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The chúng tôi executable file is an integral component of the Realtek HD Audio driver package. Specifically designed for Windows-based computers, including Windows 11 and Windows 10, this file is launched as a startup process to provide essential services for the proper functioning of the Realtek audio driver. However, at times, users may encounter errors related to this file, which can impact the audio functionality of their system. In this article, we will explore what chúng tôi is, its role during startup, and common errors associated with it.

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chúng tôi is a 64-bit executable file that belongs to the Realtek HD Audio driver software. Realtek HD Audio is widely used in Windows-based computers to manage the audio output and input features of the system. This driver package provides high-quality audio playback, recording, and other audio-related functionalities.

The chúng tôi file is specifically responsible for launching and managing the Realtek Audio Service during system startup. It ensures that the audio driver is initialized correctly and ready to provide optimal audio performance. By running in the background, this service allows users to seamlessly utilize their computer’s audio capabilities without manual intervention.

Useful tip: How to See What Drivers Are Installed in Windows 11

As part of your system’s startup processes, chúng tôi typically initiates whenever you turn on your Windows computer. This startup feature is necessary because the Realtek HD Audio drivers depend on this service to manage the audio functionalities of your computer effectively.

Starting the process as the system boots up ensures that the audio management functions are available as soon as you start using your computer. This immediate availability is especially important for systems where audio plays a crucial role, such as multimedia editing workstations or home theater PCs.

Learn more: How to Disable Startup Services on Windows 11 or 10

While chúng tôi is generally a safe process, there’s a chance that malware could masquerade under its name. In legitimate cases, the chúng tôi file is usually located in C:WindowsSystem32DriverStoreFileRepositoryrealtekservice.inf_amd64_3dd75df32535321a or in the C:WindowsSystem32DriverStoreFileRepository directory. If you find this file in any other location, it might be a red flag indicating a malware impersonation.

However, remember that not all high CPU usage scenarios are a cause for concern. There are valid situations, like during heavy audio processing tasks, where chúng tôi may legitimately use more resources. Understanding the context is key to identifying potential malware threats.

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This question ultimately depends on your computer setup. If your system uses Realtek HD Audio for sound functionalities, you’ll need chúng tôi to ensure those functionalities operate smoothly. This process is integral to providing high-quality audio playback and recording. Without it, your audio capabilities may be impaired, potentially impacting various aspects of your computer usage, from entertainment to professional tasks.

If you’re considering this route, make sure to explore other solutions first, such as updating, repairing, or reinstalling the Realtek drivers.

While chúng tôi is generally safe and reliable, users may sometimes encounter issues linked to it. Below, we look into these common problems and how you can troubleshoot them.

Application or system errors related to chúng tôi often point towards a problem with the Realtek audio drivers themselves. This could be due to drivers being outdated, incorrectly installed, or partially uninstalled.

To resolve these errors, you’ll usually need to update your drivers. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to accomplish this:

Press Win + X and choose Device Manager from the menu.

Navigate to the “Sound, video, and game controllers” section. Here, you’ll see a list of all the audio-related devices and drivers installed on your system.

If the issue persists after updating, it might be worth trying to completely uninstall and then reinstall the Realtek audio drivers.

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In these cases, the most straightforward solution is to reinstall the Realtek HD Audio drivers. The reinstall process should replace the missing or corrupted chúng tôi file with a fresh, functional version.

If chúng tôi stops working, it can potentially disrupt your system’s audio performance. This disruption could result from a conflict with another process, a system error, or outdated drivers. Restarting the process or your system might resolve the issue. If the problem persists, try updating or reinstalling the Realtek drivers.

A faulting application log concerning chúng tôi in your system’s event viewer indicates that the process has crashed or encountered a significant problem. This could be due to reasons like driver conflicts, malware, or other system errors. Reinstalling or updating the Realtek HD Audio drivers often resolves these issues.

