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Google just never seems to stop putting their hands in our business. Just about everything you want to do can be accomplished with one Google product or another. They do more than you might even realize, as sometimes the features are hidden, such is the case with the Form feature in Google Drive.

The Form feature is clearly designed for surveys and quizzes, but a little experimentation can come up with some additional uses as well. When I looked through it, I saw a decent organizational tool.

Creating a New Form

Perhaps the best part of anything related to Google Drive is that you don’t have to download anything. It’s all right there online. And if you want to use it on a mobile device there are apps for that. To access Forms, sign in to Google Drive, and pull down on the download symbol in red next to the word “Create.”

As a nice aside, you can add an attractive background to your form. You can go with the Default of a light blue background, or you can choose a number of different ones. I chose to go with the red and pink flowered background as I’m creating a form to help me organize what I need to buy for my daughter’s graduation party in a few months.

Adding Content

This is what throws people off and makes them think Forms is only for creating surveys and quizzes. After filling in your heading and description, you’re presented with a field that asks you for a Question Title and for the Question Type. Don’t let this fool you. It doesn’t have to be a question.

I just input the items I need to buy for my daughter’s party. I can then put the choices of stores/shops to buy the item in the Question Type under Text. You can in put anything in this spot from paragraph text to a grid to multiple choice to a scale. You can see why it’s particularly good for surveys and quizzes. I put the stores of where I want to buy the first item in as multiple choice to get them to come up in a list fashion. I can go back and fill in the others as I get closer to making that decision.

To personalize this a little to my daughter, I added a picture of her. It’s a picture I’m considering having on her cake and invitations. While Forms provided an option for adding photos you have stored locally, it wouldn’t let me add photos I have stored on my iPad. I had to manually add the photo to my Google Drive first to then be able to add it into my Form.



Again, the best part of anything Google is that it connects with all its other apps and you can access it anywhere. I can access the Forms function on my Mac Mini at home or on my iPad. I can even access it on my iPhone when I’m shopping as I narrow down my choices. Most people will see it as a tool for creating a survey or quiz, but it doesn’t really have to be so.

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You're reading Using The Google Drive Form Feature As An Organizational Tool

Google Employees Form A Union

After a tumultuous year of trying to affect change by working within the system at Google, workers have formed a union. The union is focused on justice issues related to sexual harassment, discrimination and ending retaliation against employees for speaking up.

What is the Alphabet Workers Union?

The new union is called the Alphabet Workers Union (AWU) and is formed as part of the Communication Workers Union. The Communications Workers Union has typically represented workers in the telecommunications industry but is increasingly representing workers in the technology sector.

The Alphabet Workers Union is open to all workers at the Alphabet subsidiaries, which of course means Google but not limited to Google.

Membership is open to technology and non-tech workers.

The cost of membership is 1% of wages. Member dues are a standard part of belonging to a union and go to help fund the main union organization.

AWU membership is open to workers in the United States and Canada. According to the AWU they are also reaching out to worker organizations around the world.

Why Did Googlers Form a Union?

The union has been organizing for over a year in response to multiple incidents of poorly handled sexual harassment and discrimination issues.

The Alphabet Workers Union (@AlphabetWorkers) formally tweeted an announcement today, listing all the reasons why the new union exists.

“The past few years at Google have been tumultuous: secret military AI projects, multi-million dollar payouts to execs who sexually harassed our coworkers, profiting from hate speech, & more.

Coworkers who’ve voiced concerns have even been fired, illegally, as retaliation.”

The announcement listed achievements made by workers who organized, including the cancellation of AI military projects and a $15 minimum wage for contractors.

The AWU then stated that more work needs to be done. It tweeted all the reasons why a union needs to exist.

Yet problems persist.

We still have discrimination, harassment, & retaliation at Google. Over half our workforce are TVCs—paid less, w/fewer benefits, for often the exact same work. A few at the top are getting enormously rich while others see nothing of that wealth.

That isn’t the company we want to work for. We deserve a workplace that respects us, where we can work for a fair wage without fear of abuse or discrimination. We deserve meaningful control over the projects we work on & the direction of this company.

— Alphabet Workers Union (@AlphabetWorkers) January 4, 2023

So we’re building on all these past organizing efforts & more to create a structure for a unified worker voice.

We’re organizing w/@CWAUnion @CODE_CWA, w/dues-paying members, an elected board, & paid organizers.

We’ll work to undo inequalities & injustices at Alphabet.

