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Email, like calendars, is something that is very personal. Over the years, email has morphed from a way to send electronic letters to turning into the digital hub of all we do online. Your Facebook account is tied to an email. Your Amazon account is tied to an email. Everything is tied to your email, so the app we choose matters. What’s the best email app for iPhone? Read on to find out.

An email account is also difficult to change. Once you have used it with multiple services, moving from it is like moving your physical address. I’ve seen this first hand when folks leave the school I work at. I usually give them a few days to tie everything up, but many of them have used it as a personal account for years despite my warnings not to, so it becomes a difficult transition.

Like Calendar apps, there are many email apps for iPhone. I’ve tried and used just about all of them over the years. One of the questions people often ask me is: what’s your favorite email app for iPhone?

One thing to keep in mind, I am looking at iPhone only. Some apps work better if you use their macOS counterpart, but I am just looking at the iPhone experience.

Apple Mail

I’d dare to say that the Apple Mail email app is one of the most used email apps in the world today. It comes built into every iPhone, and it supports just about any account type you’d like. It’s easy to start new messages. It’s fast to do tasks like archive, delete, move to folders, etc. It’s easy to add attachments/photos to email. As far as traditional email clients go, it’s about the best you could ask for.

My concern is that a lot of other apps are innovating with email. Apple’s app covers the “stock” experience (sending, reading, etc.) very well, but it lacks snooze, quick replies, and other features that should be added. Apple Mail works great, but a lot of apps are rethinking email where Apple is settling for the standard-quo. I know it’s difficult to innovate when a lot of users want the basic experience, but it’s long past time for Apple to add power-user features to Apple Mail on iOS (and macOS).


Spike email is one of the most unique takes I’ve seen on email in many years. It takes a cue from an app like iMessage or Facebook Messenger, and it brings that same look to email. So many of my emails are short messages (think Slack style), and Spike has built a design that helps you be more efficient. It strips away things like headers, signatures, etc., and helps you focus on just the content. It also includes a really fantastic feature called Priority Inbox to help keep your inbox with the items you need to see vs cluttering it up with newsletters, receipts, etc. It’s one of those features that will really speed up processing and organizing your inbox.

One of the key things missing from the mobile version is a Send Later function. It’s available in the Mac version, so I assume it will come to mobile at some point. Spike is a free app on the App Store, and there are paid options for business users.


If you are used to Outlook on PC or Mac, you’ll be surprised how much different Outlook on iOS is when you first launch it. It’s not the traditional Outlook, but a reimagining of what it should be. Microsoft bought Acompli back in 2014 and launched the original version in 2023. They’ve kept enhancing it since then.

If you want to find an app that feels like Apple Mail+, Outlook is it. It includes a smart inbox (sort between important emails and non-important ones). It contains customizable swipes (delete, archive, etc). You can also schedule messages to show back up in your inbox. This feature is useful if you want to make an email disappear until you are back at work, etc.

It includes a built-in Calendar (negating the need for a separate calendar app) that can pull in iCloud, Google, Exchange, Outlook, and Yahoo calendars. Because it integrates everything into a single app, you can easily share availability for meetings right inside the app.

It can also work with third-party apps such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Trello, and more.

Overall, Outlook is a really great iPhone email app. It’s free, works with all the major accounts you’ll have, and provides a lot of great features. Now that iOS supports setting a new default email app, I see a lot of companies deploying Outlook to the company-owned iPhones if they are using Microsoft 365.


Airmail has been around for many years, and it’s one of the most common third-party mail apps that people mention. Airmail supports all the major email accounts like iCloud, Exchange, Outlook, Google, Yahoo, IMAP, etc. I originally tried Airmail when it was first released, and it has seen a constant stream of updates since then.

Airmail features an extensive list of apps to integrate with. The list includes Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Trello, Asana, Omnifocus, Google Tasks, Evernote, Todoist, Drafts, Deliveries, Things, Calendar 5, and many more. Like Outlook, Airmail supports snoozing an email to another date/time. You can create a PDF from an email, mute/block senders, or create a to-do (Airmail offers a lightweight to-do list built-in). The action list of items you can take on a message is long.

Design-wise, Airmail has done a great job of staying with iOS design trends while keeping a unique style. It stands out from any other app you’ll use, and it’s overall pleasant to look at.

The last thing I want to say about Airmail is almost everything is customizable. If you want an email app with a lot of knobs to tinker with, Airmail is going to be a good fit. Airmail is a free app, and there is an upgrade option for Airmail Pro for $9.99/year or $2.99/month to unlock additional features.


