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June was a busy month in the social media world!

Learn about these updates and more in this month’s social roundup:


Facebook announced a few new Facebook Live features. The platform will allow for two-person broadcasts (meaning two people in different locations will be able to broadcast at the same time). Also, users will be able to pre-schedule their broadcasts and have a virtual waiting room for attendees.

Learn More: News: New FB Live Features

The Facebook Like has a new look. The Like button, which is embedded on millions of web pages, is getting the “f” out and replacing it with the familiar thumbs up icon. The Like count will appear within the new blue button.

Learn More: Facebook Redesigns Like Button

Facebook will soon alter the way its 1.65 billion users discover stories in their News Feed. The social network will give preference to updates from friends and family over brands.

Learn More: Facebook News Feed Change: Goodbye, Publishers

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Instagram’s user-base has surged to 500 million active monthly users. Sixty percent of Instagram’s users, or an incredible 300 million people, now use the app every day.

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According to Bloomberg News, 150 million people use Snapchat each day, which surpasses Twitter’s average of 136 million active daily users.

Learn More: #Snapchat Out Grows Twitter

Learn More: Snapchat Adds Snap Ads Between Stories, Ads API


Twitter announced a new feature called ‘Stickers’ which are essentially a mash-up of hashtags, emoticons, and Snapchat filters all in one easy-to-use photo feature.

Learn More: Twitter Announces Searchable #Stickers: Are They The New Hashtag?

With the launch of a new desktop and iOS app called Dashboard, Twitter is trying to help busy SMBs engage with their current customers and reach new customers.

Learn More: Twitter Launches App To Get SMBs Tweeting More


YouTube announced it will be adding live streaming capabilities to the company’s mobile app. At first, the feature will be reserved for select YouTubers, but a wider release is expected to be coming in the future.

Learn More: Live Streaming Coming to YouTube’s Mobile App

Just as you have 140 characters per tweet, you can now share videos up to 140 seconds in length on Twitter.

Learn More: Twitter Increases Video Length to 140 Seconds

If your audience uses emojis, and you want to target those users with Twitter campaigns, now you can. Emoji keyword targeting is coming to Twitter Ads.

Learn More: Twitter Ads Now Allows Emoji Targeting

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Social Media Marketing For Link Building: Top Tactics & Strategies

The role of social media marketing in SEO isn’t that obvious. Some people feel skeptical about social signals affecting Google’s rankings in any way. Some separate social media marketing and SEO as fields with different goals and methods. Yet these people constitute a minority among SEO experts, as it has recently turned out.

In the largest industry survey on how SEO professionals do link building in 2023, the results showed that most specialists use social media for link building. Namely:

88 percent of SEOs include links in social media profiles.

81 percent share their social media content.

53 percent have experimented with viral campaigns (social media contests, etc).

Here’s a chart that shows the efficiency level by category:

That is how we know link building with social media is a widely used tactic and an effective one, but overseen by many specialists of the field. If you’re one of them, keep reading. This article will give you an overview of tested methods that are worth trying out.

Include Links in Your Social Profiles

Social media is often thought as pointless for SEO for one simple reason: links from social media platforms are unfollowed. Even Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn – platforms that either used to be exceptions to this rule, or thought by some to be – have at one or other points of their existence gone down the same road.

Today, Reddit is the only exception. However, marketing on Reddit is barely possible. Your product has to be extremely relevant to some subcommunity for your promotion and link building to work.

For example, on Facebook, make sure to add:

Your website link in the website field under Contact and Basic Info on your About tab;

Your website URL anytime you post something on your wall, including images and videos;

A link to your website to your group’s pinned post.

Similarly to what you’ve done on Facebook, go through your other social media pages and include links to cover photos, bios, images, descriptions, and so on. Even if you won’t keep up working with these social media pages, there’s no harm in having a rich description with links – only potential traffic!