If you’ve tried all troubleshooting methods and still face issues with chúng tôi , you might consider removing it. The process is essentially tied to the Realtek HD Audio drivers, so “removing” it would imply uninstalling these drivers. However, without a replacement sound driver, this would leave your system without its primary audio management software, which can lead to an absence of sound.

Relevant guide: How to Uninstall Drivers in Windows 11

If you need to reinstall or update chúng tôi and the associated Realtek audio driver, the most recommended and straightforward method is to update the driver via either Device Manager or by running Windows Update. However, if you prefer to manually download and install the driver, you can visit the official Realtek website at:

On their website, you’ll find a range of drivers for different Realtek audio codecs and hardware. You can search for the specific driver you need or browse through the available options. Be sure to download the driver that corresponds to your operating system and audio hardware to ensure compatibility.

chúng tôi is a piece of software that’s a key part of how your computer deals with sound. It’s part of a set of programs called Realtek High Definition Audio drivers, which control how your computer plays and records audio. These drivers and the chúng tôi process are generally pretty good at doing their job, but like anything, they can sometimes have issues.

If you don’t have any problems with how your computer sounds, and your antivirus program isn’t flagging chúng tôi as a problem, then there’s no need to worry about it. It’s just quietly working away in the background to keep your sound running smoothly. However, it’s always a good idea to keep your computer’s drivers up to date, as this can help stop problems before they start. If you do run into any issues, remember the solutions we’ve talked about in this article, like updating or reinstalling the drivers.

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How To Improve Windows 10 Startup Time

Just like everyone else, Windows 10 users want speed. That desired startup time is not always met when Windows 10 PC users start their computers. The good news is that the latest OS from Microsoft features an easy-to-use startup app manager that tells you which programs are slowing down the startup.

How to Access Windows 10 Startup Manage

How to Enable Fast Startup

In my opinion the first suggestion on how to speed up a Windows 10 PC’s startup is the easiest, but Enabling Fast Startup is also helpful.

To turn off Fast Startup uncheck the “Turn on Fast Startup” box and hit save. It is that easy.


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F150 New Brand Rugged Phone Startup Launched

Brief Introduction

We were inspired to start this company by a couple of colleagues and friends from OXO intelligence company ltd. They were outdoor enthusiasts, who complained the rugged smartphone currently in the system didn’t satisfy some of their needs when they are out in the wild.

Alan Kay once said, “People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.” As a software company and a group of sports enthusiasts, we decided to make our own hardware as a solution to the problems we face when we are out in the fields. So we started F150. We brought together some of the best people in the business to create this startup.


We spent the last few months putting together a team of experts with years of experience in this industry. And we also spent some time designing our first product. We also spent a lot of time brainstorming how to make this company different and unique from all the companies in the industry. The majority of the time, we spent developing marketing strategies.

After years of tireless brainstorming, designing, consulting, and meetings, we came up with our first product.

First Product 

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Bison 2023 comes with a MediaTek Helio G25 chipset, a 5.86-inch Corning Gorilla Glass 5 u-notch display, an 8000mAh battery, 6GB RAM, 64GB internal storage, a uniquely optimized OS, supports NFC, and many more.

Another unique feature is that the body of this smartphone is made using plastic instead of rubber or aluminum as we have become accustomed to. This allowed for Bison 2023 to come in exciting colors such as the desert yellow.

This smartphone has comes with 2 interesting modes, one is designed for your professional life and the other for a more outdoorsy life. What’s more interesting is you can switch between these 2 modes by simply pressing and holding a key on the side.


With our unique position as software experts and direct access to outdoor enthusiasts, we aim to revolutionize the outdoor product industry by making the most efficient and result based products. We intend to create more products in the future for the outdoors which are made safely and intelligently.


Centered around our “NEO-RUGGED” concept, F150’s mission is to help people build a better life by providing products that give you the most sense of security. We also intend to become a leading smart outdoor products brand.

