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On February 14, geostationary communications satellite company Astranis announced that it had been awarded a contract with the US Space Force worth over $10 million. The contract is to first demonstrate a secure comms technique on the satellite hardware in a terrestrial test setting, and also includes the possibility of testing it in space. 

Space remains a useful place for countries to place sensors that look down on other nations. Many of these satellites reside in low Earth orbit, or about 1,200 miles above the surface, which is easier for satellites to reach and lets satellites circle the globe rapidly. Geostationary orbit, which is 22,200 miles above ground, is harder to get to. Plus, satellites at all altitudes risk having signals jammed, or being disrupted by other objects in orbit, which has led the US military to pursue satellite constellations, or formations of smaller satellites, as a way to ensure that some functionality persists in the event of attack or disaster. 

“We build small satellites for higher orbits, starting with geostationary orbit, which is quite a higher orbit,” says Astranis co-founder and CEO John Gedmark. “It’s the special orbit where you can park a single satellite over a part of the world or over a country and provide continuous service with just that one satellite.”

Over Alaska and Peru

Geostationary satellites have been used to provide communications and television broadcasts, and Astranis’ primary aim for both commercial and military customers is to use smaller geostationary satellites to provide continuous broadband-level internet connections. For two demonstrations of commercial uses, Gedmark points to upcoming launches placing satellites above Alaska (scheduled for early April), and one later this year that will put a satellite above Peru.

“This is a satellite that’ll go up over Peru and also provide some coverage in Ecuador. We will basically allow them to go and deploy and upgrade a number of cell towers out in some of the most remote parts of the country,” said Gedmark. “There’s a lot of parts of Peru where the terrain is just super rough and pretty extreme in the jungles, they have Andes mountains, they have a lot of things that make it very hard to get connectivity out to some of these remote areas.”

In both these places, the satellites will augment existing telecommunications infrastructure on the ground, letting remote towers connect through space instead of over land. Peru, like Alaska, contains vast stretches of varying terrain, where infrastructure such as wires, cables, or fiber internet connections can be hard to place. Freestanding cell phone towers can be set up, powered locally, and then route their communications through satellites instead of over-land wires, bringing 3G and 4G levels of internet to places people could not previously access it.

For military use

Those same traits, for connecting local rural infrastructure to wider data networks through space, are part of what makes Astranis satellites so appealing to the military.

“We realized that the military has this real problem right now for milsatcom and for some other capabilities around resiliency, right? They are really dependent on a small handful of these giant geo satellites, some of which cost billions of dollars. And those satellites are, as we like to quote General Hyten on this, big fat and juicy targets,” said Gedmark.

In 2023, Air Force General John Hyten was the head of US Strategic Command, and announced that he would no longer “support the development any further of large, big, fat, juicy targets,” referring to those types of satellites. Hyten retired in 2023, but the Department of Defense has continued to push for smaller satellites to fill the skies, as a more resilient option than all-in-one massive satellites of the present. Many of these constellations are aimed at low earth orbit.

“Without getting into specific pricing, we could put up about a dozen or more of our satellites for the cost of one of the big ones,” says Gedmark. Since 2023, Astranis has attracted venture funding on its premise to put satellites into geostationary orbit. 

“It’s hard to design all the electronics for the harsh radiation environment of geo, you’re right in the thick of the Van Allen belts,” says Gedmark. The Van Allen belts contain charged particles that can damage satellites, so anything built to survive has to endure the heavy ion strikes and radiation dosages inherent to the region. “These higher orbits are harder to get to, so you have to solve that with some clever onboard propulsion strategies. We solve that by having an electric propulsion system, and having an ion thruster on board.”

When launched, the satellites are aimed towards geostationary orbit, and then use their own power to reach and maneuver in space. Gedmark says the satellites are designed to stay in geostationary orbit for between 8 and 10 years, with the ability to relocate up to 30 times in that period.