Spark is one of the newcomers to the third-party email app market, but it has had constant enhancements since it was released. Their tagline is “Love your email again,” and it certainly does a great job of helping you take control of your inbox. It supports all the usual accounts like iCloud, Google, Yahoo, Exchange, Outlook, and IMAP.

Feature-wise, Spark includes a smart inbox to help organize your email into buckets like newsletters, pinned, new, seen, etc. It also includes the ability to snooze emails, send later, email follow up reminders, smart notifications, and tons of integrations with third-party apps (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Todoist, etc.). You can also personalize the app to your heart’s content. Do you want a right swipe to delete and a left swipe to be pin? You can do that. Do you want a calendar button at the bottom? You can add that.

When Spark was initially released, I worried about the longevity of it due to the fact is was free. Over the years, we’ve seen many email apps released to be discontinued shortly after, so I am always curious about the business model of the various apps. Spark now has a teams plan that answers that question for me. By signing your organization up, you can collaborate on emails together, talk about replies privately (without having to forward things back and forth), and create permanent links to email messages (helpful for linking to a CRM, etc.). A basic version of Spark for Teams is free, but they have paid versions (monthly per-user fee) with extra file storage, enhanced link sharing, and team roles and control.

Edison Mail

Edison Mail is a great email app for the iPhone. One of the features I’ll praise is how fast it is. It includes an Assistant feature to help you organize your mail automatically.

Get organized with categories. The app’s assistant will automatically categorize messages for you to make them easier to find. Like peanut butter and jelly, some things go together.

Edison has a lot of nice features that will appeal to many different users. It has your basic power-user features like snoozing and customizable swipe options. It does include the ability to set an Undo Time Window (3–15 seconds), so you can quickly get your emails back if you regret them. It supports all the usual accounts like iCloud, Google, Yahoo, Exchange, Outlook, and IMAP. A recent update added the ability to completely block senders from your inbox, and it’s something I wish more email apps would add.

For a long time, I had concerns that Edison was completely free without a business model. Just recently, Edison launched Eidson Mail+ and their new OnMail email system that answers that question. OnMail has a lot of nice options if you are looking for a new email address.


Twobird is a relatively new email app from the team behind Notability that brings a lot of unique features not seen in a lot of other email apps. Like Spike, it removes as much as it can from email (introductions, signatures, etc) so you can focus on quickly reading and replying. It also includes collaborative notes and reminders inside your Inbox. In my testing, there was a lot to like about it. The major flaw is that it only works with Gmail, Google Workspace, and Outlook, so you are out of luck on adding iCloud or your own IMAP account to the app. If you only use Gmail, Google Workspace or Outlook, you’ll want to check it out, though.

Twobird is a free app on the App Store.


Hey launched a few months ago to much excitement and discussion. From the same team that launched Basecamp, Hey is their love letter to email. Hey brings a lot of excellent features to its service, but the problem for a lot of people is that it’s tied to an email service. If you are looking for a new email address, and Hey’s features interest you, it might be worth checking out. For $99/year, you get some excellent features like read receipt blocking, email screening, reply later reminders, and a focus “imbox” that contains only essential items as it filters out other items into things to review later.

I spent some time using Hey as my primary email solution recently (forwarding all mail to it), and there is a lot to like about it, but there are also some things I struggled with in day-to-day usage. 

Since Hey requires you to use their service, if you have a bunch of email accounts, you’ll have to forward them to your Hey service to having everything in the Hey ecosystem. If you have a business account, that is an obvious problem. Hey is offering Business Plans similar to Google Workspace, but it requires your entire company to switch to Hey. 

If I had just a single personal email account, I might try to make Hey my primary solution, but for me, I just ended up with a lot of weird forwarding going on. What I wish would happen is that Basecamp would make Hey an email app that works with other accounts as a lot of what they’re doing could be done server-side or locally in the app.

Wrap-up on best email app for iPhone

At the end of all my trials, I’ve come up with these recommendations: If you like the experience of Apple Mail, but want some additional features, Check out Outlook or Spark. Both of the apps do a fantastic job of making email less miserable. I particulary like how both apps integrate with other third party apps. For example, if you use Todoist and Spark, you can easily send the email to Todoist as a task. When you open the task in Todoist, you can easily open it back up inside of Spark.