Get People to See and Read Your Content

One of the main struggles of SEO and content marketing is getting people to see content. It’s no surprise that given the plethora of content online, it’s hard to find the audience that your articles will be relevant to. So here are some essential tactics for content promotion.

1. Make Your Text Readable

It should go without saying, but many people still write badly. Your content should be engaging, mistake-free, and concise if you want it to be seen. Even if it exists for SEO purposes only.

2. Research Competitors

3. Aim for Evergreen Content

Easier said than done, but evergreen content should be your ultimate goal. Also, focus on content that can be rediscovered regularly. For example, an article about Halloween has a good chance of attracting new traffic every October.

4. Consider Translating Your Existing Content

If your audience is international, you’ll get more exposure and so much more links if you simply translate the content you already have.

5. Submit to Niche News Sites and Content Communities

Not every industry has a niche news site or content community, but most do. For example, in digital marketing, there’s chúng tôi chúng tôi and chúng tôi chúng tôi features blog posts about almost anything. Look for similar websites in your industry, and submit your content for more exposure.

6. Submit to Communities on Social Networks

Communities on social networks are no less important. Depending on the niche, they can be active and therefore valuable to you. There are Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, and Google+ Communities, but you can also attempt marketing in the relevant Reddit or Tumblr communities.

Don’t forget about niche or local social platforms as well! There are some of them dedicated specifically to books or music, some are popular in specific countries only.

Create Viral Content

Going viral is the quickest and hardest way to earn links. When social media campaigns or even social media crisis cases go viral, the links appear on popular resources and news websites with no further effort from you.

While getting into a social media crisis to end up on The Guardian is risky, creating viral content is the dream many marketers have. But not many even attempt to do that.

While some videos go viral purely by chance or due to their outstanding content, many are created by marketers that know the key to viral marketing. Let’s try to reverse-engineer the process by looking at companies whose campaign go viral quite regularly.

1. Aim Your Social Media Marketing at Teens & Young Adults

Why do brands aim at this part of their potential buyers when creating their social media strategy?

Perhaps, they realize that this is precisely the audience that makes something go viral.

As a result, simple conversations between these brands and clients, or these brands and other brands go viral simply because they are funny.

2. React to Whatever Is Going on in Social Media in Real-Time

As the former Digital Marketing and Social Media lead at Taco Bell, Nicholas Tran said:

“The main difference in strategy now vs. before is that what we are doing today in social media is real-time, and we listen and engage all the time.”

A rare campaign will go viral without a social media manager adding fuel to the fire. The key is keeping up a conversation that seems to attract more attention than usual and engaging with any mentions of the campaign.

Another tactic is reacting to whatever is already trending on social media. To bring this idea to life, marketers should be on the lookout for what’s trending and jump on the trend at the right moment.

Keep in mind that brands should always check what the trend is actually about, and consider the risks that any sensitive trends can bring about. While jumping on some social media trends is purely unethical, some cases can be risky but worth it.

For example, DiGiorno Pizza jumping, apparently (and hopefully) by accident, on the trending hashtag #WhyIStayed campaign that aimed at bringing light to domestic violence cases, definitely belongs to the first category.

3. Be Creative

That is undoubtedly another area when it’s easier said than done. However, you can’t hope to go viral by simply creating the kind of content that everyone is creating, even if it’s better, deeper or more colorful.

You have to stand out to go viral.

One tactic for that is looking at your competitors and doing something absolutely opposite.


In any case, have a go at trying most tactics and strategies described here, and see what works best for you.

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How To Secure Your Social Media Accounts

Social media scams have become quite common nowadays. Hence, it’s now critical for users to start educating themselves about the risks, while learning how to protect themselves against these ever-growing threats. This article offers a series of tips on how to minimize cyber crime-related dangers on social media.

