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As brick-and-mortar retailers become less prominent and online businesses flourish, the importance of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions grows.

There are many reasons why you should integrate your ecommerce platform with an ERP system, ranging from boosting your revenue to improving the quality of your customer relationships and increasing your productivity.

ERP developers are highly involved in this process and have a big role in developing components, which means you should hire professionals from web development company new york to deliver the best quality performance.

We’ll discuss these and the other benefits of using an ERP with your web store in detail below.

Why Integrate Your Web Store with Your ERP System?

Most Notable Benefits of ERP Integration

Successful online stores usually operate at a high volume. Using a dedicated system equipped with financial management capabilities and automation functions can make a world of difference.

Here are some of the most significant benefits that online store owners should consider when integrating their platforms with an ERP solution.

1. Keeping Sales Information Centralized

Keeping your sales information organized can be a challenge, particularly if you run several platforms. An ERP will help you consolidate the data and will ensure that everything runs smoothly. This will create more relevant data and, in turn, will increase the accuracy of any automated system you might have in place.

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2. Increasing Operational Productivity

ERP software can automate the exchange of information by connecting several workflows. This enables you to increase your overall productivity. Some ERP solutions can even automate functions like shipping notifications and bank reconciliation.

Boosting your productivity will enable you to conduct more operations within the same timeframe, thus increasing your output. You’ll waste less time spot-checking for human errors, and your workflow will be optimized through the automation capabilities of a high-quality ERP.

3. Generating More Revenue

Tying in with our previous point, ERPs can generate more revenue for your company through automation and increased productivity. There isn’t a business in the world that doesn’t have “more revenue” high on its list of priorities, so this benefit must be worth considering.

Automating specific tasks through your ERP allows your employees’ time to be spent more creatively. According to a Nucleus study, every dollar a business spends on an ERP system results in $7.23 in revenue.

With numbers such as these, it is clear that the benefits of successfully integrating your ERP into your online store far outweigh the costs.

4. Improving Customer Relationships

Customer relationship management (CRM) is included in many ERP systems, either as an add-on feature or out-of-the-box. This functionality allows ecommerce companies to have a centralized database of customer information.

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5. Aiding Project Management

These systems often provide customizable dashboards containing labor allocations, project status notifications, and finance-related information.

Having your insights in an easy-to-digest graphical format will allow you to identify bottlenecks more quickly and will help facilitate your operations.

6. Key Features of ERPs

Different ERP systems offer different features. For ecommerce businesses, some functions are more important than others. Here are a few key ERP features for ecommerce businesses:

7. Customer Relationship Management

The importance of customer relationship management (CRM) is hardly unique to ecommerce companies. In fact, it is essential for any business. That said, good CRM software can put you ahead of the competition in the ecommerce world.

Try to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Would you rather do business with a company that puts your needs first or one that doesn’t seem to care about you?

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8. Financial Management and Accounting

It isn’t easy to run a business without efficient, real-time financial data. This is why the accounting and financial management tools are vital components of any ERP solution worth its salt. Financial data is key to being able to plan for the future.

This ERP feature allows you to create efficient forecasting models, anticipate delivery lead times, plan for reorders, and centralize your processes overall. Ultimately, financial management will enable you to keep your profit margins tight, and the more you can do that, the more likely you are to keep making a profit.

In case you already use accounting software for your online store, you should think about integrating it with an ERP system. This way, you can benefit from more specialized information and share insights across departments more quickly.

9. Inventory Management

Inventory management is one of the critical ERP features for an ecommerce platform. As we mentioned earlier, successful ecommerce businesses tend to operate at a high volume, making it easier to make mistakes related to inventory management.

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10. Distribution and Shipping

In any business that involves delivering items, you want to be able to look at the entire fulfillment workflow. ERP solutions often partner with shipping companies like FedEx and UPS, allowing you to track shipments and include them in the system you use to notify your customers.

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Why Does Anxiety Spikes With Your Period?