If you want to check out an email app that is rebuilt for 2023, I would check out Spike or Twobird. I’ve been using Spike as my email app of choice since 2023, and I really like how it works. I treat my inbox as a to-do list and Spike has helped me stay on top of an inbox that grows by the hour. I was equally impressed by Twobird, but until it adds support for my iCloud email, I can’t use it as my only email app. What I appreciate about both apps is they are trying to reimagine what email is without breaking IMAP and SMTP support.

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What’s Truly New In Iphone 4

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Apple, through powers of both good and evil, always finds a way to captivate like no other with their new product launches. But in unveiling the iPhone 4 today, they had an unfamiliar challenge to deal with: a world that has already seen in great detail the new product they were about to announce, thanks to Gizmodo’s mega-leak in April. So this time around, Apple had something more to prove: what exactly about the new iPhone 4 is new today?

High-res “Retina” Screen


We knew the next iPhone would have a higher-resolution screen, but the specifics are in, and they’re pretty impressive. 960-by-640 pixels crammed into the same 3.5-inch screen of the 3GS. They’re calling it the “Retina Display,” and claiming it’s the highest resolution screen ever in a phone (it bests the HTC Evo 4G’s ginormous 800-by-480, 4.3-inch screen in both resolution and pixel density). Apple is clearly looking to recreate the “wow” factor of the iPad’s high-res, color-rich screen by bringing 78 percent of the iPad’s total pixel count to a screen less than half its size. Jobs claimed on stage that the human eye, from 10 to 12 inches away, can discern detail in a screen at up to 300 pixels per inch. And the iPhone 4’s screen has 326 ppi, which means sharper text and UI elements all around (which will be natively up-res’d to some extent in existing apps).

Onboard Gyroscopes

Engineers have made great strides lately in making gyroscopes smaller, cheaper and more efficient, and they’re clearly part of the next-generation in mobile motion-capturing sensors. The power of ubiquitous, low-cost accelerometers was introduced to the masses in Nintendo’s Wiimotes, and since then they’ve trickled on down to just about every smartphone or mobile gadget on the market. And just as Nintendo achieved greater motion accuracy for their Wiimotes with the gyroscopic Motion Plus attachment, which pairs both sensors’ inputs into true 1:1 motion capture, Apple is adding a 3-axis gyroscope to the iPhone for the same enhancement–another claimed first for a mobile phone.

Gyroscopes add fine-tuned rotational detection to accelerometers’ ability to detect linear motion, so you can expect much greater accuracy from tilt-controlled games and other apps. Steve Jobs demonstrated a Jenga-like game for the iPhone on stage, and all I can say to that is yes. The video below, made by the same folks who created the gyroscopes used in the Wii’s Motion Plus, does a good job of explaining the difference between the two sensors and why it matters:

HD Video Editing with iMovie

A stainless steel chassis doubles as an antenna


Apple loves their engineering wizardry, and with the iPhone 4, those strange gaps in the side of the frame that to many seemed unfinished have been revealed as something a bit more interesting: the stainless steel rim of the phone does double duty as a multi-purpose antenna for the phone’s wide range of radio communications. It’s crazy to think of how much transmission takes place, with GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G data and cellular voice all having their own communications bands. Apple didn’t hype any monumental gain in reception, but they did cite the antenna as the key to freeing up more room for a bigger battery that adds 40 percent more talk time.

FaceTime video calling on iPhone 4

Video Calling

Apple is promoting the iPhone 4’s video calling, dubbed FaceTime, as a paradigm-shift in human communication. Maybe you’ve heard that before describing various video-calling products over the last decade, at least? So I’m not buying the brain-melting power of a video call on my iPhone just yet. What’s interesting, though, is Jobs’s announcement of FaceTime as an open standard. Details are vague at the moment, but if FaceTime became a de facto option for video calling on a host of different devices with webcams (and “just works” as so many Apple products claim to do), that could be an interesting development.

Also, for now, you’re limited video chatting in a place with Wi-Fi, as the demand on AT&T’s network would be extreme.

The Best Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Apps For Iphone

Bitcoin isn’t a new phenomenon (it was actually released in its most primitive form way back in 2009), but it might be new to you! Thankfully, while the Bitcoin waters may be confusing and difficult to wade through, there are lots of great Bitcoin apps for your iPhone to help you get started.

Why Bitcoin?

If you’re new to Bitcoin, you might want to look into some resources we linked below to help you learn more about the three whys of Bitcoin:

Why now?

Why anything?