The speed at which the satellites can be maneuvered from one orbit to another depends on how much fuel the satellite operators are willing to expend, with repositioning possible in days, though Gedmark expects moving to a new location in weeks will be the more typical use case. 

Once in orbit, the satellites need to communicate securely. The Protected Tactical Waveform is a communications protocol and technique developed by the US military, which Astranis aims to demonstrate can be run on the software-defined radio of its satellites. (A software-defined radio  is a computer that can change its parameters for transmitting and receiving information with code, while a more traditional radio requires analog hardware, like modulators and amplifiers, to encode and decode information from radio signals.) 

The Protected Tactical Waveform is “a set of techniques that are programmed into the radio so it can automatically avoid jamming and interference,” says Gedmark. “We’re gonna start by doing that as a demo in our lab, and then with the future satellites do that as an on orbit demo.”

Because this protocol will run on software radio, rather than hardware that is fixed on form once launched, it likely means that should the need arise, Astranis could adapt existing commercial satellites to carry the Protected Tactical Waveform, while it remains in orbit, facilitating the surge communications as events arise and to meet military need.

For now, the promise is that private investment in communication tech can yield a tool useful both for expanding internet connectivity across the globe, and for providing communications to US military forces in the field faster than it would take to set up ground-based infrastructure. For the Space Force, which is tasked with ensuring reliable communications across the heavens, more durable satellites that can be maneuvered as needed would allow it to redeploy assets across the skies to win wars on Earth.  

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Why The Playstation 4 Is Already In High Demand

Why the PlayStation 4 Is Already In High Demand

The PlayStation 4 hasn’t even been shown off to the public yet, but already the box is on the minds of millions of people across the globe. In fact, in a recent earnings call with investors, GameStop president Tony Bartel said that his company has 900,000 people signed up for its first-to-know list on the PlayStation 4. And he expects demand to far outstrip supply of the console when it chúng tôi demand already might surprise some folks. After all, it took a long time for the PlayStation 3 to truly get off the ground and although it’ll likely end this generation with more worldwide sales than the Xbox 360, in the U.S., especially, it’s no match for Microsoft’s console.

To make matters worse, it appears that gamers aren’t all that excited about the next generation of consoles across the board. The Wii U, after all, has been watching its sales slow to crawl and even GameStop said publicly that it’s been disappointed by the Wii U. What in the world would make the PlayStation 4 different?

Well, I think there are a host of reasons. I’m a firm believer that Sony is still a household name in the U.S. and in Japan – its two key markets – and people buy products from the company solely because they trust the name. And despite the PlayStation 3’s initial troubles, the console turned out to be quite a success, allowing its predecessor to deliver solid results next time around.

[aquote]It’s unfair to compare the PS4 with the Wii U[/aquote]

It’s also unfair to compare the PlayStation 4 with the Wii U. Nintendo’s console is one that’s a barely updated alternative to the predecessor. As I’ve said here before, I believe the Wii U is a catch-up device. And historically, catch-up devices don’t really perform all that well on store shelves.

The PlayStation 4, however, is a high-end product with all kinds of graphical firepower; it’s the kind of device that true gamers really want. And chances are, Sony will once again have the full support of the developer community to ensure it doesn’t fall short from a library perspective.

Most importantly, though, I think the strong demand for the PlayStation 4 tells us that, despite conventional wisdom suggesting that mobile and casual gaming is the future, console gamers are still extremely engrossed in their favored way of playing games. And that’s not going to change anytime soon.

The fact is that console gaming has a long way to go to ultimately match the promise gamers have been hoping for all this time. And companies like Sony and Microsoft are willing to push the envelope and put themselves in a position where they can capitalize on customers that want a true next-generation device, and not something that’s simply labeled as one.

So yes, I understand the excitement surrounding the PlayStation 4, and I can say without any hesitation that I’m one of those folks that’s excited to see what’s coming next from Sony. The future is now. And Sony is one of the few companies in the gaming industry that’s willing to embrace it.

Refurbished Vs Used Tech: Which Is Better & Why?

