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1. Once activated, your device silences all incoming notifications, including calls and texts, for the configured bedtime period.

3. You can integrate Bedtime with the Google Clock app to set daily sleep and wake-up reminders on your phone.

4. Additionally, you can set custom schedules to automate bedtime, removing the hassle of manually configuring it each day.

Need help with your bedtime routine? 😴

— Made by Google (@madebygoogle) June 16, 2023

1. Open the Settings app and tap on the Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls option.

2. Next, tap the Bedtime mode beside focus mode and turn on the toggle for ‘Based on a Schedule‘ to configure a custom schedule for activating Bedtime mode.

4. Conversely, if you often charge your device at bedtime, you can pick the ‘While Charging at Home‘ toggle to silence all notifications while charging your phone during sleep.

5. Further, you can expand the Customize tab to control additional options for Do Not Control and Bedtime Mode on your phone.

6. Finally, if you don’t wish your device to transform to grayscale or dark mode, you can configure ‘Screen options at Bedtime‘ to disable them with their respective toggles. Additionally, if you have an active Always-on-display, you can turn off the screen completely during Bedtime by turning on the toggle for ‘Keep the Screen Dark.’

1. Go to Google Play Store and install the Phone Silencer app on your phone.

2. Next, provide the necessary permissions required to run the app.

3. Press the + button at the bottom right corner of the homepage and create a new custom silent profile.

5. That’s it! The app will silence all notifications automatically for your configured period each day.

Alternatively, you can try out other nifty methods and apps to silence your phone during your bedtime.

Do you regret wasting your precious sleep time after scrolling the YouTube timeline endlessly, the next day? Don’t worry; with its recent update, the YouTube app can remind you of your bedtime so you can save the video interests for the next day. Follow our detailed guide to enable YouTube Bedtime Reminder Feature to learn more about it.

A: You need to open the Digital well-being and parental control option in your settings app to configure Bedtime mode on your device.

Q: How to grayscale your screen after enabling the bedtime mode on Android?

A: To grayscale your Android screen after enabling the Bedtime mode, tap on the Screen Options and turn on the toggle for Greyscale.

Q: How to turn off Bedtime mode on Android?

Q: Can I delete my bedtime data on Android?

A: Yes, you can delete the bedtime data on your android phone, we have a dedicated guide to delete bedtime data completely.

Hopefully, you have learned to configure the Android bedtime feature through the steps listed in this explainer. If you find it helpful, share this guide with your loved ones so they can develop a good and peaceful sleep utilizing the Digital Wellbeing features. As always, subscribe to GadgetsToUse and check out the below links to improve your sleep cycle.

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What Is Channel Bonding And How To Enable It?

What is channel bonding and how to enable it?




In casual Internet practice, channel bonding is rarely heard of, since it’s rather complicated to achieve and has some drawbacks.

Channel bonding uses at least two connections and combines them to increase the throughput between two or more connected devices.

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readers this month.

In casual Internet practice, channel bonding is rarely heard of, since it’s rather complicated to achieve and has some drawbacks. However, you might’ve heard it briefly mentioned every now and then, especially when it comes to increasing Internet speed.

This topic has been exploited for ages and it still is one of the hottest subjects online. If you have an Internet connection with not much speed, of course you’ll start to think of ways to get more out of it.

Well, to put it shortly, channel bonding is one potential fix for your slow Internet speed. If you have a bit of technical background, you might see where this is going, but if not, don’t worry, we’ll fill you in.

What is channel bonding?

Channel bonding is, as its name subtly suggests, a technique that binds multiple connections to achieve a higher Internet speed. However, don’t fool yourself thinking it’s a piece of cake to achieve this state of bound channels.

In this practice, two adjacent channels that can be found in a certain frequency band are fused together in order to increase the amount of traffic that passes between two or more devices.

While we’re still on the topic, it’s worth mentioning that there’s another similar practice called load balancing. It uses almost the same technique as channel bonding, but there’s no increase in speed.

Multiple Internet connections

As we’ve mentioned above, enabling and configuring channel bonding can’t be achieved easily. You’ll need to have special hardware and/or software components in order to enable it.

First of all, you’ll need to have multiple Internet connections. Channel bonding uses at least two connections, so you’ll need multiple Internet connections, whether from the same ISP or from different providers.