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was created after the financial crisis of 2008, and it was designed to be a decentralized project that would allow an “off-ramp” to traditional fiat currency. The popularity of Bitcoin has continued to grow as it reached a new all-time high in November of 2023. As governments around the world have continued to print nation-backed currency, many people are looking to Bitcoin as a store of value as inflation continues to rise. If you want to learn more about Bitcoin, here are some of my favorite books and podcasts to get plugged into the technology.

I am a big believer in Bitcoin, and I’ve found the above resources really useful to learn more about why Bitcoin matters, what problems it solves, and how it’s secure.

Best Bitcoin only iPhone apps

One critical thing to know about the Bitcoin space is that there are different factions of belief systems about what these cryptocurrencies are and what their purpose is. Some people believe that Bitcoin is the only worthwhile project in the entire crypto space, others contend that Bitcoin is the one of most importance but that others like Ethereum have their place, and yet others think non-Bitcoin projects like Ethereum or even Dogecoin are better than Bitcoin in every way.

For that reason, there’s a divide in the apps and services offered in the bitcoin world. Many of the most longstanding players — like Coinbase — frame themselves as “cryptocurrency” apps. They’re generally open-minded to the possibility that non-Bitcoin currencies and blockchains could be as valuable or meaningful (or even more so in the future) as Bitcoin. Others prefer to stick with the leader in the space, and they’re generally proponents of the idea that bitcoin will “win.” Here’s a list of some of the top bitcoin-only apps.

My personal favorite bitcoin-only app is Swan Bitcoin. It’s not available on the App Store yet, but they have a great web app that works just fine. Once you set it up, you’ll rarely log into it anyways.

The best thing about Swan is that the people behind it really understand bitcoin. They understand what it is, what it’s used for, and what it can be. And they understand why the vast majority of blockchain projects in the space are going to do you no good. It’s a common mistake that early entrants into the Bitcoin space look for something other than Bitcoin at first because it seems “cheaper.”

From the first day you set up your Swan Bitcoin account, you’ll be walked through the process of dollar-cost averaging. This is by far the most practical way for bitcoin enthusiasts to start accumulating the digital asset, and with Swan, you can watch it grow over time into something great. I buy Bitcoin every Monday using Swan as it’s drafted automatically from my bank account.

Also, if you’re interested in putting in large amounts, Swan Bitcoin will allow you to wire up to $10M.

Cash App is one the easiest way for most people to buy bitcoin. It has some of the lowest fees of the consumer-facing Bitcoin exchanges, and most people already have a Cash App account. Plus, you can buy and sell bitcoin in the app without having to fill out any additional information other than the basic Cash App requirements — that is, unless you want to withdraw your bitcoin to a hardware wallet, send it to an exchange, or send it to someone else.

It also lets you easily set automatic purchases over time, which is definitely a smart technique for anyone just getting into bitcoin for the first time. Choose a small amount, select a timeframe (weekly, monthly, etc.), set it, and forget it.

Strike is one of the simplest apps out there. It’s integrated with Twitter for the social network’s new tipping service, but it’s also a free way to buy bitcoin. Strike also makes it easy to send money anywhere in the world over the Bitcoin network and then have it auto-convert to the local currency once it arrives. Strike also makes it easy to get paid in Bitcoin from your employer. 

Strike gives you bank account information (routing and account number), and you set up what percent of your paycheck you want in Bitcoin vs. USD. Overall, it’s a handy app to have around to quickly send money or buy some bitcoin. 

If you join using my referral link, you’ll get $5 to start. Strike also makes it easy to send bitcoin to a hardware wallet as you want to take custody of your bitcoin.

River Financial

River Financial — as made clear by its name and logo among other things — tries to position itself as a white-glove service of sorts for Bitcoin buyers who might have deeper wallets. Like other services, it’s just a place to buy Bitcoin, so there’s not that much that can be unique, right? River touts human customer service, top-tier security, and the adoption of bitcoin technologies like the Lightning network.


Casa is another app you can download on iOS that is bitcoin-first and bitcoin-only. Like other services, Casa lets you buy bitcoin. Nothing spectacular about that, really. But what Casa does differently is that they’re one of only a few services offering what’s known as multi-signature wallets. These wallets come at a cost — usually a monthly subscription — but bring additional security by requiring multiple private keys to access funds. This means no one can access your bitcoin without having access to at least two of the following: your cold storage key as part of a hardware wallet, the key on your phone, and a key controlled by Casa.