However, if you experience severe depression and anxiety during the period, it could be due to premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) or Premenstrual Exacerbation (PME). If you are already feeling anxious or depressed, these conditions can further exacerbate your symptoms.

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

While the exact cause of premenstrual symptoms is still not clearly understood, most experts believe the symptoms associated with PMS arrived due to the fluctuation of estrogen and progesterone levels in the body.

Your body increases hormone production to prepare you for pregnancy after ovulation. When the eggs are not implanted, your body drops these hormone levels, resulting in your period. 

Serotonin also affects your appetite, mood, and sleep cycle. Low serotonin levels can cause irritation, sadness, cravings for food, and sleep disruption.

However, if your anxiety or depression levels are way too higher, it could be a sign of PMDD or PME, which we have discussed below.

Symptoms of PMS

The symptoms of PMS are usually mild or moderately uncomfortable that don’t impact your daily life.

If you have PMS, you only notice some of the symptoms mentioned below (rarely all).

Psychological Symptoms

Anxiety, restlessness

Unnecessary anger and irritation

Increased food cravings

Fatigue and sleep deprivation

Low sex drive

Sudden emotional outbursts or uncontrollable crying

Difficulty in focusing on or remembering things

Physical Symptoms

Stomach cramps or bloating

Sore or tender breasts

Acne breakouts

Constipation or diarrhea

Headache, back, and muscle aches

Sensitivity to sound or light


Therapy and Treatment for PMS

Drink plenty of fluids, including herbal teas, chamomile tea, and cranberry juice, to soothe your stomach

Eat healthy food, including vegetables, fruits, and whole grains

Eat asparagus, pineapple, peaches, and cucumber to reduce bloating

Cut back on sugar, salt, alcohol, and caffeine

Take vitamin D supplements or exposure your body to sunlight for 10-30 minutes

Take supplements like folic acid, calcium, vitamin B-6, and magnesium to reduce muscle cramps and elevate mood

Sleep 7 to 9 hours every night


For relieving pain, you can take ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or aspirin

For bloating and soreness in breasts, take diuretics


Note − If you are facing severe mood symptoms, try to take cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or other approaches after talking to your physician.

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)

About 5 percent of women experience PMDD during their menstrual cycle. The symptoms associated with PMDD are similar to PMS, but it’s severe.

The exact cause of PMDD is unknown, but it is considered an abnormal reaction to regular hormonal changes during a menstrual cycle. In PMDD, your serotonin levels drop significantly, causing serotonin deficiency and resulting in extreme panic attacks, anxiety, lack of interest in anything, depression, etc.

While it can happen to anyone, women with a family history of PMS, PMDD, depression, postpartum depression, and mood disorders are more prone to get PMDD.

People with PMDD will experience severe anxiety, depression, and irritability 7-15 days before the period.

The symptoms go back within 3-4 days once your period starts. While PMS can be managed with in-home or natural therapy, you will need medications for PMDD.

Symptoms of PMDD Psychological Symptoms

Feeling extreme irritability, anger, or rage

Experiencing too much sadness, despair, or hopelessness

High anxiety levels

Binge eating or increased hunger pangs

Too weak to get out of the bed

Frequent crying, mood swings, and emotional outbursts

Getting difficulty falling asleep, close to insomnia

Having self-harm or suicidal thoughts in extreme cases

Physical Symptoms

Getting Stomach and muscle cramps

Getting frequent migraine or throbbing headaches

Breasts are too tender or sore to touch

Pain in joints and muscles

Treatment for PMDD

Treatment for PMDD often includes lifestyle changes such as exercise, relaxation techniques, and healthy nutrition. Additionally, certain medications may be utilized to treat the condition including antidepressants, birth control pills, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Some patients have also reported great benefit from vitamin B6 supplementation. In more serious cases, individual psychotherapy or group sessions may also be prescribed in order to assist with stress management. It is important to note that no single treatment works for all women so it is wise to discuss options with your doctor in order to determine a personalized treatment plan.