— Alphabet Workers Union (@AlphabetWorkers) January 4, 2023

Goals of Alphabet Workers Union

The official AWU website indicates that their goals are aligned toward justice for workers and more accountability. Creating these kinds of justice related changes is top of their agenda, unlike other unions that are focused on collective bargaining for wages.

According to the AWU:

“We want to wield our power to ensure:

Our working conditions are inclusive and fair,

Perpetrators of harassment, abuse, discrimination, and retaliation are held accountable,

We have the freedom to decline to work on projects that don’t align with our values,

All workers, regardless of employment status, can enjoy the same benefits.”

Alphabet Workers Union is Small

As of December 2023, union membership is at 200 members. It’s not a company-wide union as in traditional unions.

The AWU is a different kind of union at this time called a Minority Union that does not need formal recognition from the National Labor Relations Board.

What Is An External Hard Drive?

Last Updated on July 22, 2023

There are many parts to a computer and sometimes trying to work out and explain what each of those parts are can get a bit confusing. One of the most important parts of a computer is a hard drive. And as well as internal drives, there are also external hard drives. But what are both of these things?

In this article, we’ll be explaining what an external hard drive is and hopefully, you’ll go away with the information you need to be able to explain it to other people!

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What Is A Hard Drive?

So to start off, let’s get into what a standard hard drive is.

A hard drive is a part of a computer that sorts the operating system (or OS for short), data files (such as documents), any applications found on the computer, pictures, and music. Basically, anything file that exists on the computer.

Hard drives can hold a great deal of information and your computer isn’t going to function without one. Most hard drives are quite cheap as well, so if you need to replace one, you don’t have to spend too much money replacing them.

There are drawbacks to a hard drive though. The biggest drawback is if they suddenly stop working and you haven’t backed up any of the data from your computer, you’ll potentially lose that data forever.

If the hard drive can be fixed, or data recovered, some of it may be saved. But it is always better to backup just in case.

Another drawback hard drives have is that they can be quite slow, especially when you’re opening very large files or applications, and particularly compared to SSDs (solid state drives).

What Is An External Hard Drive?

An external hard drive is pretty much exactly the same as a normal hard drive, but it isn’t connected inside a computer.

External hard drives usually come as a separate unit, can be quite small, and can hold a large quantity of data. They are usually attached to the computer via USB and can be disconnected and reconnected whenever the user sees fit.

External hard drives are great for extra storage or for keeping any important files on. If your internal computer hard drive ever fails or corrupts, anything that is stored on your external hard drive will be safe.

Because of that, if you have a lot of files that you consider to be important, it’s in your best interest to invest in an external hard drive. They are the best backup devices for a computer and you can save you a lot of time and hassle if anything ever happens to your computer.

But just like an internal hard drive, external hard drives do have their drawbacks.

Both normal hard drives and external hard drives can get hot and overheat, and this can sometimes cause issues to both your computer and your hard drives. Plus, because hard drives function mechanically, they are more prone to fault than SSDs.

Additionally, because external hard drives aren’t part of your computer, and can be detached and moved, you can lose them if you aren’t careful. It’s always best to keep your external hard drive in a safe, secure place when it’s not in use.


External hard drives are a good investment should you need a backup solution to be kept separate from your computer.

But remember, you need to look after an external hard drive and keep it safe and secure too.

Google Drive Vs. Microsoft Onedrive: A Point

There are three cloud storage service that most people consider using: Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. More often the choice is coming down to the latter two. The magic combination of price and the convenience of integration with other Google and Microsoft services make them top choices.

Pricing and value

The first big difference is what you get for what you pay. Anyone looking for the lowest price for the most online storage should be looking at Google. The company has an umbrella service called Google One that gives you shared storage that works across all your Google services including Drive and Photos. You can also extend the storage to people in your Google Family.

First, there is the free plan with 15GB that all Google Account users get by default. Anyone who needs more storage than that can pay $20 a year for 100GB of storage, $30 for 200GB, or $100 for a whopping 2TB. The latter also gives you 10 percent back (as store credit) from purchases in the Google Store.

Microsoft’s pricing is a little different. Instead of charging just for storage, Microsoft folds OneDrive into a Microsoft Office subscription. Office 365 Home costs $100 per year, and with that you get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, as well as Access and Publisher for PC, and 1TB of OneDrive storage. On top of that, Office 365 Home can be shared with up to five more people in your family each with their own 1TB of storage. Alternatively, you can pay $70 for Office 365 Personal, which gives you Office and a single 1TB of storage.