A Different Approach

We understand the Rugged Phone industry is very competitive and want to offer a different approach to how rugged phones and outdoor products, in general, are viewed. In our vision a rugged phone shouldn’t be boring with only one or 2 colors to choose from. We believe rugged smartphones should be able to compete in aesthetics without losing their ruggedness. With our experience and understanding of the industry and the customers alike, we believe we are better suited to provide solutions. These and many more notions we plan to challenge with F150.


Our slogan is “No Tough No Safe”. We believe toughness brings a sense of security. We intend to make the toughest of products and instill a sense of security in the users of our phones and outdoors products.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Working For A Startup

Working Startup – This is the age of Millennials. They love to take a risk and jump out of bed with excitement about any entrepreneurial venture. But not all start an experience right away. Most Millenials begin to work in a startup to feel the thrill and excitement of an entrepreneurial venture. But if you’re one of them, do you know there’s another side to it too? If you think you need to face reality, this is the piece you should read.

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Human resource processes, human resources management & others

In this article, we will talk about the cons and pros of working for a startup. Yes, many are working for startup benefits, but there are dark spots. This article will help you decide whether to join a startup. Let’s look at the cons first, and then we will look at the bright side.

Read on. If someone selects you for a job in a startup, this is a must-read for you.

Demerits of Working for a Startup

First, let’s talk about the most challenging ones and then conclude with the tiny ones you may handle with hard work and dedication.

1. The risk is distributed to you as a member of the company 2. Money

The startup is usually the place where people expect to earn more. But the reality is different. All the startups are bottlenecked for financing themselves and constantly worry about getting funding. If the startup is not well-funded, it isn’t easy to run or even exist. How would you expect to be paid more than the industry standards during this situation? You won’t. You will get more benefits at the maximum, but if you’re eyeing the money, you will be disappointed. If you’re considering the option of joining a startup, think twice. If money is important to you, you may need to look through options in the market other than the startups.

3. Effort

Most people talk about opportunity cost when they need to invest their money into something. But does our effort have an opportunity cost too? For example, if you invest all your effort in one project, you’ll be left with nothing for other things. Our effort-making capability is limited, and we can only put effort into something that matters to us (unconsciously or consciously). Think about it, what if your action would be able to create better fruits if you would’ve invested it elsewhere?

In a startup, you need to put in all your effort. You have nothing but the best time for the day. It’s like building a business but never owning it. Before you join any startup, consider why you want to join and ponder over the opportunity cost of effort you need to bear.

4. Security

You may be the person who is not risk-averse. But putting all your years into something that doesn’t give you enough security isn’t brilliant. Do you think any customer will love a company that doesn’t protect the customer in the form of guarantees and excellent customer service? No. Same with you!

If you want to join a startup, you need at least the security of a job, fixed pay (because you’re investing most of your life there), and good working in a startup environment. A startup may offer you a good working environment, but there’s no security in the job that you do or will do. What then?

Remember, we’re not talking about safety here. It’s okay to go beyond your safety zone and reach your full potential. All professionals shouldn’t worry about that. But it’s about security, the essential criteria for professional life – the salary at the end of the month, long-term commitment, and good people. A startup is not always able to provide all three. You may take the risk but think and prepare before you join.

5. Stress

Having stress is not always bad, but you should consider dealing with it upfront if it’s distress.

As you can understand, in a high-intensity environment, under too much workload experiencing distress is a natural phenomenon. If you join a startup, you must also consider how you would deal with the by-product distress.

6. Lack of structure

Very rarely a startup has the structure to operate at a profit level. What are the reasons? The people who lead are primarily inexperienced and need to learn how to handle people constantly. As a result, the startup starts with a passion but only sometimes finds the right direction.

No unity of command decides what to do and to whom that person would report. Thus, it creates chaos in the environment, and proper workflow is disturbed.

Even the processes are only in coordination sometimes. Because things are just starting, the founders could be more-experienced.