Premenstrual Exacerbation (PME)

It is characterized by intensified anxiety and depression during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. Diagnosis of PME is challenging and often gets confused with PMDD due to their similar characteristics. Although PME is similar to PMDD, it concentrates more on psychological symptoms. It happens to people with preexisting depression and anxiety disorders. However, PMDD can occur in someone with no history of psychological disorders but may be related to people with a history of these disorders.

PME can also be triggered in people with preexisting conditions like migraine, seizures, eating disorders, schizophrenia, and substance abuse disorder.

The difference is that people with PME experience these symptoms all month long, but the symptoms intensify before the period.

Treatment for PME

PME is a severe issue that needs to be accurately diagnosed by a certified doctor. The treatment below is only for reference purposes and should only be taken with a professional consultation.

Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI)

SSRIs are antidepressants to treat PME and PMDD that helps to boost positive emotions, which get massively deteriorated due to hormone fluctuations. Although antidepressants like SSRIs can relieve moderate to severe depression, they could negatively affect some patients. So, you should always consult your physician before taking them.

Treatment for Depressive Disorders

Depression can be treated with Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonists and ALLO inhibition. These treatments can help treat PME-related depression by suppressing ovulation.

This is where an accurate diagnosis of PMDD and PME is required.

Women with PMDD or PMS can safely take oral contraceptives, but it could be dangerous for PME patients as it can aggravate negative thoughts such as self-harm or suicidal thoughts. Meanwhile, if you don’t have PME, you will miss effective treatment.


Scientists and research institutions should make more effort to diagnose PME. This is crucial because many people seeking treatment for PMS or PMDD have PME or other undiagnosed psychiatric disorders. Most importantly, people should also come forward and should not try to dismiss the diagnosis. Many patients show resistance to the idea of having preexisting psychiatric conditions. As a result, their diagnosis couldn’t become official. It’s time to stop treating mental health as a taboo and more like any other disease, as it would help many people still suffering silently.

Essential Tips To Secure Your Operating System

The further you protected your own operating system, the not as likely someone else can try to get access to information they don’t possess the rights to get.

A protected operating system is critical in the world today, whether you’re working with your private device or of a organization.

Baseline Security

You want to consider your working system as a bodily atmosphere. It is possible to interact with the surroundings everything that you wish to. It follows your safety has to be secure from its foundation.

Your safety score is a set of prerequisites which all inside your own body should comply with. When there’s absolutely no compliance, then the non-compliant element isn’t to be permitted inside your system. Should you would like to get a safe system, you then want to be sure you’ve got a security evaluation.

File Systems

Any file system that you simply decide you need to use, have to have the ability to support the safety protocols which you’ve setup or intend to prepare. You also need to take into consideration that the”right of privilege.”

This usually means you ought to be sure to permit the customers of your working system that the right to execute their tasks within the limits of your working system, and nothing else. This prevents the users from manipulating a variety of elements of your document systems they don’t have any business tampering with. You retain certain areas of your working system off-limits from customers.

Service Removal

Afford the opportunity to get rid of any services from the body you don’t intend to use. There’s not any need to store such things around if you won’t utilize them. For starters, this may free up space in your system.

In addition, this is just one less support your safety protocols need to monitor. If you maintain services round that you don’t mean to utilize, they can easily be utilized as a means to piggyback dangerous files in your system. Such elements have a tendency to readily develop into a vulnerability dilemma.

That having been said, please make confident that additional essential services don’t trust the service that’s going to be eliminated. This might easily render a essential support as useless. Bear in mind, each service which you let to run is an additional way that an assault can happen. So, only permit the complete required services to operate on your customers’ systems. Keep support amounts to the minimal possible. This keeps your odds of an assault to a minimum too.

So as to maintain your operating system protected, among the simplest ways which you can make sure this is to maintain the latest security updates and software upgrades available. Additionally, don’t hesitate to consult with your various system upgrades as stains, should you desire.