However, not everyone can afford to buy a brand new phone, and there isn’t the option to get an iPad, laptop or other tech device on contract.

The obvious thing to do is buy used tech on ebay, Gumtree and other places. Find a highly-rated seller offering the product you want in great condition and you might save a lot compared to buying the same thing new.

However, there’s another option: refurbished devices.

Both retailers and manufacturers are beginning to understand that many buyers want not only lower prices but also for their purchases to be more eco-friendly.

That’s why you’ll increasingly see refurbished models sold by Amazon, Apple, phone retailers, and general tech retailers.

But what does refurbished actually mean? 

Here, we’ll explain everything you need to know so you can make an informed decision when looking for your next upgrade.

What’s the difference between refurbished and used devices?

To refurbish something, in the traditional sense, means that you’d spruce it up to improve how it looks and, maybe, works.

Unfortunately, when it comes to tech, refurbished can mean different things depending upon where you’re buying it from.

It could mean it’s a pre-owned, used device that has been checked over and cleaned, had any data from the previous owner wiped, graded according to its condition, boxed up with a charger and USB cable and then offered for sale.

No actual refurbishment beyond physical cleaning takes place.

However, there are some retailers (and manufacturers) which carry out refurbishment on phones and other devices. They will replace batteries, defective components and – sometimes – even the screen and case so you can’t tell it apart from new. Apple and Samsung offer refurbished phones like these, but they can seem quite expensive compared to ‘graded’ devices. There are also independent companies such as Aznu which will refurbish phones (currently just Samsung and iPhones).

Talking of grading part, you will see this when you buy a refurbished phone from a retailer such as SmartFoneStore, Music Magpie, Back Market or 4Gadgets.

Unfortunately, they don’t all use a standard, comparable system. One retailer’s ‘very good’ might be different from another’s, or they might use A, B, C to represent “Pristine”, “Excellent” and “Good”.

This means you need to read the description carefully to see what each means, so you can be certain of the condition you will receive.

Most will tell you the battery health (as a percentage) if the battery hasn’t been replaced, but it is worth checking if this isn’t specified: you don’t want to end up with a phone that lasts half a day before needing a recharge. Many retailers don’t give an exact figure but guarantee a minimum of 80%.

The main difference between buying refurbished and used is that you should get a warranty with a refurbished device. The retailers mentioned above all offer a 12-month warranty so you’re covered if the item you buy becomes faulty.

You’ll pay more than the equivalent device from a private seller on ebay or Craigslist, but buying privately like this means you’re on your own if the phone develops problems after a few weeks. There is some protection offered if you bought the item from the ebay using PayPal, but none if you buy via Gumtree or similar sites.

Back Market

Refurbished devices tend to be a little more expensive than second-hand ones, but this is due to the cost of supplying a warranty, and any cleaning and repairs carried out. Obviously, the price will also be reflected in the grade you choose: pristine-condition devices will cost more than those with cosmetic defects.

Refurbished Apple devices

If you buy a refurbished iPhone, iPad, MacBook or something else from the Apple Refurbished Store it will appear to be brand new.

Being a manufacturer, Apple can more easily replace parts and provide a ‘like new’ device that’s been fitted with genuine components and new batteries. They are impossible to tell apart from brand new device and also receive the same warranty as a new Apple device, making them the safest way to get an iPhone, iPad, Mac or other device at a discount.

The bad news is that the discount is typically just 15% off the retail price, which isn’t as much of a saving as buying a graded used device.

Amazon renewed

Amazon also sells refurbished products in its Renewed store, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, consoles and desktop PCs.

This isn’t the same as Apple: Amazon itself doesn’t usually get involved. Instead “Products on Amazon Renewed are inspected and tested by qualified suppliers to work and look like new, and are backed for 1 year by the Amazon Renewed Guarantee.”