More so, your connections can use the same technologies or different ones (for instance fiber vs cable Internet) as long as your hardware can handle them.

It’s not unheard of having more than one connection. Most big companies have secondary Internet connections, which are often referred to as failovers or backups. If one connection fails, the other one kicks in, so that your activity won’t be affected too much.

On the downside, simply having a backup Internet connection won’t automatically increase your default connection’s speed. That’s where channel bonding steps in.

How to enable channel bonding? 1. Channel bonding hardware

First of all, you’ll need the hardware. There are some companies that produce devices that can handle multiple Internet connections. Come to think of it, your phone kind of acts like such a device, only it doesn’t use both mobile data and WiFi at the same time.

Expert tip:

For instance, a good channel-bonding-ready device should let you fuse:

Multiple Ethernet connections

Several WiFi Internet connections

A WiFi connection with an Ethernet one

An Ethernet connection with LTE, 4G, 3G

A WiFi connection with a tethered phone connection (kind of hard to achieve)

You get the point. If you can’t plug multiple WAN cables into your device or slide a SIM card, you’re pretty much stuck with one connection at a time.

2. Channel bonding software

There are several software solutions you can use to combine multiple Internet connections to achieve greater speed values. You can find most of them by simply typing channel bonding software in your favorite search engine.

However, there’s one tool that we feel deserves to be mentioned in our guide. Speedify is a VPN service that helps you bind several connections into one, thus increasing the throughput between your devices.

The best part is that Speedify doesn’t require any piece of specialized hardware. It works on portable devices such as phones or tablets, but also on desktops or laptops.

It goes without saying that your device should support multiple connections. For instance, if you have a desktop PC, you might lack a wireless network adapter, which leaves you with the Ethernet option only.

However, if you purchase a WiFi adapter, you can easily combine your Ethernet and WiFi connections into a single one, thus increasing speed effectively.

Another scenario is that you can use Speedify on your phone to perform channel bonding using your WiFi and mobile plan.

Additionally, you benefit from all the perks of having a VPN on your devices, such as privacy, increased security, and the possibility of circumventing geo-blocking without breaking a sweat.

Channel bonding can increase your Internet speed

To wrap it up, if you want more from your Internet connection but are limited by your bandwidth, you can easily boost your speed by adding a second connection. We refer to this technique as channel bonding.

More often than not this procedure is not exactly easy to achieve and has a few drawbacks. Usually, supported hardware is just too expensive, and purchasing a second Internet plan can be pricey as well.

However, you can turn to dedicated software solutions such as Speedify. This VPN can merge multiple Internet connections (Ethernet, WiFi, LTE, 4G, satellite, tethered) to effectively boost your speed.

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What Is Nvidia Reflex And Should You Enable It?

Nvidia Reflex is a service available to all users of Nvidia graphics cards, but it shines most when paired between an Nvidia 3000 series card and a G-Sync monitor. If you’re trying to give yourself just that little bit extra edge in competitive games, Nvidia Reflex should be on your radar.

Table of Contents

What Is Nvidia Reflex?

Nvidia Reflex is a low latency tool that claims to lower rendering lag by as much as 80%. It’s most effective in first-person shooters like Fortnite or Call of Duty, where smoother controls and more responsive gameplay make a dramatic difference. It can also make a difference if you’re playing competitive fighting games online, such as Guilty Gear Strive.

Nvidia Reflex works by optimizing both the GPU and the game itself, combining the settings of both to provide you optimal performance. Note that this doesn’t mean the highest possible graphics. While Nvidia has tools to help you squeeze out the best frame rates, Reflex works to reduce your latency to the point that it’s nearly undetectable.

Games operate with what is called a render queue. This is a bit of programming that tells the game which objects need to be rendered first. In competitive games, the cursor doesn’t always take priority – but you need your crosshairs to move smoothly across the screen. Combined with low input lag and a high refresh rate, smooth rendering of crosshairs means you can pull off pinpoint shots. 

Nvidia Reflex Requirements

However, if you don’t have the budget to grab higher-end components at the moment (and who does, given the sky-high prices of PC parts?), your existing system will still perform just that much better with Reflex enabled than not.

These are the only requirements you need:

Nvidia GTX 900 series or higher

A game that works with Reflex

With that in mind, if you have a high-end gaming setup, Nvidia Reflex – combined with a high refresh rate monitor – can lead to marked improvements in how games look. There is a difference in quality between 30 frames per second and 120 frames per second. If your computer is capable of rendering more FPS, consider investing in a monitor to match. 