You can also pay more to add extra storage to your single account. If you wanted 2TB of storage, for example, you’d pay an extra $10 per month or $120 per year. That’s more than double what you’d pay for Google, but on top of the storage you get Microsoft Office. If you’re only interested in OneDrive storage then you can get 100GB for $2 a month, but the focus with Microsoft is on OneDrive as part of an Office 365 subscription.

Both services offer good value but for different reasons. If you want the most online storage possible at the best price then Google is the obvious choice. If you’re more interested in integrating online storage with Microsoft Office then OneDrive is the way to go.

Winner for pure storage amount: Google



Contrast that to Microsoft’s OneDrive search, which does nothing until you hit Enter on the keyboard.

On the desktop


OneDrive, as any Windows 10 user knows, is built right into the operating system. Once you sign in you can access all your OneDrive files right from Explorer, as well as decide which files you want on your local computer, and which ones can stay in the cloud.

You can do the same thing with Google Drive, via an app Google calls Backup and Sync. Just like OneDrive it behaves like a folder on your computer, and all data is synced with Google Drive online.

Winner: Tie

End-to-end encryption

Instead, your files are sent to the cloud via HTTPS encryption, and then both Google and Microsoft encrypt your files using their own keys. This use of encryption makes it much harder, if not impossible, for hackers to decrypt your data if they ever broke into the OneDrive or Google Drive servers. It does, however, mean that these companies can still read your files, if they want to, or hand them over to law enforcement if they were compelled to do so.

Anyone interested in an E2EE option can either encrypt all their OneDrive or Google Drive files themselves, though that can get complicated very quickly. You can also look at services designed for E2EE, or try utilities like Cryptomator, an open source option that encrypts your OneDrive or Google Drive data.

Winner: Tie

Added security


The problem with cloud file accounts is that if a hacker gets the username and password, they get access to everything. OneDrive recently introduced a feature that helps guard against that called Personal Vault.

This feature doesn’t add encryption to your files. Instead, it adds an extra layer of authentication for sensitive files, such as a fingerprint or face scan, a PIN, a code from your authenticator app, or an authentication code sent to email or SMS. Personal Vault doesn’t seem to support security keys just yet—though you can use a Yubikey to get authenticator codes. Users with a free account can add up to three files, while Office 365 subscribers can add an unlimited number up to their storage limit. Once you open your Personal Vault it remains open until Microsoft detects 20 minutes of inactivity with your files.

We wouldn’t recommend this feature as a stand-in for documents that should be protected with E2EE, but it’s a nice addition.


We’re going to call this one a tie. Look, both services work very well, but they work well for people with different needs. If you’re all about the desktop and Microsoft Office then OneDrive is the obvious choice. If you like the notion of the Personal Vault then you should also go with OneDrive.

If, however, everything you do revolves around Gmail, Docs, and Sheets then Google Drive is the best choice. Google Drive is also best for those who are purely interested in getting as much storage as possible at the best price.

It comes down to what your needs are. Once you know that, the best choice between these two services becomes obvious.

Integration Of The Jira Tool

Definition of Jira Tool

We know that essentially the Jira tool is utilized to deal with the whole improvement cycle of the task, as well as gives the various types of elements to the client to deal with the whole work process of the venture. In other words, we can say that the Jira tool depends on deft philosophy like Scrum and Kanban, or we can make another novel board according to our necessity. The dexterous load-up gives various types of elements to the client, like excesses and guides; we can likewise have the option to produce reports; at times, we want to incorporate different apparatuses or applications, track the undertaking issue, and so on.

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What is Jira Tool?

It’s not unexpected to ask, what is the Jira tool? It started as an IT gadget, but by and by, it maintains many purposes, from the ordinary assignment of the board to an IT labeling structure. It covers the endeavor and the board basics with an intensive gadgets suite, for instance, project orchestrating, task creation, and the leaders and enumerating.

The Jira tool stage supplements facilitated projects for the project manager. Use the Jira tool connected with the adroit capacities to exploit the contraption.

I every now and again projected my gathering’s Jira tool task list on a screen when we met for run organizing and other deft events, and it worked flawlessly to get the gathering incomplete understanding while at the same time streamlining these assigned tasks.