Renewed devices won’t be indistinguishable from new, but the listing should provide details on what to expect such as ‘This product is in “Excellent condition”. It shows no signs of cosmetic damage visible from a distance of 30 centimeters.” and “This product will have a battery that exceeds 80% capacity relative to new.” “Accessories may not be original, but will be compatible and fully functional. Product may come in generic box.”

You therefore need to read the details to check the condition and battery health. You can read more about Amazon renewed.

The savings on offer can be quite substantial, too.

It is also worth keeping an eye out for Amazon Warehouse deals. These are often unused customer returns which may have damaged packaging but are otherwise new. The items are graded so you can pick whether you’re willing to accept an item that might have scratches or damage, or if you’re only willing to buy something with damaged or plain packaging. 

To search for Warehouse deals, use the drop-down menu to the left of the search bar on Amazon’s website and choose Amazon Warehouse, then type in whatever you’re searching for and press Enter.

Samsung Certified Pre-Owned

Other manufacturers offer refurbished versions of their products, albeit in a sporadic fashion. Samsung has a refurbished store in the US but not the UK. It’s called Samsung Certified Pre-Owned and again confirms that the devices are restored to original condition by its engineers and come with a 1-year warranty. The main problem is that the products on offer at the time of writing were a few years old, the Galaxy S8 was the newest, and out of stock, signalling that maybe this service is no longer an ongoing concern.

Microsoft Certified Refurbished Surface store

Microsoft also has a US-only Certified Refurbished Surface store where you can find Surface Laptop, Surface Go and other Surface products.

Should I buy refurbished or secondhand?

There are pros and cons for both. In the case of Apple, the refurbished store is an excellent option if you want essentially a new device at a lower price. The discounts aren’t massive, but it can save you a bit if you were already intending to buy an iPhone, iPad or Mac. Just note that the devices are usually the previous generation – not models from the current ranges.

Amazon’s Renewed scheme can offer much larger savings on a wider range of products, but devices aren’t restored to ‘as new’ condition as with Apple’s. They still come with a warranty, though, and have been tested to ensure they’re fully working.

The biggest savings will always be found by buying from private sellers on eBay, Craigslist and similar, but these also carry the most risk, so it’s caveat emptor: buyer beware.

Of course, there are also sales and discounts to be found on new devices. And you should take a look at our roundup of the best tech deals to see what’s on offer right now.

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How To Make Your Small Business Stand Out From The Competition

Starting a small business is the easiest thing to do but executing strategies and making it profitable is where the entire challenge lies. Businesses need to find ways to stand out from the crowd of competitors in order to enjoy effortless flow of clients.

Startups no doubt are witness to larger companies investing tons of money into their marketing strategy and branding and don’t have the means to compete at that level. But that shouldn’t be deter you from competing for your slice of the pie. 

Here are five ways to distinguish your small business from the rest of the crowd.

Have a Superb Customer Service

Your customer care is the engine of your small business. Aim to create a superb service for each client. And don’t stop there, find out how your top competitors are treating customers and how well they invest in making their customer care work effortlessly. Ask your team, what are they doing that you aren’t doing, how can your services be made friendlier and more balanced for prospective clients.

If possible, sign up for their product testing and run a thorough research on how their customer care will handle your self-imposed problems you throw at them.

Solve Problems Your Competitors Aren’t Solving

Businesses basically exist to solve problems of potential clients. Your small business should be checkmated around that line to know how well you’re solving the problems.

The best yardstick to use is to know how well your competitors are pushing or investing to solve your ideal customers problems.

When you’ve checked and gotten rich data back from your extensive research, you can decide how best to take over the market. From your research, you should be able to develop a strategy for solving the problems your competitors aren’t solving. The research you’ll do in your niche will enable you see gaps in the market and to see where your competitors are having lapses.

Fill up those lapses by producing a better product or a product that specifically answers the questions that no competitors were formerly answering. The more you present a product as a solution were your competitors haven’t entered yet, the more revenue and market share you cut out.

Niche Down Your Target Market

It’s naturally not a good thing for a small business to start out in a crowded market. In some markets, they’re top dogs there who have literally taken over the market.