Why Protecting Your Social Media Accounts Is a Must

We tend to post everything on our social media accounts. From pictures with friends and family to the locations we’ve recently visited or we’re currently at. Unless we’ve switched our profiles to private, all this info is laid out for anyone to see. What’s more, our accounts aren’t even isolated, as they are often connected to other apps we use. For instance, you can link your Instagram or Spotify to your Facebook account.

The good news is that by taking action early on and changing some of your social media habits, such as using the same password for various social media accounts, you can secure all your private data and discourage cybercriminals from targeting your account.

1. Set Strong Passwords

Passwords are usually the first line of defense against social media hacks. Unfortunately, the number one mistake a lot of people make is use the same password for all their social media accounts. This is a practice best avoided, even if remembering all your online logins can be challenging.

For this reason, we recommend that you install a robust password manager on your device. It will help you track all your credentials with ease as well as generate strong passwords when you need them.

Image source: Freepik

Even if you’ve set strong passwords, you should be prepared to change them any time your social media app announces any kind of breach or notifies you of any suspicious activity on your account. Also, setting up a new password is a good idea if you find a virus or malware on your PC or if you’ve recently shared your password with someone else.

Finally, while you definitely shouldn’t change your password once a month, at least not unprompted, an additional security measure can be to generate a new password once a year.

2. Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

One of the most reliable ways to secure your social media accounts is to enable two-factor authentication (2FA).

Image source: Freepik

The way this feature works is that when you log in, you will be required to enter a randomly generated code to verify your account. By doing this, you will add an extra layer of security to your account and make hackers’ job harder, as they would have to have direct access to your phone or authenticator app in order to retrieve the code.

The vast majority of social media apps offer this option, and we show you how to enable 2FA in popular social apps such as Facebook and Snapchat. If possible, opt for an authenticator app over SMS to receive your login codes.

3. Add a Recovery Email and Phone Number

You’ll need an email address to sign up for most social media apps, but adding your phone number is usually optional. However, make sure that you add an email as well as a phone number to your account. It will help with account recovery in case you get hacked or if your account becomes inaccessible to you for any reason.

For instance, on Facebook you can enlist the help of a friend to recover your account through their profile. Once you follow the appropriate steps, you’ll be able to reset your password via a code that can be sent by SMS.

Image source: Freepik

Moreover, checking that your email information is up to date is also important. Most social apps will send email alerts in case something goes wrong with your account, and it’s crucial that you pay attention to these official emails. Don’t ignore them or you may miss out on some urgent information regarding your account. When you finally decide to investigate, it may be too late.

4. Set up Login Alerts (Where Possible)

Login alerts is a feature that’s available on various social apps, but not all. For example, you can enable it on Facebook. This way, you’ll receive a notification each time someone tries to log into your account, allowing you to take action quickly if something is amiss. On Instagram, login alerts are enabled by default, and you’ll receive an email whenever a suspicious login happens (for instance, if Instagram detects a login from a new device).

Image source: Freepik

Some apps also put a feature called “Login activity” at your disposal. If available, it should be checked frequently, so that you can easily identify any logins that don’t belong to you and log out of there fast. When you do that, most of the time you’ll be asked to change your password. Go ahead and do so if you have reason to believe that someone might have been meddling with your account.

5. Use the Built-In Security Checkup

Some apps such as Instagram and Facebook offer a built-in security checkup feature that helps you gauge the security of your account. On Instagram, the feature will check whether you’ve enabled 2FA or added a phone number to your account. If you haven’t, you will be prompted to do so for maximum protection.

Keep in mind that not every social app offers this option, but do check their individual security settings to see if you’re in luck. The built-in security checkup is a quick fix for an account that’s a little bit shaky on security.

Phishing represents a real threat on social media, which has become a fertile ground for all kinds of bots and scammers who are tirelessly trying to access your sensitive data. Many phishing attempts these days come in the form of a link sent either via email or through someone contacting you online. In some cases, even friends can be the source of such dubious emails.