In programming improvement explicitly, the standard undertaking of the chiefs has been built up by new techniques, for instance, Agile, which revolves around the consistent transport of working things to clients. The agile organization is an umbrella term, and several subordinate methods have emerged. The two most prominent sub-strategies are Scrum, which emphasizes structured work in short iterations, and Kanban, which focuses on a continuous work flow with limited work-in-progress, resulting in reduced assumptions.

Consistent conveyances (made possible by iterative work runs) give the client progressive transports of working things. Subsequently, with client reviews, these persistent things convey license gatherings to surface deviations from essentials and various issues before the improvement cycle, which can help avoid cost or resource attacks.

Jira tool has various limits, and accepting its inclination the deficiency of a component you truly need, add it by visiting the Atlassian Marketplace. In this web-based store, you can find outcast programming to upgrade the Jira tool’s middle capacities.

One endeavor in the board model is the Trello-Jira tool consolidation. This part allows gatherings to execute projects with their inclined toward contraption, and data normally changes between the stages. Now let’s see why we need the Jira tool as follows.

The Jira tool provides the following aspect as follows.


The Jira tool is based on the agile methodology and effectively manages defects during project development as shown in the screenshot below.



The Jira tool’s workflow plays a fundamental role in project management as it facilitates key functions such as displaying the entire organization’s course, providing control over tasks, and tracking issues. During the development stage, a single task progresses through the stages of upcoming, in progress, and completion as the work is finished. So the Jira tool device permits us to deal with the whole work process according to the association’s necessity. To audit the stage then, we can add the survey stage.


Find effortlessly. Assume we have finished with an undertaking toward the start of January, and its variant is 2.0. Presently, we move to form 2.1 and finish toward the finish of January. We are adding new variants. Through the Jira tool, we can realize what occurred in the prior adaptations, the number of imperfections in the previous activities, and the gains we accomplished from the prior projects.



An assignment guide is a remarkable wellspring of information outlining orchestrating goals, requirements, and progress made for a long time. It’s a graphical, huge-level action plan that changes your gathering and various accomplices around your targets and guides out indispensable stages to achieve them.

Jira Export

At the point when we are dealing with a commodity, a lot of get-togethers can be a basic piece of your day. In ordinary stand-ups or numerous weeks audits, reports are integral for giving updates and showing the social affair and the associates where we are in the movement of a thing. Preferably, we acknowledge that these reports should show the information we truly need to show in the way we need to.

The uncovering choices in neighborhood Jira, such as board indicating and standard dashboard revealing, are restricted and lack flexibility.  Atlassian comprehends that innumerable of its clients will require more.

Jira tool also provides the API. Fundamentally, we know that with the assistance of JIRA API implies a blend of REST API JIRA instruments, we can construct various applications according to our necessity. On the opposite side, JIRA relies upon the multiple phases of JIRA. We can say that JIRA gives the cloud-based REST API to foster applications according to our prerequisite.


With the help of the above article, we try to learn about the Jira tool. From this article, we learn basic things about the Jira tool, and we also see the integration of the Jira tool and how we use it in the Jira tool.

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How To Delete All Files From Google Drive.

If you are trying to delete everything from your Google Drive account in one go but can’t seem to figure out exactly how to do it. This article will show you how to permanently delete everything you have stored on your Google Drive account. Unfortunately, there isn’t a quick easy-to-find solution that is obvious for everyone.

Related: How to fix the Google Drive sign-in loop error.

Google Drive is one of the best free storage services currently available offering a whopping 15GB of free storage space. Something that no other service can compare with. However, if you are also subscribed to a paid plan this can go all the way up to 30Gb. While this is awesome Google doesn’t offer a quick and easy way to clear all your files from your Drive account.

The good news is that there is a reasonable way to remove everything, though it does take a little time and isn’t a simple option or a tool. If you happen to have folders set up the process is straightforward as you can just delete the core folders one by one. But if you just have everything in the base Google Drive folder things are a little more complicated.

How do you delete all files from your Google Drive account? Delete everything from Google Drive.

To begin, the first thing that you will need to do is visit the Google Drive website and sign into your Google account (the one you want to delete everything from).

This will show you every single thing that you currently have stored on your Google Drive account.

Next, comes the annoying part. You are going to have to keep scrolling down the page until you reach the very bottom. Which may take a while if you have a lot of files.

Can I use this process to delete single or multiple files rather than everything?

If you just want to delete a few files you can use the exact same process, in fact, it’s usually a lot quicker. Just be aware that anything in the Bin will get automatically removed within 30 days.

Using Google Backup and Sync? Just delete the backup device and everything on it will be removed.

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