While Cash App, River, and Casa all allow you to purchase and custody your Bitcoin, there are other Bitcoin-only apps available for iOS that are great additions to the Bitcoin product lineup. Fold is one of these — it allows you to earn Bitcoin rewards just by making purchases through their services. At the moment you can earn satoshis — divisible parts of a Bitcoin — by making gift card purchases or using their debit card.

Blue Wallet

If you aren’t already familiar, there are many ways to store and secure your Bitcoin. You can keep it on an exchange like Coinbase, Cash App, or others, but many users prefer the security that comes with keeping control of their own coins. Blue Wallet is one of the better options for this. It’s widely regarded as one of the best wallets by the Bitcoin-only community, mainly because it’s a bitcoin-only wallet and supports technologies like Lightning, which can let you send cheaper faster bitcoin transactions.

Other great Bitcoin and cryptocurrency apps for iPhone

While the Bitcoin-only ecosystem is strong, there are definitely reputable apps and services available outside that box. Some of these are actually the most popular apps in the space.

Okcoin is a fan favorite for buying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on iPhone, iPad, and on the web. It has some of the lowest fees on the market. Okcoin makes it easy to set up automatic buys, earn interest, as well as transfer to your hardware wallet when the time comes.

One thing I noticed when setting up a new account is how focused on security the company is when it comes to account security. When I was configuring my account, I was given the option to set up multiple passwords to ensure my accounts couldn’t be liquidated if someone had access to my password. If you sign up using my referral link, you’ll get $50 when you buy $100 worth of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The CEO of the company was recently on the Coin Stories Podcast, and I found the discussion to be fantastic.

Coinbase is perhaps the longest-standing and most-established cryptocurrency exchange in the United States. Unlike many cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase goes out of its way to comply with all US regulations, and it’s therefore fully banked — and the easiest to use if you’re purchasing your bitcoin with US dollars transferred from a US bank account. Its fees aren’t as low as Cash App or some other services like Swan Bitcoin, but it’s one of the exchanges I would feel safer keeping decent amounts of Bitcoin on. If you have any material assets on Coinbase, leverage the Coinbase Vault for timed withdrawals – and of course, use multi-factor authentication.


Exodus came onto the scene a few years ago with the goal of being a one-stop hot wallet (a wallet that has a connection to the internet but one that you still have control of your private keys) for all cryptocurrencies. The team behind Exodus tries to support as many different assets as they can, and they definitely keep a degree of quality control — only assets worthy of being there and meeting their criteria end up on the list. They also have great customer service for free, something that’s relatively rare with wallets in this category. Most of all, its design and UX is bar none. It’s truly built for the Apple devices it runs on.

BlockFi is a unique service. If you’ve ever thought borrowing US dollars while using your bitcoin as collateral sounded like a good idea, BlockFi is for you — because that’s exactly what they offer. The service is also one of the only places you can store your Bitcoin and earn interest. It’s never risk free to trust another custodian with your coins, but not many places offer you bitcoin to hold on to — and loan out — your bitcoin.

I am personally using the BlockFi Visa Card to earn bitcoin rewards for every transaction I make. At the end of the month, I withdraw it to a hardware wallet to take custody of my bitcoin.


Gemini is another popular place to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. I’ve been a customer for over a year, and it has a really easy-to-understand interface, makes it easy to set up recurring purchases, earn small amounts of interest on your Bitcoin and other tokens, and more.

Gemini was started by the Winklevoss brothers who were at the center of the Facebook trial depicted in the Social Network movie. In fact, an interview with the Winklevoss brothers is what led me to start researching Bitcoin.

Best Bitcoin hardware wallets that work with Mac, iPhone, etc

Trezor (Mac only)

Ledger (Mac and iPhone depending on the model)

ColdCard (Mac via SD card)

Bitbox02 (Mac only)

Arculus (iPhone only)

Have suggestions?

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How To Find The Best App Deals For Mac And Pc

Everyone loves a discount when buying stuff online. Whether it’s on grocery items, electronic gadgets, or household things, every bit of discount helps. You can also get great deals on apps you use everyday for Mac and PC. Every day developers put their apps on sale through software deals sites, app bundles, or through the App Store. But App Store doesn’t help you find these deals and it’s not possible to go and visit each developer website.

MacUpdate is a software download website. The site updates daily, lists all the newest app updates (free or paid) for macOS. Although the website is free to use without any signup, you get lots of benefits if you signup. It offers services such as email notifications, wish lists like Amazon, email newsletters, rating system to review apps, and discount on apps through MacUpdate Promo.