Updating Your System

You can not enable your system to operate from obsolete security upgrades. This leaves the machine quite vulnerable. In the company world, you truly have to make certain all system upgrades are examined before they are used on devices that are important. It’s a great idea for you to maintain a device near which is not directly connected to a system. This may become your evaluation apparatus.

Be sure you know different types of system upgrades or patches, too. This merely suggests that the upgrade will fix you particular issue with your system. From that point, you might have an upgrade that consists of over 1 hotfix. This is referred to as a service package. Ordinarily, a service package was examined out several times ahead to be certain it will not cause any unnecessary harm to your system.

Your Own Network

Your system is all the many elements of your system or your own business united. You have to make certain all the components inside your system are protected. You should make certain you utilize your safety baseline across every facet of your network and system. As you eliminate services, make confident they are eliminated from the whole network.

Remember you will need to look at each one your servers on the community too so as to keep security. You ought to always audit all traffic in your system so that you can determine any patterns you might decide to be strikes of any type. Control various kinds of accessibility across your system, and undoubtedly include net access to this. The net might be the simplest way an attack could occur. This permits you to safely examine those out firmware upgrades before releasing them in to your system.

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Be alert to the amount of account which you have in your system and your system. By restricting the amount of accounts you let, you also restrict the amount of individuals who have access to a system. This makes it possible to keep a watch on who should be obtaining your system. Should you by chance get a security violation, a restricted number of accounts need to be able to help you discover where the violation came out. You’ll find fewer people to maintain watch over.


Policies may contain things like passwords. Policy frameworks help guarantee the safety of your systems and your system.

Think about a coverage concerning password strength testers. You can not use a password unless it’s deemed worthy to be stored and used. Additionally, there are a number of companies that need their customers to upgrade their passwords every month.


Tracking various activities inside the machine can definitely assist with security steps. There has to be a running record maintained of each the different activities which take place in a system every day.

Such actions to be listed include anything with logins. As a consequence, that you ought to keep a log of logins which are powerful in addition to ineffective. If enough failed logins happen, then this may be a red flag which an attack has been attempted.

Make confident there is a timing mechanism connected with observation. In the event an attack happens, it’ll be quite valuable to have a working record of each the instances that things occur.

It’s a great idea that you’ve got a security system setup for the tracking system. You do not need users using the log files to your system.

Integrity Round Your System

Integrity is considered as a procedure by which other procedures happen. In simpler terms, as soon as you make a system or a set of principles, continue to use the exact same system installation or principles procedure. By making use of a system continuously and always, you’re way more inclined to possess precisely the very same outcomes. This ought to be a procedure which may be replicated so you have a system that’s like the rest.

You could also compare 1 system to another so you may find anything out of the normal that could result in an assault or an attempted assault. Please be certain you backup your information and other system data frequently so you don’t eliminate everything after something crashes.

Closing Words

There are lots of distinct ways which it is possible to secure your operating system. The majority of the precautions which you could take are very straightforward.

Even if there are facets to safety which come across as really complicated, you want to be positive it can be repeatable in order that all sections of your network and system are alike. This can help you realize any attack efforts.

Be sure you keep your system current. Also, make certain you check out each your potential updates on a system that is not connected to the primary system. This may keep your whole system from crashing.

Additionally, attempt to maintain a limit on the number of accounts which you enable on your system.

How To Maintain A Good Relationship With Your Seo And Web Marketing Company

Side note, I am talking about reputable SEO & Web marketing companies and consultants in this post. Do your homework.

If your business is considering working with an SEO and Web marketing company (or consultant) I have 12 suggestions below that  could help your business relationship remain a good one.

I think there are times that businesses don’t realize that their behavior is offensive to those they are working with – this can be from a lack of understanding or after dealing with many employees & vendors they forget how to respect others.

I can tell you that this is one industry that has no issue with firing clients and here are a few reasons why:

What we do makes our clients a lot of money. We make you a lot more money than you pay us and when we don’t get respect we have no reason to stay involved.