But taking on the whole market may not be the best strategy. Instead of focusing on the market as a whole, find a subset of your market to focus your energies there and let your brand be the top dog there.

You may end up eating a smaller pie, but it’s better to than fighting the big competitors for a share of the big round pie. Locate that big market, and don’t just stop there; go further and try to take over other little sub-niche around it.

Brand Yourself Differently

The best way to stay memorable is to go against the crowd. Your small business is probably not the first business offering what you’re trying to present to your market.

There are literally thousands, if not millions who want to also partake of the overall market share in your niche. What will differentiate you from others is branding yourself differently.

This takes time. Branding takes time to build into a potential customer mind. So there is a need to go the extra mile. Do stuff your competitors don’t want to do.

Design your business so uniquely that it steps your brand out. Your brand mustn’t be known to blend into the crowd of other businesses. Strive to find everything possible that will make your business unique and different in everywhere.

From your logo and the font texts of your website, to the alignment of your company do it all differently.  When you go against the crowd it’s always harder. But that is basically how success happens.

It takes hardness to succeed in business. For your small business to stand the test of time, it will undergo series of tough times. I implore you, let that period be a time of branding yourself and making your business unique.

When you invest in branding, your customers will value you and keep coming back for repeat business.

Focus More on Deliberate Innovation

Brands die when they stop innovating. Some create epic products that go viral and then go to rest on the success of just that product. Business has no resting place. Innovating in business is simply striving to outwork and outperform your previous products.

You should develop a company culture of always trying to get better than where your company is at every moment. Innovating can’t really happen until you start asking the right questions. I have found out that questions – especially thoughtful questions – are one of the core ways to force your business to stay innovative.

Check your services and compare them with that of your competitors. If they’re literally on same page, what you need do is heighten the services and surpass them at something.

Don’t stop there, compare your products to that of your competitors and check if you’re on same page with them. Your goal is to increase and be above them in something.

The more you strive to go above them in innovation, the higher market share you’ll naturally get in your niche.

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Facebook Advertising For Small Businesses: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Social media is a popular place, and one of the most popular social media sites around is Facebook. With 256 million daily users in North America, Facebook isn’t just a place to share family photos and to stay connected with friends – it also provides small businesses with the opportunity to get in front of a huge and captive audience.

What Is Facebook Advertising?

Image Source

Types of Facebook Ads for Small Businesses

Here are the Facebook ad types your small business needs to know.

Image Ads

Here’s an example of an image ad on desktop from LinkedIn.

Video Ads

Here’s an example of a video ad from Facebook.

Carousel Ads

In this Facebook ad type example, Facebook is using a carousel ad to walk through the steps to join its Audience Network.

Collection Ads

Instant Storefront: Allows you to showcase four or more products, and you want to drive users to your site to make a purchase.

Instant Lookbook: You want users to see your products in action.

Instant Storytelling: You want to show users your brand and drive them to your site.

Instant Customer Acquisition: You want to drive conversions or a specific action.

Here’s an example of an instant customer acquisition collection ad.

What to Do Before You Start Facebook Advertising for Your Small Business

Types of Facebook Ad Objectives for Your Small Business

Awareness Objectives

The awareness objectives are meant to generate interest in your business, your products, and/or your services. Within the awareness objectives, you get two options.

Image Source

Consideration Objectives

Consideration objectives are meant to drive users to engage with your small business – either by looking for more information or starting a conversation. Within the consideration objectives, there are currently six options:

Traffic. The traffic object is meant to drive traffic to your website or app.

Engagement. The engagement objective is meant to increase engagement between users and your profile in the form of likes, event responses, post reactions, shares, and more.

App installs. This isn’t a trick name – the app install objective is geared toward engaging users who are most likely to download your app.

Video views. The video views objective drives users to watch your video ad within the Facebook or Instagram platform.