When you visit the website, you’ll notice an image slider featuring popular apps, bundles, and apps trending right now. On the sidebar, you’ll see a section “On promo right now…”, where you can see the list of all the apps running on sale.

MacUpdate Promo offers a different Mac app at an exclusive discount for a short period of time, six days a week. If you decide to buy the app through MacUpdate Promo, then it will keep in track of license keys and alert you when updates are available. A few times every year, they also offerbundles of apps with discount ranging from 50%–90%. You can subscribe to MacUpdate through:

2. StackSocial

Unlike MacUpdate, StackSocial doesn’t feature just Mac apps. You’ll notice a broad selection of electronic gears and gadgets, online courses, design resources, and subscription web services arranged in different categories. The discounts vary wildly—ranging from 30% or more, or may range from 10–15%.

3. BitsDuJour

BitsDuJour is an all-in-one deals website to give exclusive discounts to PC and Mac apps. BitsDuJour uses coupon code system and you have to paste the code and buy it directly from the developer’s website. The promotions typically lasts for 24 hours, although it may extend for an additional day.

The website is intuitive and details every aspect of the app (app description, screenshots, developer website, support of additional languages, and more). The best feature of BitsDuJour is the community involvement. You can ask the developer for any doubts related to the app. You can also vote for the apps you want for a discount, upcoming app discounts, fine print related with the deal, and more. The deal they feature may or may not be useful to you, but occasionally you can pick up some great apps for your PC at a discounted price. You can subscribe to BitsDuJour through

4. Two Dollar Tuesday

Two Dollar Tuesday aims to help you discover great Mac App Store apps at significant discounts. As the name suggests, every Tuesday they feature a couple or more apps for two dollars or at a discount ranging from 50–90%. The apps they list are normally available in the Mac App Store.

The deal they feature may or may not be useful to you, but occasionally you can pick up some great apps for a discount. You can subscribe to Two Dollar Tuesday through:

5. BundleHunt

BundleHunt is a one-stop daily deals site for design resources, Mac apps, online courses, creative professionals and bloggers. The bundle consists of large number of apps, out of which you have to select only a few of them at a fixed price. The app selection is not good, you may find only a handful of useful apps, but this is a bargain to get good apps for a cheap price.

If you decide to buy the bundle through BundleHunt, then it will keep in track of the license keys. You can export the license key as .csv file and import them in 1Password. You can subscribe to BundleHunt through

6. OnTheHub

With OnTheHub, it’s possible to save up to 90% off academic software or even get them for free. Software titles include Microsoft Windows 10 for Education, Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, IBM SPSS Statistics, Parallels for Mac, Norton Security Antivirus, EndNote, and more. You can subscribe to OneTheHub through:

7. MacStories Deals

MacStories Deals is not a regular deals website. It recommends you a handful of well curated, popular Mac and iOS apps running on sale, selected by the Macstories team. The deals cover all the categories including — Productivity, Utilities, Games, Health, Lifestyle, Music and Video, and more.

8. MacAppDeals

MacAppDeals provides deals to all great Mac apps and web services in a single place including MacUpdate Promo, BundleHunt, Two Dollar Tuesday, Exclusive Deals, and more. If you’re overwhelmed with too many deals website, then subscribing to MacAppDeals will do the job for you. Although you must remember, the content is not regularly updated. You can subscribe to MacAppDeals through:

 9. AppShopper

AppShopper is one of the largest iOS and Mac app directories. The directory consists of 1.9 millions apps. AppShopper not only helps you in finding new apps but also lets you receives notifications for updates and price changes. This is possible through Search, and Toggle bar situated in the header of the website.

With AppShopper, you can create a wishlist of Mac and iOS apps you want. When the price of that app drops, you’ll receive an email with all the details. You can track prices over times, so you can see if the an app has been on sale before, or if the developers is rigid on pricing or not.

Track your App Discounts

Add all the feeds to your RSS app: In all the deals websites, you have an option to subscribe to their RSS feed, to get daily or weekly updates. In your RSS app, make a folder and name it as Deals. Add all the feeds mentioned in the article. This will let you track all the app deals from a single place.