Unfortunately, Nvidia Reflex won’t work with AMD GPUs. AMD users aren’t without options, though. Turning on FreeSync within your monitor settings can yield improved performance. 

Should You Enable Nvidia Reflex?


Take the time to turn on Nvidia Reflex if your GPU and the game supports it. You can’t really go wrong with it. Even if you don’t play competitively, no one enjoys when a game isn’t responding as it should. Reflex improves overall system performance. 

What Games Work With Reflex?

This list is not comprehensive, but it does give you an idea of the most popular current titles that can work with Nvidia Reflex.

Apex Legends

Battlefield 2042

Bright Memory Infinite

CoD: Black Ops Cold War

CoD: Modern Warfare

CoD: Warzone

CoD: Vanguard

CrossFire HD



Destiny 2


Escape From Tarkov

Forged In Shadow Torch




Rainbow Six: Siege





War Thunder

How to Enable Nvidia Reflex

You enable Nvidia Reflex on a game-by-game basis, usually through the game’s graphical settings. While each title is different, you can typically turn on the setting through the options menu. 

For example, Fortnite makes it easy to enable Nvidia Reflex.

Launch Fortnite.

Select the three bars in the top-right corner and then select the gear icon on the left side.

Select Settings and scroll down to the Advanced Graphics subheading.

Switch Nvidia Reflex Low Latency to On + Boost and then press A to apply.

If you can’t turn on Nvidia Reflex in-game, there are other things you can do to reduce latency.

Increase Your Mouse’ Polling Rate

The polling rate is the frequency with which your system requests information from a device. A higher polling rate means less latency and more responsiveness. However, it can result in less battery life with a wireless mouse versus a wired mouse.

You can also invest in a wired mouse to reduce latency and reduce the chance of signal interference from other devices. A compatible gaming mouse plays almost as large a role in your gameplay and performance as your graphical settings.

Turn On Ultra Low Latency Mode

There is an option within your Nvidia driver that allows you to enable low latency mode. 

Open Nvidia Control Panel. 

Select Low Latency Mode and select Ultra from the drop-down box.

Select Apply.

If you are experiencing latency in games, try turning on Low Latency Mode and enabling Nvidia Reflex whenever possible. Your gaming experience will be better and more fluid, and you might even perform better in the game than you usually do. 

How To Enable Dark Mode & Power

Apollo, a gorgeous Reddit client built for power and speed by former Apple intern Christian Selig, is the only Reddit app you need. And with Apollo’s optional dark theme available in two flavors, the usually darkened interface and a power-saving pure black mode.

Although Apollo supports Apple’s Smart Invert feature introduced in iOS 11 for simulated Dark Mode, the app internally provides its own truly dark interface mode.

Here’s how to turn it on or off.

How to enable Dark Mode in Apollo for iOS

To switch between Light and Dark theme in Apollo, do the following:

1) Open Apollo on your iPhone or iPad.

2) Tap the rightmost icon labeled Settings in the tab area alongside the bottom.

3) Choose Theme from the list.

Apollo ships with Light and Dark interface themes

4) Make your selection underneath the Theme heading.

Light: This is Apollo’s default light appearance

Dark: An optional darkened user interface

Tap the Light or Dark option to see the changes applied instantly.

Apollo, unfortunately, lacks the option to make the text less bright for Dark Mode. If you find the contrast between dark elements and white text jarring and strenuous on the eyes at night, you can use iOS’s Reduce White Point feature as a workaround in Settings → General → Accessibility → Display Accommodations → Reduce White Point.

You can even configure theming based on things like screen brightness or local sunset times.

Quick theme switching

Did you know that you can also quickly switch a theme on the fly.

Long-tap the top navigation bar to quickly toggle themes

Tap and hold the navigation bar to switch from Light to Dark Mode, and vice versa. With this extremely convenient shortcut, you won’t have to go to the settings anymore.

Quick theme switching needs Enable Quick Switching enabled in Apollo’s Settings → Theme.

Dark or pure black?

You can even adjust the intensity of the darkened interface, here’s how.

1) Open Apollo on your iPhone or iPad.

2) Tap the rightmost icon labeled Settings in the tab area alongside the bottom.