There is always another client that will appreciate what we do and treat us right.

Life is too short to be stressed and irritated over a client. We have families for that and we don’t need it at work.

1). Show Respect, the More the Better.

We have the skills to create a very stable foundation for your online marketing efforts, improve your business reputation and make you a lot of money. The only way to get skills such as these is years of study, practice, work and implementation.

You are paying not only for the knowledge and skills we have to help you succeed, you are also paying for the knowledge that prevents your campaign from failing. Believe it or not these are two different skills.

2). Don’t be Condescending!

When you behave in a condescending manner you doom the relationship from the start. No one likes being spoken down to and if a consultant or company doesn’t end the relationship over this type of behavior they will have no reason to work hard for you. You want people like us to work hard for you. You want us to work harder because we enjoy the business relationship and appreciate the respect we receive. This applies to any industry!

Oh, and don’t let members of your staff be condescending either. They can kill a business relationship that you need and appreciate.

3). Remember, You Have Responsibilities Too.

Let me review some of the things clients tend to forget:

Website projects cannot get done without content and images. If you are late the website launch date will be late. Adding and formatting content takes a lot of time. The optimization takes a lot of time. Editing, uploading and placing images takes a ton of time. None of this can be done at the last minute.

Don’t be late for meetings because you are wasting our time and costing us money. Who says we don’t have other things to do? We have meetings after meetings with you, we have work to do and projects to finish. When you are late you are literally taking money from us.

Campaigns cannot be started without the data we need to do the research required to create a successful campaign. If you don’t provide the data in a timely matter do not expect the services you need to be done on time.

Read the emails, completely, from your marketing company. There is nothing more irritating than sending a client an email with information and then having the client email 3-4 times asking for and/or about information that was already sent in a previous email.

One thing to keep in mind, if you are consistently late providing the data needed to complete a project you will almost certainly be put on the back burner behind new clients that have their information ready.

4). Don’t Be an Email or Texting Bully.

There are those that think they are big and bad when they are writing emails and texts. They say rude and insulting things because they are agitated at the moment, but when meeting in person they never have the “you know whats” to tell anyone off. This type of behavior is unprofessional and kills a relationship. Before you go off on your vendor consider all you have to lose if you that vendor walks away.

5). Don’t Expect Hand-Holding & Unlimited Time

We get paid by the hour typically and we know what we need to make to keep the bills paid. So for example, if you are paying for 5 hours of my time in a week I will have other clients taking up the other 35 hours. This is done to ensure I make a proper living.

Paying for 5 hours of work time does not entitle you to 10 more hours of phone calls, emails and meetings. If you want that extra time you need to pay for it and not get upset when the person you are working with doesn’t give you all the extra time you want. Time is money, for you and for us.

If you need hand holding and extra time tell your consultant or company ahead of time and be prepared to pay for the time you need.

6). Don’t Treat Your SEO or Web Marketing Person Like an Employee

Employees work for you. You can behave how you want, talk to them how you want and have unrealistic expectations with employees. When you are paying for a service that we offer you have no right to create expectations that were never discussed or agreed upon.

We also don’t have to reply to a phone call or email within an hour to please you because WE ARE NOT your employee. We work for ourselves and we have other clients, meetings and work to do. You may have to wait a few hours or even an entire day to hear back. Additionally, we do not need to answer the phone or emails when work hours are over. You are important, but you are not the only client…which brings me to my next point.

7). Keep in Mind, You Are Not THE ONLY Client

As I said above, we have several clients. Everyone needs our time and we have a responsibility to each client. We cannot give you 100% of our time, respond to your calls in minutes and we cannot chase you around to get the information we need from you so projects are finished on schedule (this is not our job). Always keep in mind that you are not the only one and cannot expect to be treated as the only one (unless you pay for it).

Oh and in the wise words of my business partner, “Your emergency is not our emergency.” If your computer stops working or the web is loading slow for you this is not something we can fix for you and these are certainly not reasons to stop our work.