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Get the best deals on Mac and PC apps

Supersu Alternative: Magisk Is The Best App For Managing Root Access

For a long time, SuperSU has been the best tool to manage superuser access in rooted devices. However, the app has suffered from a lack of attention from its developers for quite some time. In fact, recently it was removed from the Play Store without providing any reason, letting many users lament the demise of their favorite root management app. And while the app is back again on the Play Store (free), I would not recommend that you use it before we get any clear idea about the future of this app.

SuperSU Alternative That You Should be Using

While looking for SuperSU alternatives we were surprised by the sheer lack of apps that can be its worthy alternatives. Thankfully, we found one app which I believe not only is a good SuperSU alternative but even surpasses it in many cases. This is a clear case of quality vs quantity and while you only have one option, it is the best option you could have hoped for. The app I am talking about is called Magisk (free) and here is why it’s the best SuperSU alternative:


Magisk is a suite of tools designed to manage rooting of Android devices which include processes such as superuser access, boot scripts, SELinux patches, and more. The biggest benefit of using Magisk is that it works systemless-ly. What I mean by that is that Magisk doesn’t modify or alter your system partition. That means that the Android system running on your phone is not aware of the root allowing you to even use apps (for example, banking apps and apps like Google Pay) that don’t work on a rooted device. Another benefit of using Magisk is that your phone can receive OTA system updates as usual and updating your phone doesn’t result in losing root access. This is a big benefit as no one wants to root their device again and again.

Magisk is able to achieve these feats as it doesn’t affect the system partition. Instead, the modifications made by Magisk are saved safely in the boot partition. Thus Magisk avoids detection from Google’s SafetyNet which is a tool that detects if the Android system has been tampered with and blocks certain apps from working properly. Since Magisk is not detectable by SafetyNet, all your apps will work fine even when your device is rooted. Plus, the developer is very consistent with updates, so even if Google makes a change to SafetyNet that causes issues with Magisk, you can rest assured that an update will come and sort it out. That’s why I find Magisk to be the best root management app out there and consider it a worthy alternative to SuperSU.

Install: Magisk (free)

How to Install Magisk on Android

Now that you know about Magisk and why it’s the best SuperSU alternative you could’ve hoped for, you’re probably wondering how to install the root management app on your phone. As long as you have a smartphone running Android 5.0+ with an unlocked bootloader and a custom recovery (such as TWRP) running on it, you can simply flash the Magisk zip file using the recovery. We have a dedicated article on how to install and use Magisk on Android that you can check out for a step-by-step guide.

Do keep in mind that creating a backup is recommended before installing Magisk.

Best Magisk Modules You Can Use

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Manage Your Rooted Android Device with Magisk

Best App Developers And What To Look For

The app development industry is constantly developing, and talented app developers help navigate this hectic space. Use this article to help decide which app developers are best for your project and what factors to look for.

What to Look for in an App Developer

Regardless of your project type, there are a few main factors to look for in any mobile app developer. Make sure that you take the time to review a developer and their qualities before signing on with them.

Quality Response Time

Any app developer you go through is probably going to be pretty busy. This is great news, as they’ll work hard to build your project. However, when developing or launching an app, there are moments that require a quick response. Has your app crashed? Is a specific piece of software no longer performing as expected? You should look for an app developer who quickly responds to these issues and encourages a good customer experience.

While daily updates from a developer is probably an unnecessary expectation, you do need a developer who keeps you regularly informed on project health and timeline. The right developer will have a system that allows and encourages open communication when necessary. A good quality response time will help your project finish on time and exceed your expectations.

Clear Planning

Typically, it’s a sign of a good custom software development company that takes the time to develop a strategy with the project owner.

Proof of Purchase

Before signing on with any app developer, ask for examples of their past work. They should be able to present completed projects that are up to par and in line with the work you’re looking for. The proof is indeed in the pudding, and you should feel comfortable asking a wide range of questions about past issues and past successes.

Best 20 App Developers

Without further ado, here is our list of the top 21 app developers and why they stand out.

Iterative Consulting is a tip-tier app development company specializing in full-stack web development, deployments and security, data analysis and architecture, and visual design and prototyping. With their innovative process, they seamlessly guide clients through projects designed to succeed. 

Based: Remote

Specialty: General App Services

Industry: Ranging from Education to Tech 

App Maisters offers a breadth of services across multiple industries but has served the healthcare industry in particular.

Based: Texas

Specialty: General App Services

Industry: Healthcare Focused

As an overseas company, Tech Exactly offers highly competitive prices within the United States market.