3) Choose Theme from the list.

4) Toggle Pure Black Dark Mode at the bottom, right underneath the Dark Mode heading.

This only works if the switch mode is set to Manually.

First, check out Apollo’s regular Dark Mode without the Pure Black option turned on.

Apollo’s regular Dark Mode already looks great

How about a pure black interface? Just turn on the Pure Black Dark Mode option in settings.

Pure Black Dark Mode is perfect for OLED devices

Mind you, this isn’t just regular darkness…

How Dark Mode saves power

One of the crucial difference between LCD and OLED screens is that OLED technology does not require backlight like LCDs. A backlight is a form of illumination used in the LCDs because liquid crystal displays do not produce light by themselves.

With OLED screens, the pixels are individually lit so no backlight is required. Anything that is pure black on an OLED display needs no power, unlike with LCDs. As a result, OLED displays typically consume a fraction of the power of LCDs.

Selecting the option Pure Dark Black Mode in Apollo will predominantly paint the interface in true black. If you happen to use Apollo a lot, Pure Dark Black Mode is going to save so much battery life on your iPhone X.

Truth be told, you also save power from nearly black pixels (it’s not binary) so using Apollo’s Dark Mode on an iPhone X without the Pure Black toggled on will still help extend battery life.

Availability and pricing

Apollo is free to download with an optional In-App Purchase of $2.99 required to unlock a bunch of extra features, including the ability to create a schedule for Dark Mode or configure it to turn on based on things like screen brightness or local sunset times, submit posts using the Markdown editor, the option to customize your gestures and more.

By all accounts, Apollo is the only Reddit client you need.

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Dark Modes everywhere!

Dark looks are growing in popularity thanks to the proliferation of OLED screens, especially with Windows 10 and macOS Mojave implementing a dark theme. You can enable Dark Mode on your Mac with macOS Mojave in System Preferences → General → Appearance.

TUTORIAL: Using Smart Invert for Dark Mode-like iPhone interface

You can enable Dark Mode in a number of popular apps, including Outlook and YouTube.

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What Is Theater Mode On Apple Watch?

There are several features in watchOS that let you silence your Apple Watch, Theater Mode being one of them. However, unlike other methods, Theater Mode not only silences notifications but also keeps the screen dark.

Theater Mode is helpful if you’re attending a movie, play, or any other event where you don’t want to disturb others with the light or sound from your Apple Watch. This tutorial will explain what Theater Mode is, how it works, and how to use it on any watchOS device.

Table of Contents

What Is Theater Mode on Apple Watch?

Theater Mode is a feature that stops the display on your Apple Watch from distracting people in dimly lit environments, such as a movie theater or concert. It’s available on any Apple Watch running watchOS 3.2 or later.

Theater Mode works by disabling the Wake on Wrist Raise functionality in watchOS, which prevents the screen from waking up when you move your wrist around. It also turns off the Always-On display on the Apple Watch Series 5 and newer watch models.

Furthermore, the feature activates Silent Mode to eliminate sounds from app notifications, phone calls, and alarms, instead relaying them through haptic feedback.

How to Enable Apple Watch Theater Mode

You can enable Theater Mode on the Apple Watch through the Control Center in watchOS. Just:

Swipe up from the bottom of the watch face to open Control Center.

Locate and tap the

Theater Masks


Swipe down from the top of the screen to exit Control Center.

Note: If you’re activating Theater Mode on the Apple Watch for the first time, watchOS should display a screen that briefly explains the feature. Tap the Theater Mode button to confirm you want to enable it.

How to Use Apple Watch in Theater Mode

With Theater Mode active, the Apple Watch’s display turns off as soon as you lower your wrist. However, it won’t light up when you raise it. To wake your watchOS device, you must tap the screen or press the Digital Crown or the Side button.

Note: You will see a Comedy/Tragedy Mask status symbol at the top of the Apple Watch screen as confirmation that Theater Mode is active.

Theater Mode also auto-enables Silent Mode on your Apple Watch, so you’ll only receive haptic notifications. If you want to use Theater Mode without silencing watchOS alerts, tap the red Bell icon in the Control Center to disable Silent Mode.

On a lesser note, Theater Mode stops you from invoking Siri by raising your hand unless you manually wake up your smartwatch first. The feature also sets your Walkie-Talkie status to “Unavailable.”