8). Listen. Open Your Mind and Listen.

If we say something is wrong with your website design, layout or coding it is because there is something wrong. I usually tell people that if they don’t use my company I suggest they find someone to fix it because it isn’t about the money, but about what is best for the client’s business.

Information offered about SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing and other forms of online marketing is all for your best interest. There is nothing wrong with asking questions, but questioning integrity will offend and you could possibly lose the one truly talented person that can do this work in your area.

Just try to listen.

9). Don’t Burn Bridges.

I have had 5 clients who have ticked me off to no end and I have walked away. Four of those clients have come back and requested (some begged) for my work and I refuse to work with them. Once I am burned it is over. I prefer clients that appreciate what I offer and are smart enough to care about the business relationship. I deserve to be treated like a professional and a human.

10). Don’t Expect Advice for Free.

11). Don’t Ask Your Friends What They Think About What We Are Doing.

I actually had one client say that he wasn’t going to be happy with his website until everyone that was sitting at Starbucks with him said they liked it too. OK moron, are the people in Starbucks your target audience? I think not.

All of our plans whether it is PPC, SEO, Social Media or a website design are aimed at meeting the needs of your target markets and beating your competitors. Your “friends” most likely won’t be looking at things like we do. If you don’t like something please tell us, but leave your friends out of it please.

12). Remember, Nerds and Geeks are Smart.

I know when people think of geeks and nerds they think of people like Bill Gates, Sheldon Cooper and George Lucas. What do these three people have in common? They are super smart.

If you hired the right company or consultant I can almost guarantee you that the person you are looking at is extremely smart. Have some faith and remember the following items I mentioned above:

Show Respect

Don’t Be Condescending


Because they are very smart they pick up on things (behaviors) most people don’t, so make sure you treat them right. Remember, we analyze (and it isn’t just data). Don’t take a chance on burning a bridge with someone that can help your business reach new and better levels. If members of your staff are intimidated by people that know more than them about any subject you may want to consider excluding them from interactions with your web marketing specialists.

In Conclusion

If you are lucky enough to find a consultant or company that has the skills you need please find a way to cherish the quality work they offer and cherish the people themselves. Fact – there are A LOT of people out there offering the services we offer and they have no clue what they are doing. When you find someone good you want to make sure you always have the opportunity to work with them in the future.

Respect is key.

How To Change Your Country On Google Play Store

How To Change Your Country On Google Play Store Change Your Country on Google Play Store

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How to Change Country On Google Play Store

Changing your country on Google Play Store is not a tough task but lots of Android users forget to do that when they shift to a different country. To change your country on Google Play Store follow the steps listed below:

2. Tap on the menu icon(3 parallel lines) located on the top left corner of the app screen.

4. If the Play Store detects that your location/country is changed based on your IP address, then you find a country switching option under the Country and profiles section.

5. Now tap on the country to change your location.

6. You will now receive a confirmation message box showing you the time it may take to switch the country along with other general information. Tap on continue option to proceed.

If asked to add a new payment method then add it, as it will help you purchase your favorite content available on Play store for that country.

Please note that the change of country can take up to 48 hours to come into effect.

Point To Remember Before Changing Your Country on Google Play Store:

Before changing your country on Google Play Store you need to keep the following points in mind:

The payment method that you use in your previous country will become inaccessible once you change your country on Google Play Store.

You will be unable to use your Google Play balance that includes the gift card added to your account or free credit earned through Google Opinion Rewards.

You can only change Play Store country once in 365 days, therefore never change your country if you are travelling to another country for vacation.

FAQs Related to Change in Country on Play Store:

1. Why am I unable to see an option to add a country on the Play Store?

You will not see the option under 3 conditions:

It has less than a year since you have your country on Google Play Store.

You are still in the same country as the option is enabled based on your IP address.

If you are part of Google Play Family Library.

2. Why am I unable to use Google Play balance after changing the country on Google Play Store?

Since your Google Play Balance is associated with your Google Play country, therefore If you have changed your country you will not be able to use the balance that you acquired in the previous country.