Based: India

Specialty: General App Services

Industry: Ranging from Food to Healthcare

This attentive development company continues to function during wartime – striving to provide solid app development across industries.

Based: Ukraine

Specialty: App Development and Design

Industry: Ranging from Travel to Logistics

Exaud is based in Europe and offers insight into the European market.

Based: Portugal

Specialty: App Development and Strategy

Industry: Ranging from Tech to Manufacturing

Miquido refers to itself as a ‘360° software house’. They strive to offer full services for web design and custom software development.

Based: Poland

Specialty: General App Services

Industry: Ranging from Finance to Car Rentals

Based: India

Specialty: General App Services

Industry: Specializes in Game Development

Orangesoft is the company that ‘builds apps people love’. They can build an application from scratch.

Based: California

Specialty: General App Services

Industry: Ranging from Social to Video

SolveIt strives to be a one-stop-shop for all business needs, including full app development.

Based: Poland

Specialty: General App Services

Industry: Specializes in Fintech/Ecommerce

This mobile app development company specifically works with already-funded startups to launch innovative mobile applications.

Based: New York

Specialty: General App Services

Industry: Ranging from Health to Fintech

VironIT works with companies of all sizes and even creates apps for individuals.

Based: New York

Specialty: General App Services

Industry: Ranging from Games to Ecommerce

Blue Label Labs is a premier development company that assists companies ranging from Fortune 500 groups to start-ups.

Based: New York

Specialty: General App Services

Industry: Ranging from Media to Tech

Utility focuses on building mobile applications driven by strategy, design, and technology.

Based: New York

Specialty: General App Services

Industry: Ranging from Hospitality to Social

3 Sided Cube Works primarily with companies that strive to enact positive public change and public impact.

Based: England

Specialty: General App Services

Industry: Primarily Publish Service

This mobile application development company primarily develops effective mobile applications for tech companies.

Based: Brazil

Specialty: General App Services

Industry: Tech Industry

STRV creates stunning designs and also offers general app services for a large range of industries.

Based: Prague

Specialty: General App Services and Design

Industry: Ranging from Commerce to Video

This Ukraine-based company specializes in user user interface experience, premier digital products, and efficient web strategy.

Based: Ukraine

Specialty: General App Services

Industry: Ranging from Real Estate to Hospitality

OpenxcellIs a full technical team service company capable of launching effective and efficient applications.

Based: India

Specialty: General App Services

Industry: Ranging from Tech to Video

Dedicated Developers pride themselves on delivering work on time and on budget.

Based: Georgia

Specialty: General App Services

Industry: Ranging from Manufacturing to Social

Apadmi works to enrich the client’s life and seamlessly integrate technology into everyday activities.

Based: England

Specialty: General App Services

Industry: Ranging from Tech to Ecommerce

Elevato Digital prides itself on being the name in ‘All Things Digital’. From marketing to engineering and design to multimedia – Elevato has experts in every field. Their mobile app development services are primed to create and launch innovative apps in any industry.

Based: Remote/US

Specialty: General App Services, Design, Marketing

Industry: Ranging from Fintech to Food

App Developer Common Questions

Whether you’re creating an app for iOS, Android, or building a cross-platform app, there are standard questions that everyone has.

How Much Does an App Developer Cost?

The cost of a custom app development service varies depending on a multitude of factors, including:

Breadth of services

App developer skill level

Size of the app

Complexity of the build

Estimates can range from as little as a few thousand dollars to upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Regardless of an app development budget or processes, there should be an open and clear conversation on costs and billing processes. It’s true that unexpected costs often come up during app development. However, there should be a plan in place for dealing with unexpected costs that leave both the developer and the app owner happy.

Can I De-hire an App Developer Who Isn’t Helping Me?

Yes, usually. It’s recommended to do your own due diligence and look for the factors of a good developer previously mentioned in this article. However, like any vendor, you should be able to de-hire a developer who just isn’t working for you anymore. Typically, you would sign a contract at the beginning of the process. This contract should detail the de-hire protocol.

How Long Does It Take To Make An App?

Just like the cost, the time it takes to make an app can vary drastically. From start to finish, it could take between three months to upwards of a year. Most app developers measure the time it takes to make an app in hours. This makes it easier to track progress and gives the client an accurate estimate for their mobile solution.

Look at the complexity of your application and the type of functioning you want your end result to have. This will help you have a productive conversation with your app developer about time.

App Development With Elevato Digital

We’d love to hear about any exciting new project you’re working on. Reach out today for a free consultation.

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