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Advantages of joining a startup 1. You’re more responsible in a startup

If you’re one of a kind, who says – “I don’t want anyone to tell me what to do always. I want to do my stuff all by myself.” A startup may provide you the autonomy you want if you’re like that. So, naturally, you become more responsible for working for a startup.

Imagine yourself being an entrepreneur. You get to do it all by yourself. If you dream of becoming an entrepreneur, here’s your chance! Join a startup, learn things, and then start on your own.

2. Freedom

People who like to become entrepreneurs often like it because they want the freedom to create whatever they want, earn as much as they would like, and schedule their time at their convenience. But you can get that freedom without risking being an entrepreneur. You can do that simply by joining a startup.


Here’s how.

Once you join a startup and if you take care of content, you will be a content strategist, content head, and content builder. If it’s about content, they will come to you. And at the same time, you can be flexible about your work. You can choose the work hours and do your part to make the organization reap benefits.

So once you join a startup, you have the freedom to be the owner of your little corner; you can choose your time of work and, at the same time, help the organization build itself by utilizing your skills and business acumen.

It’s all an entrepreneur wants. Don’t you?

3. More challenges

When you join a startup and become a part of a small dynamic team, you have more responsibility. With more commitment, you need to make more decisions. And quite often than not, you make mistakes. Mistake is part of being human. More mistakes you make (not similar ones), the more challenges you face to make them right.

And those challenges make you a better professional, teach you a ton, and prepare you for any contingency.

If you join a startup, one thing is clear – you will become a great crisis manager. If you don’t handle the crisis, none can do that. So, you learn faster and better and gradually make yourself an indispensable employee of the organization. In big organizations, the chances of making mistakes are minimal. People on the top don’t allow you to do things your way; thus, you’re always wary of making mistakes, making progress, and learning something or two.

4. Steep learning curve

As you’re allowed to make mistakes in a startup, you will grow multifold. You need to learn in a startup to decide what would benefit the company in the future.

So, you feel compelled to learn faster and better and gradually become a learning machine. It has many sound side effects. You become indispensable to the company. Compared to your peers in a large company, you are more proficient in numerous skills. You begin to handle things better. You start to make good decisions because you can make some terrible decisions initially. And lastly, you soon reach a position where you can lead a whole team under your supervision.

A startup environment is unstructured and complex; thus, you learn much more than in any structured organization.

5. Get to higher rung easily

Most startup organizations follow a flat structure. So the people who are the best win. There needs to be more bureaucracy in the organization. If you’re good and work hard, you will win at the end of the day.

There is less room for succession planning in a startup because people are significantly fewer. So, if you’ve been in a startup for the last five years, you can quickly become a department’s senior manager or vice president. Yes, you need to prove your worth as a professional, and you need to show that you are someone who can be trusted and given more responsibility.

Thus, in a startup, you always have better opportunities for growth and learning. But there is also risk involved.

If you ask now whether you should join a startup or not, it’s the wrong question. The right question is, “Am I ready to take the risk of being an entrepreneur and would like to grow multifold?” If this is the question, and you believe you’re the perfect one for the role with your inherent belief and sentiment, then you should join a startup and fuel your dreams.

But not everyone would be ready to sacrifice the security of a paycheck and join a startup. Thus, this article is a reality check for those who think they can join a startup.

Only join a startup if you’re willing to take the risk. But suppose you have the ambition to start something on your own and need a training ground to do just that. In that case, you can invest your first 5-10 years in a startup that will help you build your foundation and offer you opportunities that will challenge you and make you a better professional.

Finally, it would help if you decided what’s best for you – joining a startup or going for a giant, more structured company.

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Valorant Black Screen On Startup On Windows Pc

Is the Valorant game stuck at a black screen on its startup on your Windows PC? Many Valorant players have complained that when launching Valorant, it gets stuck and keeps showing a black screen. Some users have also reported getting a black screen during the gameplay. The issue annoys the players as it keeps them from playing the game.