Image Source

Conversion Objectives

Conversion objectives are meant to target users who will then take an action to buy from your business or become your customer. The conversion objectives bucket contains three options:

Store traffic. The store traffic objective targets users who are likely to visit your physical location when they’re nearby.

Image Source

Facebook Ad Targeting Options for Your Small Business

Facebook breaks down your small business’s targeting options into three buckets.

1. Core Audiences

Using the core audience targeting features in Facebook, you can target a broad audience by location or age or narrow down your audience as much as you’d like. (But, remember that the more targeted your audience, the fewer people you may reach for your budget.)

Core audiences are defined by:

Location: Where your target audience is located.

Demographics: Narrow your audience based on gender, age, job title, education, and more.

Interests: Hobbies or interests your target audience might share, like a love for biking.

Behavior: Define your audience based on past purchases they’ve made or device they use (iPhone vs. Android).

Connections: You can choose to target your existing fans and followers or expand to a new audience.

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2. Custom Audiences

Custom audiences allow you to directly target users who are likely already familiar with your business in some way.

Custom audiences are defined by:

Contact lists: You can upload contact information to directly target users. This could include current customers as long as you have their contact information.

App users: If you have an app, you can target its users on Facebook.

3. Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audiences allow you to create a “source” audience which includes your existing customers – from there, Facebook will target similar users they deem more likely to engage with your ad. This allows you to reach a new audience based on the attributes displayed by your current customers.

Image Source

Tips for Creating Fantastic Facebook Ads for Your Small Business

An effective Facebook ad needs to include concise, action-oriented ad copy, attention-grabbing visuals, and a clear call to action.

Grab Attention with Your Facebook Ad Creative

Follow Facebook’s best practices for ad creative, which includes:

Keeping text on images minimal. Let the image or video speak for itself (although Facebook did recently adjust their policy on limiting text on ad images).

Being creative. Don’t rely on stock images if you don’t have to – look for attention-grabbing visuals that pull users in.

Clearly Communicate through Your Facebook Ad Copy

While your image or video will most likely be what pulls your audience in, your Facebook ad copy is what’s going to entice them to take the next step.

Here are some tips for creating the best Facebook ad copy:

Use numbers. People are drawn to numbers and stats so use those if it makes sense.

Don’t be afraid to get emotional. And by that, we mean use words and phrasing meant to evoke an emotional response in your audience – whether that’s excitement, a sense of urgency, and maybe even a bit of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

Check out this list of 180+ words to use in your ad copy.

This Facebook ad example from H-E-B (my favorite grocery store) is creating a sense of urgency by letting users know this promo is only running for a limited time. Plus, it gets to the point quickly and clearly.

Close the Deal with a Strong CTA

Your audience is hooked from strong design and copy, but now it’s time to close the deal with a strong call-to-action.

In some cases, your Facebook ad will already include a CTA button depending on your objective, but you can still include a CTA in your ad copy.

For example, if your Facebook ad includes a button to Learn More, your copy can include something along the lines of “Hit that Learn More button to get our special offer.”

How to Track Facebook Advertising Results

Armed with your Facebook metrics, you or your marketing partner can tweak your ad campaigns to generate even more attention or take the most successful elements from one campaign and replicate them elsewhere.

Ready to Advertise Your Small Business on Facebook?

Stephanie Heitman

Stephanie is the Associate Director of Content for LocaliQ and WordStream. She has over 10 years of experience in content and social media marketing and loves writing about all things digital marketing. When she’s not researching the latest and greatest marketing news and updates, she’s probably watching reality TV with her husband, reading, or playing with her two pups.

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Why Seo Content Writing Services Produce A High Roi

You may have learned a lot about search engine optimization (SEO) when creating your digital marketing strategy. SEO is crucial in building your brand and making it easier to find online, and content marketing is important to boosting your search rankings and drawing potential customers onto your site. 