Image source:


We suggested above that it’s in your best interest not to ignore official emails from various social media sites you’ve signed up with. However, you should tread carefully here, as many of these phishing emails are sent from addresses that can mimic official ones. If you need some help in this department, we have a guide that can help you decide whether you’re dealing with a phishing scam or not.

7. Report Scammers

If you’ve received a suspicious link from someone, don’t just ignore it. You should immediately report the account and the shady activity associated with it to the app in question. All social media apps allow users to do that, and being proactive will help hinder spammers’ efforts in gaining unlawful access to users’ data.

8. Share Less About Yourself Online

While we may get the urge to share as much as possible about ourselves online, it would be wiser, not to mention safer, to refrain from doing that too much.

The thing is, the more information hackers have at their disposal, the easier it becomes for them to get you to fall for their scams. To counter this, we encourage you to make your social media profile private, if the app offers that option (and most of them do).

While many use social media to make new friends, it’s best if you don’t befriend people you don’t know. Social media is teeming with fake profiles and dubious individuals who are all too willing to spread malware, initiate catfishing attempts, or help propagate phishing scams. So be wary about whom you allow access to your profile.

9. Always Sign Out Once You’re Done Using an App

This is a good habit to form. Even if you’re using your social media accounts at home, don’t forget to sign out of them once you’re done browsing on your PC or mobile apps. This will help avoid scenarios where members of the household or guests can gain access to your account inconspicuously.

Image source: Freepik

It’s especially important that you remember to sign out if you’re using a public computer or wireless connections. If you can, abstain from accessing your social media accounts on public or shared computers. It’s extremely easy to eavesdrop on internet traffic on public wireless networks. If you must check your account, never enable the “remember me” or “keep me logged in” options when logging in to your app of choice.

Alternatively, opt for using social media apps within your browser rather than using the dedicated apps. This may make it easier for you to remember to log out once you’re done browsing. Unfortunately, using a browser isn’t possible with all social apps. For example, Snapchat exists only in the form of an app.

10. Secure Your Mobile Device

If you’ve logged in to social media on your mobile device, make sure you’re taking measures to protect the device. Add a passcode or enable face unlocking, to prevent others from accessing your device when you’re not paying attention.

Image source: Freepik

As we recommended above, logging out of your social accounts after each session is also a good practice. Even if your device gets stolen or lost, your private account will be safe.

Frequently Asked Questions What are the signs of a hacked account?

You can tell that your account has been hacked if you notice suspicious activity going on. Here are a few red flags to look out for.

Messages or content that you don’t remember posting

New friends who have been added to your Friend list without your authorization

Emails alerting you of various unknown logins to your account

Suspicious devices showing up in your login activity

Inability to log in to your account though the credentials are correct

What can I do if I suspect that my account has been compromised?

The first thing you should do is change your password. Then, remotely log out of all the devices you don’t recognize. Depending on the social app you’re using, you can report your concerns via official channels. Finally, don’t forget to also alert your friends to ignore any potential links coming from your account while you sort out the matter.

Should I create a dedicated email address for my social media accounts?

It can be a good idea to do so. If any of your social accounts end up being compromised, hackers won’t have access to the valuable information contained in your primary email account. If you think keeping track of multiple email accounts is too much work, we suggest that you learn how to check multiple email accounts from one inbox or consider installing a password manager app.

Image credit: Pexels

Alexandra Arici

Alexandra is passionate about mobile tech and can be often found fiddling with a smartphone from some obscure company. She kick-started her career in tech journalism in 2013, after working a few years as a middle-school teacher. Constantly driven by curiosity, Alexandra likes to know how things work and to share that knowledge with everyone.

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Top 10 Federated Learning Jobs To Apply For In June 2023

In the field of machine learning, here are the top 10 federated learning jobs you can apply for in June 2023.

Federated Learning enables mobile phones to collaboratively learn a shared prediction model while keeping all the training data on the device, decoupling the ability to do machine learning from the need to store the data in the cloud. Here are the top 10 federated learning jobs you can apply for in June 2023.