Now, if you are one of the affected users who keeps getting a black screen on Valorant on its startup, you have landed on the correct page. Here, we will discuss fixes that will help you get rid of the black screen problem in Valorant and play the game smoothly. So, without much ado, let us get straight to the solutions.

Before we mention fixes, let us try and understand the scenario that might cause the black screen issue.

What causes a black screen in Valorant on startup?

Here are the potential causes why you get a black screen in Valorant on its startup:

If your graphics driver is not up-to-date or is corrupted or faulty, you will likely get the issue at hand. If the scenario is applicable, try updating or reinstalling the graphics driver to its latest version.

Missing administrator rights to play the game can also trigger the black screen problem. So, relaunch the game with admin rights to fix the issue.

If you are not running the game on your dedicated GPU card, you might experience the problem at hand. This happens when you have more than one graphics card on your computer. Hence, if the scenario applies, you can try running the game on a dedicated GPU card.

Overclocked GPU can also cause the problem at hand. So, stop overclocking and then check if the problem is resolved.

Your antivirus might be interfering with the game and stopping it from launching properly. Hence, disable your antivirus temporarily or add Valorant to the exclusion list to resolve the problem.

Fix Valorant Black Screen on startup on Windows PC

Here are the fixes you can try if you get a black screen in Valorant on startup on your Windows 11/10 PC:

Make sure your graphics driver is updated.

Run Valorant as an administrator.

Tweak the display mode.

Run Valorant on a dedicated graphics card.

Set up the environment variables.

Disable overclocking.

Temporarily disable your antivirus.

1] Make sure your graphics driver is updated

The first and foremost thing you should ensure is that your graphics driver is updated. You will likely face display issues like a black screen when starting Valorant and more if you have an outdated and corrupted graphics driver on your system. So, you must update your graphics drivers to their latest version to fix this issue.

There are different means of updating your graphics driver on your Windows PC.

You can also use the Device Manager app to do the same.

Or, go to the official device manufacturer’s website and download the latest graphics driver.

There are multiple free third-party driver update software if you want to use an automatic way of updating drivers.

Once done updating your graphics drivers, try relaunching Valorant and see if the black screen issue is gone or not. If not, you can try the next potential fix to resolve the problem.

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2] Run Valorant as an administrator

It is recommended to launch the Valorant game as an administrator and see if the problem is fixed. Lack of necessary admin rights to run the game can also cause the issue at hand. Hence, relaunching the game with administrator privilege can resolve the problem. To do that, you can follow the below steps:

Now, in the Properties window, go to the Compatibility tab.

After that, checkmark the Run this program as an administrator option.

Finally, relaunch Valorant and see if the black screen still appears on the startup.

If this method doesn’t help, there are more solutions that you can try. So, move on to the next potential fix.

Also read: Fix VALORANT failed to launch on Windows PC.

3] Tweak the display mode

You can try changing the display mode and see if the problem is fixed. Press the Alt and Enter key combination to switch between Windowed and Fullscreen mode. This workaround has fixed the problem for some affected users and might work for you as well. If switching the display mode doesn’t resolve the problem, go ahead and use the next potential fix.

4] Run Valorant on a dedicated graphics card

In case there are two graphics cards on your system, try running the Valorant game on your dedicated GPU card. If you have an NVIDIA graphics card, here is how you can do that:

Next, go to the Program Settings tab and tap on the Add button.

Then, set the preferred graphics processor to High-performance NVIDIA processor.

Finally, press the Apply button to save changes.

You can now try relaunching the Valorant game and see if the problem is gone or not.

See: Fix VALORANT Vanguard error codes 128, 57 on Windows.

5] Set up the environment variables

Environment variables make it easier to configure apps. You can try configuring environment variables and see if the Valorant black screen on startup issue is fixed. Here’s how to do that:

Firstly, press the search option on your taskbar and type environment variables.