Optimizing your content for SEO could give you an ROI of 22:1. You may not have time to stay on top of your content in-house, which is where SEO content writing services come in. With these services, you leave the content to the writing experts, saving yourself time while reaping the benefits of producing sharable, high-quality information. The creation of SEO content provides an affordable way to reach your target audience and potentially increase your profits without demanding significant financial investment or resource utilization.

What Are SEO Content Writing Services? 

SEO content writing differs slightly from other content in that it involves creating content with a specific focus on appealing to search engines and their respective algorithms. An SEO content strategy will involve crafting and publishing various types and frequencies of content on your website or blog or in external publications that promote your site through backlinks. 

Search engine optimization is an important component of digital marketing strategies because it helps you increase your search engine rankings. Most searchers (75%) won’t navigate past the first page of search results. If you’re not paying attention to your SEO performance, you could get lost (or buried) among the crowd in results pages. Just think, how many times have you traveled all the way to page 17 of Google for a query? Probably never. To rank higher in search, a search engine’s algorithm needs to establish your site as a credible result for your target keywords, which can be accomplished with SEO content writing services. 

Why SEO Content Writing Services Provide a High ROI

You may be tempted to write your own content, but using SEO content writers may be more beneficial for your business. Content tends to be pushed aside when things get busy, but a content writing service helps you stay on top of content marketing and benefits your business in a multitude of ways. It is a misconception that just anyone can write a blog post or service page, and it be successful. Quality content is the mixture of creative narrative and technical strategy coming together to appeal to both readers and algorithms — this is the specialty of SEO content writers.

SEO Content Is Backed by Keyword Research

Keyword research is an essential step in creating SEO-driven content, but it’s easy to skip. It involves a series of tasks to determine the best keywords and phrases people use to find services and products that may relate to your company. To conduct this research, content strategists typically use an SEO keyword research tool such as Ahrefs, Surfer SEO, or SEMrush. 

Keyword research offers valuable insights into what keywords your business should target with your content creation. Strategists take into account keyword difficulty, monthly search volume, and more when creating a content plan. 

Keyword difficulty measures how difficult it will be to rank for a certain keyword. You may find yourself focused on a keyword or phrase with too high difficulty for your site’s domain rating. SEO content writing services will provide you with strategists who can determine the best keywords to target to yield the maximum results based on your business’s current digital presence.

SEO content strategists also consider monthly search volume on Google and other search engines. Together, these metrics help you prioritize your content marketing strategy in order to give your website pages the best opportunity to rank on the first page of search results.

SEO Content Increases Organic Traffic

Working with an SEO content marketing agency gives you access to strategists who can assess what interests prospective customers. Professional SEO writers can then create pieces of content around these topics to increase organic traffic to your site, helping establish a steady flow of online engagement with your site.

An SEO Content Strategy Keeps Content on Track

Even if your in-house marketing team isn’t pushing content aside, they are working on it while juggling other tasks. Working hand-in-hand with a content marketing agency provides you full access to dedicated SEO experts who can provide reader-friendly content that’s grammatically correct, informational, and provides unique value to users. 

With a content strategy, you can plan and connect topics for broader engagement. When you can see what you’ve published on a calendar, you can align it with social media posts or link it back to other pieces on your website. A content strategy also makes it easier to brainstorm seasonal content or align features with special events, launches, or new additions. 

Content strategists can also help you identify silos, which are a way to structure content into different themes based on seed keywords. This organizational structure makes it easier for readers to find articles based on their interests. It can also improve engagement since it helps readers navigate your site with ease.

Working With Professional Writers Brings Authority

If you’re not familiar with the Google algorithm, it’s based on E-A-T: expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. The algorithm uses these factors to determine if a site is a credible response to various internet searches. Google also has a search quality evaluation team to help ensure that the algorithm classifies search results with these criteria in mind. 

When your content is authoritative and credible, it helps establish your website as a good fit for various search terms. You want to create trustworthy content so that people will see you as an expert in your field; and at the end of the day, you want to provide a satisfactory answer to the individual. Working with a content marketing agency gives you access to professional SEO writers who know how to write compelling content that ranks. 

