, you would think that Victoria 2 will be having issues while playing on Windows 11.

And truth is, several older games have been experiencing issues on Windows 11: Mirror’s Edge, and Gothic 2, for example, are some of them. But it seems Victoria 2 keeps crashing on Windows 11, Reddit users agree.

But don’t worry, there is a simple fix to solve this issue.

Here’s how to fix Victoria 2 on Windows 11

First of all, for this game crashing might be because the Smart Access Memory on AMD systems is turned on, or Resizable Bar on NVIDIA systems is turned on. So to fix this issue, you need to disable these features, depending on the system that you have.

If you have an NVIDIA video card you’ll need to enable/disable it from BIOS. Make sure you have the latest BIOS installed on your motherboard.

On AMD systems, you need to disable SAM (Smart Access Memory), and this is pretty simple.

Follow the BIOS steps, and enable your BAR support.

After restarting your PC, open AMD Adrenaline and go to the Performance label.

Once there, go to the Tuning pane and scroll down.

You’ll see that the AMD SmartAccess Memory is enabled. Disable it.

Reddit users confirmed that Victoria 2 was working again after disabling these features. However, if you’re playing other games, especially, newer games, then make sure the feature is on. When this feature is on, it optimizes GPU performance, but on older video games it might cause the game to crash, or lag.

In AMD Adrenaline, for example, you can easily disable/enable it. In NVIDIA, you can do that in BIOS.

Still experiencing issues?

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9 Ways To Fix Hulu Error Code 2(

Sometimes while streaming content on Hulu, sudden error messages might pop up on your screen. If you have encountered error code 2(-998), it means a playback failure. Hulu might prompt you to restart your device.

Well, minor app bugs and glitches on Hulu can lead to this error. However, you can troubleshoot this issue on your own by force restarting your app or by updating the app on your streaming device. Besides, we have compiled several fixes with simple steps to solve the error.

What Causes of Hulu Error Code 2(-998)?

Some of the probable reasons you encounter Hulu error code 2(-998) are as follows.

Disturbed Internet Connection

Corrupted App Cache Data

App Bugs and Glitches

Hulu Server Outage

Outdated app

Using VPN

Ended Subscription

How to Fix Hulu Error Code 2(-998)?

Firstly, you can try logging out of your Hulu account from the streaming devices and logging back into your account. If the account issues are causing this error, it should help fix it. However, if the error still shows up on your screen, you can follow the fixes given below. 

Force Stop Hulu 

If you are unable to log out of your account due to the error, you can force-stop Hulu. When you force-stop, it will completely end the running process thereby solving any existing glitches and minor bugs. You can start using the app again from the start. It should help solve the error code 2(-998). 

Along with Hulu, close other running apps in the background, as it might lead to errors like system freezing. Check out the steps on different streaming devices below. 

On Android

On iPhone

On Windows

On Fire TV

On Nintendo Switch

Press the Home button to open the Home menu.

Locate Hulu.

Press the X button.

Choose the Close option.

On Xbox One

Press the Xbox button.

Select Hulu.

On your controller, press the Menu button.

Choose Quit.

Restart Your Streaming Device 

If force stopping Hulu app does not solve the error code, it is time you restart your streaming device. Restarting will fix system lagging and RAM issues. Moreover, it will also troubleshoot app errors on your device. So, check out the given steps below.

On Android

On iPhone

On Windows 

On Fire TV

On Nintendo Switch

On Xbox One

Press the X button on your Xbox One and hold it until the power menu appears.

Pick Restart Console.

Again, choose Restart to confirm.

Check Hulu Server 

If you still encounter the error, you can check Hulu Server to see if there are internal outages within Hulu itself. If such technical and hardware errors exist, you cannot troubleshoot them alone. But you can constantly check their server page to know updates. You can go through their official Twitter page to check the status.

Check your Membership Status

If your Hulu subscription has ended, you cannot stream videos. Thus, you might see the error code with a message on your playback screen. So, you can check your membership status from the account page. You will need to renew your monthly or yearly subscription to continue streaming if it has ended. Here are the steps for it.

Update Hulu

You will encounter Hulu error code 2(-998) when using an outdated software version of the app. Therefore, you can update the Hulu app on each of your streaming devices to fix the error. There might be fixes for some pesky bugs and errors in the new software update. You can update the app from the Google Play Store, App Store, or Microsoft Store.

Clear Hulu App Cache 

Uncleared corrupt cache data on streaming devices can be another cause for Hulu error code 2(-998). Therefore, you can clear the Hulu app cache for better performance, which helps load app data more quicker.  Follow the steps given below.

On Android

On iPhone

On Windows

On Fire TV

On Nintendo Switch

On Xbox One

Try Streaming From Other Web Browsers

Sometimes buggy extensions on a web browser can lead to error code 2(-998). Therefore, you can try streaming from the next web browser to see if the issue persists in others too. You can use the latest versions of any Hulu-supported web browser. For Instance, Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, etc.

Disable VPN 

Since Hulu is only US-based, its streaming is restricted internationally. You might encounter this error if you use a VPN with a different location. Also, if you are trying to stream it beyond the US, Hulu might detect VPN and block it. Therefore, you can disable it on your streaming devices and try using the app again.

Contact Customer Support 

You can report your issue to Hulu customer support as a last resort if the error still appears on your screen while streaming. The professional team will guide you with fixes for the error.

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