Now, from the appeared search results, choose Edit the system environment variables.

Variable value: ~0x200000200000000

Finally, restart the game and see if it works fine or not.

If this doesn’t work, you can try the next potential solution to fix the issue.

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6] Disable overclocking

The issue at hand could be a result of an overclocked GPU. Overclocking is handy and usually boosts up graphics performance. But, it can also trigger stability issues with your apps. Hence, try disabling overclocking on your PC and check if the problem is resolved. If the problem remains the same, you can try the next potential solution to fix it.

7] Temporarily disable your antivirus

You can also try disabling your antivirus for some time and see if you can run Valorant without the black screen issue. The issue could very much be facilitated due to antivirus interference. There are instances where your antivirus detects some processes as malicious because of a false positive alarm and causes issues like this. So, you can test the same by turning off your antivirus temporarily.

If it works, you can be sure your antivirus was at fault. In that case, you can add the Valorant program to the exception or exclusion list of your antivirus.

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How do I fix Valorant black screen on startup?

To fix the Valorant black screen on startup, first of all, ensure that you have the most recent version of your graphics driver on your PC. Apart from that, you can try running the game as an administrator, running the game on a dedicated GPU card, switching the display mode, stopping overclocking, or disabling your antivirus.

We have shared all these fixes in detail above, so checkout.

How do I fix my black screen?

If you get Black Screen of Death on Windows 11/10, make sure all your connections are proper and secure, and try to wake your device. Besides that, check your default display mode reinstall or roll back your display drivers, close RunOnce processes, or unplug USB devices.

Why is my PC showing a black screen?

You might get a black screen on your PC if you have an out-of-date or corrupted graphics driver on your system. Besides that, it could also be caused due to a buggy update or hardware problems. So, make sure you have updated graphics drivers and make sure physical connections are correct and secure.

I hope this helps.

Now read: Fix Invalid Access to Memory Location Error on VALORANT.

How To Customise Your Startup Programs On Windows.

If your computer takes forever to boot, even if you’re using a solid-state drive, its possible you have too many programs fighting over your computer’s resources. On the other hand, if everything is running smoothly and you’d like to add a program or app to your boot up, below you’ll find a few ways in which you can modify the startup process and programs.

Setting Programs to launch on Windows Startup.

To get the ball rolling, we will demonstrate how to add programs and files to the Windows startup list, this is done by simply adding items to the Windows Startup Folder. Whatever you place in the Windows startup folder will launch when your windows system starts. (after login) You can add VPN programs, your favourite web browser, or simply open a word document. As simple as it all sounds, the startup folder is a little hard to find, the best and quickest method is to use the Run tool. To find the Run tool, press the Windows Key + R, then type: shell:startup into the text box and press Enter.

Note: This works with all types of files, folders, scripts or program .exe’s and will only affect the current user. If you wish to make the change across all users, you will have to run the command: shell:common startup instead, then place the files within.

Using the System Registry Tool to Change Startup Programs.

As above, open the Run tool using the Windows key +R key combo, type: regedit into the text box, then press Enter. This will bring up the registry editor, now in the registry window, navigate to the following location:


The string value should look similar to this:

"C:Program Files (x86)Mozilla FirefoxFirefox.exe"

Note: To disable any of these startup programs, you can use the below method for short-term requests. Or for a permanent solution, backtrack and delete all the keys and values you added. Remembering not to mess around with anything you didn’t create.

How to Disable Programs that Auto Start on Windows Using the Windows Startup Manager.

The next set of instructions will show you how to remove startup programs and is much more useful than adding programs, as no one likes having to wait for Windows to boot. Depending on what version of Windows you are using there are two different ways to find the Startup Manager. If you are using windows 8.1 or older, you can find it by entering: msconfig into the Run tool, this will open the System Configuration window.

Update the detailed information about What Ison Startup & Its Errors on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!