3. What will happen to my Google Play balance after changing the country?

Your Google play will remain linked to your old country. So, in future if you travel back to your old country and change the country you can use that balance again.

4. How many times can I change my country on Google Play Store in a year?

You are only allowed to change your country once in 365 days. So if you made a recent change to your country, you will not be able to change it back for 1 year.

Wrapping Up:

If you are thinking of changing your country on Google Play Store just to access the apps that are unavailable in your country, then it is not a smart move. So only use this feature if you are changing your country at least for a year. Also, if you have enjoyed reading this article then do share it with your friends and family on various social platforms.

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Why You Need To Treat Your Email Like Your Laundry

Email can be the Achilles heel of productivity. Here’s some tips to get you through.

Email is the Achilles heel of my productivity. While I have mastered not succumbing to social media distractions or getting sucked in by instant message pings, I do still manage to get lost in my inbox and use it as a semi-regular form of procrastination away from my ‘real’ work.

Despite spending so much time in my inbox and attempting to be an inbox-zero person (or at least inbox 10), I find this hard to achieve. There is so much procrastination joy to be had from mindlessly roaming around in there while achieving very little (although I do manage to also feel guilty just thinking about my bad email habits). Which is probably why I felt very excited when I heard about how Laura Mae Martin from Google thinks about her inbox.

When Martin started work at Google more than a decade ago, she began work on the 20% Project, whereby Google employees can spend one day per week on a self-set project. Martin used this time to develop an internal training program on how to manage your inbox effectively (hello, dream job!). She ended up running this program for thousands of Googlers. Martin then parlayed this passion project into the full-time role of Executive Productivity Advisor (okay, this is seriously my dream job), where she works one-on-one with executives at Google to help them work more productively.

Martin likens email to doing your laundry. ‘Pretend that your dryer is your inbox. Imagine how most people are doing email right now: they go in, they grab one shirt, they fold it, and they walk it all the way up to their dresser, and then they walk all the way back down.

‘Then maybe they find a pair of pants and they are still wet, and they think, “Oh, I’ll just throw it back in there with all of my dry clothes.” In their inbox, maybe that’s marked as unread because you don’t want to deal with it right now. Then you find one sock, but you don’t know where the other sock is, but you put it away anyway, knowing you’re going to have to go back. And by the end of it, you’re like, “I’m just going to start the dryer all over and look at it again tomorrow”.’

Martin explains that the reason email is the source of so much stress is because people approach their inbox in this manner. They pick and choose. Instead, Martin says people need to approach email like they do their dryer. Decide that it’s time to empty the dryer, get everything out, put things into piles, fold things, and then put them away.

For Martin, being in her inbox is a deliberate choice, as opposed to something she aimlessly cruises around in during the day. And to make herself more productive, she has a very specific workflow she uses when looking at her emails.

When working through her three piles, Martin matches her energy to the task. ‘If I have two hours of uninterrupted time, I know that I can dive into some of those To-Dos, so I open that folder only and I don’t look at the rest of my inbox. I just turn to the clothes I need to fold and I go through each one of them and fold, fold, fold.’ Kind of like a domestic goddess, but for email.

In the afternoon, when her energy is a bit lower, Martin uses this time to go through her Read folder. And at the end of the day, she will go to her To-Do – Waiting folder and check if there is anything holding up her progress that could be bumped up right now, or anything that has a deadline and needs to be chased.

Martin says she only has two rules when it comes to email. ‘Treat it like laundry and close it once or twice a day. I don’t recommend that you only look at your email once because for a lot of people, that’s just not realistic. You’re going to miss something for the next meeting, for example. So it can be open but close it if you’ve set time to work.’

Dr Amantha Imber is the author of Time Wise (of which this article is an edited extract) the founder of behavioural science consultancy Inventium and the host of How I Work, a podcast about the habits and rituals of the world’s most successful people.

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