Principal Engineer, Federated Learning at NVIDIA

Location: Santa Clara, CA

The selected candidate for this job will have to identify the latest trend in federated learning research and applications in various industries. He will also have to conduct technical analysis of complementary or competitive federated learning technologies. It will also be his job to design and develop NVIDIA federated learning SDKs. He will represent NVIDIA in OSS collaboration and standard activities while working with selected customers to bring federated learning into real-world applications.

Apply here.

Software Principal Engineer at Dell Technologies

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Dell is looking for talented, driven, self-starter individuals to join their Telcom Systems Business Unit (TSB) engineering team. This role requires a demonstrated ability to conduct solution development, architecture, end-to-end solution validation, automation, and delivery for Dell’s Telcom products and solutions offerings.

Apply here.

Junior DevOps Engineer at TriNetX, LLC

Location: United States (remote)

TriNetX is looking for a candidate who uses strong software engineering principles to tackle challenging distributed systems problems and automate processes within the Engineering team. The company is looking for a candidate who is eager to get hands-on experience with complex distributed systems built in the cloud with leading-edge technologies. The candidate will have the opportunity to work alongside seasoned cloud engineering veterans in building globally distributed healthcare data networks.

Apply here.

Ping Federate Consultant at Simeio Solutions

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

The Consultant is responsible for supporting the delivery and support of high-quality Identity and Access Management services while adhering to Simeio’s standards and best practices. The ideal candidate would have experience primarily in PingFederate to serve as a member of multiple client engagement teams that assist clients in employing proper information systems, resources, and controls to maximize efficiencies and minimize risk. The ability to take up challenges, adapt to the business needs, and stay focused on delivering results is essential to the success of this role.

Apply here.

Applied Research Scientist, Federated Learning at NVIDIA

Location: Santa Clara, CA

NVIDIA is searching for world-class researchers in Federated Learning to join our applied research team. Recently, machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) have led to ground-breaking innovations in various fields. Modern ML/DL models feature millions of parameters that need to be learned from sufficiently large curated data sets to achieve high accuracy while being safe, fair, equitable, and generalizing well to unseen data.

Apply here.

Operations Technician at EY

Location: Kochi, Kerala, India

Operations Engineer has responsibilities within a team of L3 and supports various application platform services across a range of business portfolios. This individual will support the end-to-end aspects of services under their remit including but not limited to service engineering, L3 End User Telephony & SBC support, Escalation management, Vendor management, and service roadmaps and standards.

Apply here.

JAVA DEVELOPER at University of California Office of the President

Location: Oakland, CA (Remote)

The Java developer/analyst will act as a technical resource for application & interface design, configuration, and operation. This work will include coding, deployment, and support for identity and access management (IAM) related functions and integrations. The role may also configure IAM-related software and related integrations with other systems. The ideal candidate will have experience in the areas of software development/coding (java), installation, configuration, and support for software products, and configuring integrations between IT systems.

Apply here.

Data Engineer, Buying Options Analytics at Amazon

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Amazon is looking for a Data Engineer to work in one of the world’s largest and most complex data warehouse environments. You should have deep expertise in the design, creation, management, and business use of extremely large datasets. The company is looking for a Data Engineer to help build the next-generation logging and data lake architecture that provides decision-making for the best shopping customer experience. Amazon teams utilize these real-time data sets to generate business metrics relating to competitive pricing and inputs into new ML models which continuously improve the customer experience across Amazon.

Apply here.

Technical Architect – Machine Learning at Quantiphi

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India (Hybrid)

Quantiphi is looking for a driven and passionate Machine Learning architect to join the product team. In this position, you will work with the Conversational AI team and product engineering team to deliver a cognitive architecture of a next-gen AI-driven CX transformation product, assuring a solid conversational AI solution and effective integration with the different product modules, which range from natural language processing to natural language generation. You will lead a talented team of machine learning engineers and chatbot engineers and will collaborate with Solution Architects, Product Owners, and managers as well as other key stakeholders.