Like other digital marketing trends, SEO strategy is an ever-changing landscape. Professional content writers stay on top of new trends and best SEO practices, so you don’t have to. A dedicated content team can create content that consistently keeps you at the top of search engines.

Optimized Product Descriptions Help Users Convert

SEO copywriting is not limited to just blog posts and articles. It can refer to any part of your website, including your company history and even your product descriptions. Instead of sticking to basic copy for your products and services, you can have an expert writer optimize them to improve your site’s online visibility.

SEO content writers can create compelling descriptions for your products and services, helping them rank in searches and persuading people to buy or inquire. These descriptions are often made to appeal to your potential customers, highlighting the benefits of your products or services. 

Getting creative with titles, meta descriptions, and meta tags helps you communicate your brand personality to prospective customers. It’s a way to solidify your first impression. Dedicated SEO content writers will highlight your value proposition and position each product as a potential solution to your customers’ problems. 

Optimized product descriptions also give users a better shopping experience. It allows customers to find the products and services they’re actually interested in. Since they can’t physically see and feel your merchandise, they rely on your copy to visualize the merchandise. These product descriptions also help shoppers compare various products and services more accurately. 

Quality Blog Posts Expand Your Reach

Blogging is still one of the best ways to expand your online reach — nearly 90% of marketing professionals publish blog content as part of a digital strategy. Hosting a blog gives you the option to cover a variety of topics of interest to potential customers. A high-quality blog helps establish you as an expert in your field and lets you build relationships with current and potential customers.

You can measure your blog’s ROI by assessing how much new traffic you get. Measure your conversion rate to see if it improves after you start posting blogs. Additionally, look at how many new followers you’ve gotten on your blog, email list, and social media profiles to assess potential increases in brand awareness. 

Competitor Research Gives You an Advantage

In an SEO content marketing strategy, competitive analysis isn’t limited to keyword research. SEO content uses competitive analysis to position your brand as the industry authority. SEO content writing service teams stay on top of what your competitors are discussing, allowing you to provide compelling content that draws in more users. 

Competitor research also helps you assess your competition’s most successful content and apply findings to your own. You may find they’re covering topics you hadn’t considered or thought wouldn’t interest your customers. You can also see where they may rank higher than you and apply these practices to your website.

You might find that a competitor’s website is optimized for local search engines, helping them show up in Google Maps and other related searches. Look through their site for localized headlines and keywords to see how you can improve your own. 

Elevato Digital’s SEO Content Writing Services

If you’re ready to turn your content writing over to the experts, trust Elevato Digital to help you reach your business goals. We offer a comprehensive selection of content writing services that effectively boost your SEO and drive traffic to your site. 

Our team of strategists will start by gaining an understanding of your business, your content goals, and the type of content you’re interested in. Next, we conduct a competitive analysis and keyword research to create an effective content marketing strategy. Professional content writers use this strategy to write original content for your website which is then thoroughly edited. Finally, we report back to you so you can see how the content is ranking and how well it converts. 

What Types of SEO Content Does Elevato Produce? 

When you consider content, you may think of blog posts, videos, and social media, but our team offers a full content strategy covering each part of your online presence. Blog posts can effectively draw people to your website, and well-written service overviews and product descriptions flesh out your services to your customer base. 

Our team helps you add value to your most loyal customers with whitepapers you can offer as an exclusive bonus. Or you can use whitepapers to go in-depth about a specific topic relevant to your core audience. Highlight customer successes, delve into a specific yet common pain point, and offer a step-by-step account of your solution. 

We can do an SEO audit of your website to strengthen each page, enhancing your online visibility. And we can round out your content strategy by helping you craft email marketing newsletters and offers that resonate with potential clients.

Stop trying to write SEO content on your own while you’re focused on running your business. Turn this task over to the professionals at Elevato Digital and increase your organic traffic. Schedule your free consultation to learn more about how we can help you improve your digital presence.

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