How to Turn Off Theater Mode on Apple Watch

To disable Theater Mode on the Apple Watch, you must:

Open the Apple Watch’s Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

Tap the

Theater Mode

icon again. The action also disables Silent Mode.

Swipe down to exit Control Center.

Note: Disabling Theater Mode does not automatically disable Silent Mode if it was already active before enabling Theater Mode.

How to Disable Wake on Wrist Raise and Always-On Manually

Theater Mode temporarily disables the Wake on Wrist Raise and Always On functionalities on the Apple Watch. If you’d prefer to disable both permanently on your smart wearable, you must:

Open the Watch app on the paired iPhone and tap the

Display & Brightness




and set it to


—this option is not available on the Apple Watch Series 4 and older.

Disable the switch next to

Wake on Wrist Raise


Like with Theater Mode, the watch face stays dark unless you wake it up manually. The device will still make sounds, so enable Silent Mode for instances where you want to stop it from doing that.

Take Advantage of Theater Mode

Apple Watch’s Theater Mode stops the screen from turning on and bothering others in dark surroundings, but you can still access the watch face and other functions by tapping the screen or pressing the Digital Crown/Side button. It also silences the device but delivers notifications through haptics to help you stay connected while minimizing disruptions.

If you want to stop even more interruptions from your Apple Watch, consider activating Do Not Disturb (which disables sounds and haptics) and Airplane Mode (which cuts the Bluetooth connection with your paired iOS device). You can enable both features by tapping their respective icons on the Control Center—experiment by using them with or without Theater Mode.

How To Enable Ie Mode For External Websites On Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge Chromium comes with “IE Mode” that allows to use the legacy Internet Explorer engine to load old websites that otherwize will break in the new modern browser.

Although IE Mode has been designed primarily for organizations to load internal sites without the need to use a separate browser or having to redesign the site, it’s also possible to use the feature to load external websites. However, it involves additional steps, and you must specify a list with the sites that you want to render with IE Mode on Edge using Group Policy.

In this guide, you’ll learn the steps to enable IE Mode to load legacy external websites using the Internet Explorer rendering engine on Chromium Edge for Windows 10.

How to create Enterprise Mode Site List for IE Mode on Microsoft Edge

To load external websites with with IE Mode on Edge (Chromium), you need to enable the feature and create a list of sites using these steps:

Browse the following path:

Quick tip: If the “Microsoft Edge” folder isn’t available, then you don’t have the required Group Policy templates. In this case,

If the “Microsoft Edge” folder isn’t available, then you don’t have the required Group Policy templates. In this case, use these instructions , and then return to these steps.

Select the Enabled option to enable IE Mode for Microsoft Edge.

Under the “Options” section, select the Internet Explorer mode from the dropdown menu.

Select the Enabled option.

Under the Options section, specify the path for the xml file containing a list of websites you want to render with the Internet Explorer engine. The file can be hosted on the network, site location, or stored locally on your device:

Local network file: \networksharessites.xml

Local file: file:///c:/Users/USER-FOLDER-NAME/Documents/sites.xml

Quick tip: If you don’t already have an “sites.xml” file with a list of website that you want to use with IE Mode on Microsoft Edge, then refer to the Creating Enterprise Site XML list steps below.

Once you complete the steps, websites will render in compatibility mode, and you’ll notice a familiar IE icon on the left side of the address bar letting you know the website is using Internet Explorer.

Creating Enterprise Site XML list

To create an XML file with the list of sites that you want to load with Microsoft Edge IE Mode, use these steps:

Open Notepad.

Copy and paste the following code structure example in the text file:

Important: When copying and pasting the Enterprise Mode v.2 XML schema example file, make sure your file looks exactly the same. Also, remember to check website-domain1 and website-domain2 for the websites you want to load with IE Mode. For more information creating a list of websites for IE Mode check this

When copying and pasting the Enterprise Mode v.2 XML schema example file, make sure your file looks exactly the same. Also, remember to checkandfor the websites you want to load with IE Mode. For more information creating a list of websites for IE Mode check this Microsoft support website

(Optional) If you need to add more than two websites to list, then add another bracket for every site.

Use the chúng tôi name for the file.

After you complete the steps, you can use the file to load websites on IE Mode on Microsoft Edge using the Configure the Enterprise Mode Site List policy with the above instructions.

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