Apply here.

Developer Associate at SAP

Location: Palo Alto, CA

The Ariba Network Engineering team is looking for a talented, passionate, hands-on seasoned senior engineer with proven architecture, design, and implementation skills. In this role, you have the opportunity to accelerate the innovation and delivery of the Ariba Network, the largest Business Network for collaborative commerce. The Network handles tens of terabytes of structured data and a much greater volume of unstructured data. You will collaborate with designers, product managers, and experienced engineers to build the next-generation microservices-based cloud platform and migrate the applications and services onto it.

Apply here.

How To Create Unique Username For Social Media

How often do social media accounts with unique usernames fascinate you? Social media profiles are meant to grab eyeballs. While if you have a personal account, posting your pics makes a good impression. But some out-of-the-box usernames are pretty intriguing. It makes your profile stand apart and puts an impressive appearance. You would find it challenging to come up with creativity in usernames. If you are thinking of how to create a unique username for social media, then we are here to help you out!

How to create a Unique Username for Social Media?

There are many ways to create unique usernames for your social media account. However, we will discuss the methods to help you make the most extraordinary usernames.

Below mentioned is a list of the same:

Use wordplay to create a unique username

Create a username using the things you love

Add some remarkable numbers to create a unique username

Describe your interest in creating a unique username

Use descriptive adjectives

Let’s look at how you can utilize them to create one username!

1] Use Wordplay to Create a Unique Username

Writing simple words in a complex way might seem absurd to some. However, it’s a beautiful way to add creativity to your creation and make it stand out from the crowd. You can adopt a similar approach with your usernames too.

Wordplay brings a lot of creativity to your username. So, when you think of creating a catchy and attractive username, then it’s a must-go option. You can use some related words or alliteration-type words to add to your username.

For instance, “marvelousmaria” and “cherrytheberry” are some usernames that use wordplay. You can use your first name, last name, or nickname.

2] Create a Username using the Things you Love

Some of you would be pretty obsessive about the things you love. There are possibilities that it becomes noticeable from your behavior. If you are an avenger fan or similar, you would discuss them all time, use the character stuff, and so on. You can creatively use such things to make a great username.

For instance, you can keep it “theawesomehulk” if you are a Hulk fan. You can also use the names of your favorite artists. Like, “thelastBTS” if you are a BTS fan.

3] Add Some Remarkable Numbers to Create a Unique Username

Some of the dates hold an important place in your knife. It may be your birthdate, birth year, or similar. Besides, it can also be your lucky number or the birthdate of someone special in your life. When you think of using anonymous usernames, you will find plenty of them. You can keep one similar suiting your likes. However, it’s pretty common and does not make it stand out. Often you would think of one, but the username would be unavailable.

Under such circumstances, you can add some remarkable numbers.

One such way is to keep the name as theyoungbiker01 instead of “theyoungbiker.” Here, 01 represents the last digits of the birth year. Similarly, you can choose a name and add significant numbers to it. You do not tend to forget usernames when you add numbers that hold particular importance.

Another example is keeping “thesuspiciousgirl002” instead of “thesuspiciousgirl.”

4] Describe your Interest in Creating a Unique Username

You would have some interests, food habits, or something you are fond of. These are unique for you, so you can add them to your username. Such usernames, including your name and interests, make it stand out from the crowd.

If you are someone who loves spaghetti, then you can keep it as “jennylovesspaghetti.” On the other hand, you can keep a name like “samlikeselena” if you are a die-hard of Selena Gomez. Similarly, you can substitute it with the personalities or interests and add your name.

5] Use Descriptive Adjectives

Adjectives perfectly describe everything. Similarly, people around you would use several adjectives for you too. Moreover, as you know yourself well, you can add descriptive adjectives that you like. Some of them include “themysterioussoul,” “missergophile,” “sarcasticsam,” “thecouchpotato,” “lazycreep,” and similar. You can also add adjectives to your names or some anonymous-type names which don’t reveal your identity.

If you find creating a catchy and attractive username challenging, you can use a name generator online tool. You can head over to it, enter your preferences, and it will craft one as per what suits you.


We have guided you well when you discover how to create a unique username for social media. You can indulge the magic of wordplay or use remarkable numbers like your birth date. At the same time, you would have some likes, some interests and would be fond of artists too. You can use them with your name and form a beautiful username.

You can add descriptive adjectives that work best to enhance creativity and attractiveness. If you find it tough to create a creative username, you can use the Nordpass username generator.

What’s a unique username?

A unique username is not used by anyone else. This can be accomplished by combining letters, numbers, and special characters. Sometimes, a unique username may be ten characters or more in length.

How do you make a good social media username?

There are so many online tools that help you make a good social media username. In this article, we have shared some tips and tricks that you can use to generate a unique username for your social media account. Whether you want to use it for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or email account, you can use them without any problem.

Selecting Social Media Listening Tools

Ideya’s new report shows the why, what and how of selecting social listening tools

Investment in social media monitoring (SMM) requires careful consideration since it is a long-term and potentially costly commitment. Understanding of the key SMM concepts, benefits and possible applications is of utmost importance. In order to realize the long-term value of SMM, SMM needs to become part of the business strategy and well-integrated with the business processes.

Only by having a clear understanding of how SMM supports your business, you can transition from experimental, tactical to a more strategic use of SMM.

There are many social media monitoring and management tools on the market and making an educated choice about which SMM tools can best address company’s needs and justify social media investment, has become a challenging task for organizations as social media technology business has branched out into a diverse set of technologies, data types and countless vendors confusing buyers.

This August 2013 comparison of social media monitoring tools by Ideya Ltd shows that there are at least 250 tools now available. Of these 199 are paid, with the remainder free or using a combined model.

New tools and services are emerging continually, while already established SMM companies are frequently improving their products by introducing new features and coverage to accommodate their clients’ needs.

Each tool offers specific set of functionalities and differs in focus, coverage and approach, with some focusing more on engagement, publishing and workflow management, while other offering strong analytics and reporting functions.

The 70 pages long report extract below has good detail on how to approach selecting tools, a listing of all tools and detailed profile of 11 tools (out of 250 profiles available in the full report).

How do social listening tools help in marketing campaigns?

SMM tool metrics and measurements are designed to evaluate company activities and inform an overall social media strategy. The metrics may involve statistics about the share, reach, impact and speed of conversations about the company. These parameters can be used to assess the company image and perceptions before and after campaign and measure campaign effectiveness, and identify trends that lead to new marketing and product tactics.

Ideya says that social media monitoring tools typically assist organizations in:

1. Acquiring real-time social marketing insights to inform social media marketing and communication plans

3. Developing social content strategies to promote products and services and engage with current and potential customers across social media channels in real time,

5. Making better decisions about campaigns and brand extensions with a clear understanding of the key factors influencing brand’s health – monitoring how key metrics across SM channels change before and after company’s campaigns, detecting drops or spikes in buzz or sentiments and drill down to examine the causes,

6. Supporting rapid social marketing engagement, and

7. Developing performance metrics.

Ideya’s SMM Tools report also examines other SMM tool applications such as Marketing, PR, Event Management, Search Engine Marketing, Market Research, Advertising, Investor Relations, Social Media Marketing, Business Development, Sales and Lead Generation, Product R&D and Innovation Management, Operations, Customer Services, Legal and Human Resources.

Requirements for social listening tools

So that’s the ‘why’ of social media listening tools, but how do you decide? Issues to consider when selecting social media tools are summarised in this chart.

Finally, here is the introduction to the report, we hope you find this alert useful.

Update the detailed information about Your Top Social Media News For June 2024 on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!